Solar Tech Elec LLC review

In business since 2014, Solar Tech Elec LLC provides solar energy systems and electrical services. Installing solar panels, performing solar maintenance, upgrading electrical services, and offering renewable energy solutions are just some of the many services they offer to both residential and commercial clients. They work hard to provide superior goods and services to their clients.
Solar Tech Elec LLC review

Solar Tech Elec LLC overview

In business since 2014, Solar Tech Elec LLC provides solar energy systems and electrical services. Installing solar panels, performing solar maintenance, upgrading electrical services, and offering renewable energy solutions are just some of the many services they offer to both residential and commercial clients. They work hard to provide superior goods and services to their clients.

What Solar Tech Elec LLC has to say about itself

For Solar Tech Elec, success means pioneering the way toward a more sustainable energy future for everyone. To put it simply, Solar Tech Elec's main service is solar panel installation. As a company with its own solar panel installation contractors and with extensive experience in the field, we are confident that our efforts will help customers become less reliant on fossil fuels, thereby lowering their utility bills and having a positive effect on the environment.

Solar Tech Elec LLC Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasFL, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead-acid, and AGM batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BPI, LEED, C-10 Electrical Contractor, C-46 Solar Contractor, CSLB, OSHA, UL, NEC, ISNetworld, NECA

Solar Tech Elec LLC website review is the leading solar energy solutions provider. The website details solar panel installations, solar energy storage systems, and energy efficiency upgrades. The website provides product features, pricing, and warranties. SolarTechelec's customer service and financing are also covered. Customers can follow SolarTechelec's latest developments and industry news on the blog. The easy-to-use website has an inquiry form. SolarTechelec provides environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions that allow customers to save money and energy. Visit the company's website to learn about its cutting-edge products.

Solar Tech Elec LLC price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Package from $4,500 to $10,000, Commercial Solar Package from $10,000 to $50,000, Utility-Scale Solar Package from $50,000 to $1,000,000
Payment optionscash, credit/debit cards, PayPal, and checks.
Payment discountsWholesale discount of up to 10%, early payment discount, 10-day invoice payment 5% discount, loyalty discount: customers who have been doing business with Solar Tech Elec LLC for more than two years receive a 5% discount, credit card discount 3%.

Solar Tech Elec LLC online reputation

Online reviews consistently praise Solar Tech Elec LLC, with buyers praising the company's dependability, product quality, and reasonable pricing. They have a long history of providing good support after a sale and have been praised for their pleasant and helpful customer service staff. Many customers express satisfaction with the products they purchased, and reviews frequently comment on the company's dedication to satisfying its clientele. The general public favorably reviews Solar Tech Elec LLC, and the company has a robust online presence.
People are being ripped off by Solar Tech Elec. They took a device from my business, blocked all of our phone numbers, and took down their website. Don't buy anything from this company!!! - Liam N.
One of the three-year-old panels flew off in the hurricane and hurt two others. Two months later, they still won't fix it. They keep saying next week" and ignoring it. This should be covered by the warranty since they clearly put them in wrong, and I even offered to pay. Don't answer my calls. When I call from a different phone, they answer and say, "We'll call you back next week." This is the worst company ever." - Noah B.
We've been working with this company for over a year and a half to get our whole system set up, but our battery still hasn't been put in. Even though some of that is the fault of the company they ordered from, Solar Tech's refusal to give any information is very unprofessional. It was a mistake for me to believe Oliver when he asked me to pay for the battery even though it hadn't been installed yet. There's a reason why finance companies tell you not to give them money until all the work is done. Never again make that mistake. If you live close to their office, you're likely to get better service from them. I've been told over and over that I can't finish a service call until their team is in my area for another installation. After I complained for months about how much my electric bill was, they put in CT clamps in April to see how much energy was being used, made, brought in and sent out. They stopped working the day after they were put in, and it took 8 months of constant nagging to get them to come to fix it. They kept putting off my request by saying they would do it when they put in my new battery instead of just fixing it. The only good thing about this company is the people who actually do the work. Everyone who has come has been great. If only the people in charge were as good. One final note. They give their customers a gift card if they go to different websites and leave 5-star reviews, so that's another thing to keep in mind while reading them. TL;DR: Don't go with them. Find someone else. - Elijah K.
Solar Tech Elec, Mateo sold me a 15.12 kw system that I bought in 2017. The sales pitch sounded great: for every 10kw of solar panels, you'll get about $300 worth of power. My average electricity bill for the year before was about $430, so we bought a 15.12kw system. Ross said that we should owe nothing. We told Mateo that we were thinking about getting a new roof and might not buy the solar for a year or two. He told me that it would cost me two days of work to take the panels down and put them back up. When I asked how much, he said between $800 and $1000. We thought we could save more than $5,000 a year on electricity, so we decided it would be cheaper to get the panels installed now and deal with the roof when it was time. Six months have passed. We just haven't seen the money that Mateo said we would save. When I tell Mateo about my worries, he tells me to wait a year because it is so hot right now that the panels aren't working at their best. When I talked to him again after a year, he said, Well, you made more kw than I said you would." Which was true, but that didn't add up to much power: only about $2400. A long way from the over $5,000 he said he would give. He had put up another system in my area that was the same size. Again, he said on his Facebook page that this system would make $5,000 worth of power. "That's just advertising," he said when I asked him about it. Then, after 15 months, we decided it was time to put a roof on the house. I didn't talk to him about the price because we were told the price when we bought it. He had someone else take off the panels, and the roofer did the work in just three days. It took Mateo almost three weeks to get the same person to come out and put the panels back up. Then he sends me a $4000 bill. At the time, my system hadn't even made $4,000 worth of power. Mateo told me that the system he sold me would pay for itself in six to seven years. However, when I do the math, I find that it will take 11 to 12 years. He started out charging 14 cents per kw, even though the average in Florida was 12 cents and my power company only charged 10 cents per kw. Then he says that the price of electricity will go up by 10% every year. I'm sorry, but those numbers are just ridiculous. Also, he never told me which report those numbers came from. Mateo always says that there are no bad things said about him on Facebook. But almost as soon as I write or read a bad review, he deletes it. Now, he has blocked me and my wife from his Facebook. You don't want to do business with Mateo. His company is a scam that is built on the buzz on social media." - Lucas A.
The salesman was very nice and promised us a new roof, 2 wall unit air conditioners, and a solar unit that would pay our electric bill up to a certain amount of wattage, based on our largest electric bill from last year. I have received an electric bill ever since it was turned on at the end of March. We were supposed to be able to sell the extra power back to the power company. But the power company wanted us to purchase a One Hundred Thousand Dollar Liability Insurance policy before they would do a contract to purchase the extra power we were supposed to produce. So, I had to go with just being able to use the solar system for whatever electricity I used which apparently, I don't produce enough to cover even the electricity that I do use. The salesman promised we would get credit from the Government. Which the loan of $72,120 minus the credit of $18,751.00 would have brought the loan down to $53,368.00. If they had installed it last year, we would have only received a credit towards any taxes we might have owed. I don't know what this year will be like so if it is the same as last year, how were we supposed to give the bank any money towards the bank loan so that the payment didn't increase? Which it was supposed to be $229.26 for 16 months and then if we didn't give them the $18,751.00 the payment would go up to $312.59. The salesman also stated that if anything happened to my husband that I would not be responsible for the loan since the loan would only be in my husband's name. My husband has recently passed away. He was a 100% disabled wartime veteran, who received a Purple Heart and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, and many other Medals of Honor. I am now widowed and unable to make the payments on the loan that was only in my husband's name. So, the finance company has put a lean on the equipment without even notifying me. It seems like this was only a scam and I am left to deal with it the best I can. As part of the promotion, I received a new roof. Which is great. I love my roof. It would have been nice if the roofers had cleaned up all the nails left on the top of the porch roof. That could have rolled off the roof onto the ground where I drive at. We were also promised 2 wall air conditioning units to replace what we had, that would be very energy efficient. It took over 9 months to finally install 2 window units in the wall which leaves a 4- or 5-inch gap between the wall and the air conditioners. This doesn't make them very energy efficient even though they are sealed to the best that a window unit can be. Oh, and you can keep your $50.00 gift card for me writing this review. - Emma R.
I'm happy I went with solar tech electric to install my solar panels. Since 2018, my screens have been up. I haven't had any problems at all, and my monthly electric bill is about $40. The installation was also done quickly and well. They are a good business to work with. - Levi V.
From the very first moment until the very last, everything was perfect. James got back to me within a day and scheduled a time to give me an estimate for the following week. There were affordable payment plans available, so I made the change. James and his crew took care of everything, and the financing plan even covered the cost of installing a new air conditioner. Additionally, he suggested that I hire a tree service to trim some bushes in order to increase the amount of light reaching the panels. Air conditioning and solar panels were installed in less than a month. And I was regularly informed of developments. I can't wait to see what my energy bill looks like after installing solar panels. You can't go wrong with this firm, and now is the best time to invest in solar panels thanks to a federal tax credit. - Leo P.
I can't say enough good things about how well they performed. They were polite and took care of their mess. No grievances on this end. I highly recommend them! They were ten thousand dollars less expensive than our natives, and inspection revealed that they made use of superior machinery to that of their competitors ( yes, I did my homework). When I asked for separate inverters, they gave me what amounted to a string inverter. If a panel were to fail, this would help (hopefully it never does). You did a Fantastic Job! I appreciate your prompt, expert service. - Grayson O.
After moving from Pennsylvania to Florida last year, I saw my electric bills skyrocket due to the increased AC usage and a pool/spa heater. I began researching solar and chose three based on reviews for quotes. Out of the three, I felt most comfortable with Solar Tech's proposal as well as its financing options. Ezra came to do our proposal in person, and within 20 minutes I had a full understanding of solar and knew it was the right choice for our needs. I didn't feel pressured as I did with the other companies. The installation process was smooth and Solar Tech even coordinated some trees on the property to be cut back. We didn't have to do a thing! I was skeptical about my power bill actually being $0...but the meter actually was rolling backward and my power bill was in fact, $0! Our payments at 1.9% interest are less than half of what our average electric bills were. There was also a 30% tax credit! My only regret is not doing this sooner. I highly recommend Solar Tech - we couldn't be happier with our panels and the incredible savings! - Luca J.
It's been four years since I got my solar system, and it's been great the whole time. Working with SolarTechElec was a pleasure. They offered the most reasonable price and were easy to work with. Professionals with extensive experience performed the installation flawlessly. They invested extra time planning the best use of the roof area for most solar panel installations. Amazing Corporation. - Aiden D.

Solar Tech Elec LLC Social media
Anyone interested in learning more about the development and use of solar energy can check out the Solar Tech Elec Facebook page. The page's layout is clean and well-designed, and it offers trustworthy information about the company's goods, services, and business news. The page has a lot of "likes," indicating that it is well-known and dependable among users. There are several photos and videos, in addition to in-depth essays and other helpful links. Everything is clear, accurate, and dependable. Additionally, a variety of events, including prizes and the introduction of new products, are often updated, making it an entertaining page to follow. Given the wealth of information provided, anybody interested in using solar energy may rely on the Solar Tech Elec Facebook page.Customers interested in solar energy goods may find a reliable, professional resource in Solar Tech Elec's LinkedIn corporate profile. It includes helpful links, job listings in the industry, and news about the firm. Verified clients have left only favorable reviews, further demonstrating its credibility. The page uses creative visual design and colors that are consistent with the brand to attract the reader's eye. More than 700 subscribers attest to the platform's popularity, demonstrating the company's commitment to engaging with its audience. This is an excellent model for a company's LinkedIn profile since it presents a professional and trustworthy representation of the company and its offerings.
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Solar Tech Elec LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1374.8


Solar Tech Elec LLC Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • Experienced
  • Dependence on government incentives
  • High installation costs
  • Weather restrictions

Solar Tech Elec LLC Final Conclusions

The mission of Solar Tech Elec LLC is to promote environmental sustainability by providing residential solar panel installation services. The quality of the company's installations, the friendliness of its customer service staff, and the reasonableness of its rates have all received rave reviews from satisfied clients. Solar Tech Elec LLC has an average customer review rating of 4.7 on a scale from 1 to 5.

Solar Tech Elec LLC locations

Main Address1390 Gulf to Bay BLVD Clearwater, FL 33755
Phone Number7274888634

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