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Residential and commercial customers in Maine are served by Goggin Energy, a provider of energy services. To make your switch to solar energy simple and enjoyable, the firm will work directly with you from beginning to end. Before selecting the solar PV system most suited for your requirements and your particular property, they will assist you in understanding all of the alternatives you have.

Goggin Energy overview

Residential and commercial customers in Maine are served by Goggin Energy, a provider of energy services. To make your switch to solar energy simple and enjoyable, the firm will work directly with you from beginning to end. Before selecting the solar PV system most suited for your requirements and your particular property, they will assist you in understanding all of the alternatives you have.

What Goggin Energy has to say about itself

If you want to go solar in Maine, go no further than Goggin Energy, the state's largest solar provider. They build solar energy systems tailored to your specific requirements, complete with a monitoring system to assure optimal operation over the long term. The folks at Goggin can answer any questions you may have about solar energy and whether or not you should make the switch.

Goggin Energy Solar Review

Year Started1999
Company Websitegogginenergy.com
Service AreasME
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Electric/PV System.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and photovoltaic (PV) panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead acid batteries.
CertificationsBPI, NABCEP, ACCA, MTI, MABEP.

Goggin Energy website review

To get acquainted with Goggin Energy, one needs just to visit the company's official website, which is straightforward and uncomplicated in its layout. It provides useful information regarding solar energy and how it may be used, in addition to reviews written by customers who have utilized Goggin Energy's services in the past. Even though there haven't been any new articles on the blog in over three years, the information on the website may still be trusted since it is meant to educate visitors about the many services offered by the firm as well as other subjects that are linked to those services.

Goggin Energy price policy

PackagesStarter Package start at $7,000, Deluxe Package start at $9,000, Premium Package start at $15,000, Ultimate Package start at $25,000.
Payment optionsCash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and personal checks.
Payment discounts10% discount for veterans, 15% discount for senior citizens, 3% loyalty discount for returning customers.

Goggin Energy online reputation

Overall, consumers' opinions of Goggin Energy have been mixed. Problems with installation, poor customer service, and money have all contributed to people's bad impressions. Others have had good experiences owing to the promptness of the service, the expertise of the personnel, and the exceptional level of customer care they have received. In the end, it is up to the client to decide whether they want to sign up with Goggin Energy.
"My experience with this firm has been one of the worst I've ever had. They assured me that the energy system would be dependable, but in reality, it was everything from that. Even after they had everything back up and running after it broke every day for three months, the monthly energy costs are still greater than they should be. It's because the system was not functioning properly. I would never, ever suggest that anybody do business with this firm. " - Jenna V.
"This firm has been nothing but a source of frustration for me. The solar system installation went horribly wrong. I begged and pleaded with them to repair the issue for months, but to no avail. Since then, the bills have steadily increased without correspondingly decreasing in accuracy. When I called, they answered the phone pleasantly and said they would fix the issue right away, but they never did. Incompetent, careless," - Alexa C.
"I am quite dissatisfied with the work that this company performed installing our solar panel array. The thing they sell is not dependable, it often breaks, and it costs far more than it should. To make matters even worse, I requested them to repair the system, but they refused and instead demanded payment to fix it. Not something I'd suggest at all." - Carter Y.
"I regret letting Goggin Energy install my solar panels lately. They offered a lot of guarantees that their system would function flawlessly and increase my energy, but none of those things really happened. The solar system was continually inoperable, and the installation personnel was inattentive and disrespectful. I never received a response or any follow-up from their customer support, no matter how many times I requested for assistance. I wouldn't advise anybody to use Goggin Energy since they made several promises they never kept." - Diana T.
"I am so dissatisfied with Goggin Energy's service that I am at a loss for words. To begin with, they have awful customer service; calls and emails never get returned, and it is hard to acquire any information from them. My home's solar panels were installed, and ever then, they have virtually always failed. Additionally, they claimed that these solar panels will reduce my energy costs, but this was utterly untrue. Overall, I won't ever use Goggin Energy again and I wouldn't suggest them to anybody." - Owen M.
"To create and set up solar panels, we collaborated with Goggin Energy. They have excelled in every area of the project, including sales, installation, and servicing. They arrive on schedule and land much as the Allies did in Normandy. Each crew member is aware of and performs their assigned duties. Nobody is waiting around for instructions. Like ants in an ant farm, they cooperate. outstanding team. Every step of the way, they communicate. I've worked on a lot of projects in my life and career, but this is unusual and really valuable—especially with such a large investment. The bottom line is that they both speak and do what they say. Nothing more is possible to ask for. With these people, you're in capable hands." - Adrian B.
"When LaPlante had a cancellation, they were able to bring up my appointment to today, which I am quite grateful for. More significantly, the work that Aaron and Jarrod did today left quite an impression on me because of how impressive it was. I had a laundry list of problems, all of which were handled and expertly rectified by them. They come highly recommended from me!" - Carl L.
"I thought your service was timely, on time, professionally executed, and carried out by kind, dedicated, understanding people in the field and in the office at a fair price. I like that you are a neighborhood business that is easily accessible by phone or in person. Your efforts to inform us of our options and to seek for a reimbursement are really beneficial. As a consequence, we have already given you the recommendation to those who are making comparable heating and energy decisions to you. I'm grateful." - Earl K.
"At York Beach, Goggin built a mini-split system in our rental home. Two separate businesses gave us estimates. In addition to being less expensive, Goggin's whole approach was much more expert. From the first visit to the condominium to determine the kind and size of system required for our space, through the office staff's phone follow-up, to the emails and comprehensive written proposal, to the actual installation of the unit. Everybody was fantastic. I can't express how pleased we were with Goggin Energy. Now that the area is air conditioned, it is excellent for our tenants!" - Gabriel S.
"Recently, I had my solar panels routinely inspected and maintained by Goggin Energy. Every question I asked was addressed, and I always felt like I knew all there was to know about the position because to their straightforward and detailed communication from the beginning. The guy that worked on my project was really competent and meticulous. He maintained and examined each panel, and he even made some recommendations for how I might enhance their performance. Overall, I am very happy with the job completed by Goggin Energy, and I heartily recommend them to anybody searching for a reputable and skilled solar panel maintenance and repair firm." - Cole A.

Goggin Energy Social media

Goggin Energy's Facebook page is a static depiction of the firm. For example, it has 476 followers, which would make it seem credible at first sight, but it hasn't been updated in over two years, and it just includes one video and a handful of photographs. That's not exactly a vote of confidence for the business. It's obvious that the page was quite popular at one point, but its present inactivity suggests that the proprietors are either incredibly busy or have forgotten about it. Overall, a page with no current activity is not likely to be trusted.
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YouTube Channel
418 Subscribers

Goggin Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews304.7


Goggin Energy Pros & Cons

  • Cost
  • Communication
  • Punctual scheduling
  • Maintenance
  • Unreliable
  • False promises

Goggin Energy Final Conclusions

Goggin Energy Solar is widely recognized as Maine’s premier solar power company. They have received rave reviews from patrons for being reasonably priced, reliably in touch, and always on time for appointments. However, some critics have noted problems with unreliable service and low quality. The firm has been accused by some consumers of making misleading claims. Goggin Energy Solar is still a well-regarded firm with more good than bad experiences, but they might do more in the customer service department.

Goggin Energy locations

Main Address75 West Commercial Street, Suite 202, Portland, ME 04101
Phone Number2074053856

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