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Streamline Solar is a full-service supplier of solar energy for homes and businesses. They specialize in creating bespoke solar energy solutions that are catered to the specific requirements of their clients. From system design and installation to maintenance and monitoring, Streamline offers full turnkey services.

Streamline Solar overview

Streamline Solar is a full-service supplier of solar energy for homes and businesses. They specialize in creating bespoke solar energy solutions that are catered to the specific requirements of their clients. From system design and installation to maintenance and monitoring, Streamline offers full turnkey services.

What Streamline Solar has to say about itself

Streamline Solar is committed to assisting customers all around the globe in making the transition to renewable energy sources. We care deeply about the planet and want to lessen the damage we do to it in every manner we can. To ensure that everyone can take advantage of renewable energy, we provide a variety of services, from solar panel installation to energy efficiency advising. We think everyone should have access to clean, cheap energy, therefore we work hard to make that a reality.

Streamline Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium models.

Streamline Solar website review

An excellent source of information about solar energy and the procedure for installing solar panels is the official website of Streamline Solar. A variety of elements on the website make it simple and handy to find out information about solar energy systems and services. It provides a range of goods and services appropriate for various industrial, domestic, and agricultural demands. Viewers may learn in-depth details regarding the installation, upkeep, and upgrades of solar panels. For visitors to better understand how solar energy works and the various advantages it may give, the website also offers interesting articles and useful information. These sites contribute to a thorough knowledge of solar energy and its possibilities. The website is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in going solar since it is generally quite trustworthy and reputable.

Streamline Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Package - Starting at $19,950, Solar Battery Storage Package - Starting at $9,500, Solar Inverter Package - Starting at $4,500, Energy Monitoring - Starting at $495, Solar Battery Add On Package - Starting at $3,250, Smart Home Automation Package - Starting at $995, Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Package - Starting at $395, Home Solar Generator Package - Starting at $6,500, Solar Generator Add-on Package - Starting at $2,500, Solar Pool Heating Package - Starting at $2,950, Solar Vehicle Charging Package - Starting at $1,695
Payment optionsCash, credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner's Club), PayPal, ACH, and wire transfer.
Payment discounts10% discount for District and Seniors Card holders, 10% discount for veterans, 5% discount for repeat customers, 15% off selected products, 10% off maintenance and repair services, 10% off for referring new customers

Streamline Solar online reputation

Customers have generally given the services provided by Streamline Solar excellent ratings. The company's competent support team, prompt installation, and customer service have received high appreciation from many clients. However, some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with unexpectedly high pricing and lengthy response times. Even if it's not always ideal, Streamline Solar seems to be assisting a lot of individuals in the direction of renewable energy.
"Streamline solar was what we utilized. They arrived at the installation late. Monday arrival. Worked with a supervisor who wasn't the one I'd been expecting. They were unable to complete the work and promised to return the next day. They called later to let us know they had to go do something else and wouldn't be back until Wednesday. When I phoned tech support to switch it on after the inspections, they were unable to assist me since they lacked pictures of my system. After being assured that a team in Tucson would come to do it for me, I phoned a worker who talked me through the process. My patio started leaking after the first heavy storm. They had walked over it and laid roof tiles and panels on it. The patio's covering was worn away by them. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but they haven't replied to me or the BBB. My electrician came out the other day when half my home lost electricity and it turned out that someone had left a circuit breaker ungrounded during a rewiring job. Don't send referrals their way because even though our year revenue was just $34,000, you treat us like we're a little client." - Matteo G.
"Avoid. Bad guys dressed up as sheep. Just so we're clear: your salesperson in the Tucson region is the one I recommend staying away from. Because we chose to terminate the contract within the allotted three days, he got unpleasant and disrespectful in an email. You need the ability to adapt quickly and easily if you want to succeed in sales." - Julien M.
"Thirteen years ago, at my prior residence, I installed Streamline Solar. I'm glad to get that house off my hands. Since I had not brought my solar panels with me when I moved, I gave them another call. My first encounter with my former residence was fantastic. This one failed to show up for installation twice after being scheduled to do so. That made me sad. The third time was a charm, but they arrived at 1 in the afternoon, far beyond the point when the task could have been completed in the allotted three hours. They did some work that day. After resting for the night, they returned to finish the task the next day. I reached out to the Streamline Solar team. He told me he'd compensate me with a $700 Visa gift card, but I never got it. I sent them many emails but received no answer." - Frederick C.
"Have asked Streamline Solar to relocate 4 panels practically constantly from the day they were placed. I was able to speak with a manager today, and I was advised that the panels would not be moved. After several discussions, most of which took place face to face, it was finally determined that no action could be taken until the lease expired." - Jacob N.
"I was worried about breaking the lease on my solar panels if I had to sell my home before the term was up. Streamline Solar is aware that this is a possible barrier to customers, and they have created marketing materials to alleviate your worries. The opposite seems to be true, and I now suspect I was misled. SunPower is the name of the solar energy leasing business that Streamline recommended to me. Even after escrow has completed the sale of my property, I am still receiving bills from SunPower, who insists they have never received the documentation necessary to transfer the lease to the new owners. Dealing with them has been a nightmare. It's just not accurate. Everything they need has already been sent to them twice. If you know for sure that you won't be relocating anytime soon, leasing is the way to go financially." - Damon R.
"A year ago, soon after settling into our Arizona home, we were introduced to Streamline. We looked into Solar extensively, and it didn't take long to realize that this was the right firm for us. The whole thing went off without a hitch. Our fantastic sales representative assisted us in determining which plan best met our needs. The crew who came to put it all together was fantastic as well. Their work is swift and effective. And we couldn't be happier with the publicity we've had thus far. I cannot recommend this firm enough if you are interested in solar energy." - Gary D.
"From the first consultation to the installation and initialization, these guys were terrific. Everyone I spoke to was quick to respond and honest in their dealings with me. All permits and paperwork were handled, and the installation took just a single day. They are fast to answer queries, even months after the installation. I am quite satisfied with how well my system is doing. I just recently got a system update from them that includes a backup battery to keep me going during blackouts. I can't imagine working for any other firm." - Brycen F.
"Fantastic organization with which to conduct trade. The fact that many of my neighbors had Streamline install their solar panels brought me to them. I'd also suggest having Morgan drop over to give you the lowdown and provide a quotation. This is not a startup that will disappear overnight. As of this month, my system will have been operational for a full year. I decided to contact Morgan today to ask him about upgrading my system with batteries. After talking for about half an hour, I brought up what I thought was a problem with one of my panels not generating enough energy. Morgan works in sales, and he took the time to answer my worry regarding one of my panels, even though I ultimately opted not to purchase a battery system. I discovered that a roof vent was casting a shadow on the panel in question. I can see why one panel is a bit lower in production than the others when compared solely by %. This is not due to a flaw in Streamline, but rather to my extensive usage of solar panels on my roof. I'm relieved to have found the perfect business partner. Thanks. Continue your excellent job." - Sam W.
"My Sun Power system was professionally installed, but I bought it. That firm is no longer in operation since its founders have long since retired. There have been two issues with my setup. Both times, Tobias, who is in charge of customer service, was a huge assistance. Over the phone, he's been able to assist both times. He helped me over the phone when I needed to re-program my inverter. In a matter of minutes, I was back in action. Everything I need to be done from now on will be handled by Streamline Solar. Tobias has my full confidence, and I know he won't take advantage of me financially. I appreciate it, Tobias." - Dorian A.
"From the first sales consultation to the expert technicians who performed the actual installation, my experience with this organization could not have been better. I had the system installed in April 2018, and only lately had a little problem; the company's response and resolution were far beyond my wildest expectations. There isn't a better firm out there dealing with Solar systems, in my opinion. Every single member of staff I've interacted with has gone above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction following the sale and installation. It's encouraging to learn that they stand by their promises to their clientele. If you hire Streamline Solar, you know you'll be taken care of." - Conor V.

Streamline Solar Social media
Customers looking for information about Streamline Solar's solar energy services may rely on the company's Facebook page. The homepage displays a variety of links and movies in a neat grid. The page has roughly 1K followers as a result of the popularity and interaction it has gotten. Streamline Solar's professionalism is shown by the use of high-quality media documenting the company's completed projects. The page also features useful resources in the form of connections to other websites and publications on the topic of solar panels and renewable energy. In addition, it educates customers on the latest energy-related news and municipal and federal solar incentives. In sum, if you're even somewhat interested in solar power, you should be following the Streamline Solar Facebook page.
The LinkedIn profile for Streamline Solar is an excellent resource for learning more about the firm. It has a polished appearance thanks to its modern banner picture and user-friendly layout. Here, you can learn more about Streamline Solar, including who they employ and what they sell. Videos and blogs are examples of the interactive material available there. Visitors to the site may learn more about the company's values and services by reading the comments of satisfied customers. Over 350 people are keeping up with the newest happenings at Streamline Solar Power Systems thanks to the page's existence. The page is well-maintained and often updated. Therefore, you may rely on this article as an authoritative reference for Streamline Solar Power Systems.
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Streamline Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews494.5


Streamline Solar Pros & Cons

  • Innovative Solar Technologies
  • Unbeatable Installation Support
  • Reliable Reputation
  • Limited geographical presence
  • Cost
  • Design complexity

Streamline Solar Final Conclusions

Streamline Solar is an energy provider that offers households and businesses energy management solutions and the installation of solar roofs. A skilled group of engineers designs solar arrays for maximum energy output. The majority of people would give them favorable overall ratings and are typically satisfied with the services they provide.

Streamline Solar locations

Main Address3837 East Wier Ave. Suite 5 Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone Number5202849700

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