Solar Topps review

At Solar Topps, our customers are what keep us going. We are not commission-driven salesmen, but rather ethical Arizonans serving our fellow state residents. We are a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in serving our community.

Solar Topps overview

At Solar Topps, our customers are what keep us going. We are not commission-driven salesmen, but rather ethical Arizonans serving our fellow state residents. We are a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in serving our community.

What Solar Topps has to say about itself

Although many other Arizona solar enterprises have come and gone since 2009, Solar Topps is one of the few that has remained. We are a locally owned and operated business that provides all aspect of solar energy generation and management. To guarantee that every system is managed to our unrivaled standards, we train each person thoroughly on their specific role within the company. The success of our projects is enhanced by the strong bonds we establish with key decision-makers at the Utility, the City, and the HOAs. To minimize disruptions to our clients' operations, we focus on building lasting connections with them before, during, and after the installation process.

Solar Topps Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Solar Topps website review

The website for Solar Topps ( seems to be a well-designed and professional one for a solar energy firm. The website is responsive, allowing for easy adjustment to various screen sizes and a consistent user experience across all devices. The company's services and the advantages of solar energy are briefly described on the site, along with relevant symbols and visuals. The website provides comprehensive details on financing alternatives, how to install solar panels, and the advantages of solar energy. The website also has a blog area with educational articles on solar energy and its advantages. The website's main page has a contact form that enables users to quickly submit questions or recommendations to the business. Users may interact with Solar Topps on multiple platforms by clicking on the social networking buttons that are there. For a seamless browsing experience, the website loads rapidly. Customer reviews on the website help to establish the legitimacy of the business's offerings. The "About Us" section includes details about the company's background, personnel, and credentials that prove expertise. Overall, the Solar Topps website does a great job of aesthetically attractive and user-friendly showcasing the company's solar services, advantages, and expertise. It is a comprehensive website for prospective clients interested in solar energy solutions since it offers useful information, highlights finished projects, and motivates visitors to act.

Solar Topps price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card(Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options, Solar Loans, Solar Lease, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing discounts, Bulk purchase discounts

Solar Topps online reputation

It's evident that opinions regarding Solar Topps are divided based on a variety of consumer evaluations. While some clients had success and reported happiness with the installation procedure and customer support, others ran into issues and voiced disappointment. The timeliness, professionalism, and effective communication shown by Solar Topps throughout the installation process won acclaim from customers. Solar systems were commended for their efficacy and efficiency, with several customers commenting that performance was on par with or even above their expectations. Customers have praised the affordable costs and high caliber of Solar Topps' panels and inverters. Customers have expressed happiness with the monetary advantages of their solar systems and noted earning a federal tax credit. There have been delays in the installation process, according to a number of clients, which has led to additional expenses and greater energy prices. Customers have complained about continuing issues and challenges with repairs, as well as damage to the roof that occurred during installation. Due to delays in addressing problems or unanswered emails, customer service and response times have received criticism on several occasions. One review makes the very unsettling accusation that a service agent threatened them. Another unfavorable assessment said that drug-using employees had worries about background checks and employee safety. In general, while assessing Solar Topps as a supplier of solar panel installation services, it is vital to take into account both favorable and negative feedback. It is evident that there have been instances of unhappiness and issues reported by certain people, even though many customers have expressed pleasure with their experience.
"My system is now generating as promised after a lengthy delay due to installation issues; solar soldiers supported the installation from start to finish, but it wasn't fully operational until May. My electric panel was first fried by the installation. Two weeks passed after I finally got through to solar topps to tell them my meters weren't functioning before they returned to link up my solar to the inverter, and another couple of months passed before they finally fixed the wiring so they could begin monitoring. I still suspect that there is an issue with my control panel. Since turning on my solar panels, I've had a recurring issue with tripped breakers." - Andrew
"If there was a rating for "Roof Damage from Residential Solar Panel Installation," it would get an absolute zero. We are preparing to sue Solar Topps at the present time. The owner of Solar Topps, Anil Uppal, encouraged us to proceed with the case since he refuses to pay for the repairs his installers caused. His crew messed up my roof while installing solar panels. We promptly informed them. The salesman assured us that everything will be handled on his end. A few years later, we still haven't had our roof repaired. During the heavy rain, our roof began to leak badly. That's why we dialed up the business. The salesman indicated we had to provide an estimate of expenses to the owner, but he never really did so. We have asked the corporation to repair its mistakes, but they have refused and advised us to go elsewhere. The two roofing firms we called agreed that the roof leak was due to carelessness on our part. Numerous photographs of our roof's massive holes exist." - Leo
"The sales representative we worked with was really helpful and expert. The installation went off without a hitch, and the workers did a fantastic job overall. The delay of over two months in turning on our solar panels is due to Solar Topps losing our documentation before it was sent to the city or APS. This has caused me to incur unexpectedly high power costs for the next two months. Since this charge is the consequence of an oversight on the part of Solar Topps, I contacted the company for help. Even if they are unable to, I will not have to pay for my solar panels until they are activated. Even so, I'm still out over a thousand dollars in unanticipated costs. The last payment for my solar panels and my energy bill both fell on the same days. Again, Solar Tops is unable to assist. Despite the fact that I was promised a bill-free 40 days. I get that mistakes happen, but I want companies to make amends when they can. They must also be truthful. Not feeling like it was done by Solar Topps makes me wish I had gone with a another provider." - Dennis
"Getting solar insulation and maintenance has been a complete headache. We lost the summer since it took four months to have our solar panels installed (after payment). When I expressed my unhappiness with the installation time to their service guy, he threatened to attack me. Because Solar Topps didn't follow through on its promise to install pigeon proofing, birds are destroying our home by roosting in the solar panels. After being contacted about the issue, "Junior" said the corporation would have to evaluate what they would be willing to pay for. Our emails to "Junior" have gone unanswered. The tax rebate promised by Solar Topps was a fraud. Instead of the promised $13,500, we only get $1,200. They also tried to charge us a $300 service fee by calling us and lying that our solar panels weren't generating the right amount of electricity. Solar service is not to be used. Look around for a reliable provider." -Gregory
"Stay away from this provider. HORRIBLE ORGANIZATION!! HORRIBLE PROFESSIONALISM! Workers use cocaine in the company vehicle while on the clock and visiting clients. Workers with a history of driving under the influence offenses and license suspensions. Lack of personnel background checks puts customers at risk. They have been robbing Solar City of its personnel. Do you really want them in your house? Plus, they'll destroy your roof in the process. Your roof will remain exposed due to the shattered tile. This is the perfect business to work for if you're looking to recruit a bunch of racists." - Alex
"After consulting with a nationwide solar agency linked with Costco and receiving advise and an estimate, I began looking into residential solar energy options. I researched the benefits and drawbacks of several interface devices used by solar panel manufacturers, including string inverters, power optimizers, and microinverters. We used Energysage together with several online resources and reviews. I researched SRP, my commercial power provider, and found that they suggested vendors on their solar websites. I felt confident enough to contact three suggested local installers and ask for referrals and price quotes. I contacted Solar Topps through their website after getting quotations from two other companies (both reputable; one suggested a string inverter system, and the other suggested power optimizers and a 345W panels system). During my phone call with Tony Porter, I filled him in on my recent accomplishments. After we spoke, he offered a solution and pricing that included a backup battery. After further refining my equipment needs and cost, I determined that Solar Topps was the best company for my devices, pricing, guarantee (25 years on the complete system), and installation schedule. Unlike some other options, there is zero pressure. After signing the contract on October 15th, my solar system (20 REC 370 W panels, Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters, and an interface panel) was fully installed in just over three weeks. On November 3rd, SRP met with my Solar Topps technician to inspect the system, install a new solar-compatible meter, and activate my home's power grid connection. Since the system generates more electricity than is required, we sell the excess to SRP in exchange for a credit on our monthly bill. An Enphase online support professional quickly fixed one system problem after tracing it to an Amazon Cloud outage (which was discovered while utilizing the Enphase "Enlighten" app). It was a pleasure working with both Tony Porter and Solar Topps. The efficiency and effectiveness of our setup are unparalleled. I have told all of our many Nextdoor neighbors to check them out. I filed for a Federal Tax Credit of 26% of the total expenditure on my tax return for 2020. Years from now, I plan to install a backup battery." - Harry
"A little over a year ago, we had solar panels and nets put by Solar Topps. The roof netting started tearing and coming loose. Since Solar Topps' Tony takes great satisfaction in his work, he personally sent Keaton to fix the netting. Keaton did an excellent job, was very professional, and cleared up everything. Solar Topps is local and concerned about its customers' needs beyond the first installation. Make a smart choice and contact Solar Topps for your solar installation now." - Valentine
"If you're looking for a solar panel installation, Solar Topps is who you should go with. From the moment the contract was signed, I was always kept up to date on what was happening. I didn't have to worry about my dogs getting into trouble since all of my panels are on the side of the home that can be accessed from the front yard. The job was done fast and efficiently, and the workers were neat and kind throughout. My experience with Solar Topps, who installed my new Sun Power solar panels, was excellent." - Daniel
"Ten months into using the system. In general, performance is on par with or greater than expected. Solar Topps was competitive on price, and its panels and inverters were superior to the competition. Workers damaged a few tiles while installing them, but that's to be expected with any significant roofing project. However, they sent a worker to repair the tiles when a quality control inspector found some damage. In contrast to reports of broken tiles from other solar businesses, this is reassuring news. Since they did not have the proper tiles at the time, they had to make do with repairing the broken ones while they searched for replacements. They came out three times without charging extra each time until they found tiles that suited perfectly. The main computer that records system outputs stopped operating, but they quickly sent someone out to fix it, too. In general, the assistance has been helpful and quick to respond, and I have no doubt that this will be the case in the future should I need to get in touch with them again." - Jose
"It's been awesome using Solar Topps. Today was the official activation of our solar system, and Solar Topps has been fantastic to work with throughout the whole process. They were quick to answer our inquiries when we called. Every single technician that has ever visited our home has been professional, kind, and helpful. No big surprises there. If a technician is running late, you'll get a call to let you know. Ten days into our contract with a different solar firm featured on Energy Sage, we decided to end things since we weren't receiving any responses, the technicians weren't showing up, and they were using subcontractors. You made the right decision by switching to Solar Topps. Very relaxing, stress-free journey from start to finish." - Nicholas

Solar Topps Social media
The Solar Topps Facebook page serves as a forum for the solar energy firm to engage with its audience and advertise its goods and services. The arrangement of the website is expert and attractive to the eye. The Solar Topps logo and the installation of a solar panel are both plainly visible on the cover. The layout is uncluttered and simple to use overall. Solar Topps often publishes articles on solar power, renewable energy sources, and business endeavors. Informational articles, films, photographs, and updates on the newest solar technology are all included in the content. They also exchange news items and business trends pertaining to solar energy. The readers will benefit from the pieces' excellent writing and intriguing content. The page has over 1600 followers and likes, which indicates a respectable engagement rate. Users may give ratings and reviews on the page in the reviews area. Customers who have purchased from Solar Topps have left favorable reviews, which contributes to the company's reputation for quality. As a means of client service, the business makes use of Facebook Messenger. Direct messages from users may be sent to the page, and Solar Topps quickly answers questions and offers support. Overall, the Solar Topps Facebook page efficiently highlights the business's solar expertise, engages a community, and advertises its goods and services.
The Solar Topps LinkedIn profile offers helpful information on the company's background, products, and market presence. Their dedication to provide environmentally friendly energy options as well as their knowledge in solar panel design, installation, and maintenance are mentioned in the review. According to the website, Solar Topps employs between 51 and 200 people, putting it in the category of mid-sized businesses. Phoenix, Arizona, is used as the location, indicating a local emphasis. The page often has articles about sustainability, renewable energy, and solar energy. This covers articles, business news, and updates on the accomplishments and initiatives of Solar Topps. The information is carefully picked and highlights the business' expertise in the field. Additionally, the page regularly engages with its followers, swiftly replying to messages and comments. The website features a part devoted to important personnel and what they do for the business. The portal includes a section for job listings, demonstrating that Solar Topps is currently seeking new employees. This shows that the business is expanding and growing. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for Solar Topps does a good job of showcasing the business's solar expertise, highlighting its projects and accomplishments, and interacting with its followers. It offers a useful setting for networking, hiring, and receiving industry news.
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Solar Topps average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews834.3


Solar Topps Pros & Cons

  • Experience and knowledge
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Energy efficiency
  • Weather dependency
  • Limited availability
  • Competitive market

Solar Topps Final Conclusions

A well-known name in the solar energy sector, Solar Topps constantly produces outstanding outcomes. They have established a good reputation for their expertise and professionalism by placing a major emphasis on client satisfaction and high-quality installations. The dedication of Solar Topps to employing premium solar goods and technology is one of their greatest assets. To guarantee that their clients obtain the most effective and durable solar panels and equipment, they collaborate with top manufacturers. A further feature that distinguishes Solar Topps is its staff of trained and competent experts. Their crew is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in all facets of solar energy, from the first consultation to the final installation. They take the time to fully comprehend the requirements of their clients before creating specialized solutions that enhance energy output and effectiveness. In terms of reputation, Solar Topps has gotten good reviews from plenty of happy clients. Overall, Solar Topps is a well-known and trustworthy provider of solar energy, continually delivering exceptional performance and client satisfaction. They have become market leaders by putting a strong emphasis on quality, knowledge, and top-notch customer service.

Solar Topps locations

Main Address102 S 28th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States
Phone Number4809401201

2 local offices

Arizona – Phoenix 102 S. 28th Street, Phoenix AZ, 85034
Arizona – Phoenix 102 S 28th St, Phoenix AZ, 85034

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