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As the saying goes, word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and Solar SME is no exception. Through friends, neighbors, and coworkers who gush about Solar SME's capacity to assist customers in lowering their electricity costs sustainably through solar, storage, and energy efficiency, an increasing number of reference customers are making their way to the company. With a wide selection of the greatest solar batteries in the market, including the LG Chem, Tesla Powerwall, Panasonic EverVolt, Enphase Encharge, and Generac PWRCell, Solar SME proves that it recognizes that the future of solar is in storage. That is at least three more choices than the typical Georgian company offers. Like Renu Energy Solutions, Solar SME has most of its experience outside of Georgia. Although we'll repeat it again, the typical customer doesn't face many obstacles due to Georgia's solar laws. This shouldn't be a problem, in our opinion.
Fast Facts
Year Started 2011
Service Areas GA, MD, NC, PA, TX, VA
Types Panels
Certifications AC Coupling PV systems and Microgrid,
Warranty Options 25 Years
Payment_Options Cash purchases, solar financing
Content Phone 832-626-2337
Main Office Address 1126 S Cedar Ridge Drive Suite 114, Duncanville TX, 75137


Hudson Greenaway
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