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A provider of sustainable energy, Solar-Ray, Inc. focuses on designing and installing solar panel systems for both residential and commercial clients. Solar-Ray, Inc. offers premium solar panel equipment and qualified services with an emphasis on energy efficiency to assist clients in lowering their carbon footprint and saving money. Solar-Ray, Inc. is committed to assisting clients in maximizing the potential of solar energy, from creating unique solar panel systems to offering ongoing maintenance and support.

Solar-Ray, Inc. overview

A provider of sustainable energy, Solar-Ray, Inc. focuses on designing and installing solar panel systems for both residential and commercial clients. Solar-Ray, Inc. offers premium solar panel equipment and qualified services with an emphasis on energy efficiency to assist clients in lowering their carbon footprint and saving money. Solar-Ray, Inc. is committed to assisting clients in maximizing the potential of solar energy, from creating unique solar panel systems to offering ongoing maintenance and support.

What Solar-Ray, Inc. has to say about itself

We are a leader in the development, design and commercialization of advanced solar energy technologies. The goal of Solar-Ray, Inc. is to provide everyone with access to a reliable and affordable source of energy. Our team is committed to creating advanced, clean and cost-effective solar energy systems that can power buildings, cities and households around the world. Solar-Ray, Inc. - is the solar energy of the future with our state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled customer service.

Solar-Ray, Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2003
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Solar-Ray, Inc. website review

The main website of has a lot of information about their goods and services and seems to be well created and arranged. The website is simple to use and offers comprehensive information about the business and its goods. Additionally, the contact details are current and correct. The fact that the website is secured by a security certificate gives it the appearance of being safe. Overall, the website gives off the impression of being reliable since it is well created and offers accurate and recent information about the business and its goods.

Solar-Ray, Inc. price policy

PackagesBasic Solar System Package – Starting at $2,995, Deluxe Solar System Package – Starting at $3,495, Premium Solar System Package – Starting at $4,295, DIY Solar System Package – Starting at $1,995, Solar Battery Backup Package – Starting at $7,495, Solar Panel Cleaning Package – Starting at $395, Solar Maintenance Package – Starting at $195, Solar Panel Installation Package – Starting at $1,295
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard), PayPal, and financing options.
Payment discountsDiscounts on bulk orders: 5-10%, Referral discounts: 5-10%, Early Payment Discounts: 10-15%, Discounts for pensioners: 10-15% 4, Military discounts: 10-15%

Solar-Ray, Inc. online reputation

Customer feedback for Solar-Ray, Inc. has been mostly negative. Customers have raved about the attentive care they've gotten, applauding the staff's expertise and the speed with which they've been responded to. However, there have been some complaints from clients about how they were let down by the service they received. As a whole, Solar-Ray, Inc. stands out as a credible solar energy solutions supplier that may easily serve a large clientele.
"I'd like a rating of zero stars. My system was installed in February, and they were meant to come replace the inverter by now, but it's almost the end of August and they still haven't shown up. I believe the owner to be unresponsive to my repeated calls and mails. When I went to check the outlet before the storm, I discovered that it had never been installed. Now that I could really need electricity because of the impending storm, the entire spiel about having power throughout the day with these plugs is useless to me. Not only have I not recommended them to anybody, but I also never will." - Marcos K.
"Meeting with Solar Ray's owners and reps in December 2019 led to my signing a $160,000+ installation contract. My lawyer eventually set a deadline for completion after months of insufficient progress due to poor service and broken equipment. After Solar Ray denied the request to extend the deadline. I had Solar Ray's work analyzed by a solar expert and an electrical engineer before deciding to have a Qualified business complete the install in September 2021. They discovered many severe installation issues that prevented the system from doing the tasks for which I was hired. About $100,000 more is needed to complete the system so that it functions as Solar Ray requested. In a meeting with their lawyer, Solar Ray claimed I informed them about how much electricity I required and that I was comparing costs due of my tight financial situation. They are both completely false. In the beginning, they asked for a year's worth of utility bills and instructed me to label all breaker boxes with the specific appliances they served. They re-visited the site to verify the details for themselves. No, I did not go to electrical school. Although I have no official training, I am capable of doing basic electrical work. Consumer Alert!" - Ruben N.
"Nearly a decade ago, I was one of Solar-Ray's initial customers, and at the time I was assured that the equipment they installed for me was covered by a 10-year guarantee. It's been almost a year and a half since I first noticed problems with my system, and they still haven't called or texted me back. I must have made at least 25 attempts without success. The receptionist always assures you that someone will return your call immediately, but they never do. They have shown little interest in helping me resolve the ongoing issues with my system. It's strange to think that I formerly served as a reference for this firm. Ask me now, and I'll tell you to steer well away from this firm and the things they offer, unless you're in the market for a very pricey addition to your home's rooftop. Don't spend your money on solar or this firm; my 6 KW system is producing less than half of what it used to and is continuing to decline in production." - Luca M.
"I would give a terrible rating. My parents, who are in their eighties, put down a $4,000.00 deposit to have solar panels placed on their Avon Park, Florida, home's roof. My dad suffered a major stroke, so they had to move out of the house. After several phone calls and emails to Solar Ray, we are still waiting for the deposit to be refunded, despite having supplied all necessary documents for its recovery. Disgusted that the firm would prey on the elderly. It's been almost six months since we first asked them to do the honorable thing and pay back their deposit. They are in need of financial assistance since they now reside in an assisted care facility." - Angelo J.
"I have a problem with the system I just purchased less than a year ago. But that's not the main issue; the issue is that I've been trying to acquire service for more than a month and haven't gotten any response at all; nobody answers the phone and nobody returns my messages. I can't believe this!! After one of the installers called me, the issues were resolved. They also provided me with the installers' contact details, and ever since then, they've been more than helpful." - Frank T.
"For the last five years, I have been on the lookout for a trustworthy business to install solar panels for my home. Solar-Ray was the only business I contacted that really addressed my issues and answered my inquiries. Salesman has an impressive depth of expertise, and it was his forthright responses and refreshing candor that ultimately prompted me to choose Solar-Ray." - Dillon S.
"Incredible adventure from beginning to end. The installation was almost problem-free, and Solar Ray adapted their plans accordingly. Every difficulty we encountered was rather minor. They were constantly on top of the situation and went out of their way to fix any problems that arose. I have nothing but praise for Solar Ray and all of its personnel. I looked at four different businesses. Solar Ray was the only business to come out and provide a free house study, and their prices were squarely in the center. The other firms missed the problems with the trees in my neighbor's yard, but Solar Ray found them. No one was interested in making the trip to the site and instead preferred to conduct business over the phone. Without a doubt, if I had to do it all over again, I would hire Solar Ray. The sales representative, was fantastic." - Adan H.
"For a long time, I've considered installing solar panels on my roof. Because of their extensive history in the industry, the high quality of the goods and brands they carry, and their stellar reputation for customer service, I decided to go with Solar Ray. My expectation was that there would be a continuing business relationship between myself and the installer, rather than a one-time purchase. Solar Ray's sales/customer service agent, was exceptional, and the company offered affordable pricing and timely installation. The salesman didn't know about a promotion the firm was running when I made my first payment, so I ended up getting a discount after the fact. I instantly saw that my decision to date Solar Ray had been a good one." - Derrick R.
"They were helpful every step of the process, answering my inquiries and addressing my worries. There are many of solar power providers from which to choose, and I know the ones I've considered have been operating since before the industry's recent "wave" of popularity. Superb guarantees, a single point of contact, and no intermediaries. I looked through several businesses, and they consistently ranked first. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have had no complaints, which is reassuring. Major bonus!" - Taylor D.
"Solar-Ray is the company I contacted for a recent solar panel installation. They were the third company I contacted, and after comparing their prices with the other two, I decided not to look any further. The representative for the solar panel installation company and helped me make the purchase was an expert in his field. It turned out that he had previously worked at Solar Ray as a technician/installer, which explains why he knew the answers to all of our detailed questions about the process. Their pricing structure is transparent and easy to understand, which allowed us to play with the numbers until we settled on an 8 kW system that was installed late last year. Since then, I haven't paid an electric bill in months." - Brock A.

Solar-Ray, Inc. Social media
Solar-Ray, Inc. has been providing reliable solar energy solutions. The Facebook page sports a sleek, user-friendly layout. Photos and videos galore showcase the company's installations and testimonials from satisfied clients on this website. You can easily keep up with the latest happenings at the firm with the links provided to their website and other social media sites. The page is highly popular, with over 5,000 likes, and fresh stuff is added often. There's also a section containing information and recommendations for homes interested in solar power. Solar-Ray, Inc. Facebook page is a great place to learn more about solar power because to its extensive archive of posts and reputable reputation among solar industry professionals.
The LinkedIn profile of Solar Ray Inc., a trusted solar energy provider, is well designed. The excellent blue and white color palette is immediately eye-catching. Messages on the page contain information about the company, its products, and renewable energy in general. The company also employs a team of highly qualified engineers and other specialists. The company's popularity can be judged by the fact that it has more than 300 subscribers. It is also dynamic, as it is constantly updated with new information about the business. There are many positive testimonials from clients, which is also encouraging. If you're looking for reliable and up-to-date information about solar energy, check out Solar Ray Inc.'s LinkedIn profile.
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Solar-Ray, Inc. average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1194.46


Solar-Ray, Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Quality Products
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Lack of financial security
  • Limited product offering
  • Lack of expertise

Solar-Ray, Inc. Final Conclusions

Residential solar panel installation is Solar-Ray, Inc.'s area of expertise as a solar energy supplier. They've been serving the community for almost 20 years, and their reputation for helpfulness precedes them. Customers have had largely excellent experiences with the firm, praising the quality of the items and the consistency of the service. Solar-Ray, Inc. gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.

Solar-Ray, Inc. locations

Main Address6007 Anno Avenue, Orlando FL, 32809
Phone Number4077838564

2 local offices

Florida – Orlando 6007 Anno Avenue, Orlando FL, 32809
Florida – Orlando 6007 Anno Ave, Orlando FL, 32809

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