TEO Solar review

Solar energy installation, solar energy systems, and solar energy maintenance are all available at TEO Solar. They are experts in designing and installing solar systems for homes and businesses. Solutions for managing and reducing energy use are among their other products.

TEO Solar overview

Solar energy installation, solar energy systems, and solar energy maintenance are all available at TEO Solar. They are experts in designing and installing solar systems for homes and businesses. Solutions for managing and reducing energy use are among their other products.

What TEO Solar has to say about itself

TEO Solar is an industry pioneer in the solar power field. We're proud of every one of our many accomplishments over the years, including the development of innovative solar energy solutions and the construction of hundreds of installations. If you decide to invest in solar energy, you may be certain that you will get a superior final product, competent, licensed, dependable service, and a secure financial footing for the future.

TEO Solar Review

Year Started1979
Company Websiteteosolar.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, design, energy audits, consultation, financing, and solar maintenance.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, IEC, ETL, ISO, CE, FCC

TEO Solar website review

Teosolar.com, the company's official website, is a gold mine of data on the business and its products. The website's design is straightforward and uncluttered, making it simple to navigate and locate certain pieces of data. The website also has in-depth product descriptions, testimonials, and details on how to get in touch with customer support. Latest news and product details are constantly posted to the site as well. In sum, visiting teosolar.com is a fantastic opportunity to educate yourself about the firm and its offerings.

TEO Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation - Starting at $2,500, Solar Panel Maintenance - Starting at $99 per visit, Solar Battery Installation - Starting at $2,500, Solar Inverter Installation - Starting at $1,500, Solar Panel Cleaning - Starting at $99 per visit, Roof Repair Services - Starting at $250, Solar Panel Monitoring - Starting at $19.95 per month, Solar Panel Removal - Starting at $1,000, Solar Panel Financing - Starting at 0.99% APR
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.
Payment discountsMilitary Discount - 10%, Referral Discount - 5%, Senior Discount - 10%, Small Business Discount - 10%, Volume Discount - Up to 15%, Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Discount - 25%, Community Solar Discount - 10%

TEO Solar online reputation

Customers have positive impressions of TEO Solar. Customers have praised the company's quick responses and high-quality products. Additionally, they have been quite helpful in elucidating the many solar energy options available. However, not all solar systems perform as promised, and some customers have complained that assistance isn't as helpful as they'd hoped. TEO Solar is a reliable and efficient solar energy choice for consumers who want to save money and have a smaller environmental footprint.
"You will really regret doing business with them. I lost nine months and $22,000 to this firm and its incompetent owner, who assured me he understood what he was doing and would save me money. I had hundreds of dollars in additional electric utility bills since he hadn't finished what he'd promised to accomplish in the promised four months. You may never have your system installed and switched on because the owner/operator gives you falsehoods and half-truths about anything from his experience to the timeline for installation and activation. The owner operator is inept, has no ethics, and will put you off till he feels like completing the work you paid him for. I had originally scheduled this firm to undertake four projects, one of which included commercial solar, but after his terrible attitude and failure to show up and finish the first basic residential work, I cancelled his schedule for the other three. You just can't put your faith in him. Work with this fool, and you'll hear nothing but excuses and the phrase "fair-one" over and over again." - Jason S.
"As of August of 2021, I have been in communication with TEO Solar. As of the beginning of February 2022, all I have to show for it are astronomical electricity bills and solar loan repayment obligations. TEO Solar's customer support staff has given us hollow promises despite our best efforts to get in touch with them. After installation, I'm sure it'll be difficult to obtain technical help, and I'd rather simply be done with this loan." - Jeremy C.
"They'll tell you anything to get you to stay. I was assured that for this much each month, I would not get an energy bill. My power bill hasn't gone away yet, and the monthly cost is far greater than they anticipated, even with the balloon payment. After discussing this with the company's CEO and many other executives, I was told that it will be included in future training. There was one email when I inquired about the pricing and he confirmed that there would be no power bill. On the other hand, every time we spoke on the phone, he lied about the quantity and cost of our output." - Jake T.
"The year 2021 saw the installation of our solar panels. Up until we discovered the leak in our roof, everything seemed OK. Despite several phone calls and an online ticket repair request, TEO Solar has been utterly UNRESPONSIVE for the last two weeks. From what I can tell, just one person in Customer Service (or maybe the whole organization) answers the phone. Unfortunately, the only option is to take a message and call the customer back. I hope to hear back from you soon." - Dean A.
"After much deliberation, I decided to go with the firm that had the best reviews. For a few years, the system performed well. Now that my inverter has failed, I can't get in touch with anybody at TEO Solar. I've tried calling many times with no success, and nobody has returned my calls. Until TEO Solar verifies the address, the monitoring business cannot provide a new inverter. If it's this difficult to have an address confirmed, I have no idea how I'll ever get someone to come replace the inverter if it ever arrives. It's now August 16th, and my systems have been down since June 15th. With this information! Definitely NOT with TEO Solar. Just verifying an address seems so difficult! I can't in good conscience endorse this business." - Elijah O.
"The owner of the company, his son-in-law, did an excellent job installing the system, and I appreciated the detailed explanation of how it worked. The only problem (not the company's fault) was a delay in delivery caused by windy weather up north. They took care of all the paperwork on the connection agreement with Progress Energy, the Florida State discount, and the permit. This is a firm I will use again, no doubt about it. Come see my meter the other way! To have the PV system and mortgage paid off before I retire, I made the investment now. When I finally retire, I want to be free of financial obligations like my mortgage and energy bills." - Paul O.
"TEO Solar has the best customer service in the industry. They are helpful and responsive whenever I contact them via phone or email. My needs were accommodated, and I was given visual aids to assist me comprehend how the system functioned. TEO Solar is a really competent and nice company, and I would suggest them without reservation. TEO Solar has been really helpful to us. TEO Solar is a fantastic company, and I urge you to use them." - Alexander F.
"Our electricity provider does not provide net metering; instead, they pay us around $0.051/KWH and collect about $0.12/KWH from us. We believe that switching to full value net metering will encourage others to reduce their energy use and invest in renewable energy sources. For eighteen years, I looked for a PV system installation without success. The business hired to execute the installation had experience, supplied a broad range of services, and the owner already had a functional system. In every way, their installation went above and beyond my expectations. I can speak highly enough about them." - Jared D.
"Working with TeoSolar is a pleasure. Because of their reliability, helpfulness, and product expertise, I have no reservations about recommending them to others. They arrived on time and provided thorough explanations. Without a doubt, I'd hire TeoSolar again." - Steven C.
"My four years with this setup are halfway over. Two years in, the only mechanical problem I've experienced is a failing inverter. It was frustrating that it took three months to sort out. I had to contact TEO Solar to acquire the appropriate components and procedures for replacement since TEO Solar support and service were so uncommunicative. However, I was compensated for the three months' worth of loan payments on the system. Since I am eligible credits but do not have a battery wall, my only invoices are in July and August, and even they are generally around $65." - Taylor G.

TEO Solar Social media

TEO Solar's official Facebook page is a trusted source of knowledge about solar energy technology. It features a wide range of relevant content such as photos, videos, and corporate events. The website has a clean design and bright colors that give it a professional and orderly look. Each piece is backed by attractive images and links to informative publications and interviews. Films are especially useful, as they provide useful insight into the products and services the company provides. This site is a reliable source of information about solar energy solutions because it is well-managed and frequently updated with new materials.
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TEO Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews184.8


TEO Solar Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Experienced
  • Affordable
  • Limited Product Range
  • Installation Costs
  • Limited Warranty

TEO Solar Final Conclusions

TEO Solar offers solar energy system design, engineering, construction, commissioning, and upkeep all around the world. Solar panels, both rooftop and ground-mounted, energy storage, and energy management systems are all part of their repertoire of offerings. TEO Solar has widespread public acclaim and good ratings for both product quality and support from satisfied customers.

TEO Solar locations

Main Address494 County Road 65 Bunnell, FL 32110
Phone Number3864372671

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