Solar Direct review

Thousands of families have relied on Solar Direct to have their solar panels installed and start reaping the financial benefits. We have a team of solar installers in Sarasota that are qualified to manage the whole process of installing your solar energy system, from start to end. In addition, we can assist you in claiming the federal solar tax credit to maximize your return on investment. When you work with us, becoming green is a breeze.
Solar Direct review

Solar Direct overview

Thousands of families have relied on Solar Direct to have their solar panels installed and start reaping the financial benefits. We have a team of solar installers in Sarasota that are qualified to manage the whole process of installing your solar energy system, from start to end. In addition, we can assist you in claiming the federal solar tax credit to maximize your return on investment. When you work with us, becoming green is a breeze.

What Solar Direct has to say about itself

Solar Direct's approach to engineering is predicated on the procedures needed to achieve great design performance for commercial solar systems, which allows them to triumph over even the most insurmountable of challenges. Our team of energy experts will provide you with certified energy advice and written recommendations throughout your comprehensive energy assessment, arming you with the knowledge and data you need to make the most informed and cost-effective decisions possible for your commercial solar installation.

Solar Direct Review

Year Started1986
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Manufacturing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA

Solar Direct website review

The website features a mostly white backdrop and a clean, professional design. The design is well-organized, making it simple for users to move between the many areas. The website's top navigation bar is simple and easy to use, enabling visitors to reach pages like Home, Solar Panels, Solar Pool Heating, Solar Water Heating, etc. As you scroll, the menu's constant position at the top makes it simple to access the various parts. The website offers in-depth knowledge on solar energy options. Each section contains thorough explanations of the characteristics, advantages, and methods of installation of numerous solar goods. Both technical and non-technical people may easily grasp the text since it is well written, clear, and succinct. Users are able to conveniently submit their contact details and precise requests using Solar Direct's "Request a Quote" option. You may use this tool to get customised offers and more details about goods and services. Customer testimonials and reviews are included in a separate part of Solar Direct. The website prominently displays contact details such a phone number, email address, and physical location. Overall, the Solar Direct website offers a user-friendly layout, thorough information, and an effective way to promote its solar solutions.

Solar Direct price policy

Packagesfrom $10,000 to $40,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsCash discounts

Solar Direct online reputation

Customers who are happy with Solar Direct's services often compliment the staff's expertise and friendliness, naming certain individuals in particular who have offered outstanding assistance. Even in challenging situations like bad weather or outside delays, customers report successful installations, on-time project completion, and schedule adherence. Some consumers like the use of high-quality components and thorough installation instructions. Due to their great experiences, many customers remark suggesting Solar Direct to others, showing the company's standing and durability. Negative customer service concerns, which might result in roof-related difficulties, are highlighted in evaluations as being delayed or unresponsive communications, trouble contacting the appropriate employees, and unprofessional conduct. Unhappy clients list contract problems, failed inspections, and delays in problem response as their top concerns. One customer complains about the bothersome nature of unsolicited telemarketing calls from Solar Direct. In conclusion, the evaluations show that opinions about Solar Direct are divided. While some customers have reported great experiences, praising the effective installation, attentive employees, and outstanding customer service, there are some evaluations that are less favorable, highlighting communication problems, the quality of the job, and delays in addressing concerns. Prior to choosing to employ the services of Solar Direct, prospective clients should carefully review and weigh these criteria in addition to other accessible choices.
"In my experience, Solar Direct's customer support is very unprofessional. I am not trying to be friendly; my system is broken and I need help fixing it. They do not react to emails or phone calls, and they seem to have no idea what is going on. They seem to care about nothing at all. They are not qualified to run a company. Stay far away from them." - Christian
"Unwanted telemarketing calls are made by these folks from an Indian call center. Constantly calling at all hours of the day and night, even after you have asked to be removed from their call list, and then calling back every 5-6 hours for several days until you either give in and schedule an appointment with them or block all 20 of the phone numbers they have used to contact you. I finally gave up and wasted a salesman's time by setting up an appointment at a house I do not even own (they are too cheap to verify my ownership before calling)." - Edgar
"A perfect score for this company would be zero. Nearly ten years ago, I worked as a Customer Service Manager for a company that relied on third-party vendors. I have experience working with both buyers and sellers. I have experienced both great and terrible companies. A very terrible business. Others have remarked in their reviews that the sales process was quick and that everything seemed to be going well up to the point of installation. After installation, issues persisted. Two failed inspections with no explanations or status updates. They agreed to compensate you for delays in the deal. They did not even follow their contract when I emailed them with the contract language attached and had no response for two weeks other than "we are working on it." Their proposal, website, and project schedule report all use the word "commitment." That is a phrase that is foreign to them. I sent many emails about the delay, including one in which I mentioned the contract, copied the BBB, and said that I had sent a copy to the lending company. This company kicked up sales talks for the summer. Panel installation occurred in October of 2019. They said the panels may be operational by November if the necessary permits, inspections, and FPL meter modifications are made. There is still no answer or update as of January 3, 2019. Assessing the need for a meter change. Since they have not yet paid the new meter billing, I have received a $400 FPL charge, which might affect my account, credit, or deposit. Both of Palm Beach County's inspections came out negative. Before the holidays, they may make arrangements with us, the owners, to make repairs. A female customer of Solar Direct's main line defends Frank and Oliver. She absolves herself of responsibility by telling you to contact the owner, Kirk, and providing his email address. does not suggest reaching out to a superior or someone who may be able to help. Just as ineffective as the rest of the moronic staff here. The customer's luck? My observations have taught me that customers are not always right, but they also will not complain until they feel they have been wronged in some manner by the company. This company has squandered our time and money. We are funding panels that are not yet operational. In addition to the electricity bill I should not have. After this, my monthly outlays are at least $300 more than "promised." This company will not even return calls. They are clumsy and often fail to keep their word. Never support this company. Informed the Better Business Bureau once again." - Cora
"I would want to give this firm a rating of -10000 but I can not seem to do it.Please, for the love of God, do not utilize this firm. I have never had such terrible service before in my whole life.I do not know how "Frank" is still working since he is the only person in charge of customer service, and he is so terrible at his job. You may get a response in two weeks, or you may have to send an email in two weeks, or you may have to call the 1800 number to get someone else, to find this guy. Everyone in the company says, "He is overworked." He does not answer his phone, says email is the best way to contact him, but then does not reply to emails. Unfortunately, the installation of the panels I had done was subpar. Many issues with the roof as a direct consequence.In case you did not hear it the first time: Solar Direct is a company to avoid when shopping for solar panels. If you read this warning and then anything bad happens, you are to blame.I really wish someone had warned me to look elsewhere for what I was looking for!" - Jessica
"My system installation went well. After the storm damaged my roof, I waited almost six months for them to come and rebuild the system. Many explanations and justifications have been offered to me, but I still believe that six months is too short a time frame in which to resolve your organizational problems. Great business to work with throughout the installation process, however thereafter you should look elsewhere." - Yudi
"The solar panels for our old Fafco pool heater were in terrible condition. I got in touch with Solar Direct to get them swapped out with Vortex panels. We are overjoyed. Kelly was a real star in the workplace and took care of everything. She was really kind and helpful on the phone, answering all of my inquiries. The installation crew arrived on schedule and worked efficiently to get the new solar panels up and running. Once again, appreciate Solar Direct." - Greg
"Our recent installation of 30 solar panels by Solar Direct went well. Before opting to go solar, we performed our own investigation into various panels and inverters. Our inquiries and concerns were addressed promptly and thoroughly from the very beginning. We were provided a detailed explanation of the procedure along with an estimated completion date. Everything was finished on schedule or very near to it, with a few days' worth of rain being the main snag. (You are welcome, Frank!) We expected FPL's NET meter installation to be delayed due to Hurricane Dorian, but when the work was finished, we waited less than a week for them to show up and do the job. After the NET meter was set up, I received a call with instructions on accessing the online dashboard and downloading the mobile app. Everything has been fantastic thus far, and working with Solar Direct has been a pleasure." - Sam
"I put up a 15.3-kilowatt solar array, with 45 340-watt TallMax panels. SolarDirect provided excellent service throughout the whole ordering and installation processes. I am a very demanding consumer that always needs updates. Insurance and utility agreements become more complicated with a Tier 2 system. was kept in the loop and given a precise schedule for everything to happen. A line side tap required an update to my primary service panel. The installers were fantastic, and they did not mind when I went up on the roof to ask questions and take photos. I now have a clearer picture of what was going on and how the pieces fit together. All of this was finished and tested before they departed, and it only took a day. They explained everything to me, including showing me how to connect the inverters to the main service panel. My meter was installed by the utility in only a few working days because of the agreement we had in place beforehand. After the system had been running for roughly 50 minutes, one of the inverters had malfunctioned. Their service department promptly ordered and fitted a replacement. The system has been functioning well, and I am happy that I made the switch to solar energy." - Lillian
" I made the switch to solar energy. I had been wanting to do it for quite some time. After devoting a couple of months to research and reading, I decided to join up for various estimating jobs. After entering my information on a website, solar energy providers were able to provide me offers on my project. I intended to get rid of my energy bill but discovered you should not size higher than necessary since the utility provider ends up footing the price for any surplus. I chose three people to have in-depth conversations with. The other two were both within driving distance and well rated, but Solar Direct was in Sarasota, Florida, over four hours away from my house in Edgewater, Florida. Due to their initial disadvantage in terms of proximity to my home, Solar Direct had a tough go of it. Despite the fact that they were initially the underdog, I ended up going with them because of my salesman, Dale. And now I am glad I did. They offered me a reasonable price and first-rate assistance, and my system is now the ideal size, with no room for improvement. I use only high-quality components, and my installations always look clean and pass inspection on the first try. We had an issue with the installation of one piece owing to a manufacturing error, so they had a chance to show off their excellent customer service by traveling two hours each way to fix the problem at no extra cost. Nothing else would satisfy me. I am delighted in every way and am glad that I gave them the chance. Even if they are not in your immediate area, I think you should consider them." - Coty
"I chose to look into Florida solar firms that had been established for at least ten years after hearing numerous horror tales about new solar companies. During my investigation, I came across Solar Direct, and they seemed to be in business for over 30 years doing things properly. In my research, I found that Solar Direct's quote was far lower than the other two firms I contacted. At first, I was alarmed about this, but they assured me that their many years in the sector had given them significant negotiating leverage and access to advantageous pricing. My system's output has been around 10% more than promised ever since I installed their American-made panels with a SolarEdge inverter. Yes, they promised me a 5-year profit guarantee. So far, they have been more than I could have hoped for, and I have no regrets about making this choice. I have also recommended them to two of my neighbors, who have both been satisfied with their choice. This is a fantastic Solar industry veteran of a firm." - Evelyn

Solar Direct Social media
Based on user evaluations, the page has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5. This suggests that Solar Direct's clients have an overall favorable opinion of the company. Numerous testimonials praise Solar Direct's services for their superior customer service, expert installation, and premium solar goods. Customers like the company's quick response times, expertise, and readiness to address any issues or inquiries. Even if the most of the reviews are favorable, there are a few that aren't. Negative reviews often include installation delays, communication problems, and sometimes have trouble getting in touch with customer service. However, compared to good evaluations, there are much fewer of these unfavorable ones. The crew at Solar Direct has replied to some of the concerns, and the page has a strong amount of participation. The Solar Direct Facebook page generally portrays a favorable picture of the business, and the majority of consumers express pleasure with their offerings. However, there may be room for improvement given the paucity of recent reviews and any communication problems identified in some of the critical reviews.The Solar Direct profile on LinkedIn offers useful details about the company's background, product lineup, and market presence. A brief synopsis of Solar Direct may be found on the business' LinkedIn profile. It states that Solar Direct is a top supplier of solar energy solutions with a focus on solar energy system design, installation, and upkeep. The company's dedication to sustainability and renewable energy is highlighted on the website. According to the website, Solar Direct is a medium-sized business with about 50 workers. The Solar Direct LinkedIn profile highlights the business's solar energy expertise. It emphasizes their proficiency in solar installations for homes, businesses, and industries. Demo pages on the page give more detailed information on Solar Direct's products. Employees may link their personal accounts on LinkedIn to a corporate page. Visitors may browse personnel biographies on Solar Direct's website, which provides details about the team's expertise and experience. Updates, news, and articles on solar energy and emerging developments in renewable energy are routinely published on the website. LinkedIn members have the option to endorse and promote companies. On the Solar Direct website, there are a number of testimonials from clients and business associates that may help the brand stand out and win over new clients. Overall, Solar Direct's LinkedIn profile successfully promotes the business's expertise in the solar energy sector, emphasizes its services, and offers helpful information about their operations.
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Solar Direct average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews594.3


Solar Direct Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance and repair

Solar Direct Final Conclusions

Leading supplier of solar energy solutions, Solar Direct has a strong reputation for outstanding performance. Solar Direct has earned a solid reputation as a reliable brand in the solar energy industry because to its dedication to sustainability and emphasis on client happiness. Consistently offering top-notch goods and services in the solar energy sector is one of Solar Direct's main competitive advantages. For residential, commercial, and industrial uses, the firm provides a variety of solar energy solutions, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, and entire solar systems.Additionally, Solar Direct places a high priority on client happiness. The business aims to comprehend each client's particular energy demands and delivers solutions that are specially crafted to meet those needs.Regarding reputation, Solar Direct has a good one in the solar energy sector. The business has a proven track record of completed installations that satisfy clients over time. Although Solar Direct has received high accolades for its performance and reputation, like any business, it sometimes may have challenges or concerns relating to certain consumers.In summary, Solar Direct distinguishes itself as a trustworthy and very effective business in the solar energy sector.

Solar Direct locations

Main Address6935 15th St E Suite 120 Sarasota, FL 34243
Phone Number9412518326

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