Stitt Solar review

Stitt Solar is a renewable energy firm that focuses on solar panel design and installation. From solar design and permits through installation and ongoing maintenance, they provide turnkey solar solutions for homes and businesses. They provide business LED lighting systems and energy efficiency services.

Stitt Solar overview

Stitt Solar is a renewable energy firm that focuses on solar panel design and installation. From solar design and permits through installation and ongoing maintenance, they provide turnkey solar solutions for homes and businesses. They provide business LED lighting systems and energy efficiency services.

What Stitt Solar has to say about itself

We'd like to thank Stitt Solar for being a top supplier of turnkey solar energy solutions. We are a full-service solar energy company committed to making it simpler for families and businesses to switch to solar power. You may lessen your influence on the environment, save money on electricity bills, and get tax advantages by converting to solar energy. Our mission at Stitt Solar is to increase the availability of solar energy while offering dependable goods and services.

Stitt Solar Review

Year Started1978
Service AreasAR, KS, MO, OK
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, NCI, UL, OSHA, SPI, AI

Stitt Solar website review

Stitts Solar is a solar energy firm that serves both residential and commercial clients, and its website can be found at Products, prices, services, and contact details can all be found on the site, which is also attractively designed. A frequently asked questions page and a blog with informative posts are also available on the site. The website also has client feedback and a guarantee on their services. Customers may have faith in the information and support offered at because of the aspects listed above.

Stitt Solar price policy

PackagesGrid-Tie Solar Installations: starting at $14,000, Solar Battery Backup Systems: starting at $8,000, DIY Solar Kit Installations: starting at $3,600, Solar Pool Heating Systems: starting at $2,200, Solar Hot Water Heaters: starting at $5,500, Solar Attic Fans: starting at $750, Solar Carports: starting at $12,000, Custom Energy Solutions: Call for pricing
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), check, money order, and cash.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount – 10%, Military Discount – 10%, Early Payment Discount – 5%, Referral Discount – 10%, Go Solar Now Discount – 5 %, Loyalty Program Discount – 5%

Stitt Solar online reputation

Stitt Solar has been in business for many years, offering installation and maintenance services for solar panels. The majority of their clients are satisfied with their work. According to them, Stitt Solar provides competent and dependable service specialists. The reasonable prices and high-quality tools offered by the firm have also been lauded. Some customers have complained about the panels' susceptibility to mechanical problems and the length of time the procedure might take. Nonetheless, reviews for Stitt Solar are mostly good, with consumers praising the company for providing excellent service at reasonable pricing.
"On June 18th, I made touch with them. It took until July 1st before they even responded. The reply was along the lines of, "Give us a $4,000 retainer and we'll bill you hourly." Without mentioning the whole price. No, let's first discuss what you're looking for. Local experts in the field are now visiting our house to learn more about our requirements and provide an estimate." - Jacob E.
"Do not hire this firm. They are wonderful to work with throughout the installation of this pricey equipment, but providing support after the fact is next to impossible. They are completely profit-driven and devoid of empathy. My problem is that I refuse to pay in advance for a specialist to visit my home and update the antiquated monitoring system, which was installed less than five years ago. I have no problem paying after the problem has been resolved. Obviously, this is not allowed and no adjustments can be done." - Daniel L.
"Whether you think you're being funny or not, you need to learn to respect my wishes while I'm standing on my property and making it clear that I'm not interested. Salespeople who claim "they're not selling anything" just believe they're being smart. This no-trespassing notice is meant to be taken at face value by individuals who are not otherwise invited into my land. If you've already asked permission thirteen times and been turned down each time, you should get the hint." - Jayden H.
"Instead of standing behind their goods, they tell lies to get a sale. My roof is in excellent condition, therefore the company who installed the array last year gave it a 4/5. I have to replace my roof since they won't take responsibility or pay to have the old one taken off. I lost out on significant subsidies that would have applied to the new roof at the time of solar installation, and now I have to spend thousands of dollars to remove and reinstall the system. Neither of these tactics is acceptable in business because they demonstrate either extreme incompetence or dishonesty." - Noah R.
"I was looking forward to getting solar panels so much. The business did extensive sneak peeks at the roof from the inside and out. Leaks in the roof started happening three months after the panels were installed on January 18, 2020. The firm has been asked to address three further roof leaks. An employee finally took responsibility for the matter, and a month later, a team came out and removed the panels. Then, after sending someone out to inspect the damage, they opted not to replace ours inside a month later. They've completely cut us off at this point, and our daily losses are mounting. A firm that fails to deliver on promises and produces subpar results." - Anthony T.
"We had a lovely plot of property in Missouri that abuts a crystal clear stream, and when we began making plans for our retirement house, we knew we wanted to construct an eco-friendly home that would complement its natural setting. The two of us wanted a layout that was cozy enough for us to spend most of our time in, yet spacious enough to welcome our children, grandchildren, and friends for longer stays. We knew from the first meeting with the Stitt team that we were dealing with competent experts who could provide us precisely what we needed. Their track record speaks for itself. They will assist you in making a decision if you are unsure of what you want. Even after 10 months in the home, we still can't believe it's ours and exclaim "I can't believe this is our house!" at least once a week. Our utility expenses have been reduced in half, our home is gorgeous, and we can now call ourselves a "Destination"! I'm absolutely overjoyed." - Ethan I.
"I was very satisfied with the whole process, beginning with the decision to sign an agreement and ending with the final approval of the project. Many other national and local solar providers were investigated by me. The best solar panel installer, without question, is Stitt. They kept me apprised of our progress and collaborated with me on the finer points of site cleanup. A very expert and client-focused company. It is HIGHLY suggested that you discuss solar energy with them." - Michael D.
"When several solar panels at the Pack Rat were damaged by the ice storm, we decided to work with SITT. Reed came out and helped us figure out what had to be done since we also wanted to fix the roof, which meant that the panels had to be taken down, stored, new ones purchased, and then everything put back together. It took a while, but I would suggest this firm. They were really accommodating, and they worked with us to minimize any disruption to customers. Even with the air conditioner on, my monthly energy bill has only been $12 after having them inspect my home and allowing me to install solar panels on the garage roof. Incredibly pleasant to work with and kind." - Alexander J.
"We requested an estimate for a solar power system, and Stitt Solar promptly responded. The salesperson never once made us feel like we were being rushed into making a decision. They were able to provide us with information, a quotation, and guidance immediately. Now that the panels are up, we can't wait to see a reduction in our monthly electricity costs. Stitt Solar, you've been really helpful. Get a price estimate from them if you're thinking about installing solar panels." - William F.
"I looked at three different firms, and Stitt was one of them. An independent expert examined all three price estimates. The best cost-effectiveness ratio was the Stitt price per kilowatt-hour. Their gear was superior to that of their competitors. Their sales agent was really helpful and well-versed in all the particulars of the gear and the process of setting it up, which pleased me. It was unusual for him to need to come back to me on any given topic or problem. It was clear that he had prior knowledge of the material. He had no problems communicating with SWEPCO. There were no hitches throughout the installation procedure. They evaluated my setting and installed everything efficiently. Once the system was up and running, Stitt made a point of checking in often to make sure I was happy and had a firm grasp on how everything was supposed to function." - Joshua K.

Stitt Solar Social media
A solar energy business is called Stitt Solar. Their Facebook page has a very credible and professional appearance. With more than 1,300 followers, the page is fairly well-liked. The website features a range of articles about solar energy efforts and related subjects including renewable energy sources. The firm and its efforts are covered via links to videos, articles, and other resources. The team has also produced several images and films that showcase the fantastic job they are doing in the sector. The firm is dedicated to producing high-quality material and interacting with its fans since the page is updated often with items that are relevant and entertaining. The Facebook page for Stitt Solar is reliable and well-designed overall.
The corporate LinkedIn profile for Stitt Solar seems to be active. The website has a professional appearance because of its contemporary, stylish style and constant use of white and gray. Website visitors may see images and videos of the business's most recent projects to see samples of their work. Numerous subscribers to the company's page attest to its popularity and extensive industry reach. Stitt Solar looks to be a legitimate and trustworthy supplier of solar energy solutions, as shown by the many favorable testimonials from other successful businesses.
YouTube Channel
196 Subscribers

Stitt Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews354.9


Stitt Solar Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Experienced
  • Responsive
  • High employee turnover
  • Lack of innovation
  • Complex pricing structure

Stitt Solar Final Conclusions

Stitt Solar is a solar panel installation and maintenance business. Smart heating and energy storage systems are only two examples of the energy-saving options they provide. Excellent communication, helpfulness, and expertise of personnel have all been praised by satisfied customers.

Stitt Solar locations

Main Address1301 South 8th Street Rogers, AR 72756
Phone Number4796368745

2 local offices

Arkansas – Rogers 1301 S 8th Street, Rogers AR, 72756
Arkansas – Rogers 1301 S 8th St, Rogers AR, 72756

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