South Carolina Solar Project review

South Carolina Solar Project is a company that focuses on providing renewable energy solutions through solar technology. They specialize in the installation of solar panels, design and engineering of solar systems, and ongoing maintenance of solar systems. They also offer energy efficiency services and energy education.

South Carolina Solar Project overview

South Carolina Solar Project is a company that focuses on providing renewable energy solutions through solar technology. They specialize in the installation of solar panels, design and engineering of solar systems, and ongoing maintenance of solar systems. They also offer energy efficiency services and energy education.

What South Carolina Solar Project has to say about itself

The top solar energy supplier in South Carolina is South Carolina Solar Project. Our objective is to supply clients with clean, renewable energy while generating employment and minimizing our negative effects on the environment in the state. Our team of professionals is dedicated to identifying the finest solutions for our clients and has set the bar for solar energy in the state of South Carolina. We are able to provide the finest quality solar energy services and products at the most competitive pricing because to cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.

South Carolina Solar Project Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasSC
Service TypesInstallation, design, solar energy storage, maintenance, and solar energy consultation.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and hybrid.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, and lead-acid.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, IEC, CEC, ETL, MCS

South Carolina Solar Project website review

Professionalism and reliability characterize, the company's main website. The website provides in-depth product information and customer assistance for a wide variety of solar energy solutions. Also included is a thorough analysis of solar power's advantages and disadvantages. The website also has a safe payment portal and many channels for communicating with customers. Overall, the site gives off an air of dependability and trustworthiness, and it seems like a fantastic resource for anybody looking into solar energy options.

South Carolina Solar Project price policy

PackagesSolar System Installation Package - Starting at $7,000, Solar System Upgrade Package - Starting at $4,000, Solar System Expansion Package - Starting at $6,000, Solar System Maintenance Package - Starting at $2,500, Solar System Troubleshooting Package - Starting at $1,500, Solar System Monitoring Package - Starting at $1,000
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), and electronic check payment.
Payment discounts10% discount for military personnel and veterans, 10% discount for senior citizens, 10% discount for first responders, 5% discount for those who refer a friend, 5% discount for those who purchase multiple solar panel systems, 5% discount for those who purchase solar panel systems and installation services, 5% discount for those who purchase a solar panel system using cash or check

South Carolina Solar Project online reputation

The majority of South Carolina Solar Project's happy clients have recommended them to others. Professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to customer satisfaction have all been highlighted by satisfied clients. Some consumers have complained about the service, claiming long wait periods for responses and a lack of follow-up. That being said, South Carolina Solar Project is still a dependable source of high-quality solar energy solutions that may assist in the cost-cutting and eco-friendliness of both private residences and commercial establishments.
"I have personal experience with their inept verbal exchanges. That's a procedure I'm familiar with, and boy, is it ever bumpy. The installation process started after an extremely long delay. How about three months? I informed them that we had a roof replacement, but because it takes a day, it just served to further extend the already lengthy running time. I wasn't notified that their salesperson/contact person had departed until I initiated contact. The installers were great, but when the day for the city and fire department appointment finally came around, the technician that showed up was not at all what I had anticipated. It was raining, and I had to get out of my vehicle to speak to him. He wasn't exactly courteous and polite. It's been a week, and we still haven't heard anything from the corporation about what to do next. I hope to get out of this obligation. If you can avoid signing the contract, please do so." - Logan O.
"After this business patronized me for my youth and my desire to install solar panels on my house, telling me there was no way I could afford the installation without my parents' aid, I decided to go elsewhere. The fight happened in October of next year. Since then, I've been the target of persistent electronic abuse. If you don't want to be insulted and harassed, don't give this firm your contact information. You may find similar offers from many more excellent businesses." - Joseph C.
"I can't agree with all the glowing reviews here. The first thing to know about going solar is that the installation process might take a few months, mostly due to waiting for permits from local governments. Their assistance to customers is subpar. After making a purchase, you'll often have to wait 30 minutes for someone to answer the phone. Install often takes a day, however it didn't take that long. partial elevation of the frames. The technicians said, "I don't know, could be months from now" when I asked them when they'd be returning to complete the installation. A week later, the person who sold me the panels left his job. My account has been transferred to a different specialist because of my repeated requests for their attention. The contact number he supplied me is no longer active. If I had it to do again, I'm not sure I'd choose this firm." - James S.
"We really regret having done business with them. A deal was signed in May. up July, they put up the solar panels. The month of November is nearly over, yet the system is still not functional. There is no customer service available. In the event of a malfunction, I'd rather not have to deal with them. From what we've seen, this firm seems to be plagued with operational problems. I don't see how they can get 5 out of 5 stars, much alone 4 out of 5." - Ryan F.
"You can't give only one star. My decision to work with this firm was the worst mistake of my life. Since the minute I signed the contract, I have had nothing but bad experiences. No one responds, false promises are made, and no incentives are delivered. Since the summer, I have been attempting to get in touch with them. I have left many voicemails and emails without a response. They keep promising to get in touch but never do. As a result of their negligence, trees are now shading my solar panels, and despite my many attempts to get in touch with them, I have heard nothing back. They promised me a sign-on bonus but never paid it. This is the firm for you if you hope the trend of mediocre service will continue." - Benjamin W.
"There is a plethora of solar installers to choose from, making it difficult to choose "the" one. It's no surprise that they're all claiming to provide the greatest price, quality, service, and installation. In the end, choosing a firm requires trust in their honesty and performance after hearing and reading many bids, investigating system components and capabilities, and comparing pricing and financing. The group and service at SCSP are excellent. They have professional staff and great communication skills. They completed each step promptly and efficiently. Using SCSP has been successful so far." - Jacob G.
"When I first started looking at home solar energy, I had many questions, and Ethan was extremely patient and helpful in addressing all of them. Do your own research and don't be afraid to ask questions; reputable firms like SCSP Solar will gladly address any concerns you may have. It's been two months since I installed Solar, and I've been happy with the results. Having had my solar panels placed around the end of the summer, I anticipate a rise in output during the warmer months. Customers are not obligated to make solar energy purchases from any specific business. However, make an appointment with SCSP solar to learn more about what benefits Solar grid may provide. Cheers!" - Michael R.
"The sales guy, was a delight to work with. He knew all there was to know about the installation, and he patiently answered all of my questions about the materials, the process, and the rebates. The team who worked on the installation performed a fantastic job. The pipe and equipment were hidden as much as possible from public view during installation. I was quite picky in my assessment since I used to make a business installing comparable equipment, but I couldn't discover any flaws in the job. The support team did a great job of keeping me informed at every stage and checking in after the installation was finished to make sure I was happy with everything." - Alexander C.
"Multiple installers were put in touch with me. Only South Carolina Solar Project (SCSP) really sent a person to my home for a visit; the others just set up appointments and then switched to phone consultations. After William from SCSP came out for the first consultation, he spent hours going through the specifics of the project with me, including an inspection of my attic. With all necessary permissions and inspections passed, the system was installed and turned on in record time after contract signing. Very neat and expert installation. When the installers had to access the attic via my home, they removed their shoes and protected my rug from the ladder. The installers were helpful in answering questions and providing insight into the system and wiring. And I got to give back to the community by patronizing a small business. South Carolina Solar Project is strongly suggested." - Joshua B.
"Daniel of the South Carolina Solar Project piqued my interest in solar energy by demonstrating its effectiveness. The cost, finance, engineering, installation, and warranty of installing solar to our house were all well addressed by him during his in-depth visit. One of SCSP's selling points is that their system is not manufactured in China. After we completed the necessary documentation and were given the green light, the project manager, was presented to us. She sent us emails at each step of the project to explain what was happening and why. She alerted our HOA, our power company, and the county for the necessary construction permits, so we didn't have to lift a finger. We were informed of the expected delivery date of the system and helped organize the supply of the necessary materials. The installation was quick and efficient, and we started seeing financial benefits within a week. South Carolina Solar Project is the only company you need to contact if you're thinking about going solar." - Jayden M.

South Carolina Solar Project Social media
If you want to learn more about solar energy, you should check out the South Carolina Solar Project Facebook page. The site has a variety of content, such as product descriptions, customer testimonials, and industry news, all well-organized. In addition to providing company contact information, the site also has links to other educational resources. The page looks polished and new information is added frequently. Images, videos, and external links complement the text on this page. Overall, this is an excellent resource for exploring various solar energy options.
If you're looking for information on South Carolina Solar Project, their LinkedIn profile is a good place to start. The page looks polished and was developed by professionals. It has a simple design and is straightforward to use. Services such as solar panel installation, maintenance, and repairs are just a few of the many highlighted on this website. Their new goods, planned events, and progress on their sustainable energy initiatives are also detailed. Keep up with the latest happenings in the solar energy sector by visiting this website.
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South Carolina Solar Project average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews274.7


South Carolina Solar Project Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effective
  • Experienced
  • Limited Energy Storage
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Weather Dependent

South Carolina Solar Project Final Conclusions

South Carolina Solar Project is a solar panel installation business. They have a broad variety of solar energy options available, including home and commercial solar panel installation. The organization receives good marks from customers because of the quality of service they provide and the friendliness of their team.

South Carolina Solar Project locations

Main Address460 King Street #200, Charleston SC, 29403
Phone Number8432351035

2 local offices

– Charleston 460 King St, Charleston South Carolina, 29403
South Carolina – Charleston 460 King Street #200, Charleston SC, 29403

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