Sunbright Solar review

Solar energy solutions are Sunbright Solar's forte, and they serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the country. The firm provides solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance services to commercial and residential clients. Additionally, training in solar installation, energy audits, long-term loan financing, and consultation are all available via Sunbright Solar.

Sunbright Solar overview

Solar energy solutions are Sunbright Solar's forte, and they serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the country. The firm provides solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance services to commercial and residential clients. Additionally, training in solar installation, energy audits, long-term loan financing, and consultation are all available via Sunbright Solar.

What Sunbright Solar has to say about itself

Sunbright Solar is the industry standard for residential and commercial solar energy systems. Our solar energy solutions are tailor-made to accommodate a broad range of requirements. Our products are developed with sustainability, dependability, safety, and environmental friendliness in mind. When it comes to meeting the unique needs of our clients, no one does it better than our top-tier engineering staff. Sunbright Solar offers an unrivaled selection of goods, services, and resources because of our dedication to quality, service, and customer happiness.

Sunbright Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Sunbright Solar website review

Sunbright Solar's main website,, gives off a trustworthy and credible vibe. The website includes solar incentives, a contact form to get a free quotation, and in-depth guides on how to go solar for both residential and business clients. There are connections to the company's Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as a testimonials area. Customers seeking solar installation services will find everything they need on the website, which looks to be genuine and dependable.

Sunbright Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Package - starting at $1,799, Solar Panel & Battery Package - starting at $4,188, Solar Panel, Battery & Installation Package - starting at $6,499, Solar Panel & Installation Package - starting at $3,899, Complete Solar System Package - starting at $8,999, Home Solar Toolkit Package - starting at $249
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Cash, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount for seniors, 10% Military/Veteran discount, 5% Refer-a-Friend discount, 5% loyalty discount, 0.5% Off for Bank Transfer, 0.5% Off for Bitcoin Pay, 5% discount on group purchases, Customized Financing Options including 0% Down

Sunbright Solar online reputation

Sunbright Solar's products and services have received consistent praise from pleased customers. The majority of reviewers have nothing but praise for this company, applauding its reasonable prices, high-quality products, and friendly staff. Customers have also remarked on the company's responsiveness and commitment to meeting their requirements. Nevertheless, some users have complained about the service's slow response time, difficult installation, and lack of support. Sunbright Solar appears to be a trustworthy solar company, and clients can rest assured that their money will be well spent.
"Don't bother with Sunbright Solar! I thought they would be a great business since I made an appointment via Costco, and I ended up spending three and a half hours with a salesperson and signing a contract. After the salesperson went, we began to suspect something was wrong, and you better believe we were correct. Too good to be true, perhaps? After much effort and time, we were finally able to get in touch with the salesperson and cancel our contract and the loan application we had sent to them. I can't believe Costco still deals with them. People, please do your homework beforehand." - Ayden I.
"They may be seen knocking on doors at all hours of the day. Michael repeatedly knocks and rings the doorbell before we respond. The first time it was during supper, and the second time it was during our toddler's sleep. We told him we weren't interested and he came back acting like it was the first time he'd ever seen us or spoken to us, but it was the same guy. When individuals aren't actively seeking information, it's rude to bother them at their residences." - Carson B.
"So that a new roof could be put up, I had to first remove and then replace my solar panels. For their two-day effort, Sunbright Solar asked for $4000.00 from me. From what I could determine, the removal and re-installation took two guys around six hours every day. It took me almost a month to install the panels, and I had to keep them in my garage. Obviously, I have issues with this business and I regret signing on with them." - Josiah F.
"That was the worst. The installation took forever, and there was almost little dialogue between workers. After agreeing to the product, it took around six months to get a response. Finally, the installation was completed, but now every time it rains, we have leaks just where the solar panels are. Extremely sloppy project administration. Sunbright Solar has been very sluggish to reply, and despite our immediate reporting of the problem, they now claim to be unaware of it. We've already had someone else tarp the area, and now we're waiting an hour to have our roof restored." - Blake J.
"It has been a living hell dealing with this firm. They haven't posted my payments for the last six months and I'm being charged a fee for not using their automatic payment system. Even though I have a positive balance on my account (a CREDIT), I keep getting overdue notifications in the mail. Being reported to a credit reporting agency and was threatened with having my energy shut off. I've been working on a solution to this problem for months. Customer support informed me they couldn't assist and that I should contact collections instead. No matter how many times I try to contact collections, no one ever picks up the phone. If you email them, they promise to get back to you within two business days, but when you pick up the phone to talk to a real person, you are placed on wait. It's really absurd. THE WORLD'S WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER PERIOD. I was contacted, asked for my address and the nature of the issue, and never heard back from them, as per their response." - Bryan E.
"Fully operational solar system as of July 23, 2019. Our dealings with this firm were quite positive. Our project was successfully handled by Carlos, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Their installation team was top-notch all the way around. Showed up when they said they would and worked until their scheduled end time to finish the job (a rarity these days, especially on a roof in the heat). We had a tiny problem, but Carlos replied swiftly, and the staff was here within the hour. It was a tiny problem, but it was fixed. This organization has earned our confidence, and we now know that our system is in good hands. Excellent choice, far better than the "big guys" who will use you for a while and then forget about you. Please contact them and test their services; we have been really satisfied." - Tristan F.
"My house already had a solar power system installed by another company when I recently bought it. The inverter failed after 4 months. I went to the original installer for help. After being discouraged for three weeks, I finally contacted Solaredge's trusted installers, and I was lucky to have Sunbright Solar. They were very accommodating once I contacted them and explained the problem. I received the inverter at home after requesting home delivery from Solaredge. My account was transferred to Sunbright Solar last week, and today the installer showed up to finish the job. As a satisfied customer, I have no hesitation in recommending their services. It's a great business." - Dominic N.
"My Sunbright solar panel installation has just finished. I shopped around and got many estimates before making a final decision. A friend of a friend also suggested Sunbright Solar. The system has exceeded my expectations in every way. They blew me away by delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price." - Cole G.
"More than three years have passed since Sunbright's installation of solar panels on my roof, and I couldn't be happier with it. My family and I decided to acquire a sizable system (24 Panasonic panels) for my home, and now we have a rising credit on our TEP account and no monthly power payment. Since their installation, we haven't had a single problem, and we wholeheartedly endorse them as the best option for new solar panels. Zillow enhanced our home's estimated worth by more than the amount we spent on solar panels after discovering their presence on our roof. They are both a terrific bargain and an excellent addition to any Arizona house. In addition, their SolarEdge app is fantastic for monitoring the performance of solar collectors. We would definitely utilize them again to put up panels on our new Tucson home. What a relief, Sunbright!" - Alex D.
"When March of 2021 rolled around, I had six businesses bid on installing a 10-kilowatt solar array on my roof. A salesperson from promptly replied to my inquiry and provided me with a competitive quote and estimated timeline. I inquired about references and saw a few set-ups by previous clients. All around, the homeowners were thrilled with their Sunbright installation, products, and service. Ten weeks after signing the contract, my system is connected to the grid and generating the required amount of power. The Sunbright team was able to complete their project 4 weeks early! I would strongly suggest them for your rooftop solar project due to their meticulous planning and excellent installation. Solarize Your Life!" - Cooper K.

Sunbright Solar Social media
The Facebook page for Sunbright Solar seems to be reliable. There are a lot of people using it and it seems really professional. Photos and videos of the solar panel installation procedure, as well as the customers' reactions and overall pleasure, may be seen on their page. The number of likes and comments on their postings is a good indicator of their level of popularity. There is also a really useful and detailed blog article on their site. Sunbright Solar provides connections on their website to their social media pages where further information about their services may be found. Overall, it seems to be a reliable business that cares about its clientele.
Not many people follow Sunbright Solar on LinkedIn, and the page itself doesn't seem to be updated very often. Disturbingly, among the few reviews that have been written by consumers, there are more negative ratings than positive ones. The page does not appear to be linked to other verified accounts, which further diminishes its credibility. Simplicity and unattractiveness are best described by the site's logo and layout. The low ratings and small subscriber base, as well as the lack of corporate information, indicate that this is an unreliable business.
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Sunbright Solar average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Sunbright Solar Pros & Cons

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Expertise
  • High Cost of Installation
  • Limited Distributors
  • Outdated Technology

Sunbright Solar Final Conclusions

Sunbright Solar is a leading solar panel and component wholesaler operating independently in the industry. They have extensive installation capacities and a vast solar partner network. Sunbright Solar has a generally positive reputation among customers because of its wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices and helpful staff.

Sunbright Solar locations

Main Address3250 S Dodge Blvd Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone Number5202229993

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