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Solar Spectrum is committed to the idea that the sun can provide a clean, renewable source of energy for the world. Our goal is to make going solar a pleasant experience for anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint, saving money on their electricity bill, or becoming part of the rising movement to power the planet with clean, abundant sunlight.

Solar Spectrum overview

Solar Spectrum is committed to the idea that the sun can provide a clean, renewable source of energy for the world. Our goal is to make going solar a pleasant experience for anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint, saving money on their electricity bill, or becoming part of the rising movement to power the planet with clean, abundant sunlight.

What Solar Spectrum has to say about itself

We design our energy infrastructure around the needs of our consumers. Our top priority is providing you with the most suitable Solar Spectrum Energy System for your current and future needs. More than that, sunshine greatly enhances the quality of life everywhere. So, if we work together, we can accomplish a great deal.

Solar Spectrum Review (Out business)

Year Started2017
Service AreasCA
Service TypesResidential solar, Energy monitoring
Types PanelsPolycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon, addition to thin film
Backup BatteryLead-acid batteries such as absorbent glass mat (AGM) and fluid dynamic profiling (FDP) batteries

Solar Spectrum website review

The review of the company's website has yet to be created.

Solar Spectrum price policy

PackagesFrom $3,000 to $20,000
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, checks, money orders, and PayPal.
Payment discountsDiscounts for recommendations, discounts for packages when buying both solar and battery installations

Solar Spectrum online reputation

Going Solar Spectrum has received a wide spectrum of consumer comments, and it is obvious that these complaints and problems are really serious. Numerous difficulties, including financial instability, problems with subcontractors, poor customer service, a lack of reaction to complaints, and suspected fraud, have been brought up by customers. These disappointing incidents have stoked doubts about the company's dependability and reputation.Going Solar Spectrum has received some negative feedback from consumers, mainly in regards to the installation procedure, customer service, and system performance. Customers who have experienced delays, poor communication, and unsolved problems have expressed their dissatisfaction and sought legal counsel to address their difficulties. Customers' displeasure has been further exacerbated by allegations of issues with insurance claims and monitoring systems.On the other side, a small number of consumers have spoken about having favorable experiences, complimenting things like the reasonable prices, the financing choices, the competent personnel, and the excellent customer service. These clients valued the meticulous planning and review process as well as the efficient management of licenses and permissions. These people are happy with their choice of Going Solar Spectrum since the installations went well and solar energy has a good effect on their life.It is critical to approach Going Solar Spectrum with care in light of the general reaction. The company's financial instability, problems with its subcontractors, and slow response to consumer complaints raise serious questions about its dependability and credibility. Before making a choice, potential consumers should properly investigate and assess all of their possibilities, taking into account both favorable and negative reviews. Investigating other solar energy suppliers with more dependable and consistent histories may also be a good idea.
"Beware! Fraud alert.The company's finances are precarious. You foot the bill, but they won't pay their vendors. The subs may then file a mechanic's lien against your property, which may or may not be recognized by the law. For a legal fee, you can have it taken away." - Ken
"Like other posters, I too have experienced problems with this firm. At first, we committed to and paid for a pricey, battery-operated device. After putting the solar panels on our roof, the company suddenly shut down. The remainder of the hardware was installed by a separate contractor. They hired a solar panel installation firm that is likewise closing its doors as a subcontractor. The second sub-supplier I'm using called me on my cell phone to break the bad news that we'll be lucky to get half of the promised electricity, assuming the first one even works. Before going out of business, Solar spectrum also transferred our loan to an unaffiliated credit union. My inquiry is this: does anyone know of or have experience with a class action lawsuit? I have no alternative but to seek legal help in order to get out from under this loan." - Justin
"After filing for bankruptcy, Sungevity changed its name to Solar Spectrum. Situated in the Bay Area of California, Oakland. Worst customer service ever. Almost no one will respond to your plea for help or information. Never do business with this outfit!! I am so frustrated by the complete lack of action on anyone's part that I intend to lodge a formal complaint with the state agency responsible for such matters." - David
"The overall experience was rated as a 5 during the preliminary planning and review phase but as a 1 during the actual installation. Very helpful in terms of planning and reviewing. The Sungevity team kept me informed and walked me through the full planning and review period (February–March 2020) until Covid-19 hit and threw off the timeline significantly. At long last, in August, installation was completed. The evaluation, which I believe should have been caught in the initial round in February, was bizarrely dragged out across three weeks. They need to improve their methods to ensure installations are finished within the promised two to three days. It's possible that if the organization improved communication with its installation teams, permit review teams, and customers, it may reduce the number of complaints received." - Kristian
"It's astounding how many people have complained about this. It amazes me that the state hasn't conducted any kind of investigation into this. In October of this year (2019), I had solar panels installed. Their insurance company paid a small fraction of what I had to pay to have the roof fixed (several leaks later), despite the fact that I had numerous photos showing the damage (broken tiles everywhere with leaks all over inside). I'm just happy to get something from the insurance company at this time. I have also heard reports of the same problems with the monitoring system from this end. On September 30, 2020, the system suddenly stopped functioning. After multiple efforts at resetting my system, I contacted solar edge, and they indicated it was a problem on Spectrum solar's/Sungevity's end. In November, after repeated calls to Spectrum solar/Sungevity's complaint department, I finally received an email claiming "someone" would contact me to resolve the issue. Since then, Spectrum solar/Sungevity's phone lines have gone dead, and the company has stopped responding to customer emails. The BBB complaint I filed was also ignored by Spectrum solar/Sungevity. We've moved past the point of merely poor service into the realm of regulatory concern. Why isn't the California Department of Consumer Affairs treating this as fraud?" - kim
"Happy we went with them. We compared prices and went with Solar Spectrum based on recommendations from a buddy. (The prices quoted were comparable to those provided by other sources. Their financing options and explanations were top-notch. Their method for assessing your needs and coming up with a suitable system plan was top-notch. Their procedure for approving each stage is straightforward and easy to complete. They did excellent work. All of the holes that were drilled into the house have been securely sealed, which is a good sign that they tried to keep the work from being too obtrusive. The beauty is that they take care of everything, from applying for permits to working with PG&E and your municipal on complicated approvals.Our project manager, Mike True, did a great job of keeping us updated and moving things along. It was a joy doing business with him.Our system went online yesterday, and it's been amazing to see the output on the system monitor ever since." - Jim
"I've filled out an online survey on going solar a few weeks ago because I've been thinking about it for a while. Several groups have contacted me about perhaps visiting my home. Solar Spectrum was one of the businesses who reached out to me. I liked that they told me right away that we could handle anything over the phone. They provided me a quote and assured me it was guaranteed in under 30 minutes. This was the quickest and most hassle-free option. They accommodated my preferences rather than making assumptions about them. I would recommend them to anyone thinking about switching to solar power." - Ryan
"In my experience, Solar Spectrum was the most knowledgeable solar energy firm I consulted with. My wife and I have been contemplating making the transition to solar energy for quite some time now, and we even talked to a few companies here in Berkeley, California. That is, until Dorothy from @SolarSpectrum called us. She was incredibly pleasant to speak with; she spent well over an hour on the phone with me, walking me through each stage of the procedure. When I said I'd have to contact her back the next day to discuss it with my wife, she was really pleasant and encouraging. What ultimately swung it for me was Dorothy's extensive expertise and personal attention to my needs. It was nice to know that attentive attention to customers still exists. This is the firm to go with if you want to make the switch to solar energy." - Ferdinand
"I love the solar system more than anything. Even though my husband and I have always rented, we've always wanted to install solar panels. After purchasing our first house, we immediately began looking into solar energy options. Our salesperson at Solar Spectrum was so helpful and kind that we decided to go with them. It was planned in April and finally put in place this week. Because we cared so much about presentation, we took great care in arranging the panels. Before beginning the installation, the technicians were extremely courteous and detailed what they would be doing. The final result is the finest looking one in the block. Solar Spectrum has excellent customer service and their system looks fantastic, therefore I'd suggest them to everyone. I am excited to see how much cash I will be able to save." - Lauren
"This company has always been a dream to work with. The sales staff is great to deal with since they care about the customer's satisfaction. Get in touch with these folks for sure if you need an estimate for a residential solar energy installation. You won't come to regret it." - Pete

Solar Spectrum Social media account not registered
For promoting the business's goods and services as well as advancing its goals and beliefs, Solar Spectrum's LinkedIn page is a fantastic tool. From corporate responsibility to distributed energy solutions, the page provides a thorough overview of their primary areas of interest. The portal also features sections for careers, a statement of their basic beliefs, and many customer testimonials. Every part is well thought out, with an emphasis on giving potential consumers and staff clear and thorough information. A blog and YouTube channel are only a couple of the other resources that the page contains in the form of various links. The company's interests and areas of expertise can then be investigated in further detail as a result. Along with having a presence on multiple other platforms, the page offers an excellent combination of business and social media involvement. The page, as a whole, portrays a business that is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and does so by offering a lot of content.
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Solar Spectrum average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Solar Spectrum Pros & Cons

  • High-quality products and services
  • Payment flexibility and discounts
  • Long-term financial returns
  • Higher cost than some competitors
  • Potential installation delays due to weather
  • Not available in all locations

Solar Spectrum Final Conclusions

The solar energy products and services offered by Going Green Solar were among the best in the industry. Unfortunately, the firm shut down as a result of shifting market circumstances. Despite this setback, Going Green Solar has established itself as a respected provider of services due to its expertise and dedication to sustainable energy. Consumers have a love/hate relationship with the company's offerings, but experts sing its praises. As a result, Going Green Solar was a successful company that earned its clients' trust by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Solar Spectrum locations

Main Address66 Franklin Street, Suite 310, Oakland, CA 94607, US
Phone Number5104964507

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