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SunState Solar Inc. has become an industry leader in solar photovoltaic system design, installation, and maintenance. SunState Solar Inc. is staffed by top professionals in the solar energy sector who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to customers and innovative ways to reduce energy use.

SunState Solar Inc. overview

SunState Solar Inc. has become an industry leader in solar photovoltaic system design, installation, and maintenance. SunState Solar Inc. is staffed by top professionals in the solar energy sector who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to customers and innovative ways to reduce energy use.

What SunState Solar Inc. has to say about itself

To assist its customers make the switch to clean, cheap, and dependable solar energy, SunState Solar Inc. is a renewable energy firm. Our comprehensive services include everything from consultation and design to setup and upkeep, giving our customers full agency over their energy future. To optimize energy production while reducing environmental impact, our technology is efficient, dependable, and cost-effective. SunState Solar Inc. is the best option for people wishing to invest in their future and the environment due to our knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge technology.

SunState Solar Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasNM
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

SunState Solar Inc. website review

SunState Solar, a provider of solar energy installation and associated services, has its website, accessible at There is a wealth of information about the business and its offerings available on the site, which has been thoughtfully developed. There's also a blog that updates readers on developments in the solar industry. The site offers a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section and provides prompt responses to client questions. is a credible source of information on the firm and its offerings. Customers may rest easy knowing they're working with a reputable solar energy solutions supplier when they do business with this firm.

SunState Solar Inc. price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Systems (starting from $3,000), Battery Storage Systems (starting from $3,500), Ground Mount Systems (starting from $4,500), Roof Mount Systems (starting from $2,500), Solar Pool Heaters (starting from $2,500), Solar Water Heating System (starting from $3,000), LED Lighting Solutions (starting from $3,500), Solar Charge Controllers (starting from $200), Inverters (starting from $800), Energy Monitoring System (starting from $350)
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and wire transfers.
Payment discounts10% Discount for Seniors, 10% Discount for Military, 10% Discount for First Responders, 10% Discount on Referrals, 5% Discount on Solar Panel Maintenance, 10% Discount on Solar Panel Accessories

SunState Solar Inc. online reputation

Customers of SunState Solar have generally been quite happy with their services. Customers have given the company's customer service, technical assistance, and solar installation quality favorable reviews. Customers have also praised the business for its dedication to providing an ecologically friendly product. Customers have, however, sometimes had problems with product delivery and customer support response. SunState Solar considers this input as it works to enhance its offerings.
"Although I signed the contract with SunState Solar in October 2020, I have not yet passed inspection as of September 5, 2021. I've been passed from pillar to post of referrals. If a program is too good to be true, then it probably is. I regret not using a trustworthy company that is concerned about your safety to install my system. Our 82-year-old mom wouldn't be sitting outdoors in the heat with us." - Finn T.
"Before investing in solar energy, particularly from this firm, it's important to check with your power provider to acquire all the facts. Their sales representative will not give you the truth since they are con artists. They assured me that the panels' energy use would more than cancel out my monthly expenditure. What they don't tell you is that you were really promoted from ga power, and now you're only getting credit for a fraction of your actual energy output. You will only save a little amount of money. The panels cost me around $53,000, but they've cut my energy bill by 25% to 30%. Not a decent trade off considering the monthly cost of the panel is $180. My current power bill is close to $420 per month. Staying with your current electricity provider is the safer option. Stay far away if you can't afford it. I have decided to seek legal recourse." - Pablo J.
"After this review was published, SunState Solar sent more workers to fix the leaks. Management called me and apologized, and they gave me some money. Since then, I have attempted to contact the but have not heard back from them. And this goes on forever more. My roof has at least nine known leaks. Three days later, SunState Solar sent a team out to remedy the leaks; nevertheless, the problem persisted, and a second crew was sent two days later. My company lost five days of revenue since the second team failed not to restore power to my system. Since I found out about the low output, customer care has been avoiding my requests to talk with a manager about my concerns. SunState Solar's indifference has been, to put it mildly, disappointing. Because practically everyone I've interacted with there is so young, inexperienced, and just bad at their job, I cannot recommend this organization to anybody." - Jayson G.
"In 2021, I hired them to fix an issue with a squirrel nesting in my solar panels, and they did a great job. I tried to get in touch with them twice via their website but got the runaround both times. When I phoned, I was given the link you see there. After explaining the two separate demands, I was given yet another phone number to call. They informed me that they would "see what they would do" and that they needed a work order from SunState Solar to do the job. It seems that SunState Solar is unable or unwilling to provide such an item." - Cruz K.
"It hasn't been too long considering I began on April 4th, 2021, based on the experiences of previous customers on this website. The sales guy was enthusiastic and believes in the product, but he had no idea what happens behind the scenes. After the panels were activated, I was informed I would have to start making payments, but the energy company has been delaying the activation, claiming that there are "certain reasons" why the panels should not be switched on. The utility company informed me that SunState Solar had not completed the necessary documentation and had not done sufficient work with the connections, which is why they had not been switched on. I've asked for a refund twice already, and both times they've responded "no because we're still in the time frame" despite the fact that I've already paid twice as much as usual on my power bill. But of course, as long as they make a buck off of you, they don't care! As of right now, I am not a satisfied client with this firm since my panels have not been turned on. If you're thinking about installing solar panels, you should work with a professional." - Greyson L.
"Sunstate Solar is the company to deal with if you want to make the switch to solar energy. Expertise, friendliness, and speed in post-sale communication. The system was supposed to counteract 60% of our electricity use, but it's doing much better than that. My $12 power bill from last month was a pleasant surprise. The solar app is user-friendly and provides detailed information about the system's performance. I spoke with four firms before settling on Sunstate. Their work was outstanding, and the installation went off without a hitch. They took care of all the necessary documentation with PNM in advance of the installation and assisted with the NM rebate procedure afterwards. Once again, it's strongly suggested." - Jasper K.
"The owner of SunState Solar gave us a presentation. It seemed reasonable to us, and the cost was lower than other solar providers we looked at. Having to wait a month or two for all the necessary paperwork and permits to be submitted was a major inconvenience. Other than that, it was simple. Within 24 hours of beginning the installation, we had passed the electrical inspection and were ready to go live. Our tile roof is a perfect backdrop for the panels, and we are getting almost all of the electricity from them that we had hoped for. Honestly, it couldn't have been easier. SunState Solar was honest and forthright about all aspects of the process and fulfilled all of our contractual obligations. After two months of use, we continue to receive regular calls and emails asking how things are going and if we have any issues. SunState Solar deserves my highest recommendation." - Dallas F.
"SunState Solar is highly recommended by us. Everything was straightforward and simple right from the start. The first meeting and proposal were conducted via the Internet using drone footage of our house's rooftop layout. Our 9 solar panels were installed in little more than 24 hours. Some of the upscale options they provided at no additional cost really wowed me. First, they provided an "all black" panel that is far more aesthetically pleasing than the silver-edged panels since it would be positioned at the front of our home. Second, they camouflaged the electrical box in our roof's crawl area by running a conduit to it at no additional cost. Most installers just run it along the outside of the building, which is an eyesore. Last but not least, SunState Solar went above and above when the state of New Mexico requested a big amount of paperwork in filing for the state rebate. They investigated what was needed, completed a substantial number of the papers for us, and then gave thorough, step-by-step directions. Highly recommended with five stars." - Felix B.
"We contacted many solar energy providers based on their ratings and reviews after doing extensive online research and immediately realizing there are plenty from which to select. SunState won out in the end for many reasons. Phillip was on time and very competent. He was prompt for our meeting and provided answers that fully addressed our concerns. We looked into the different brands and found that the prices were reasonable without compromising on quality. We asked several of our neighbors whether they had any experience with SunState and heard mostly good things. The installers showed up on schedule and conducted a thorough job. From our first contact to final payment, we were impressed by and grateful for the company's professionalism." - Ronald I.
"We researched other companies' prices. The company's emphasis on leasing put us off, but we found common ground with the staff at SunState Solar. Rather than trying to "sell" us, they simply explained the situation and answered any questions we had. SunState accompanied us through every step of the HOA approval and PNM permit process. Once the installation was completed in late September, he accurately predicted the amounts that would appear on our first bills. In less than a day, the entire crew arrived, installed all the panels and equipment, and cleaned up after themselves. We've done a lot of home repairs over the years, but thanks to SunState, this was the easiest job of our lives. And PNM's bare billing is hard not to like." - Scott P.

SunState Solar Inc. Social media
SunState Solar is an established business, and its Facebook profile reflects it. You may find several examples of recent work and happy client tales here. This site is often updated with fresh content, and visitors can find several resources here to learn more about Solar Energy and the services they provide. This page has become a hub for those interested in switching to solar power, with over 350 likes. In addition, there are interesting films to watch, resources for learning more about the field, and evaluations of products. Those interested in solar energy and wanting further information will benefit greatly from this website.
SunState Solar is an industry-leading solar power provider with a robust LinkedIn profile. Their page is routinely updated with industry news and other forms of current coverage, and they have over a thousand followers. The company logo, product photographs, corporate news, and summaries of their services all give their profile a polished, businesslike appearance. This makes it simpler for consumers to recognize the business and put faith in the claims the firm makes about its wares. Along with their most recent products and upgrades, the site also features reliable consumer reviews and reports. It seems as if they have a committed crew that actively participates in conversations with consumers and provides useful content often. When it comes to keeping up with the latest news in the solar energy industry, SunState Solar's LinkedIn profile is second to none.
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SunState Solar Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews735


SunState Solar Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Professional
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • High Initial Investment Costs
  • Weather Dependency
  • Maintenance Issues

SunState Solar Inc. Final Conclusions

Solar energy solutions for homes and businesses are the specialty of SunState Solar Inc. Installation, maintenance, and repair of solar panels are just some of the specialized services they provide. Customers who have dealt with SunState Solar Inc have said they found the company to be trustworthy and dependable.

SunState Solar Inc. locations

Main Address9600 Tennyson St NE, Albuquerque NM, 87122
Phone Number5052258502

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