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Solar installation business Go Green Electric is locally owned and run. As residents of the Denver area who work, play, and live here, we think it is crucial to support regional businesses. We are available to meet with you at either your home or our office, which is in the heart of Denver. Our amiable staff is on hand and able to fix any issues you could have with your system.

Go Green Electric Inc. overview

Solar installation business Go Green Electric is locally owned and run. As residents of the Denver area who work, play, and live here, we think it is crucial to support regional businesses. We are available to meet with you at either your home or our office, which is in the heart of Denver. Our amiable staff is on hand and able to fix any issues you could have with your system.

What Go Green Electric Inc. has to say about itself

Going solar is a significant decision that is accompanied by several uncertainties and worries. Our team is dedicated to make the procedure as straightforward and efficient as possible because of this. Go Green Electric will be there for you at every stage, from the initial house visit through the installation and any servicing concerns that may come up years later. Our business has been installing solar systems for over ten years and is aware that solar is a significant investment. To examine some of our work, visit our customer testimonials page. Just give us a call, and we will be happy to assist.

Go Green Electric Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2008
Company Websitegogreenelectricinc.com
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSolar panels, Electrical panels, Control panels, Energy storage panels, EV charging panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Go Green Electric Inc. website review

The website has a simple, expert layout and a color palette of green that is consistent with the brand of the business. The primary menu sits at the top of the page and makes it simple to reach vital sections like Home, Services, About, and Contacts. On the homepage, a sizable banner with an obvious call-to-action button invites visitors to ask for a free gift. Additionally, it provides a quick explanation of the company's major offerings and advantages. Details about the many services that Go Green Electric Inc. offers are provided on the Services page. Visitors can better comprehend the breadth of work by reading the brief description that goes with each service. However, adding a few more pictures or examples might make the website load faster. Visitors may simply get in touch with the business by using the contact form on the contact page. For individuals who prefer direct communication, the website also offers firm contact information, including a phone number and email address. Positive client testimonials may be found in the testimonials area on the website's home page. This fosters consumer confidence in the company's offerings. Links to the company's social media accounts are included on the website, enabling users to connect and engage with them on sites like Facebook. Overall, the Go Green Electric Inc website does a good job of clearly outlining the company's offerings, principles, and contact details. However, increasing the number of visual components and the size of the services section may both improve a website's efficacy.

Go Green Electric Inc. price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit/debit cards, PayPal, and checks.
Payment discounts30% federal tax credit

Go Green Electric Inc. online reputation

According to customer reviews, Go Green Electric Inc. looks to be a reputable and dependable solar energy provider in the Denver region. Their dedication to provide outstanding service and high-quality solar installations is shown in the consistently favorable comments they receive. Quality and knowledge: Go Green Electric offers a ton of expertise in the solar energy industry. Customers have consistently praised the company's extensive expertise and professionalism, highlighting its capacity to provide solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs. The company's dedication to quality is further strengthened by the usage of tested panels and inverters. Customers like the company's open pricing policy and flexibility to adjust prices in response to market fluctuations. Positive comments frequently highlight Go Green Electric's excellent communication abilities. In conclusion, consumers have only nice things to say about Go Green Electric Inc. The firm is the best option for solar energy installations in the Denver region because of their experience, dedication to quality, outstanding communication, and devotion to client happiness. The evaluations collectively paint an image of a dependable, experienced, and trustworthy solar supplier who consistently produces outcomes that above all expectations.
"When a salesperson from a solar energy firm (which will remain nameless) came knocking on our door, we were finally convinced to make the switch. After that interaction, I was left with more questions than answers, so I began researching several Denver-area businesses. Go Green Electric was selected after receiving 8 bids from a variety of local and national firms. They are a local business with a wealth of expertise; they provided a fair estimate with highly regarded panels and inverters; they were accommodating when we asked for changes to the estimate; and they threw in extras for which competitors paid extra. Mike and his team were fantastic to collaborate with. They processed all applications, permits, and inspections on time. They answered all of my inquiries and kept us updated at every stage. The setup went well and quickly. The panels' near-perfect match to our roof means that our solar power system goes unseen by visitors until we draw attention to it. It took barely two months from the time we signed the contract till the system became operational. We are relieved to have found Go Green Electric and enthusiastically endorse them." - Andrew
"The group that Mike leads is fantastic. If you are looking for a solar installation crew, I strongly suggest you hire him. A very trustworthy and sincere business. For any solar or electrical work, I would choose Go Green Electric without hesitation. We have beautiful, very functional solar panels. Wow, you guys really went green there, thanks!" - Carley
"Denver's Premier Solar Energy Provider. After hearing great things about Go Green from a friend, my family and I decided to hire them for our home solar installation job. Owner Mike Maharas and his talented design team got to work right away on a tailored solution for our home that would cover all of our electrical needs, including the overnight charging of an electric vehicle. Mike's efforts to improve efficiency and make the most of our south-facing roof space resulted in a system that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Go Green kept us apprised of the project's development throughout the installation process and meticulously guided us through the steps of setting up our system online through the SolarEdge site. Anyone familiar with the Denver home improvement industry will tell you that Go Green is the best of the best. They always go above and beyond for their customers because of the honesty and professionalism of the company's leadership and employees." - Wade
"Go Green Electric completed the job quickly while still paying close attention to every detail. They were accommodating to our unique requirements and responsive to our inquiries via phone and email. We reached out to Go Green Electric as well as numerous rival companies, but Mike, Ryan, and the rest of the staff at Go Green Electric made it simple for us to go forward. They completed the task in a shorter amount of time than anticipated. They worked with us extensively to conceal the system so that it would not detract from the building's aesthetics. They cared about our satisfaction at every stage of the process and went above and beyond to meet our needs." - Marc
"The experience of working with Mike at Go Green has been fantastic. I consulted with eight separate solar energy providers and read up on solar panels, inverters, and service contracts on my own. After several hours of discussions, GO Green emerged as the clear winner. I hardly seldom give 5 stars, but I feel compelled to do so for this firm. They kept us apprised of developments constantly. Their ability to explain things clearly and answer questions thoroughly is invaluable. They showed up promptly every day, scheduled inspections in a timely manner, and were overall a pleasure to work with. If you are thinking about getting solar panels, you should definitely use Go Green!" - Lewis

Go Green Electric Inc. Social media

With a cover photo of solar panels and a profile image of the company logo, the Go Green Electric Inc page has a polished and aesthetically pleasing style. The page has a sizable number of fans and followers, indicating a respectable degree of popularity and involvement. The page frequently posts articles regarding solar energy, renewable energy sources, and news about the company's initiatives and successes. Text, pictures, videos, and links to pertinent articles all make up content. The page receives likes, comments, and reposts; it has a high degree of involvement. The comments area demonstrates good engagement with users who post queries, exhibit interest in the firm, and compliment its offerings. Customers can post evaluations and ratings on the page in the reviews area. The majority of the evaluations are favorable, showing pleased clients who value the goods and expertise of the business. To reach a larger audience, sponsored messages and adverts are occasionally displayed on the page. Overall, the Go Green Electric Inc. Facebook page is well-kept, appealing, and educational. It engages its audience, successfully communicates the company's dedication to sustainable energy, and displays its offerings and accomplishments.
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Go Green Electric Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews205


Go Green Electric Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Transparent and Accommodating
  • Efficiency and Timeliness
  • Trustworthiness and Professionalism
  • Limited Negative Feedback
  • Potentially Higher Cost
  • Limited Service Coverage

Go Green Electric Inc. Final Conclusions

In conclusion, the achievements and standing of Go Green Electric Inc. serve as a shining example of superiority in the solar energy sector. A high average rating of 5 stars was given to the firm. A thorough examination of customer reviews reveals that the business has established a highly favorable reputation for its first-rate offerings, knowledge, and commitment to client pleasure. Go Green Electric's commitment to being at the forefront of the business is seen in their ability to give individualized guidance and thoroughly address questions. This demonstrates their in-depth understanding of solar power solutions. Their dedication to creating effective and long-lasting systems that withstand the test of time is demonstrated by their continued usage of premium solar panels and inverters. The company's commitment to its customers is evidenced by the pricing transparency it offers and by its flexibility in responding to changing needs. Go Green Electric's work is also characterized by good project management, effective communication, and the capacity to effortlessly incorporate solar systems into the aesthetics of clients' houses. The business guarantees that clients are well-informed and involved throughout the process by upholding professionalism and attention to detail. Go Green Electric Inc. serves as a shining example of honesty, quality, and innovation in a world where sustainable energy solutions are taking on more significance. This has a good effect on both the environment and the lives of its consumers.

Go Green Electric Inc. locations

Main Address1050 Yuma St, Denver, CO, United States, Colorado
Phone Number3037315198

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