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With over 10 years of installation expertise, we are a seasoned sales and installation firm that is almost unrivaled in the Northeast and beyond. In addition to REC Panels, we also provide economical, efficient, and premium warranty options. We take great pleasure in providing exceptional customer service and are dedicated to making sure every one of them is completely happy.

SunnyMac overview

With over 10 years of installation expertise, we are a seasoned sales and installation firm that is almost unrivaled in the Northeast and beyond. In addition to REC Panels, we also provide economical, efficient, and premium warranty options. We take great pleasure in providing exceptional customer service and are dedicated to making sure every one of them is completely happy.

What SunnyMac has to say about itself

By providing "turnkey grid solar power solutions" to homes and businesses, we also make the transition simple for our consumers. This indicates that SunnyMac is responsible for managing all part of the project; we provide funding, site appraisal, design, and engineering. Along with having the installation authorized initially and then connecting to the grid after installation, we will also submit all necessary papers to the state, local government, and utilities on the client's behalf. Additionally, we will submit all state incentive documentation for the clients (SREC, state rebate registrations, etc.), which varies by state. Furthermore, you can be confident that we'll take care of any long-term maintenance or warranty coverage in addition to installing the equipment.

SunnyMac Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasNJ, PA, DE, NY, MA, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid

SunnyMac website review

The website seems to be well-designed, with a clear layout and readable typography. It's also beneficial that the homepage and other pages of the website make use of high-quality photos and videos since it helps to visually represent the company's goods and services.In terms of information, the website offers clear and succinct details regarding SunnyMac Solar's goods and services as well as their dedication to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the website contains a blog part with often updated educational articles about solar energy and related subjects. The website has a responsive design and is simple to browse in terms of functionality. Potential clients may easily contact the business using the website's contact form and phone number.

SunnyMac price policy

Packages$2.50 to $4.50 per installed watt
Payment optionsCredit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay in full and/or via direct bank transfer or PayPal

SunnyMac online reputation

According to consumer feedback, SunnyMac seems to have had a variety of interactions with its clients. While some clients have appreciated the quality of the installation and the staff's expertise, others have had problems with the setup and assistance after the installation. While some customers have had a smooth and enjoyable experience, some customers have complained about delays, poor communication, and unsolved difficulties with their solar panels. It is important to remember that there are both good and bad evaluations, thus the choice of whether or not to do business with SunnyMac ultimately rests with the individual.
"Our solar panels were installed by SunnyMac in July of 22; however, the work is still not finished. We were so eager to finally install solar panels, but the process has been a nightmare. First, it took SunnyMac a month to repair a rookie error that caused us to fail our electrical inspection (they placed the electrical box in the incorrect location). The technician who came out to fix the electrical box issue *never turned the breakers back on*, so our system—which we were paying for—wasn't even turned on, and I had to repeatedly pursue SunnyMac for a reason after noticing that my electricity bills weren't decreasing during the peak months of August to October. On December 26, 2022, that was finally settled. But I soon discovered that the Enphase monitoring system, which is meant to display how much energy we're generating and using, didn't seem to be operating as it should. It turns out that SunnyMac's personnel were unable to properly install our monitoring system at the time they were scheduled to in July because they lacked the necessary tools, which is why I had to continuously pursue SunnyMac for an answer. As a result, they simply neglected to accomplish it and made no mention of their failure to do so or the necessity to return to finish the task to my husband or I. They just abandoned us and I suppose they assumed we would ultimately bring it up with the company? The issue is still not resolved as of March 2023, after several appointments—including one when the engineer failed to show up. I seldom ever write reviews, much less unfavorable ones. However, I've *never* had such a bad customer experience in my life, and I'd want to save other people from the time and money spent that my family has. Choose a different business, please." - Dana Irvis
"Started in April and as of October 23 it is still not switched on. I also referred them to a system that is now operational after several delays. they promise a gift card worth $5000 for referrals, but they refuse to pay. Beware" - Rich
"How do I even begin? I received a price for a 16.8kw system, and the sales procedure was simple enough. I compared pricing on my own and found that they were competitive with other offers, therefore I made the decision to proceed since the machinery was of the highest caliber. Issue 1: The salesperson returned to sign the agreements, and I did so without carefully reading all the tiny print (my mistake). My pricing comparisons are no longer accurate since it turns out they are only installing a 15.2kw system. I would have chosen another company if I had received that quotation at 15.2kw. I regret not realizing this before to the system's installation. Problem 2: I was informed by a separate business that in order for my electrical panel to meet current code requirements, it would need to be renovated and relocated outdoors. They also highlighted that when SunnyMac examined my home. I went ahead and made a $3,000 appointment with an electrician to replace it. I think it was worthwhile since the previous panel was a fire danger. The problem is that SunnyMac scheduled an installation that included switching my panel after I had it replaced. Evidently, it was part of my fee, but no one informed me of it. When I questioned them, they claimed that because it wasn't listed as a line item, they would still exchange it for free (yeah right). They wouldn't lower the price, so I essentially lost $3,000 in the process. Issue 3: Despite the fact that my panel hadn't been examined yet, they continued with the installation. Before they could switch on my panels, I was informed that they would need to do an inspection. It turns out that they were either left on or switched on at a different time. I began getting invoices from the service provider, Sunnova. They sent someone out to turn them off while they looked at them after I inquired about this. I've already moved to an energy supplier with buyback, but because of their higher usage rate and my broken solar panels, I will have to pay extra out of pocket. This is annoying. They altered the quotation after I price-compare, failed to disclose that a new service panel was included in their installation, causing me to spend money hiring someone else, then shut off my panels when I switched energy providers to a buy-back plan, which would end up costing me more money in the long run. I would advise staying away from them at all costs." - Matt
"Finally. Five months after purchasing my system, it is now generating 0 KWh. It has been progressively declining, and Sunpower discovered a significant issue. However, after months of waiting, these individuals have refused to come out and repair my system despite a work order from Sunpower. This entire solar energy idea is really deceptive and unjust. It's wonderful when it works. When it is obviously broken, good luck. You are by yourself. Simply a farce. Here is a summary of what has happened so far: purchased a home in Paramus, New Jersey, on May 28, 2019, despite Sunpower having a lien on it for a lease on a recently installed solar system. The owners passed away, the estate was unable to pay for it, and I was left with the bill at closing. I had to spend more than $54,000 to buy it outright and avoid being trapped in a terrible lease when it came time for me to sell my home. After all was said and done, I saw it as an investment that would allow me to repay my money for such a large 32 panel 12 KWH system within a few years. I spent all of my son's college savings and everything else I could find simply to purchase the home in the false belief that I would be able to recoup my costs. Big error. I had two to three months of flawless solar power before it began to break down. It's a farce to try to bring these men up here. David was pleasant to speak with, however he continues promising to put me on the calendar. Why are you holding out? when it it begin to snow? I'm always hearing how kind the owner, Matt, is. That is also untrue, however. If he had really cared about my predicament, my system would have been patched by now. The only explanation I can think of is that they are aware of a problem since there are 32 panels and, as I said, I paid cash for the system outright, and because it is no longer under lease, it is no longer a top concern. Simply disgusted at the moment. The only sensible course of action is to see a lawyer to determine whether I may recover under New Jersey's consumer fraud laws. I've been holding off on using this final option in the hopes that they'll act honorably, but no such luck. An American business shouldn't interact with the public in this manner! I would think carefully before choosing this firm or solar energy. Save yourself the time, hassle, and few bucks you would save if everything worked as it should, or go for a more trustworthy organization that would appreciate your business. I'm so sick to my stomach that I wasted all of this money." - Dave
"The worst supplier I've ever dealt with, hands down. Up to the installation, everything went well. Since the installation of our system in October 2021, our utility company's energy consumption has not decreased. Sunnymac states that our use has doubled since the day of installation, but despite the fact that we have provided them with proof that there is a problem, they still won't fix it or send a specialist to have a look at it. Not to add that they never call you back; if it weren't for my salesman, it feels like I would have no one to speak to. An attorney for carelessness and contract violation will speak to them. Never do business with this firm." - Jim H
"Our new solar panels have exceeded our expectations. Joe B. was outstanding and helped to ensure a seamless transition by providing precise and timely information at every stage of the process. If you're thinking about switching to solar panels, we strongly suggest working with him and Sunny Mac. DiCiccos, Mike & Jeanne." - Mike DiCicco
"My panels were installed by SunnyMac's fantastic crew and wonderful contractors. Without any prodding, they sought to satisfy my needs and desires. Anyone interested in solar energy should definitely check them out, in my opinion." - Ghom90
"Amazing Team at Sunnymac. Kelly Chamblee is a superb human person in addition to being an amazing agent. She was highly knowledgeable when we first met. She took the time to explain all of my choices to me without ever being intrusive. ensured that we understood every stage of the procedure and led us through it step-by-step. To ensure that I bought the system with which I was most comfortable, she went above and above. The procedure was completely painless after I choose the system. So prompt and proficient. I received updates from Andy at the office, who also never failed to swiftly address my inquiries. Tommy and his team on the roof were meticulous. As he went around the interior and exterior of the home, he was diligent in his installation and didn't hesitate to answer my questions, provide ideas, or keep me updated on his progress. From the idea, design, and requirements through the installation, Brian the electrician was kind and professional. He is highly competent and well-informed. This job was completed with amazing workmanship and quality, and everything was handled promptly and professionally. Following the receipt of several bids from various businesses, it was discovered that Sunny Mac offered the most competitive pricing and the most modern, high-end Solar Panels available. My praise for Kellys Customer Service hasn't stopped. Her customer is genuinely everything to her. that even my closest buddy ultimately decided to get solar panels. I am pleased with the outcome; it beyond my expectations, and I heartily suggest it." - jason roman
"Evelyn Lomas was the only one of the four solar firms we met with to educate us. The competing businesses were impolite and confusing. We discovered Sunpower by SunnyMac was providing us the greatest value and actually had less panels on our roof after we understood how all the programs operated. From the moment we signed up until we were given the go-ahead to turn the system on, it took around 4 months. For three months, our system has been operating. Evelyn kept us informed at every stage of the process and returned twice after we were switched on to make sure we knew how to read the solar bill, the electricity bill, and the monitoring app. We were so satisfied that we recommended others, and they went solar with Evelyn as well." - Kitty T
"We choose SunPower because our representative, Evelyn Lomas, was kind and explained everything in a way that we could comprehend. The installers were excellent to deal with and extremely friendly. Evelyn returned to see how they were doing and to inform us of their actions and the next stages. We reside in a NJ 55+ neighborhood. We have recommended a couple of the neighbors, and they are pleased with their development. We did have a few problems, but Evelyn handled them all with with one call. SunPower by SunnyMac was a really pleasant experience for us." - Sandra K.

SunnyMac Social media
Reviews on SunnyMac's Facebook page demonstrate that the business offers top-notch solar installation services and top-notch customer support. The majority of evaluations are enthusiastic and glowingly complimentary of the business, and customers generally report happiness with their overall experiences. Numerous clients laud the staff's competence and friendliness as well as the excellent installation work. The page also includes information from sources that are more unbiased, such the Better Business Bureau. The company receives a "A+" rating in the BBB review, which praises its response and readiness to address any issues. Customers are especially pleased with the company's exceptional customer service and the caliber of the installation job. This grade is backed up by the A+ rating on the BBB company page.
SunnyMac Solar portrays itself as a trustworthy and well-known solar installation business on its LinkedIn page. Numerous client comments that are complimentary of the business and express gratitude for the personnel' professionalism and high caliber of work can be seen on the page. Additionally, the page includes a variety of case studies that describe the work done by the business and the outcomes obtained. The company's experience in designing and installing solar systems is demonstrated in these case studies, which also highlight some of the larger projects the business has accomplished. In conclusion, SunnyMac Solar's LinkedIn page does a good job of portraying the business as a reputable and skilled solar installation service provider. Numerous client endorsements and case studies that highlight the expertise and skills of the business are included on the page.
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SunnyMac average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1504.2


SunnyMac Pros & Cons

  • High quality products
  • Professional installation and reliable customer service
  • Financing options and payment discounts
  • The cost of installing solar panels can be high
  • Installation services are only available in certain regions
  • No BBB accreditation

SunnyMac Final Conclusions

SunnyMac is a U.S. solar energy system supplier offering a wide range of products, certified installation services. They offer payment discounts and financing options to help make solar energy more affordable. Based on customer feedback, the SunnyMac's performance seems to be inconsistent. While some customers have praised the company for its outstanding workmanship and customer service, others have reported significant delays, poor installation, and poor communication. Potential clients should exercise caution and carefully research a company's reputation before using its services.

SunnyMac locations

Main Address4400 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660.
Phone Number(844) 786-6962

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