Texoma Solar Solutions review

What we do centers on a commitment to quality. We're dedicated to making dependable goods that last for years in any weather. For this reason, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our design and construction. With Enphase, we know our clients will get nothing but the best in terms of quality and efficiency.

Texoma Solar Solutions overview

What we do centers on a commitment to quality. We're dedicated to making dependable goods that last for years in any weather. For this reason, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our design and construction. With Enphase, we know our clients will get nothing but the best in terms of quality and efficiency.

What Texoma Solar Solutions has to say about itself

To our business and residential customers in Oklahoma and Texas, we provide the greatest solar energy solutions available, and we take great delight in doing so. All aspects of solar installation are well within the expertise of our professional solar installers. Our team only employs trained and qualified personnel to install solar panels. Our goal is to provide reasonably priced solar energy solutions of the finest possible quality in order to curb rising energy expenses. In addition to assisting you in becoming green and increasing the value of your property, we can also assist you in lowering your monthly power cost.

Texoma Solar Solutions Review

Year Started2014
Company Websitetexomasolarsolutions.net
Service AreasOK, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsBBB, SEIA, NABCEP

Texoma Solar Solutions website review

The website has a neat and well made design. Users may quickly browse through the many parts because to the layout's excellent organization. Users may simply visit different sections on the website, such as Home, About Us, Services, Solar Panels, and Contact Us, thanks to the clear and simple navigation menu at the top of the page. This makes it possible for visitors to locate the information they need fast. Texoma Solar Solutions and its services are fully explained on the website. The writing is clear, simple, and easy to comprehend. Each page includes crucial information on solar energy's advantages, the company's background, and the installation of solar panels. Customer endorsements from the website help to boost the legitimacy of the business's offerings. Furthermore, case studies highlight accomplished solar systems, showcasing the business's expertise and track record. Overall, the Texoma Solar Solutions website does a good job of communicating the products, advantages, and experiences associated with the company's solar energy. Its intuitive layout, educational content, and obvious call-to-action components all contribute to a great user experience and possible customer conversions.

Texoma Solar Solutions price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card9Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer
Payment discountsBulk purchase discounts

Texoma Solar Solutions online reputation

Texoma Solar Solutions has heard both good and bad things from consumers, according to comments. Positives: Barns and homes were among the projects that Texoma Solar Solutions executed very well. Installers are skilled and kind. In comparison to other installers, the firm provided inexpensive solutions. To guarantee client happiness, the team examined the problems and made modifications. The technology has shown its worth and lived up to client expectations. Negative aspects include inadequate communication, broken promises, and delays in answers and services for certain customers. Many clients have complained about installation issues, material issues, and defective equipment. Frustration and extra repair expenses resulted from the company's lack of customer assistance and warranty servicing. There have been cases when insufficient grounding, faulty installation, and inappropriate wiring have caused systems to fail causing safety concerns. Some customers have complained about being overcharged or feeling misled and found it difficult to communicate with the CEO. Overall, Texoma Solar Solutions has satisfied a large number of clients with good services and installations, receiving compliments on system performance and performance. However, there are challenges with customer service, communication, and prompt problem solving. Before selecting Texoma Solar Solutions or any other solar installation provider, it is advised that prospective consumers give these factors great thought and do comprehensive research.
"If there was a zero-star option, that's how I'd grade my whole experience. I'll spare you the details of the poor communication and unreliable promises by saying just that I had an Outback system built on a remote cabin in August of 2021, and it has never run for more than 48 hours at a time. When hunting season is in full swing, I spend most weekends there. While we're there, there's no need for the system to be active. Our water pump and other high-use appliances are powered by a gas generator. While we're gone, the solar feed just has to be on for the fridge to be cold enough to store drinks and condiments. I have been arriving to discover a malfunctioning system for the last six months. Time and time again, I have called the office and the installer to report an issue and asked that someone look at it. Three to four weeks after the original complaint, someone should come out, if I'm fortunate. For instance, the current failure in the system was reported on February 11th, and by the time the technician made it out there this week, the system was already dead. They should get in touch with the maker to find out what can be done. Neither that nor their return date is anything I can predict. For the last six months, it hasn't worked well; what's another two weeks? Absolutely horrible assistance. Instead of putting up with this, I would have preferred to burn my money. The suffering may have been alleviated sooner that way. Keep away! Avoid it at all costs!" - Mary
"How would you want to change solar energy from a financial "win" to a "loss"? Contact Texoma Solar now! Four years with the panels installed. Two years ago, we had an inverter fail, so I contacted tech support. No one has returned my calls or emails. We were forced to seek out and pay for the services of a different repair business. Our second inverter failed around two months ago. I had to pay for the time and effort of two different businesses, and they both concluded that the system wasn't adequately grounded. When I phoned Texoma, a representative assured me they would put me on the list for warranty servicing. Since then, I have left three separate voicemails through the "Contact us" page and email, all of which have gone unanswered. The other workers will have to come back out to replace the inverter and make the necessary adjustments to the installation. Depending on the cost of repairs, this has now transformed into a negative investment over the next five to ten years." - Henry
"My whole installation process has been problematic. To induce me to add a generator to my system, which they didn't know how to install, they lied about when my loan payments would begin (they began a full month before my system ever produced any power) and about the duties that would be performed. They overcharged me $3,000 since the installation wasn't completed as promised. After that, I discovered that Anthony and his team only wired in half of my home when I checked the generator on my own. After trying to contact Anthony by phone for 5 months and not receiving a response, I decided to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Now he's telling me that they've finished their work and I'll need to employ them again if I want to run the remainder of my home off the generator. They drilled holes on the edges of the panels, allowing insects to enter and potentially disrupt the circuits. The generator's air intake wasn't even internally connected, and the battery was dead. Please make good decisions and save yourself the pain I went through." - Calvin
"It would be impossible to include all that happened. In a nutshell, they are either incompetent or deliberately deceptive and/or exploitative. In the very first place: First, less expensive panels were used than were promised in the contract. Second, the number of inverters given was inadequate for the size of the array (20kW) and just two 7000W inverters were used. #3 Incorrect cable sizes between the array and the home, leading to inverter failures To "fix" the inverter shut down problem, Number 4 had to "fix" the appearance that some panels were still connected after they had been deliberately unhooked. Connect smaller wire pigtail to main line junction box at end of 400-foot route to home in the field (#5). #7 One year after installation, the framework collapsed due to wind and had to be redone from start at my expense. Company promoted on Texoma Solar Solutions website but not found on NABCEP website Anthony "fixed" the faults as I found them and informed him of them, but a normal homeowner with no solar knowledge would not have known there were problems until the system stopped functioning properly. Many careless wiring issues were also addressed once a new installer properly rebuilt the framework. You probably already know that I do not endorse this installation. It baffles me how they've managed to stay in business this long." - Charlie
"Texoma solar systems seemed appealing after researching numerous choices. Anthony Devore gave me everything his rivals did for less. I heard nothing after signing the contract. Texoma Solar never responded. I had to contact or text the CEO every time I wanted to know about my setup. Installing 33 panels on a nearly flat single-story home took three months. 8 panels were installed "under a shade tree" on my roof. Anthony shrugged off the additional holes in my metal roof and improper installation. They then attempted to utilize one of my air conditioner breakers to plug the panels into cut corners without a breaker box. He insisted that my A/C technician build a new breaker and that they could utilize an existing dedicated breaker. He threatened to hold me to that. I had to phone and SMS to find out when my system would work. The system waited two months for Anthony to submit the power company paperwork to link it up. I activated the system within a week of contacting him. After a month and many texts, he finally answered me and said they do not provide a way to monitor the system to see what's working, which is why they are $10,000 cheaper. He then insulted my intelligence by saying the gateway computer only costs $300 and all you have to do is plug it into the wall. Not sure how difficult. He apologized for my lack of investing perspective. Anthony DeVore, CEO, is a con artist with no customer service skills. I would pay $10,000 to avoid Texas Solar Solutions!" - Lillian
"I was apprehensive at first and just bought a tiny solar system from Texoma Solar Solutions, but they performed a fantastic job on my barn. Within a year, I had them back to put in an additional 12 solar panels. Excellent work, and a pleasure to collaborate with." - Edgar
"This business performed a fantastic job installing my solar panels. The installation of my ground mount took three days. The mount was constructed and let to cure on day one, the panels and invertors were installed on day two, and wiring and trenching were completed on day three. The installers were experts in their field and did a thorough job. They did an excellent job of concealing the trench as well. My system is great, and I appreciate not having to worry about my power cost. They have earned my highest recommendation." - Stella
"For the new home I was constructing, I opted for a sizable system of 12Kw. I was interested in purchasing a solar power system for my permanent home, but I didn't know much about them. Anthony was a great assistance in explaining the process, the sizing, and the projected payout schedule for my lat/lon. After installation, his team returned many times to adjust the panels, inverter, and fix a faulty string. He put up a Generac generator, saying that emergency power from batteries is only good for short bursts and won't be enough to run the whole home. Living in tornado alley necessitated the expensive Generac because I knew I needed to prepare for the "when," not the "if" of a power outage." - Sam
"Texoma had the most affordable options for residential solar panels and batteries while I was shopping around. The other installers were around $10,000 more expensive than they were. There were some issues with the installation (about a 50-60 day delay, which isn't terrible for a project of this scale) and with the installation and materials delivered (I ordered 400w panels and received 340w panels; Texoma installed additional panels), but these were all manageable. My system's output has gone up by 25% thanks to the new solar panels. Ultimately, Anthony addressed all of those worries. In addition, at the project's completion, their communication had vastly improved. Anthony had a 10-T backup system tested by an enphase engineer he brought in. Anthony fixed everything that was wrong and even went above and above on a few instances. His electrical crew is 100% trustworthy and well trained. Nothing else could possibly be better. The system has performed as expected, to our great satisfaction. We want to utilize Texoma again when we upgrade my system's capabilities." - Michael
"Employees that are knowledgeable, kind, and professional." - Mia

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Texoma Solar Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Energy Independence
  • Long term investment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Uneven energy production
  • Limited availability
  • Competitive market

Texoma Solar Solutions Final Conclusions

The reputation and efficacy of Texoma Solar Solutions are inconsistent, as evidenced by client testimonials. While some customers have praised the company's installations and system performance, others have complained about various aspects of their service.Texoma Solar Solutions, who specializes in solar panel installation, has been lauded for the quality of their work. The clients have praised the installers' professionalism and the general caliber of their work. In addition, the business has been commended for providing more cost-effective solutions than other solar installation companies. Regarding customer service and communication, however, a number of complaints have been lodged. A few customers have complained that it is difficult to obtain answers to their inquiries and concerns in a timely manner. Specifically when installation issues or faulty equipment needed to be repaired, this dearth of communication has caused problems. For warranty work or repairs, customers have on occasion been required to contact third-party vendors, resulting in increased expenses. The general perception of Texoma Solar Solutions is unfavorable, with compliments on the quality of the work and the reasonable prices countered by complaints about the company's commitment to its promises and its ability to effectively communicate with customers. Before selecting Texoma Solar Solutions or any other solar installation service, prospective clients are urged to carefully consider the aforementioned factors and conduct extensive research.

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Main Address3117 Westside Dr Durant, OK 74701-1847
Phone Number4692150580

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