SolarMax Technology review

SolarMax is at the forefront of this industry's progression by developing individualized solutions for renewable energy that bring the solar revolution to customers like you. We are your one-stop shop for everything related to solar energy, including roof repair, solar panel installation, and the creation of integrated solar systems tailored specifically to your needs.

SolarMax Technology overview

SolarMax is at the forefront of this industry's progression by developing individualized solutions for renewable energy that bring the solar revolution to customers like you. We are your one-stop shop for everything related to solar energy, including roof repair, solar panel installation, and the creation of integrated solar systems tailored specifically to your needs.

What SolarMax Technology has to say about itself

Customers of SolarMax have a significant edge over those of other solar firms. With all of our activities under one large, effective roof, we maintain low costs—and great quality—for our premium solar panels that are built in the USA. Better still? We pass on all the quality and savings to you, our cherished client.

SolarMax Technology Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Manufacturing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion or lead-acid backup batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

SolarMax Technology website review

Southern California-based SolarMax Technology, a provider of solar energy, is the owner of the website The business offers installation services for solar panels in both residential and commercial buildings. The company's offerings, energy storage capabilities, and financing choices are all detailed on the website. The website also provides a calculator for users to determine the possible savings they may realize by converting to solar power. Furthermore, the website contains a blog area with informative posts regarding solar energy and sustainability. Overall, the website seems to be user-friendly and helpful.

SolarMax Technology price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

SolarMax Technology online reputation

Customers of SolarMax Technology are typically satisfied. The company's high-quality solar goods, expert installation services, and welcoming customer service have won accolades from many clients. Additionally, several users point out that SolarMax technology has affordable price and financing possibilities. However, some clients lament the need for roof repairs brought on by faulty solar panel installation.
"Since Solarmax was well regarded, I phoned them. After checking everything out, the salesperson informed me I needed 15 panels. He told me that I would only be providing it to the electricity company when I asked for more. They installed 15, thus I will now be responsible for $250 more in SCE debt. I was not pleasant. summer of oil. I perspired continuously. Not only do I owe that, but I am also really unhappy. Also subsidized by me, the solar costs $85 per month and will rise to $115 per month if I don't pay them $4200 in the next year. I now pay roughly twice as much for solar as I did for electricity. I regret getting solar power. This is difficult for me since I'm a senior on a limited income." - Susan
"Installation of the system went well. They were quite keen to obtain the money before complete instalkation since we paid in cash. We had to contact in order to set up the Enlighten system. After working for 1 month, Myenlighten retired. Calls to customer service went unanswered. Try the online help now. My panel system still hasn't been uploaded to Solarmax's website so I can see the condition of each panel. 2 months have passed. Solar panel prices are reasonable, but customer support moving forward is uncertain." - Shastidsolar
"For one month, I have a Q.PRO-G3 250-265 solar module and a SUNNY BOY 5000TL-US inverter. The power statement for the month of May shows a considerable difference, going from $90.00 to $17.00. When the scorching summer in southern California arrives, I anticipate even greater savings. Request an RS485 monitoring interface as part of the inverter system to keep track of the net generation efficiency and record." - erge
"I don't usually complain about services, but I've been waiting months for Solarmax to finish the work and establish the connection, and it appears to be stuck without any useful information." - CJP
"Two years ago, we joined up with Solar Max. The procedure was simple, the panels function well, and the customer service seems to be excellent. However, we did find that directly behind the panels, someone had driven nails, nuts, and screws through the roof and into the ceilings of our living room and dining room. This will be repaired, according to what we were told. As soon as it started to rain, we discovered 8 or 9 leaks behind the panels. In order to remedy them, SolarMax did go out and fix six of them. They returned to fix the last three leaking spots, and two more were also rectified. Our bedroom's greatest leak causes the ceiling to sag and soaks the whole wall with water. The issue has not been resolved after Solar Max's third visit. Fortunately, we are in a drought and it doesn't rain often here. However, we do have a Home Depot tarp on our room covering this section, and although it works, it looks awful. Our ceiling and the people within it still show signs of the bolts, nails, and screws that have not yet been replaced. My inquiries to SolarMax to get this corrected have ceased receiving a response. Please PM me if you need additional information or pictures. I wouldn't use this firm again for business." - SSC
"We were delighted with Solarmax in every way! The finest sales person is Dan Cooley! He has responded to all of our inquiries from the beginning! We couldn't be happier that our power cost decreased from $400 per month to $4.00!" - Happy Customer
"Since my first phone conversation, I have been quite pleased with the whole service while working with Brandon Mezzanatto at SolarMax Technology. When I had a lot of follow-up questions, Brandon was patient and knowledgeable while providing a comprehensive consultation. I spoke with many businesses and am beyond happy that I chose to go solar and work with Brandon and the rest of the crew. From consultation through activation, the whole procedure was simple and trouble-free. Members of SolarMax Technology would brief the team on the project and give timetables at each level. I can't help but compare the installation quality to other houses in my area, and each time I am impressed with the care and consideration shown by the SolarMax Installation crew. I have no qualms about recommending Brandon and SolarMax time and time again. So far, the system is performing better than expected." - Don H
"Since around four to five years ago, we've thought about going solar. With two other firms, we even reached the design stage, but our experience pushed us away. We tried once again after hearing about the 5 Year No Interest Plan on the radio. I oversee the sales team for my company, and I dislike being pressured to buy. Brandon Mezzanatto demonstrated right away that we had nothing to be concerned about. He didn't try to sell us anything, just gave us information so we could decide what would work best for us. I like how he customized it for us after he saw we had already researched Solar and were aware of its advantages and disadvantages. The whole team and the experience were great. Joshua Progue, the project manager and sales representative for Brandon Mezzanatto, provides exceptional customer service and timely responses." - LMGuzman
"The procedure was simple and painless from beginning to end. Few products on the market even come close to matching the assurances and quality of the products offered by Solar Max when compared to what else is on the market. Solar Max is a U.S. manufacturer of the panels. If, by chance, you do need it, it makes for simple service. Others pitched their goods and services to us. If you want a speedy, honest, high-quality product with good craftsmanship, choose Solar Max." - Angelosurf
"The money I will save compared to what I was paying the utility company excites me. It's fascinating to discover how this novel method works. Brandon Mezzanatto, my salesperson, was very educated and is still a fantastic resource." - Esposito

SolarMax Technology Social media
A fantastic illustration of successful social media marketing is the Facebook page of California-based solar power startup SolarMax Technology. Important information regarding new goods, services, and news is frequently posted on the SolarMax Facebook page. To help potential consumers develop trust, the page also includes customer testimonials and success stories. This website also includes links to more pertinent pages that are well worth seeing. The layout and vivid graphics on the page are thoughtfully planned out. The eye-catching and skillfully done images and videos utilized on this website tell a story and give a clear impression of what SolarMax has to offer. The information presented is also quite useful. It delivers information and guidance about solar energy, highlights the advantages of solar energy for potential clients, and simplifies a difficult subject. It goes beyond simply selling solar-related goods and services. Overall, SolarMax's Facebook page is quite successful in marketing its services and goods to potential customers while also offering helpful advice and recommendations.
The LinkedIn page for SolarMax Technology is a fantastic illustration of social media marketing done right. This is an active page that consistently posts timely, relevant, and audience-relevant updates. The uploaded content is well-written and interesting, and it offers useful details regarding solar energy as well as the most recent SolarMax advancements and news. To help potential consumers develop trust, the page also includes customer testimonials and success stories. Additionally, the page has eye-catching visuals, videos, and photographs that assist tell the SolarMax story vividly. It is simple to explore and discover the stuff you are looking for thanks to the clear, well-organized design. Overall, the LinkedIn page for SolarMax Technology is a fantastic way to introduce the company and efficiently advertises its services and goods in an interesting and educational way.
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SolarMax Technology average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews554


SolarMax Technology Pros & Cons

  • High-quality products and services
  • Expertise in solar energy solutions
  • Commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • No BBB accreditation
  • High initial cost for solar panel installation
  • Limited service area

SolarMax Technology Final Conclusions

For both residential and commercial clients, SolarMax Technology specializes in the design and installation of solar energy systems. In addition to a variety of items including solar panels, inverters, and batteries, they also provide maintenance and repair services. Several clients have expressed satisfaction with their installation and ongoing assistance, indicating that their customer service is likewise well regarded. The demands and aspirations of its clients seem to be successfully met by SolarMax technology overall. Despite the fact that issues or unfavorable evaluations sometimes surface. Generally speaking, SolarMax Technology seems to be a significant participant in the solar energy sector.

SolarMax Technology locations

Main Address3080 12th Street, Riverside, CA 92507
Phone Number(951) 221-8172

3 local offices

California – Riverside 3080 12th Street, Riverside CA, 92507
California – Diamond Bar 3230 Fallow Field Drive, Diamond Bar CA, 91765
California – San Diego 8825 Production Ave, San Diego CA, 92121

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