SolarWerksLLC review

SolarWerksLLC evaluates, installs, and maintains solar energy. To meet your energy needs, they install and maintain solar panels to the highest industry standards. Their experts will create a cost-effective, renewable solar energy solution for you.
SolarWerksLLC review

SolarWerksLLC overview

SolarWerksLLC evaluates, installs, and maintains solar energy. To meet your energy needs, they install and maintain solar panels to the highest industry standards. Their experts will create a cost-effective, renewable solar energy solution for you.

What SolarWerksLLC has to say about itself

Solarwerks dominates Chicago's solar panel industry. Solar design, installation, and roofing in Chicago. Experts can calculate your Chicago home's solar panel needs. Maximize commercial solar panel efficiency and savings install solar panels. We'll also explain your Chicago home or business's solar panel operation and maintenance. Solarwerks's insured. We'll install top solar roofing.

SolarWerksLLC Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasTN
Service Typesdesign and engineering, installation, system monitoring, maintenance and repair, solar panel cleaning, solar financing, and consulting services.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, CSI, NEC, OSHA Certified, ASES, REP, SEI, Solar Installer: Hawaii Energy, Solar Installer: Mass Solar, Electrical Contractor: California Contractors State License Board, Certified Solar Photovoltaic Installer, Solar Thermal Installer.

SolarWerksLLC website review

The website is well-designed and provides useful information about the company and its services. SolarWerks LLC, a solar energy company, the site sells solar panels, installation, service, and more. The site is well-designed and easy to navigate, with useful information about services, the history of the company, and its mission. There is also a FAQ section with information about the services, but there are no prices and no customer reviews or ratings to help them choose services, which might help potential customers.

SolarWerksLLC price policy

PackagesStarter Package: $250, Basic Package: $500, Deluxe Package: $1000, Premium Package: $1500, Ultimate Package: $2000
Payment optionscash, all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
Payment discountsSolarWerksLLC does not offer payment discounts at this time.

SolarWerksLLC online reputation

SolarWerksLLC is a leading solar energy provider for homes and businesses. Customers love their customer service, installation, and price. Customers also say SolarWerksLLC helps them install their solar energy systems efficiently. Online reviews show SolarWerksLLC's reliability and trustworthiness.
"While the installation went without a hitch. The payment to the finance company is now due, and it looks like the rebate they talked about never happened. The finance company they use says, "Oh, you get tax breaks from the federal government." So now the price is going up: "We are reaching out to remind you that your Incentive Investment Payment is 25–30% of your loan amount." - Mark K.
"There has been no communication with the homeowner at all. Roofing prices and schedules have been changed without warning or notice, and the homeowner has had to wait nine months for a permit from the city because the plans submitted were wrong and the application was changed without warning or notice. Since the panels were put up without the right permits and are therefore illegal, my wife wants to take them down and give them to Habitat for Humanity. No one has responded to attempts to get in touch about problems and solutions. Our system remains unenergized!" - Ron G.
"They kept us waiting for over a year, and we finally signed the contract in February 2021. We had planned to have an energy audit next week. This was planned a month ago. Today, April 2022, we just got a call asking how we feel about our project being canceled... We had no idea that our project had been scrapped. SO MUCH TIME WENT TO WASTE. Garbage company. Garbage. The worst service to customers. The worst way to talk. We "worked" with them for more than a year and had more than seven different salespeople work on our project. So disappointed." - Craig L.
"First, my salesman quit as soon as I signed the contract, and then I was given a project manager named Bob. A few months went by after I signed the contract, and I had to call to find out when my panels would be put up. After 15 months, I found out I hadn't been given the right paperwork or told it was my job to apply. Since the year is over and I can't apply for 2021 anymore, I lost a few hundred dollars. I am still going through the application process when I find out that Peco has not signed the certificate of completion. Great work, project manager Bob or their so-called government department at SolarWerksLLC. I've asked to talk to the manager several times, but no one has answered. They sold it, and now it's just empty. Even if they gave me free panels, I wouldn't choose this company again. It was hard all the way through. If you want solar panels, please think about going with a different company and save yourself trouble. Do your research, and I should have known better than to be surprised when I found out they were an LLC. With limited liability, I think SolarWerksLLC does this all the time." - Philip P.
"This is by far the worst company to work for. DO NOT WORK WITH SolarWerksLLC!!!!!!! The sellers came in with a contract for $25,000. We signed the contract because we could get out of it within three days if the price was too high or too low. Right after that, we found prices between $15,000 and $20,000 from both small local companies and national vendors. When we called back, we asked why the price was so high. Our vendor "forgot" that we didn't have any trees in our yard and that the price could only be 20k. He said he would write us a contract for $20,000 and put in writing that we would not pay $25,000. But we never heard from them again. There was no new contract for $20,000 and no written confirmation that we would not be charged $25,000. Today, the office called us back after only 30 minutes of nagging. I had to keep stopping him at one point to get him to confirm that the contract was over. He kept asking questions, and I told him we'd talk again after I got written confirmation that the contract was over. STILL, THERE IS NO WRITTEN VERIFICATION. I will probably have to call back and listen to another offer to sell, or I will have to see a lawyer. SolarWerksLLC is too expensive and has a lot of questions about it. Everyone should go somewhere else to do business." - Jimmy R.
"Since the installation, PSE&G has sent me an electric bill for $5. This is the best project I've ever done to improve my home. SolarWerksLLC did a great job. To Terry, the project manager, who is always willing to help and guide us through the process." - Arthur H.
"Overall, it's very good. I was one of the first customers for the ground installation. SolarWerksLLC designed the system and installed it from start to finish at the price quoted. I had my doubts about what the seller said about the return on investment, but he was right. The system, which was put in place in August 2016, had paid for itself by early 2021. I think it was the best money I ever spent on a house. At this point, I pay almost nothing for electricity ($4.95 per line) and the system brings in about $3,500 a year from SREC sales. If I have any complaints, it's about the inverters. They break down a lot, and even though they're under warranty, it takes longer to replace the broken ones as the system ages." - Harold K.
"Incredible service and prices!!! A few solar companies tried to sell me no-name panels for twice as much as they were worth. SolarWerksLLC helped me get the solar panels I wanted and put together a system that actually works!!! Goodbye, electric bill! Hello, money saved!" - Jaime O.
"On February 3, 2022, our system started to work. So far, our work has been pretty good. For the months of February and March, our energy bills were $0, and a large amount was "put to bed." We've started turning on our air conditioner a little at a time, so we'll see how that goes. I connected a SENSE monitor, and both systems have been working well. I can tell when the electricity is coming to each unit in our house and whether it is coming from the city grid or the solar panels. It's really nice. I always know exactly how much electricity the panels are making, and it's always up to date. In fact, I would strongly suggest that SolarWerksLLC put a SENSE device in every home where they install solar panels. It would be a great extra for your customers and something that would set you apart from many other solar companies. What a great way to do business!" - Jerry W.
"Three (3) years ago, SolarWerksLLC put in our solar panels. They did everything for us, from figuring out where to put the solar panels on our roof so they would work best to getting a permit, installing, inspecting, and turning on the system. Their team was very polite. They always let me know when they were coming and what they were going to do. When they were done, they cleaned up after themselves. Even though the electric pool pump runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, my FPL bill this month was only $15.47!!! It's great!!! I would strongly suggest SolarWerksLLC." - Perry S.

SolarWerksLLC Social media
Solar Werks LLC's Facebook page provides a wealth of information about the company and the services it provides. However, the site hasn't been updated in years and seems to have been forgotten. Consequently, despite the page's extensive content, it should not be relied upon as an up-to-date resource.SolarWerksLLC has a profile on LinkedIn, however it's in terrible shape. SolarWerksLLC has 0 followers and provides no information about the firm on its page. Therefore, we cannot endorse this website as a reliable source for learning more about the business.
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SolarWerksLLC average reviews

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SolarWerksLLC Pros & Cons

  • High Cost
  • Limited Availability
  • Limited Support
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Expertise
  • Comprehensive Solutions

SolarWerksLLC Final Conclusions

Customers of SolarWerksLLC are happy that the company cares about the environment and helps them switch to solar energy. Customers of SolarWerksLLC say that they had good experiences and were happy with the results.

SolarWerksLLC locations

Main Address2817 N Lakewood, Chicago IL, 60657
Phone Number8884129040

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