Sunwatt Solar review

To all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, we are "Sunwatt Solar," a full-service solar installation for homes and small businesses. By handling everything from the first site visit to ongoing monitoring, we make going solar easy. Sunwatt is dedicated to providing each client with the highest quality solar experience possible.
Sunwatt Solar review

Sunwatt Solar overview

To all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, we are "Sunwatt Solar," a full-service solar installation for homes and small businesses. By handling everything from the first site visit to ongoing monitoring, we make going solar easy. Sunwatt is dedicated to providing each client with the highest quality solar experience possible.

What Sunwatt Solar has to say about itself

We do not do sales; we do solar. When solar energy makes sense, and when it doesn't, we will show you! The Sunwatt crew is well knowledgeable about current local incentive schemes and has access to cutting-edge technology. For every family, farm, and company that wants to maximize their solar investment, we have a unique plan that will not break the bank.

Sunwatt Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasMA, RI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thinfilm
Backup BatteryIthium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, BBB

Sunwatt Solar website review

Based in Nebraska, Sunwatt Solar offers installation and consulting services for solar energy systems. The company's website has a fair lot of information, including case studies, business news, and useful tools like calculators, recommendations for converting to solar power, and information on financial crises. Along with interactive elements like solar panel evaluation and choosing, the website also includes actual customer reviews. Additionally, Sunwatt Solar offers readers a blog with useful advice on how to maximize solar energy as well as updates on technological advancements in the field. The website is easy to use and provides a concise summary of the products and services offered by Sunwatt Solar. It offers useful instructional tools for individuals just getting started with the technology and is a great resource for prospective consumers wishing to switch to solar energy. The website offers a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with Sunwatt Solar's knowledgeable staff. Overall, Sunwatt Solar's website is exquisitely made and is filled with detailed information about their services, goods, and client feedback. It is a fantastic resource for prospective customers to learn more.

Sunwatt Solar price policy

Packages$10,000 and $40,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, cash, checks, and financing
Payment discounts20% federal tax deduction, utility discounts, and state and local incentives, additional discounts for combat veterans and bulk buyers

Sunwatt Solar online reputation

According to customer reviews, Sunwatt Solar often obtains favorable reviews from consumers. The majority of clients had a positive experience with Sunwatt and were happy with the way their solar panels performed throughout installation. The timeliness, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction received high marks from customers. From the first consultation through the system design and installation, they were commended for being forthcoming, flexible, and helpful at every stage of the process. It was also thought that Sunwatt's close proximity to several client sites was a plus. Customers have expressed gratitude for Sunwatt Solar's thorough information on packaging and equipment alternatives catered to their particular energy models and requirements. Customers stated that their panels performed better than anticipated and in perfect accordance with output power estimates. It was also stated that Sunwatt may manage administrative duties including audits and tax credit applications. A few drawbacks were noted in the evaluations, however. Customers have voiced their displeasure with Sunwatt customer service's answer. People complained about having trouble calling the business and waiting too long for problems with the system's operation and maintenance to be resolved. Additionally, one customer brought up damage to their roof during installation and voiced dissatisfaction with the business's lack of commitment to making things right. In conclusion, it seems like Sunwatt Solar is a trustworthy and committed business that provides a great experience for the majority of consumers based on the majority of customer evaluations. They were praised for their expertise, timeliness, and dedication to client happiness. However, it is important to consider a company's performance in light of certain customers' poor customer service and property damage experiences. To guarantee seamless functioning during the whole solar panel installation procedure, it is advised to enquire about the availability of the required components and assess the company's reaction.
"Even though the installation went well and on schedule, I would not count on stellar outcomes when it comes to servicing. They will not return your calls or even pick up the phone. They made contact after 2 days of trying and 4 days of being unable to generate any electricity. The only catch is that they are now out of stock on necessary components and must thus wait for the manufacturer to ship them. How long that will take is anyone's guess. Ask whether they have the components you need for the system you are considering." - Tom
"The installation was completed quickly and without incident. But I have been calling them for three days now and they have not answered. Even on Facebook, where I expected an instantaneous reply, I heard nothing. The recent string of sunny days has resulted in a significant increase in my electricity bill." - Mary
"My mom and dad have been waiting months for their solar panel system to be switched on (despite having paid for it in full and not being financed). This firm is breaking a legally binding agreement. They also damaged their roof and are unrepentant about fixing it." - Allison
"Sunwatt was a wonderful company to work with. We visited with and got quotations from many solar firms, but Sunwatt stood out as the most open and helpful throughout the whole process. In contrast to other firms, Dana, Aaron, and the rest of the crew were extremely laid back and pleasant to deal with throughout the whole process. Our panels have been installed successfully, and their output has exceeded our expectations. Even though we have not had any problems warranting a call to Sunwatt's support staff just yet, we opted for them because of their proximity to our office. We advise that you look into Sunwatt." - Jeffrey
"We had a great time working with Sunwatt Solar. Throughout the whole contracting and sales process, they were quick to respond. Equipment and layout choices were laid out in detail. Based on your house and the information you provide about your family's average energy consumption pattern, Sunwatt will help you determine the appropriate size of the system. The only hiccup was a delay of a few weeks in connecting the system to the grid, which seems to have been caused by a problem with our account status at RI Energy. For the last six months, our system has been successfully producing electricity. Sunwatt met all of our solar energy requirements, and we would use them again."- Jamie
"Sunwatt Solar provided me with a five-star experience from beginning to end. They love what they do, and it shows in their dedication to both their consumers and the planet. They know what they are doing, can really do it, and are very forthright about it. They were great to deal with, and the end result exceeded my expectations. If you are thinking about getting solar panels, they come highly recommended from me." - Rebecca
"For a time, going solar has been one of our top priorities. For over a year, I studied the benefits and drawbacks of solar panels from every angle: efficiency, wiring, user control automation, and more. I also did not want to lose some of the gorgeous decorative trees I have had since I bought the house. Sunwatt Solar was sympathetic to my worries. They developed many plans to guarantee the final product would meet all efficiency standards while still looking great on the roof. After a year of operation, I can confirm that their monthly energy output projections were accurate, albeit somewhat conservative. The design process was lengthy, but the staff was accommodating throughout. Wiring from the roof to the basement presented a significant challenge during installation. Since the walls are made of stone and brick, it will be difficult to drill holes and run cables. The crew, however, was quite professional, arrived on time, and cleaned up after themselves. The administrative personnel was likewise top notch. My inspection, tax credit application, and other necessary paperwork was expertly handled by them. Overall, the process was less nerve-wracking since we worked with a local business and, more significantly, a reliable solar provider like Sunwatt. Black LG panels were what we ended up buying. On a dark roof, they stand out beautifully." - Nina
"After years of contemplation, we finally reached out to many solar panel installers. Sunwatt excelled, offering advice and assistance at every step. They hung around until we figured out how to store the panels in a barn and constructed it, stopping by occasionally to check on our work and answer any queries. No matter how many times we went through the available choices, they were quick to respond if we had any inquiries. When we choose Sunwatt, it was the best option available. Now that we are all connected up, we can not say enough good things about the procedure and the service they offered." - Betsy

Sunwatt Solar Social media
A Nebraska-based company called Sunwatt Solar offers consultation and installation services for solar energy systems. On its Facebook page, the business provides updates on its products and services, information on forthcoming events, and images and other visuals from previous installations. Solar exhibits, seminars, and other events relating to solar energy are included as events on the page. Additionally, the website offers consumer education materials to aid in their understanding of solar technology. Topics like "Solar Myths Vs. Facts" and "The Benefits Of Solar Energy On Your Home's Resale Value" are covered in these blog posts and videos. In addition, Sunwatt Solar offers its visitors useful information such as Q&As, financing choices, and product details. On the website are testimonials and testimonies from homes who had Sunwatt Solar solar energy systems installed. Overall, everyone interested in solar energy and energy efficiency should check out Sunwatt Solar's Facebook page. It is well-designed and instructional, and it includes both user reviews and educational content. Additionally, the website offers frequent updates about business undertakings, occasions, and goods, enabling present and new clients to keep abreast of the business.
Based in Nebraska, Sunwatt Solar offers solar energy installation and consulting services. There are job ads and corporate information on the firm's LinkedIn profile. A comprehensive description of Sunwatt Solar can be found on the corporate website, which also includes details about the firm's services, purpose, and values. Project manager, electrical engineer, sales representative, customer service representative, and energy inspector are just a few of the specific categories that the job ads are divided into. The page that corresponds to each job description lists the functions that must be performed, the skills and experience needed, and other important information for each position. The portal also offers background information about Sunwatt Solar and the job it undertakes, assisting potential workers in better understanding the business. With job seekers interested in working with Sunwatt Solar, the company's LinkedIn profile is a great resource. It offers thorough job descriptions, useful corporate data, and client testimonials. Potential clients may learn more about the business, its purpose and values, as well as its products and services, via this page.
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Sunwatt Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews494.9


Sunwatt Solar Pros & Cons

  • A wide range of high quality products and services
  • 20 year warranty on all solar installations
  • Various financing options
  • Not available in all states
  • Installation time can be long
  • Prices may vary depending on local laws and incentives

Sunwatt Solar Final Conclusions

Based in Nebraska, Sunwatt Solar offers professional solar energy consultation and installation services. Whether it be a large-scale commercial setup or a home setup, their services are made to match the specific demands of consumers. Sunwatt Solar offers consumers a dependable and affordable solar energy solution with a 20-year guarantee on all solar panel installations and numerous discounts available. Customers have the confidence they need to make an educated choice thanks to the company's accreditation by the Better Business Bureau and certification by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Many clients have expressed total satisfaction with Sunwatt Solar's goods and services, and the firm has a stellar reputation.

Sunwatt Solar locations

Main Address1005 Main St. Unit 2129 Pawtucket, RI 02860
Phone Number8884983331

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