Sunstore Solar review

Sunstore Solar is committed to supplying the neighborhood with first-rate solar services. If you are in need of solar panel installation, repairs, or regular maintenance in the Greer, South Carolina, area, their team of experienced professionals can assist.

Sunstore Solar overview

Sunstore Solar is committed to supplying the neighborhood with first-rate solar services. If you are in need of solar panel installation, repairs, or regular maintenance in the Greer, South Carolina, area, their team of experienced professionals can assist.

What Sunstore Solar has to say about itself

Sunstore Solar, which has been run by the same family for over 40 years, is dedicated to delivering excellent service to each and every one of its clients. They can handle any solar installation, large or little, for your home or business, and they will be there every step of the way to answer your questions, explain your alternatives, and share your progress. They provide free, no-obligation pricing quotes, a variety of payment plans to fit your budget, and a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor to ensure your satisfaction. Sunstore Solar is the go-to solar panel installation company in Greer, Greenville, and the surrounding areas. Get your no-cost quote by calling right now!
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Sunstore Solar Review

Year Started1976
Service AreasNC, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Sunstore Solar website review

The review of the company's website has yet to be created.

Sunstore Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $40,000
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing discounts

Sunstore Solar online reputation

According on the customer testimonials offered, it seems that Sunstore Solar has mostly gotten excellent feedback from clients. The glowing testimonials reflect the business's professionalism, subject matter knowledge, and concern for clients. Customers commended the salespeople for their expertise and readiness to talk about many possibilities without forcing them to make hurried selections. The installation personnel were praised for their expertise and meticulousness in making sure both utility and aesthetics were achieved. The total encounter was praised as fulfilling and delightful. There were a few unfavorable reviews, however. One consumer complained that a solar water heater system did not live up to expectations and had technical problems. They also voiced dissatisfaction with the company's lack of support and response. Another client voiced issues about poor customer service and knowledge gaps and said that the energy savings from the installed panels were not as large as expected. Even though Sunstore Solar has received mostly great evaluations, a few consumers have expressed unfavorable opinions about the company. These unfavorable evaluations draw attention to problems including delays, inadequate communication, poor product quality, and inadequate customer service. Based on the majority of customer evaluations, it seems that Sunstore Solar has an overall good reputation, with consumers praising their professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to customer happiness. The bad evaluations, however, raise questions about how the business is doing in several areas, notably in terms of product quality and customer service.
"I had a closed-loop solar water heater installed by Sunstore Solar. It did not make it through its 2009 installation date. I was informed that the system would endure for at least 25 years when I bought it. They wanted to charge me to come take a look at it when I called them. extra money will be needed to repair it. The technician said that he believed the expansion tank had corroded through, resulting in the complete loss of the glycol liquid inside the system. One of the pumps, they added, had already burnt out. It would never save enough money to cover the price of repairs. To my regret, I paid $5500.00 for a device that only lasted five years, and Bruce Wood informed me that they no longer sell or recommend this system since it is not for the typical person unless you like tinkering with mechanical stuff. I urged him to remove the unit from my roof so I could get rid of it. Three years later, no one has volunteered to come assist us dismantle it, and we still have no idea how to drain the system. We never noticed any liquid beneath the corroded expansion tank, therefore we have no idea whether the system has been emptied. I doubt the technician was 100% satisfied that all traces of liquid had been removed. You can no longer see through the rainbow-colored glass that formerly lined the inside of the collector. When the pump was not recirculating the liquid adequately, I believe the equipment overheated. Despite my repeated attempts to reach Bruce Wood via phone, he has not returned my calls or answered any of my queries concerning draining and removing the object. No one should work at this firm, in my opinion. The least you could do for your reputation if you sold or promoted something and then found out a few years later that it was not a good product would be to assist the people who purchased it and are now stuck with it." - Mason
"I have been using Sunstore Solar's services for a few months, and I am not sure how I feel about it. The work went well, and the panels look like they are doing their job. But I have seen that the claimed energy savings are not as big as I thought they would be. Also, the service to customers could use some work. When I call, it takes a while for someone to answer my questions, and sometimes they do not know much about the goods and services. Even though I respect the attempt, there is a lot that could be done better." - Lady
"Delays and misunderstandings plagued the procedure from the start. The installation crew showed up late and messed up the place. Furthermore, problems manifested themselves in the panels just a few months after installation. The customer support response has been delayed and useless despite my repeated attempts to contact them. Sunstore Solar has let me down with the quality of their panels and the lack of assistance they have provided. Their services are not something I would suggest to anybody." - Mary
"Wow, such a great business!We picked Sunstore Solar (5 out of 5) and hoped we would not be disappointed after we signed the contract and paid the deposit. Our expectations were well surpassed by Sunstore. Nothing related to Blue Ridge Electric Co-op, tax paperwork, or county rules required our attention. Sunstore did not try to force us into a ground-mounted system or a higher wattage than we were comfortable with (50% offset). Sunstore really paid attention to our needs and concerns. They have been and continue to be very helpful in responding to our inquiries.Our sales representative, Ashley Edwards, is a wealth of information. He listened to our issues and made sure we had the energy we needed without any hassle. Instead of attempting to make a quick buck, he engaged in conversation. Rather of forcing us to make a decision on the spot, Ashley laid out many possibilities, outlined the steps involved in each, and allowed us a couple of weeks to mull them over.The installation team was top-notch, down to every member. During the installation process, they explained everything that they were going to do and why. Pre-pictures are fantastic, but it was good to have that "wait a moment" minute before someone started working on your roof and show it again. Pictures may be seen on the internet, but be assured that our aesthetic system is top-notch and that there are no visible gaps where vent pipes or electrical cabling used to be.Sunstore made the whole experience thrilling and fun.If you are interested in solar energy, Sunstore is the place to go." - Abigail
"My spouse and I shopped around for prices from local solar panel installation. To find the best option, we evaluated prices and guarantees. We looked into each provider to learn their length of service and Customer Satisfaction ratings. Sunstore Solar earned more positive ratings and a higher average rating than its rivals because of its lengthy presence in the local market. They were in charge of the whole program and did a fantastic job with it. They kept us apprised of where things stood and what was still needed. We are happy to suggest them to anybody wishing to have Solar panels installed." - William
"Sunstore has provided us with excellent service ever since we signed our contract with them. We were impressed with Charro and Ashley's expertise and professionalism. They handled themselves in a businesslike manner and were very trustworthy. What is more, the installers they sent out were among of the most skilled professionals we have ever dealt with. They put in additional time examining our property to figure out the optimal placement of the array in terms of both solar output and aesthetic appeal. They took great care not to leave even a speck of dust or a shred of paper behind while they worked. I cannot speak highly enough of them." - Ethan
"Our time spent working with Sunstore Solar was quite enjoyable. The level of professionalism remained unwavering from the point of sale all the way through the installation procedure. Although we were hesitant to have panels put on top of our roof, we were assured that they would not detract from the appearance of the roof. WOW, they were just right! They are both attractive and functional. It exceeded the requirements of the most recent construction rules, and its symmetry was unequaled by anything else available." - Isabella
"You have undoubtedly figured out by now that PV systems are a big and unusual expenditure for any household or company, much alone first-time buyers like us. We looked for the greatest quality components available so that our new house will continue to operate admirably for many years to come. We realize that this goal setting for this investment is ambitious. We needed to compare persons, consumer ratings, and costs while on our hunt. Sunstore Solar, however, differentiated themselves in this regard. We worked with Charro for 9 months total (timeframe set by building timetable and necessary permits), and she not only called me the day after I placed an inquiry but also wrote 161 emails and made countless phone conversations. I must admit that the procedure would have been more trying and would have cost us more time and effort if not for Charro's patient tenacity and dedication. Our 5.5 kilowatt (kW) Sunpower PV system on the roof has exceeded our expectations. Charro, Bruce Wood, and the rest of the staff at SunStore get our highest praise. Again, I appreciate your assistance in reaching this important milestone." - Michael

Sunstore Solar Social media account not registered
Sunstore Solar is a provider of solar power. They specialize in offering residential, business, and industrial clients solar solutions. The business is dedicated to supporting renewable energy strategies and lowering carbon emissions. The company's size or location are not specifically mentioned on the LinkedIn profile. It does, however, mention Sunstore Solar, a company that deals in sustainable energy. The website does not identify the total number of workers, ranges in size from 11 to 50, and offers no employee data. To highlight the team's expertise and the company's capabilities, specifics about their background should be included. The installation, upkeep, and repair of solar panels are all services provided by Sunstore Solar. To assist clients in optimizing their solar energy systems, they also provide consultation and design services. Neither particular clients nor endorsements are mentioned on the LinkedIn profile. With occasional updates and little interaction from followers, the page seems to be less active. The exposure and engagement of your page may be increased by often publishing project updates, industry news, and comments from your audience. On the website, there are no job openings or details on potential career paths inside the business. In general, Sunstore Solar's LinkedIn profile gives a comprehensive overview of the company's history and services. More regular updates, staff data, client feedback, and a stronger emphasis on audience involvement, however, would be advantageous.
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Sunstore Solar Pros & Cons

  • Energy Independence
  • Long term investment
  • Cost Savings
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Limited geographic presence

Sunstore Solar Final Conclusions

In the solar energy sector, Sunstore Solar is a well-known business. They have excelled in providing solar solutions, and as a result, both residential and commercial clients trust them. Sunstore Solar's dedication to quality and client happiness is one of its greatest assets. They provide a broad variety of solar-related goods and services, such as solar panel installation, upkeep, and repair. Every installation is handled quickly and effectively by their team of skilled experts, increasing power output and system lifespan. Customers often laud the professionalism and knowledge of Sunstore Solar. A knowledgeable team is always on hand to address any concerns and provide direction throughout the procedure. The majority of the reviews are good, however it is crucial to note that several aspects of Sunstore Solar's performance are questioned in the bad evaluations. To maintain client happiness, these areas can need extra attention. Sunstore Solar has established a solid reputation for itself in the market. Overall, Sunstore Solar has excellent performance and a stellar reputation in the solar business.

Sunstore Solar locations

Main Address8 Distribution Ct, Greer, SC 29650, US
Phone Number8645585143

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