The Green Panel review

Our goal is to gradually introduce households and companies to the revolutionary advancement of renewable and storage energy, which will cut your energy costs and improve our collective future. Inaugurated in 2007
The Green Panel review

The Green Panel overview

Our goal is to gradually introduce households and companies to the revolutionary advancement of renewable and storage energy, which will cut your energy costs and improve our collective future. Inaugurated in 2007

What The Green Panel has to say about itself

To better serve our solar consumers in Michigan and throughout North America, The Green Panel, Inc. established the EF&I model in 2007. By keeping stock at our fulfillment center in preparation for fast shipping, we are able to keep our "first to market" promise. The Green Panel has partnered with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers with extensive experience and a track record of success, positioning us to become the go-to option for customers.

The Green Panel Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasMI
Service TypesElectrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNot specified

The Green Panel website review

In the Sun The Green Panel website, available at, is a platform that offers data and services pertaining to solar power and environmentally friendly living. In keeping with its emphasis on sustainability, the website features a simple, contemporary layout with a color palette that leans heavily toward green. Visitors may quickly browse through the different parts because to the layout's simplicity and usability. Solar panels are prominently shown in a banner on the site, and there is a strong call to action encouraging visitors to "Get Started." with sustainable energy alternatives. The website provides a range of solar energy-related services, such as financing, maintenance, and installation of solar panels. Each service is well explained, giving visitors in-depth knowledge of the advantages and procedures. The Solar Energy Calculator, which enables users to calculate the possible savings and advantages of putting solar panels on their house, is one standout feature. Users may use this application to better understand the costs and environmental effects of converting to solar power. On the website, happy customers' case studies and testimonies are highlighted, along with their successful solar panel installations and the beneficial effects they have had on their lives. This aids in gaining the confidence and trust of prospective clients. Visitors to the website are given numerous options to get in touch with the business, including a contact form, a phone number, and an actual address. This displays a dedication to accessibility and customer assistance. Visitors to the website may connect and engage with the business on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn thanks to connections on the site to its social media accounts. Users can keep up with the most recent news and events thanks to this, which also strengthens the feeling of community. Overall, Sunshine The Green Panel's website successfully communicates the company's offerings and industry knowledge. A comprehensive website for anyone interested in making decisions about sustainable energy, it provides visitors with useful information, tools, and user feedback.

The Green Panel price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000
Payment optionsCredit or debit card( Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover), Bank transfer, Financing options, Cash or check
Payment discountsCash Discounts, Financing Options

The Green Panel online reputation

According to client testimonials, The Green Panel's solar energy services are generally well-received. Numerous clients have expressed pleasure with The Green Panel's solar panels and battery systems, the installation procedure, the skill of the workers, and the final results. One client highlights The Green Panel's outstanding follow-up assistance and service, praising their efforts to address problems with broken mini-inverters. The business goes above and above by taking care of all the documentation necessary for warranty replacements and even displaying the updated inverters on the client's website.Another client commends The Green Panel for their outstanding customer service, praising in particular Ashton, their representative, for her professionalism and interpersonal abilities. We also appreciate the company's readiness to expedite the installation procedure in order to satisfy the customer's urgent personal needs.One client expressed happiness with the Tesla Powerwalls and Panasonic panels placed by The Green Panel, and there is also good feedback on the quality of the items utilized by the company. The Green Panel is the greatest solar company in the customer's opinion, and they will even be used again for future installations.Although the majority of reviews are favorable, a few consumers have expressed unfavorable experiences. One client complains about The Green Panel's customer service, noting scheduling issues and a general lack of responsiveness to phone calls. Another client argues that the firm is unresponsive to support queries and that the setup procedure for net metering is a headache.In conclusion, it seems from the customer evaluations that The Green Panel's solar energy services are usually well-received. Customers laud their competence, the quality of their work, and the effectiveness of the solar panels and battery systems they installed. However, certain issues with customer service and response have been brought up, showing that there is space for development in those areas.
"HOW THEY TREAT CUSTOMERS DOES NOT IMPRESS ME. We put down a deposit in July, and within a few weeks, someone came to our house to confirm that the solar panels could be installed where we wanted them to be. A second person arrived to take measurements and check out the proposed installation site a week or two later. He insisted we install it on the roof, although that's not where the sun's beams would be the most effective. My spouse suggested times that would be appropriate to wear it, as well as times when we would be away on vacation. After a week or two, we got a notification that they want to install it during our trip, but we declined. We'd love to be present. After weeks of trying to schedule a meeting, no one finally responded to our repeated phone calls. We were able to reach someone in September who was in charge of scheduling the actual installation. The earliest possible start date is October. No one was present on the day of insulation. My husband finally reached someone by calling, and that person said they could come out tomorrow. However, timing was not given. Why didn't they just let us know about the switch? Now that they are ready to begin construction, they informed us that my kiwi arbor must be removed. When they went out the two occasions, there were no problems. Instead of attempting to relocate the arbor and plants, I will simply have to take them down. However, plans changed and the boxes are now inside the home. And they have to be mounted outdoors on my brick home. Totally different from what was planned. Green Panel knew we would be out of town for a while, so they notified Consumer Power in advance, but it will be a month before they can come out and flip the switch. It's almost November, and I still haven't activated it. Before they will tell Customers, they demand all of the money. They've got $30k and they're freaking out about $1,600. The broom for the windows has not yet arrived. They may be experts in their field, yet they provide bad advice to clients and don't see a problem with it. Oh yes, I spent a ton of cash on something I haven't even had a chance to use yet. I'm sure there are other firms out there with better customer service, and I certainly wouldn't recommend them. It's the 20th of November, and we still don't have a broom to clear the snow. Eight inches of snow has fallen so far." - Peter
"No stars! Green Panel's net metering setup process was a nightmare. Time elapsed during a period of months. After 2 years of operation, the system has abruptly ceased earning rebates from Consumers Energy. We reached out to Green Panel. They are terrible at returning calls. Leaving a message is mandatory. They contacted back to tell me the service call would cost money and that someone would be in touch to set up an appointment. They don't answer the phone at 10:00 in the morning, so we phoned again after a week and left another message since we hadn't heard anything despite having paid. I received a call back, but was informed that we would have to wait 16 weeks for service. That's four more months of our power bill being paid in full. It seems we need to queue up for an installation account with them. Completely inappropriate, but the phone rep assured me, "sorry, that's just how we do business." I suggest you look elsewhere for a business partner." - Alex
"We just began getting price estimates for a full solar panel installation on our roof. In the end, we decided to go with Brighton, Michigan's green panel solar. They stated they needed to check the site for an accurate price. That made sense to me. (Two additional businesses inspected the location, and they stuck with their initial price estimates.)The electricity meter, battery storage, and command center were all conveniently located in close proximity to one another, as was the case with most regular building sites. There is no need for specialized wiring or mounting. In any case, green panel solar sought to charge us an extra $770 or so. Eric, our salesperson, attempted to backtrack when I questioned him about the additional fee and claimed he could see if he could negotiate it down. He had no idea why there was a surcharge. I think he was attempting to get us to pay more than we were comfortable with. When I informed him we were going with a different firm, he abruptly ended the call. Thus, we opted not to use solar panels made of environmentally friendly materials." - Dennis
"The technical sales staff was a farce. I spent two months of my time and theirs attempting to finalize a design, price, and installation date, only to have them back out at the last minute with a ridiculous excuse that they were too busy. Overall, there was a distinct lack of professionalism and an apparent disinterest in giving satisfactory service to customers. What happened to all Michigan's reputable solar energy firms?" - Gregory
"It took nearly two months from the first contact to the installation. That's not really debatable; I understand that businesses have their own priorities. The Green Panel's electrician came out in early August to complete the installation, but he left the grid tie inverter and AC disconnect on, telling me I was OK. I had asked the corporation numerous times about the net metering procedure, but they always dodged my inquiries, so I figured everything was OK. When I looked at my meter, I also saw that the arrows were pointing to the left. Over the course of the following three days, I was able to confirm that the kWh were increasing rather than decreasing. I called the business and had a terrible experience with the owner, Adam. In no way did I feel like a paying consumer. In a very loud voice, he yelled at me. I was able to persuade them to assist me with the net metering application, and they promptly submitted it to DTE on my behalf. It is now the latter week of August, and DTE has just asked the solar contractor for further information that only they would have. I've been absolutely stranded due to the Green Panel's lack of response. I've wasted thousands on a useless solar power setup. Adam confirmed that his organization had already delivered during our phone chat, as I described above. He informed me that I had hired them to do an installation, and that they had done so. He's already told me he doesn't have to keep helping me out. So, it makes no difference to him whether or not I can really use it. I should also mention that Adam's staff is both professional and pleasant to deal with. But that's no good if the business's owner is mentally unstable and can't be bothered to serve his clients decently." - Alexander
"Before discovering The Green Panel Team, I did a lot of reading on solar energy (during the summer and autumn of 2021). I contacted six different contractors in an attempt to discuss this. got it down to 3, but only Green Panel's assurance won me over. Contracts were signed in late November 2021, and 33 panels and one Tesla Power II battery were deployed in the first quarter of 2022. The whole thing was flawless. Beginning with first contact with "Eric" and continuing through final setup. Additionally, their team of installers is quite competent. That makes me ecstatic! The Green Panel Team has my highest recommendation. Speak to them." - Keny
"About four years ago, I had Green Panel installed as an expansion to my previous system. Both their pricing and quality of job were exceptional. Their follow-up service, though, was really remarkable. My original system's mini-inverters began malfunctioning. I didn't want to spend the money replacing them if I could help it. The inverters didn't cost anything since they were still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The mini-inverters, I informed Green Panel, were something I could probably replace. They took care of all the paperwork required to get me free replacements under the guarantee. They freed up some space on my website to feature the updated inverters as well. I offered to compensate them for the time they spent on this, and they turned me down. Solar panels are a significant investment, but Green Panel has done all in its power to make the price as low as possible. I have told several individuals to check them out." - Joseph
"From the first consultation to the final product, Green Panel was fantastic to work with. Ashton was someone we worked closely with, and he was always nice and conscientious. Since we were dealing with some pressing personal circumstances at the time, he took extra care of us and rushed the installation procedure. Green Panel has allowed us to save an unbelievable amount of money. We appreciate your kindness and caring so much, and we want to single out Ashton for his professionalism, excellent communication, and ability to make us feel like we were part of the family from the start." - Alice
"The Green Panel was excellent in every way. The two Tesla Powerwalls and Panasonic panels that I have are fantastic. I think this is the best solar business out there, and I may use them again in the future to get a third Powerwall!" - Irene
"All in all, a really good setup. We had been considering going solar for a while, and when the time came, we were happy to have discovered Green Panel. Permitting took a while, but the actual installation just took a few months. We are pleased with the performance of our system, which relies on solar panels and a battery backup. The installers performed an excellent job of preserving the roof's natural beauty and making the most of its advantageous features. If you're interested in Tesla goods, I hear Green Panel is one of the only installers in Michigan that carries them." - Sophia

The Green Panel Social media
The goal of the Green Panel Facebook page is to spread the word about environmental concerns, sustainability, and green living. As mentioned in the About Us section, it seems that the page is managed by the company itself. With a cover shot of a green scene that emphasizes the company's dedication to the environment, the website features a tidy and well designed layout. The emblem for The Green Panel, which consists of a green leaf and the group's name, is shown on the profile photo. The page often posts articles, infographics, videos, and photographs on environmental-related subjects. Numerous subjects are covered in the messages, including recycling, sustainable behaviors, green goods, renewable energy, and climate change. With regard to environmental concerns, the material strives to inform and involve the audience. The page has a sizable number of followers, which suggests a respectable degree of activity. A vibrant and engaged community is shown by the range of responses, comments, and publications to posts. The company regularly participates in dialogue with customers and reacts to feedback, which fosters a feeling of belonging and community. Subscribers may post evaluations and suggestions in the testimonials part of the website. The effect, expertise, and dedication of the organization to environmental protection are highlighted by favorable comments. Potential subscribers' confidence may be increased by this part. Overall, The Green Panel's Facebook page is a useful tool for promoting environmental awareness, disseminating educational material, interacting with fans, and planning events. The page looks to have a loyal fan base and is actively encouraging a feeling of community around environmental problems.
The company's goals and operations are briefly described on the Green Panel profile on LinkedIn. According to the statement, Green Panel is a firm that specializes in solar panel installation and energy efficiency solutions. Visitors can clearly understand what the business does after reading this succinct explanation. According to the website, The Green Panel employs between 11 and 50 people, making it a small to medium-sized business. Although the location is not stated directly, it is clear from the page's content and language that the business is situated in the United States. Updates, articles, and industry material are constantly published on the page. This demonstrates how The Green Panel actively distributes information and keeps up with current trends and advancements in the renewable energy industry. The material is in accordance with the company's goal and covers solar energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability.The Green Panel employment opportunities are listed under a section on LinkedIn. This shows that the business is actively seeking for talented individuals to join its team and hiring them. There is a link in it that directs readers to the company's website, where they may learn more and submit an application for the job. The Green Panel seems to have a solid internet presence and to be of interest to renewables specialists based on the sizeable following the page has. power sources. The degree of engagement, as shown by likes, comments, and shares on postings, may reveal the amount of interest and involvement with corporate content. The Green Panel is a well-maintained, often updated, and helpful summary of the business's operations, employment opportunities, and industry knowledge on LinkedIn. It functions as a forum for discussion, information exchange, and contact amongst experts in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable development.
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The Green Panel average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1044.6


The Green Panel Pros & Cons

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Noise suppression
  • Difficulty of installation
  • Aesthetics
  • Problems of modernization

The Green Panel Final Conclusions

For its solar energy services, The Green Panel has built a solid name. Customers have applauded the business for its professionalism, the quality of its work, and the effectiveness of the installed solar panels and battery systems. The installers are often praised for their skill and precision during the installation procedure. Customers have praised The Green Panel for their great follow-up service, especially in processing warranty replacements and problem-solving. Numerous people have remarked the company's readiness to go above and beyond to guarantee client happiness. However, a few consumers have mentioned some unfavorable incidents. Complaints have mostly focused on scheduling issues, poor phone response times, and problems with the setting of net metering. These incidents point to areas where The Green Panel's customer service and communication should be improved. The Green Panel has generally gotten favorable reviews for its solar energy solutions, and many of its clients have gone on to suggest the business to others. Although there are still some things that may be done better, the company's professionalism, high-quality installations, and dedication to client happiness have helped it build a solid name in the field.

The Green Panel locations

Main Address8273 Grand River Ave, Suite #160, Brighton, MI 48114
Phone Number8666338553

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