SunPower by Green Convergence review

When it comes to solar panels, Green Convergence only uses SunPower. These panels have the highest efficiency of any on the market at 22.8% and have placed top in independent durability testing.

SunPower by Green Convergence overview

When it comes to solar panels, Green Convergence only uses SunPower. These panels have the highest efficiency of any on the market at 22.8% and have placed top in independent durability testing.

What SunPower by Green Convergence has to say about itself

Green Convergence is unique among solar energy providers. Green Convergence offers the most impressive credentials of any Los Angeles-area solar company, thanks to its 30+ years in the roofing industry and its staff of highly-trained solar installation professionals. Since we are a family-run business, we have worked hard to earn the respect of our neighbors.

SunPower by Green Convergence Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCA
Service TypesFinancing, Manufacturing
Types PanelsSunPower solar panels
Backup BatteryEncharge от Enphase Energy
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SunPower Elite Dealer, California State Contractor's License

SunPower by Green Convergence website review

SunPower by Green Convergence is a solar energy firm with headquarters in Santa Clarita, California; their official website can be found at The site gives in-depth details on the business, its offerings, and the advantages of solar power. The text is clear and straightforward, created with both individual and business readers in mind. There are also user reviews, case studies, and an informative blog to bolster the site's reputation and inform visitors about solar power. The website may be easily accessed from any mobile device since it is responsive and mobile-friendly. Users can immediately get the content they need thanks to the menu's obvious structure. Visitors may quickly reach out to the business with questions or for guidance using the website's contact form and live chat function. Call-to-action buttons and forms are strategically placed around the site to prompt users to complete the desired actions, such as requesting a price or scheduling a consultation. Multiple lead generation forms are conveniently located across the site. In order to reassure visitors that they may trust the website, it has things like memberships and certifications. SunPower by Green Convergence has created a website that is easy to use, informative, and well-designed. It is an informative and inspiring showcase for the company's solar energy products.

SunPower by Green Convergence price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit Card( Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), Financing, Solar Loan
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing discounts, Referral discounts,Seasonal or promotional discounts, Bulk purchase discounts

SunPower by Green Convergence online reputation

The overall assessment of SunPower from Green Convergence is mixed based on consumer input. Others have had poor experiences and have had issues with customer support and system performance, despite the fact that other customers express pleasure with the company's services, installation, and operation of solar systems. Customers commended Green Convergence's substantial research resources and the sales process' expertise. Marc Figaro, CEO and co-founder, received appreciation for his openness and for sharing insightful industry information. The system performed as anticipated after the installation went well. Some clients have reported that the system has reduced their energy expenditures and raised the market value of their property. Customers have sometimes complained about issues with price accuracy and customer satisfaction, which may be a sign of understaffing or bad management.Clients have experienced dissatisfaction and delays because financing has sometimes not been adequately acquired or permissions have been held up. Numerous customers have brought up issues with system performance and the need for repair or replacement. Some people have had trouble receiving timely assistance and support. Communication problems were mentioned, such as trouble getting in touch with the seller or receiving no answer after the deal was finalized. One client filed a lawsuit because he was unhappy with the whole process and claimed the salesperson had mislead him. As a result, although some customers have been pleased with SunPower from Green Convergence, others have had problems with customer service, system operation, and communication. Before choosing, prospective customers are recommended to do thorough research, take into account all the factors, read more reviews, and seek more information from the business.
"It seems that the organization lacks the necessary resources to provide accurate quotes and meet customer needs. Either upper-level management is failing, or the salesman in question is not doing their job. Before beginning design, permit processing, and scheduling installation, they did not verify on their end how our solar would be funded. Then, a month after we were meant to have been installed, we were unable to proceed with the preferred way of financing since they had not done their homework. We could have saved ourselves six months of waiting for them to design our system if we had just spoken about this and dealt with it throughout the contract term. They would also often fabricate excuses like "we are waiting on the city for permits." When I contacted the city, however, they informed me that no such application had been made.The company's owner has reportedly set the 15th of June as the date of installation. On July 8 the salesman tells the customer, "I am so sorry, but your application for financing was never submitted." Customer gives their first approval to utilize them. Dated back to the 2nd of February. A new contractor must be selected once five months have passed." - William
"I thought I would give you a rundown of my latest Sunpower and Green Convergence exploits. Since April, my solar system has been inoperable, and no one seems to care. After over two months of service during which they were unable to determine the source of the problem, a new inverter was installed today. The Technician's work on the replacement was fine; there were no issues there. Minor damage to the new inverter was more of a worry to the Tech than it was to me. A pounding sound was coming from it when it was finished, something neither of us had ever heard before. He was worried, but he decided to let the system continue operating. A few hours later, I heard a tremendous humming noise in the garage and am now waiting for it to explode. In a flash, I dialed the number for nearby Green Convergence. I described the problem and requested that a technician be sent to have a look. He stated they were scheduled for today, but there was a chance they would be available later in the week. For six years, the method was perfect for me, but suddenly something broke. Since it went down in the spring of last year, it has been at least ten months. I am 69 years old, and I have never been treated this badly by a company before. As long as they have my money, they do not seem to care whether my system is up and running. I stopped making payments to them three months ago, and they still insist on sending me Treatening letters as if I owe them money.' - Chad
"Green Convergence was used to set up a SunPower solar power system. The installation personnel was swift and efficient, however the mobile app is flawed. After the installation, I was unable to get in touch with Jeff, the sales associate, despite my repeated efforts. Recommend Green Convergence but warn against working with Jeff Figearo if you place a premium on customer support after the sale is complete." - Kathleen
"Reviews I saw online helped me decide to go with this firm. To say I am dissatisfied would be grossly understating the situation. After being told that if we spend $31,000, our monthly cost would be reduced to $15, my husband and I did just that. Since we added solar, our monthly costs have remained relatively unchanged.They are not a reliable business. They ignored my repeated attempts to contact. Nadia sold us on this con by assuring us that she would be there for us at every turn and that we "would not get screwed," to quote my husband. She gave us the warmest assurance that we would be properly taken care of and that our solar supply will meet and exceed our requirements. Nadia passed us over to Alex D. when we contacted her about the issue, however Alex D. disregarded our requests for a call and instead responded with business marketing materials to our concerns.We will not get any calls. Nobody has gone looking into it yet. Even after the whole sum of $31,000.00 was paid, it remained ineffective.Mark and Erin Figero, the proprietors, seem to take a hands-off approach.I have a movie to direct and can not afford to have my time wasted by these individuals any longer, therefore I am handing this to my lawyer so we may sue them. In these bizarre times, the last thing I want to be doing is settling a lawsuit.Once upon a time, the idea of installing solar panels on our roof filled me with enthusiasm.I would advise everyone to stay far away from this firm. I do not know how they got the ratings they do, but I do not believe them." - Robert
"featured as "Master Installers" on SunPower's website. They are "Masters," to be sure, but they seem to be woefully uninformed about things like site appraisal and electrical needs. They only want to install the panels on your roof and leave the rest up to you. Costs of hiring an electrical contractor and waiting 8 months for any solar power to be produced. Meanwhile, I was attempting to work with DWP, who kept coming up with excuses for why solar panels could not be installed. I was informed "There is no way we are going to remove those panels" when I requested for the panels to be taken down and my money refunded. Your guess as to what they are "Masters" of is as good as mine." - Elijah
"Before settling on a solar company, I did extensive research. I finally settled on a SunPower system after much investigation. Since Green Convergences is SunPower's first Master Dealer, I knew they would do a good job and would only deal with SunPower. Their tools for determining the best panels and placements were outstanding, and the sales procedure went through without a hitch. However, when we ran into trouble figuring out how to utilize solar energy to fulfill all of our home's needs, one of their specialists stepped in with a novel solution. Mark Figearo, the company's CEO and co-founder, is an honest person who provided me with valuable market information throughout our conversation. The installation was completed in only three days, and their whole crew exemplified professionalism throughout. The installation was quick and easy, and the system looks excellent and performs as expected. While we have received little maintenance assistance for our 14-month-old system, we did find a spot on the roof where waterproofing had been overlooked during the initial installation when the first rainfall hit. We have had zero more problems after having Green Convergence out to fix it at no additional expense. The staff at Green Convergence comes highly recommended from me. I have a credit with LADWP and am pleased with my system, which has increased my home's market value and reduced my electricity cost to merely the connecting charge." - Olivia
"After months of deliberation, I finally settled on Sun Power, and I have to say that Green Convergence, my installation, was the most competent crew I encountered. I am delighted with the results. The system is attractive, generates a lot of electricity, and has been responsive to small concerns thus far. Strongly recommended." - Emma
"Let me be upfront and say that I did not wind up purchasing solar panels from this business. The only reason I am writing this review is to rave about the excellent service I received. Derek was the first person I interacted with. He took a considerable amount of time to respond to my inquiries and clarify the procedure for me. His compassion and competence were much appreciated. After that, Isaac sent us an email requesting a convenient time to talk. His communication was prompt and expert. The following stage was a Zoom call, during which he showed us several different alternatives and spent over an hour talking to us about them. Throughout the conversation, he was kind, knowledgeable, patient, and clear. The conclusion, though, is what compelled me to come here and write this review. I requested for many things to consider before making a final choice, and he assured me that he would provide them all in due time. He patiently listened to my needs and then gathered the information I requested in an approachable format. We realized that Solar was not the best choice for us and had to abandon that path. If that were the case, I would have chosen this firm, in no little part because of Isaac." - Harper
"I am quite satisfied with the results. I was pleased by how fast the installation was completed, and the effort they put in to ensuring that the process runs well is really remarkable. Anyone intent on installing solar panels on their property should work with them." - Mary
"The system works well for us. A few months ago, we had everything set up. Trevor, the salesman who helped us, was really helpful and never pushy. Everyone on the team, from project management to Debbie and the installation crew, did a fantastic job. They were able to pull it off, and then some. We are very satisfied with our system and with our partnership with SunPower. We cannot speak highly enough of their product, service, and guarantee for their solar panel systems, and of the wonderful people who work there." - Henry

SunPower by Green Convergence Social media
The SunPower by Green Convergence Facebook page is mostly dedicated to marketing solar solutions and presenting the business's goods and services. With a cover image of a solar panel installation, the website features a neat and expert arrangement. The SunPower logo used as the profile photo aids in raising brand recognition. Informational articles, films, and photographs on solar energy are routinely published on the website. The carefully curated material includes useful details on the advantages of solar energy, the company's initiatives, and the most recent developments in the sector. The page has a sizable following, which suggests a respectable degree of involvement. Posts often earn likes, comments, and shares, which shows that the audience is interested in the information. The testimonials and reviews on the page emphasize the pleased consumers have been with SunPower's goods and services. The website sometimes promotes exclusive deals, rebates, and incentives for solar energy products. In general, the Facebook page for SunPower by Green Convergence successfully advertises the business' solar solutions, draws followers, and offers helpful material. It effectively conveys the company's expertise in this field and promotes a favorable brand image.
Information about the company's background, offerings, and market presence can be found on the LinkedIn profile for SunPower by Green Convergence. A quick summary of SunPower by Green Convergence may be found on this page. It states that the business specializes in solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial clients and that it is a high-end SunPower dealer. News regarding the company's initiatives, triumphs, and events are constantly published on the website. These updates include information on the company's participation in different partnerships, community projects, and solar energy initiatives. Many workers' profiles are included on the website, along with information about their responsibilities, backgrounds, and skill sets. The SunPower by Green Convergence team is therefore easier for visitors to comprehend. It further emphasizes the firm's dedication to bringing on qualified staff from the solar sector. From clients and business partners, recommendations and endorsements are provided on the website. Informational material about solar energy, renewable technology, and market trends may be found on this website. For experts and laypeople interested in solar energy solutions, this information contains articles, blog entries, and videos. With a sizable following, the page is clearly well-known in the business and has a solid online presence. Overall, SunPower by Green Convergence's LinkedIn profile does a good job of highlighting the company's expertise in solar power solutions, showcasing its accomplishments, and drawing viewers in. For networking and information exchange in the field of renewable energy, it is a very useful forum.
YouTube Channel
103 Subscribers

SunPower by Green Convergence average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1244.8


SunPower by Green Convergence Pros & Cons

  • Long warranty
  • Experienced and reputable company
  • Customized solar solutions
  • Higher upfront cost
  • Limited availability
  • Reliance on sunlight

SunPower by Green Convergence Final Conclusions

Based on the existing customer evaluations, SunPower by Green Convergence has a mixed reputation and performance. Others had issues and were dissatisfied, even though other customers said they were happy with their services and installations. Before drawing a general conclusion, it is crucial to take into account both positive and negative factors. The benefits of SunPower by Green Convergence include their comprehensive research tools for figuring out the best panels to use and where to put them, the easy buying experience, and the professionalism shown by their installation staff. Some customers claim their systems are reliable, have raised the market value of their homes, and have reduced their energy expenses. Additionally, the business is renowned as SunPower's top dealer, which gives customers peace of mind about their expertise and association with a reputable solar panel manufacturer. Negative evaluations, on the other hand, point out areas that need improvement. Inaccurate estimates, trouble satisfying customer demands, and delays in getting permissions or financing have all been issues that some clients have voiced concerns about. Some consumers have reported difficulty interacting with vendors or failing to react after a transaction, which has been identified as a communication problem. There have reportedly been issues with system performance and delays in receiving prompt help or repairs. With consumers reporting both good and bad experiences, SunPower by Green Convergence has a generally mixed reputation. Potential customers are recommended to thoroughly evaluate their unique demands, perform in-depth research, and consider all available information, including customer evaluations, before making a selection. In order to choose the best choice for a solar installation, getting in touch with the firm may assist with additional explanation and comparisons with other solar power suppliers.

SunPower by Green Convergence locations

Main Address28476 Westinghouse Pl. Valencia, CA 91355
Phone Number6614915111

4 local offices

California – Valencia 28490 Westinghouse Place Suite 160, Valencia CA, 91355
California – Calabasas 26799 Agoura Road #C-3, Calabasas CA, 91302
California – Calabasas 26799 Agoura Rd, Calabasas CA, 91302
California – Santa Clarita 28476 Westinghouse Pl, Santa Clarita CA, 91355

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