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Solar Connexion is a solar energy firm that serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients by installing, maintaining, and operating solar power systems. Consultation, setup, funding, and upkeep are just some of the services they provide. Commercial and public institutions may also make use of Solar Connexion's solar energy solutions. They aim to provide the best customer service and advice possible.

Solar Connexion overview

Solar Connexion is a solar energy firm that serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients by installing, maintaining, and operating solar power systems. Consultation, setup, funding, and upkeep are just some of the services they provide. Commercial and public institutions may also make use of Solar Connexion's solar energy solutions. They aim to provide the best customer service and advice possible.

What Solar Connexion has to say about itself

Here at Solar Connexion, we provide everything you need to get started with solar power. We are firm believers in solar power and its boundless potential to improve our planet. We provide a wide variety of solar panels and other energy items to meet your requirements. If you need assistance determining which energy option will best meet your requirements, our team of specialists is here to help. Discover the possible advantages of switching to solar power with our assistance.

Solar Connexion Solar Review

Year Started1993
Service AreasVA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, Lead-acid, and Flow Battery systems.

Solar Connexion website review

SolarConnexion's main hub online is Solar energy systems for households and businesses are available on the website. Information about solar panel installation, battery storage, and available payment plans are all listed in great depth on their website. A solar energy blog and an online quotation calculator are also provided. This site is a reliable resource due to its high-quality design and user-friendliness. It also has a lot of client feedback in the form of testimonials, which lends credibility to the company's offerings. If you're looking for the greatest solar solutions, is where you should start.

Solar Connexion price policy

PackagesHome Solar System - Starts at $7,495, Commercial Solar System - Starts at $15,995, Battery Backup System - Starts at $3,295, Solar Panel Maintenance - $99/year, Solar Panel Cleaning - $90, Home Solar System Installation - Prices start at $2,500, Commercial Solar System Installation - Prices start at $3,500, Custom Design Services - Call for Pricing
Payment optionsCash, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, checks, and wire transfers.
Payment discounts5% discount when subscribing to their energy plan, 10% discount on energy efficient appliance purchases, 5% discount for referrals to friends or family, 10% discount for military families, 10% discount for seniors, and 5% discount for bulk orders.

Solar Connexion online reputation

With generally good client feedback, Solar Connexion has been an excellent supplier of sustainable energy solutions. Numerous clients have applauded the firm's dedication to providing dependable and affordable energy solutions as well as its friendly and competent customer care representatives. However, a few users have reported that some of their items and systems experienced problems that needed more care and upkeep to fix. Despite this, Solar Connexion has generally shown itself to be a trustworthy business and a fantastic source of renewable energy.
The AWFUL business!! After the installation of the panels, you will never hear from them again, despite their initial responsiveness. I've had several problems with the panels, and you can't get any assistance from anybody. Horrible service; I haven't received a single reply to my several e-mails, and it's very impossible to speak with a human being over the phone. Unfortunately, no one I've called after hours has been able to transfer my call to the appropriate division. - Josue W.
There have been 7-8 months of this! After storm damage to our roof in April, I formally requested that the panels be removed in May. It took a long time to get Solar Connexion to take them down, and even longer to get them back up again. I was given arbitrary dates that came and went without any indication that my bill would be adjusted after the panels were reinstalled. When the workers eventually began replacing the panels, they began doing so on the front of the roof. It was my wife's job to inform them that there had never been any panels on the front, thus they had to be removed...from a brand-new roof. Practically speaking, customer service has been terrible (though the phone staff has always been kind and professional), and the whole process has been quite draining. - Edwin M.
Wow, that's the definition of terrible service. I'm referring to Solar Connexion as a whole. This has been the worst day of my life. They're still refusing to assist me even though an act of God," in this case the pandemic, is explicitly stated in the contract. There has been no response to my 5-10 calls. To be clear, however, their customer service was terrible even before COVID-19. Whoa, DO NOT sign up for Solar Connexion." - Camden A.
Solar Connexion phoned me to have a professional come out because there was a problem with one of the panels on my roof, and I was really angry about this. When I take the day off, he doesn't show up. There were two additional missed appointments. They said they were sorry and asked if they could reschedule. When I inquired further 1 hour and 15 minutes later, I learned that the cancellation information given to me in my kitchen was incorrect. The billing department instructed me to read my contract" and that "it doesn't matter what the sales rep said I go by the Contract." My better half and I were informed by a representative that there would be a $600 charge to have it taken care of. Find out the $ 65,000 cancellation fee now. During that hour-long conversation, I asked why my bill had quadrupled and was informed it was a problem, neither of which the representative had conveyed to me. My March consumption with Solar was the same as my March usage without Solar, according to my 47-minute conversation. Irritated because nobody seems to care about or want to aid their customers." - Rylan Z.
We are quite dissatisfied with this arrangement and believe that important information was withheld from us until it was too late to back out. Like the leen that was cast over our home. We didn't know it at the time, but we learned it subsequently. The praise that has been given is entirely false. Also, I'm going to look into why our solar-related costs have increased since we installed it. We wanted to help the environment, but these scofflaws made it a miserable experience instead. I give it a negative from me!! You all are terrible. - Manuel J.
I used this firm because of a personal connection, but I couldn't be happier with the service I received. I'd been considering going solar for a while, and after talking to another company, I realized that this was the best option. The workers were kind (from a distance, during covid19) and efficient, even conserving the sod they dug up while connecting the electric lines to my home and barn and neatly replacing it across the ditch. Having paid off my last power payment, I am now enjoying generating my own electricity. Personally, I think Solar Connexion is fantastic. - Alexis L.
When it comes to this industry, Brian is as knowledgeable as they come. In 1983 (at my own home), I installed my first PV system. In 1984, I had the first PV-powered spec home in the world, which I sold, and in 1985, I had the first PV-powered standalone office building. He set us up with a grid-connected system that also had batteries for emergency use. After we had used the array for a year, he quadrupled its size. There has been no maintenance on the system other than keeping an eye on the batteries. Excellent work; I like using it, and it's nice to have around. - Javier P.
When it comes to photovoltaic (PV) contracting, S.Connextion owner is as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as they come. In fact, he is one of the few people in the nation with his level of experience. His practical experience with renewable energy and his commercial acumen provide a solid foundation for solar contracting. In fact, if Solar Connexion is available for a task, one would be stupid to trust the numerous less-experienced, less-professional contractors" whose work I've regretfully seen in this area. I have used S. Connexion solely for nearly twenty years since buying my first installation from them, and I can confidently say that if you employ them, you will get an installation of the greatest quality and appropriate size." - Damien E.
I had a great experience with Solar Connexion, and I would suggest them to anybody looking to have a PV system installed at their house. When we finally committed to building our system, we spent months learning the fundamentals of photovoltaics (PV) and getting familiar with its equipment, environmental and infrastructural issues, power needs, and general workings. We next conducted interviews with three professional PV installation firms, during which we gathered site assessments, bids, and an overall impression of the firms and their employees. This led us to conclude that Solar Connexion was the best candidate for the job. This is primarily due to their impressive technical understanding of the technology, his flexibility in working with our unique configuration needs, and his reasonable price. We could have paid much less on a system with many fewer features if we had gone with a cheaper, pre-packaged, one-size-fits-some out-of-the-box solution. - Erick D.
My defective Outback power system was replaced within 24 hours, and Solar Connexions has always been there to answer my concerns and make sure I'm using it properly. They excel. My dedication to environmental causes was a big factor in my decision. The first contractor I spoke to was quite unprofessional in both their bid and their suggestions. - Peter W.

Solar Connexion Social media
The Solar Connexion Facebook page is highly visited and well-respected. It looks authoritative and instructive, with only black writing on a white backdrop. More than 500 people have liked the page, and many of them have left glowing testimonials about the quality of the goods and services offered. Videos, photos, and even direct connections to their website are all shown. Images of completed installations and client projects showcase the versatility of the company's offerings. Solar panel installation, maintenance, and other issues relevant to the business are covered in several engaging and informative movies. If you want to learn more about solar energy and Solar Connexion's offerings, their Facebook page is a great place to start. The company's success and the satisfaction of its consumers are indicators of the high quality of its offerings.
A renowned solar energy business called Solar Connexion. Their LinkedIn page includes a contemporary layout, a polished profile photo, several sections, and a succinct summary of the company's goals. Their approximately 150 followers are witness to their dependability and notoriety. The offered material may be relied upon as a source to comprehend the services the organization offers, despite the website having few photographs and videos. With a superb team of specialists in renewable energy, Solar Connexion can provide a performance that is both dependable and efficient. They are dedicated to assisting their clients in lessening their reliance on energy from traditional sources and fostering the usage of solar power for energy sustainability.
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Solar Connexion Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Experienced
  • Sustainable
  • Long payback period
  • Limited coverage
  • High initial investment costs

Solar Connexion Final Conclusions

Solar Connexion is a provider of home automation and solar energy solutions that aid customers in lowering their energy expenditures. Turnkey solar solutions that are customized to their client's demands are offered by their skilled team of qualified designers and installers. Customers have given Solar Connexion favorable reviews, earning it a 4.5-star rating overall.

Solar Connexion locations

Main AddressPo Box 10095, Blacksburg VA, 24062
Phone Number5409615120

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