Sunbridge Solar review

Sunbridge Solar has been installing solar panels and providing backup power options since 2010. Other solar installation companies in the Pacific Northwest can't match Sunbridge Solar's unwavering commitment to providing top-notch solar services. With a 10-year warranty on work and decades of experience installing solar panels, thousands of Pacific Northwest homeowners choose this company as their local solar provider. Your solar ambitions will be realized by a team of highly trained professionals.
Sunbridge Solar review

Sunbridge Solar overview

Sunbridge Solar has been installing solar panels and providing backup power options since 2010. Other solar installation companies in the Pacific Northwest can't match Sunbridge Solar's unwavering commitment to providing top-notch solar services. With a 10-year warranty on work and decades of experience installing solar panels, thousands of Pacific Northwest homeowners choose this company as their local solar provider. Your solar ambitions will be realized by a team of highly trained professionals.

What Sunbridge Solar has to say about itself

Sunbridge Solar is the top supplier of solar energy. Sunbridge Solar is an industry leader with over a decade of expertise connecting current solar energy demands to environmental solutions. Services include modern and dependable solar technology, energy efficiency solutions, and personalized services to assist families and businesses cut energy costs. Companies are deeply committed to changing our world into one where renewable, clean energy is the norm. Sunbridge Solar can provide you with dependable and cost-effective energy options.

Sunbridge Solar LLC Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasWA, OR
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Manufacturing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, solar energy storage, lead acid.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, SIW, LRT, TCCT.

Sunbridge Solar website review

The primary SunBridge Solar site is quite simple to navigate. The company's services, products, and staff members are all easily accessible to site visitors. The site's user-friendliness extends beyond its intuitive layout; useful widgets further streamline the experience. Images of completed projects and testimonials from satisfied clients enhance the website's usability. In addition to reading the blog and following the social media accounts, site users may also make an appointment, ask questions, and find out more general information about the business. SunBridge Solar's website creates a good first impression and provides a quick and easy way to find out more about the business.

Sunbridge Solar price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Panels at $15,000, Commercial Solar Panels at $25,000, Battery backup installation at $5,000, and EV Charging installation at $3,000.
Payment optionsPayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers
Payment discountsMilitary Discounts: 10-20%, Referral Rewards Program: 5%-15%, Non-Profit Discounts: 10-20%, Affiliate Program Discounts: 10-20%.

Sunbridge Solar online reputation

Sunbridge Solar has given its customers good service at a fair price, and it looks like most of them are happy. Many customers have said good things about Sunbridge Solar's knowledgeable staff, fast installations, and reliable service. On the other hand, only a few customers have whined about how well the solar panels work and how much it costs to fix them. Most of Sunbridge Solar's customers have had good things to say about the company.
"In September of last year, we installed solar panels. We received a schematic showing the location of the solar panels before the installation. The front of the roof, which would get the afternoon and evening sun, had no panels when the installation was finished. There were going to be panels on the front half of our roof as well, according to the drawing we got. As a result, we only need solar energy for around two-thirds of the day rather than the full day. We believe Sunbridge Solar should complete the project since we feel so badly misled. We have called them repeatedly and left messages, but we have not received a response. I wouldn't advise anybody to utilize this business. Despite paying for it, we weren't given what we were due." - Aurora J.
"Before dealing with this firm, do your homework. A basic internet search will provide some information about their business practices. We have $41,000 in unpaid balances with this firm as of June 26th for installations we've finished, the majority of which were finished last year. I would advise getting price quotations from nearby electrical companies unless you want a lien placed on your house for non-payment. Of course, all of this is just our opinion based on our experience working for and with this organization for over two years." - Joshua R.
"The corporation always backs out of its agreements. There is no warranty service, no one answers the phone, and if you do manage to get a hold of them, they make promises they don't keep. Whether it was the sales team or the office personnel, I had to follow them for months to receive assistance for work they had done 10 months before, and in the end, I had to pay to have it fixed by someone else. Do not expect the 20-year warranty to be of any use; dealing with this company has been a nightmare that has lasted for years." - James S.
"The first consultation went quite well. The solar panel expertise of the estimator, Jim, was exceptional. After our first meeting, though, I called him many times to receive an estimate. I responded but never heard back. The month is nearly up. Do not want to collaborate with them because of this. Absolutely zero assistance for customers..." - Taka N.
"Extremely dissatisfied. I was informed that a representative would need to come to take images of my roof to provide an accurate price and carry out a thorough solar installation. My refusal to let him inside my house for the "full process" prompted an exceedingly unpleasant outburst in which he informed me that I "was no longer good enough to be part of their customer base!" Sorry, we have to be so picky... In his Tesla, he sped off. Rep. Shawn Amann's last name. Maybe some of the other businesses will be a little more accommodating to a highly cost-conscious customer. Someone needs to tell Shawn that his behavior is unprofessional and harmful to the company's reputation." - Victoria F.
"We just bought a home that desperately needed a new roof. Unfortunately, the firm that placed the solar panels on our roof had already shut down. I contacted Sunbridge, and they provided a reasonable estimate for taking down and replacing the panels. The mounting brackets were ultimately fitted before the new shingles were laid, thanks to their cooperation with my contractor. This was a tremendous improvement in efficiency and leak prevention. Jordan and I worked together, and his communication was quick and effective. The team who took the panels down and put them back up was great to work with. A member of the Sunbridge crew gave us a rundown on the panel, how to see when the panels are working on our electric meter (when it supplies power and when we use power from the grid), and how to use the smartphone app to monitor the panels because we didn't own the house when they were installed." - Andrew K.
"My family and I are very pleased with the work that Sunbridge Solar performed installing our 26-panel 10.66Kw system in Southeast Portland. I compared prices from four businesses, one of which was Tesla. Sunbridge was the most cost-effective option and provided the most practical strategy for my roof. My main contact, Justin, as well as Doug (design and measurements), Haley (coordinator), the two Matts (electricians), and the rest of the install team were all wonderful to deal with. My system has been up and running for exactly two months now, and I couldn't be happier. Sunbridge has been a pleasure to work with, and I will be recommending them to everyone interested in Solar. Sunbridge, you're the man for the rooftop system." - Mark Q.
"It was a pleasure working with Sunbridge to purchase solar panels. Jim Steiner visited me at home and patiently addressed all of my inquiries. He calculated the number of panels I would need and the amount of electricity my solar array would generate using a computer program. He described the procedure for installing things, from obtaining licenses to doing a final inspection and connecting to the PUD grid. My system was installed by a team that worked quickly and courteously. The task was finished in one day. After the system passed its examination, the PUD got everything up and running. Jim returned to make sure I had all the information I needed. I like using the Enphase Enlighten app to monitor the performance of my panels. I wholeheartedly recommend Sunbridge to anybody wanting to install solar panels since this procedure was so easy." - Amelia O.
"I spent several months researching solar equipment and installers and that research paid off well. The crews at Sunbridge are truly professional and they and Sunbridge have made this project a dream and not a nightmare like I've heard about from neighbors and friends who have gone with other companies. I'd like to call out by name the outstanding work and service performed by the Sunbridge team: Travis (electrician), Jake (electrician), Lessandro, Jonathon and Christian (rooftop installers), Sean (customer support), Jordan (owner). The crew worked together so harmoniously and were dedicated to ensuring my complete satisfaction. Not all solar panels are alike and Sunbridge offers the best, most efficient panels and equipment. I selected panels made by REC, which carries the best warranty in the industry and require that their installers are certified by them. A special mention for Travis, who worked tirelessly to ensure that all loose ends were tied up, and for Jake, who made sure all electrical work was done right." - Matthew S.
"SunBridge Solar was effective from START to FINISH: Timeline was literally WEEKS ahead of the competing bids we received; different employees/staff from the bid to completion were, in fact, enjoyable to work with and always responded to our good (and stupid) questions; follow-up on concerns was taken care of (e.g., online monitoring wasn't initially working); and they took care of ALL paperwork (e.g., they completed ALL registration for WA State incentive...all we had to do was sign the documents). Can't think of anything more a rival could do to match the level of service SunBridge provided (such as delivering doughnuts for our morning coffee)!" - Grace Y.

Sunbridge Solar Social media
The Facebook page for Sunbridge Solar is a fantastic resource for learning more about the business and its offerings. The page seems polished and professional. The information is well laid up, and there are plenty of connections to the company's main site for more reading. Sunbridge Solar is quite active on the page, updating followers on company news, product releases, and client testimonials often. A large number of satisfied clients have contributed to the page's popularity throughout time. Sunbridge Solar cares about delivering a trustworthy service. Images and movies may be seen, and there are connections to useful corporate resources for further learning. Sunbridge Solar's Facebook page provides, in general, a wealth of information on the services they provide.
The LinkedIn profile for Sunbridge Solar is a fantastic resource for both current and prospective clients. The most recent product launches, customer reactions, and market developments are covered, in addition to an overview of the firm and its offerings. Their content is reliable, and they have received high marks from their customers. The site's design is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. It's fun to use and full of information you can put to good use. Sunbridge Solar is an honest business that guarantees its customers will get impartial advice from its website.
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Sunbridge Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews964.9


Sunbridge Solar Pros & Cons

  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Safety
  • Best Service & Maintenance
  • High Initial Investment
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Limited Efficiency

Sunbridge Solar Final Conclusions

The American company Sunbridge Solar installs solar panels. It has a solid reputation among its clientele for its professionalism, reliability, and helpfulness. Sunbridge Solar has received high marks from satisfied clients for its technical acumen, adaptability, service, reasonable prices, and robust guarantees. Unfortunately, compatibility concerns and long setup times have been reported by some consumers. All things considered, the testimonials show that Sunbridge Solar is a dependable business with knowledgeable employees.

Sunbridge Solar locations

Main Address421 C Street, 5A, Washougal, WA 98671
Phone Number3608432592

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