Sun City Solar Energy review

In the Mid-South region of the United States, Sun City Solar has been developing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for over 35 years. We have worked on everything from solar hot water heaters and pool heaters to whole-home solar from Arkansas through Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Kansas.

Sun City Solar Energy overview

In the Mid-South region of the United States, Sun City Solar has been developing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for over 35 years. We have worked on everything from solar hot water heaters and pool heaters to whole-home solar from Arkansas through Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Kansas.

What Sun City Solar Energy has to say about itself

Each solar installation at Sun City Solar Energy is specifically tailored to the house or business being installed on. In designing solar energy systems, we are experts. To meet your specific energy requirements and financial constraints, a personalized solar array may be created. All installations are carried out by a trained and competent team at Sun City Solar Energy, and all electrical work is done by a licensed master electrician.

Sun City Solar Energy Review

Year Started1983
Service AreasAR, MO, OK, TX
Service TypesFinancing, Manufacturing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and gel batteries

Sun City Solar Energy website review

The website seems to be well-made, user-friendly, with a contemporary, business-like appearance. Users can easily discover the information they need and perform the activities they require on the website because to its simple navigation menus and calls to action. Several sections on the website contain details about the business, its services, and the advantages of solar energy. The information is nicely written and useful. The business often posts articles on solar energy-related issues in the blog part of the website. Overall, it seems like is a thoughtful and educational website.

Sun City Solar Energy price policy

Packages$3,000 and $15,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card
Payment discountsDiscounts for the military, discounts for the elderly

Sun City Solar Energy online reputation

Reviews appear to be all over the place for Sun City Solar. While some consumers have had good interactions with the business, some have had bad interactions. One client reported having issues with their solar panel installation, such as roof leaks. But it seems that the regional representative in Arkansas was unable to fix the problem, indicating that there could be some variation in the caliber of services offered by Sun City Solar Energy. However, some clients have had good interactions with the business. A solar water heater and two solar vents were built for one customer, and they received wonderful reviews from them. The customer was happy with the outcomes, and the crew was informed and competent. It seems that Sun City Solar Energy has a reputation that is generally mixed. While some clients have had good encounters, others have had problems with the quality of the service and the way the business was conducted. Before deciding to work with this firm for their solar energy requirements, prospective clients may wish to do comprehensive research and weigh their choices.
"Since installation, I haven't had a complete month of everyday full panel operations! Over ten months have passed with roof leaks and the same 14 microinverters not reporting! I need a solution, and it seems that the local representative in Arkansas lacks the knowledge and expertise necessary to solve the issue." - Noz
"VERY RUDE door-to-door salesperson. After I informed him I wasn't interested and shut the door, he knocked and then rang our doorbell once again. I surely don't want to work for this firm if this is how they teach their salesmen, despite the fact that door to door sales should have long since been extinct. Wherever solar is available, I'll look." - Jeremy B.
"The firm who built my solar water heater and two solar attic vents is Sun City Solar Energy of the Ozarks, and all of them are excellent. The team was well-informed and thoroughly cleaned the area. The instruction was excellent, and they double-checked everything and made sure I understood how to use the controler. Going outside and watching the water temperature gauge of the tank is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy knowing that the sun, not my energy provider, is heating the water. My happiness grows when I see the difference on my utility bill. In California, I used solar hot water, and I was aware of its benefits, but this system is by much superior." - Anonymous
"During the course of the installation, both of the company's owners were there. The installers did a professional job, cleaned up after themselves, and even swept the driveway before they left. They took the time to answer all of my questions and again confirmed the operation of the system before leaving." - Anonymous
"I spoke with one other organization and perused other discounts before dialing SunCity. I phoned SunCity on Sunday afternoon, John called me the same day, and we scheduled an interview for the very following Monday night. Sunrun reviews is not excellent at all. He was extremely helpful with my suggestions for where and how I wanted the system put. No type of pressure at all. I was happy to find that SunCity suggested the same SolarWorld modules I had been researching since I admire the business philosophy of that organization.Two weeks following my original conversation, John gave two rounds of a very thorough and precise proposal, and we came to an agreement.Jeff, the project manager, communicated occasionally. Installation took the anticipated two days. The team was efficient and professional, and they left the work site clean despite the less than ideal weather and wind conditions. Everyone did a fantastic job of addressing queries and outlining the situation. My solar system is now operating well, and I can monitor it from my mobile app every day! They gave it to me to see.The whole SunCity experience was fantastic!" - Michael A.
"When Andrew and I met, I was quite pleased with the details and how he portrayed the business. I prefer to work with this Solar" - Doug S.

Sun City Solar Energy Social media
The Facebook profile for Sun City Solar Energy demonstrates that they do business professionally and with the needs of their clients in mind. Their website is constantly updated to provide consumers with the most recent information on services and goods and provides all the information they want. There is unambiguous contact information, product pictures, and even movies that cover different facets of their solar technology. Additionally, they have a unique hashtag (#suncitysolarnwa) and client testimonials that highlight the quality of their work. Overall, it seems that Sun City Solar Energy is dedicated to offering its clients high-quality solar services.
The professional attitude connected with Sun City Solar Energy's services is clearly shown on their LinkedIn profile. It includes all of the necessary data that a prospective client would need to know in order to make an educated choice. This comprises a thorough outline of their products and services, as well as samples of their previous work. Additionally, there are connections to the employees' blogs and social media profiles as well as updates from the employees that keep consumers up to speed on the most recent events. This website gives prospective clients a way to get in touch with Sun City Solar Energy and learn more about their services, which helps to increase the company's reputation.
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Sun City Solar Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews15


Sun City Solar Energy Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of solar panel systems
  • Discounts on payment
  • Simple and effective consultations
  • No BBB accreditation
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Customer service can be slow

Sun City Solar Energy Final Conclusions

In conclusion, Sun City Solar Energy is a business in the solar sector offering excellent solar panel installations and customer support. Sun City Solar Energy's dedication to employing the best components and cutting-edge technology has led to the creation of effective and long-lasting solar panels that provide clients significant long-term energy bill savings. Customers have differing opinions on Sun City Solar Energy, nevertheless. While some customers have had excellent experiences, others have had complaints about the level of service and sales tactics. Overall, Sun City Solar Energy has significantly influenced the solar business and paved the path for a more sustainable future.

Sun City Solar Energy locations

Main Address10123 W Santa Fe Dr. Suite A-104, Sun City, AZ 85351
Phone Number(501) 412-1513

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