Suntegrity Solar review

Suntegrity Solar is a provider of renewable energy with a focus on the installation of solar energy systems for both residential and commercial buildings, as well as different energy storage techniques. They provide design, engineering, installation, and monitoring services in addition to solar energy and energy storage solutions for residential and commercial buildings. They furthermore provide whole solar energy systems. Suntegrity Solar has received accreditation in the area of solar energy from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Suntegrity Solar overview

Suntegrity Solar is a provider of renewable energy with a focus on the installation of solar energy systems for both residential and commercial buildings, as well as different energy storage techniques. They provide design, engineering, installation, and monitoring services in addition to solar energy and energy storage solutions for residential and commercial buildings. They furthermore provide whole solar energy systems. Suntegrity Solar has received accreditation in the area of solar energy from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

What Suntegrity Solar has to say about itself

Suntegrity Solar is a trusted source for complete solar energy solutions. With over 10 years of experience in the solar energy industry, the company is an experienced and reputable team. Qualified consultants provide customers in the business and residential sectors with reliable sustainable energy solutions. Professionalism and customer satisfaction are the main priorities of the work. Choose Suntegrity Solar to start utilizing solar energy to save on energy bills and build a green energy future for your home or business.

Suntegrity Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, remote solar monitoring, financing, maintenance, support.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline modules, bifacial modules, and polycrystalline modules.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, deep-cycle lead acid.

Suntegrity Solar website review

The official website of Suntegrity Solar is a well-designed and comprehensive website that contains a lot of information about the services offered by the company as well as its purpose. There are testimonials from previous clients, photo galleries of completed projects, and detailed blogs covering various aspects of renewable energy. The site accommodates information about the areas in which they provide services. Customers and visitors can count on the Suntegrity Solar website to be an accurate and reliable source of information throughout.

Suntegrity Solar price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Power System Package - Starting at $23,995, Business Solar Power System Package - Starting at $59,995, Solar Battery Backup System Package - Starting at $8,495, Commercial Solar Power System Package - Starting at $24,000, Solar Hot Water System Package - Starting at $5,495, Home Solar Panels Package - Starting at $10,995
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, PayPal, and financing through GreenSky or SunPower.
Payment discounts15% off on pre-selected solar products, 10% off installation costs, Up to 5% discount on additional products, Up to 10% discount on maintenance services, 0% interest financing for up to 30-year term, Up to 10% off additional solar accessories, Up to 10% off select renewable energy services

Suntegrity Solar online reputation

In general, clients of Suntegrity Solar gave both favorable and negative feedback about the company's products and services. The firm was lauded by a number of customers for its expert solar installation as well as its exceptional customer service. Customers also remarked that the company worked quickly and effectively to finish the task. On the other side, a number of consumers mentioned having to wait a significant amount of time for the installation procedure. In spite of this, Suntegrity Solar has been very effective in providing high-quality service to a large number of happy clients, which has resulted in a positive impression being left overall.
"Over the course of two weeks, I phoned and left a total of three voicemails, but I never heard back from the person. The other three firms have completed presenting their ideas and costs, and we have begun negotiations with one more group in order to reach an agreement. Suntegrity was originally my first choice because of the great reputation it has earned over the years, but I believe you may have been thinking of an other team when you made your selection." - Ivan C.
"These men had a promising beginning but quickly fell flat. They first offered a competitive quote for our project and were prepared to install a ground system. Due to the height and the kind of land, our location was problematic. They railed about the website and its problems nonstop. Each time the guys visited the location, they either forgot a piece of equipment or had to go back. They seemed disorganized and uninterested in earning my business. Even the company's CEO admitted to me that he wished he didn't have to build my site since it was so difficult. They requested that I hire a builder to do all the preliminary work. They were finally dismissed, and I then worked with a fantastic business who installed a system that was much superior to what RePower had suggested. Repower is usually suitable for simple tasks, and they like working on them. But don't count on these people to go above and above if there is a problem; they will whine all day. It is worthwhile to explore." - Kev C.
"My time spent working with Suntegrity Solar was filled with nothing but misery and frustration. After the job was done, I saw that the installation had a number of mistakes, each of which was going to cost me more money than the initial estimate had predicted for it to do so. The whole process was a pain for me, as it required me to make a lot of phone calls and send a number of emails before I was able to get them to correct the issues. It is to one's advantage to conduct some investigating." - Jurg S.
"Suntegrity Solar firm overcharged us, and despite our repeated requests for a refund or any other kind of compensation, the firm has not provided a satisfactory response. It was a horrible thing that they took advantage of us in that way. When they were at our home, the installers from Suntegrity Solar Company behaved in an impolite and disrespectful manner. Due to the rude behavior that they were displaying, we were forced to ask them to leave halfway through." - Lisa D.
"It took me four trips and six calls to have a minor problem repaired, and the installation staff handled the situation in a very unprofessional and inconsiderate manner. In the end, I was forced to phone the corporate office in order to get an appropriate answer and a resolution. Even though I was the client and had already paid the entire money for the service, I was offered excuses rather than assistance when I heard from corporate. Lack of responsibility, poor quality of installation, and unsatisfactory customer service" - Tony F.
"I continue to turn people onto them! They helped me customize my system to exactly the right panels, inverters, layout, and more. The other big box companies would not budge from their pre-set plans. I plan to be in my house for life so wanted the best quality components from suppliers that would be around for the long haul. Every aspect of the ‘conversation’ was great and honest and true. They were quick to answer my questions and give lots of options and walk me thru them. A++, very happy customer." - Steven K.
"We have shared our positive experience with Suntegrity Solar with a wide variety of individuals, including members of our community and others who visit our church. The installation was carried out in a skilled and accurate manner. They showed us, the client, that they valued us by showing respect, keeping us informed of the procedures that were being taken throughout the installation, and ensuring that the work was completed correctly. Because the good consequence has been exactly as they claimed it would be, our experience with Suntegrity Solar has left us feeling extremely delighted." - Vail B.
"Someone was always ready to answer my queries throughout the procedure. Never once did I feel compelled to do anything I didn't want to. Although I had the assurance of working with a major organization, the whole time I felt like I was working with a small-town contractor. When some minor adjustments were required, co-owners visited me at home and had direct conversations with me. If I could give Suntegrity Solar's Santa Rosa location six stars right this second, I would! Good job, everyone! Highly recommended. I've never experienced better service. Three cheers for excellence." - Esteve A.
"Highly professional company with personnel that works patiently and competently with the owners throughout the process. It was a fantastic idea on the part of your employees to put a solar panel system on the roof of our barn. Everyone was eager to take the time to fully answer my questions and explain what was happening and what to anticipate. The few difficulties that did arise were dealt with amicably and swiftly. I had fun working with you guys and will soon reap the rewards of "going green" by lowering our family's carbon footprint. We appreciate you exceeding our expectations so far. We wish you tremendous success and wish you well in the future." - Hank C.
"About 7 years ago, Suntegrity installed 20 solar panels and Enphase micro-inverters, and there haven't been any issues since. In order to install 10 additional solar panels, we asked Suntegrity for a quote since the addition of an electric vehicle caused our power use to exceed our solar output. Suntegrity offered us thorough explanations of the procedure, two extension options, optimal placement, obtained county permission, erected panels according to a very strict schedule, and received grid connection approval extremely promptly. The parts are top-notch, the installation went smoothly and on schedule, and the customer support was and is flawless. The word "integrity" in the corporate name is real." - Dan K.

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Suntegrity Solar average reviews

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Suntegrity Solar Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Quick installation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Expensive installation costs
  • Slow and inefficient customer service
  • Limited Availability

Suntegrity Solar Final Conclusions

Overall, Suntegrity Solar seems to be among the top solar businesses in the area where it operates. Customers express a high degree of satisfaction with the company's goods and services, and they praise the employees for their expertise and friendliness in the sales, installation, and customer service departments. However, there are sometimes problems with post-installation assistance. The business intentionally provides advantageous solar incentives and warranties, offering exceptional value for the money. Suntegrity Solar gets five stars based on the majority of customer feedback.

Suntegrity Solar locations

Main Address3100 Dutton Ave #138, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Phone Number7076231464

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