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Since the company's founding in 1982, King Solar has been an industry leader in the installation of solar energy systems of the highest possible caliber all over South and Central Kansas. We have built a solid reputation in the industry for our ability to design, install, and maintain solar energy systems that are reliable and efficient because to the meticulous attention to detail and outstanding customer care that we provide.

King Solar overview

Since the company's founding in 1982, King Solar has been an industry leader in the installation of solar energy systems of the highest possible caliber all over South and Central Kansas. We have built a solid reputation in the industry for our ability to design, install, and maintain solar energy systems that are reliable and efficient because to the meticulous attention to detail and outstanding customer care that we provide.

What King Solar has to say about itself

Each solar system we install has been specially designed to provide our clients the best possible value. After taking into account the project budget, home energy usage, house layout, shading from trees and buildings, and other factors, King Solar only installs the optimum components for a specific work. Solar energy is gaining popularity all over the globe because to its incredible capacity to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and reduce or almost eliminate your electricity expenditure. As the technology has advanced and grown more efficient, the cost of solar components has significantly decreased. Solar projects are made considerably more cheap by a federal tax credit on home and commercial solar systems. The moment to switch to solar power is now!

King Solar Solar Review

Year Started1982
Service AreasKS
Service TypesResidential solar, Commercial solar, Energy monitoring, Hybrid solar systems, Off-grid systems,
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline and thin-film
Backup BatteryNot specified

King Solar website review is owned by King Solar, which designs, installs and maintains solar energy systems in the United States. On the company's website, you can find information about various types of solar panels, inverters, batteries and other components used in solar energy systems. In addition, King Solar offers advice on obtaining government subsidies and tax incentives. Customer reviews on the company's website testify to the high appreciation of its work.

King Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit card, debit card, PayPal, or check.
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

King Solar online reputation

King Solar is a trustworthy solar panel installation business that offers top-notch services and goods, according to client reviews. Numerous clients appreciated the business' professionalism, effectiveness, and solar energy expertise. A number of clients have said that King Solar installations have beyond their expectations, with the solar panels producing great performance and considerable energy savings. Numerous clients praised the business's customer service, praising the company's employees for their prompt and helpful contact.
"When we compared solar installation, King Solar offered everything we needed at an excellent price. From the beginning of the project's conception through its conclusion and beyond, Mark, Adam, and their whole team provided exceptional service. Their genuine concern is evident. I can't speak highly enough about them!" - Dillon Noller
"We had been wanting to add solar to our house for a few years, and throughout that time, I spoke with or got quotes from a number of different businesses, including King Solar. To ensure we understood everything involved, Mark of King Solar took the time to answer every question we had. He also made sure he knew what our objectives were. When comparing King Solar to other companies, there was a noticeable difference in the level of care and customer service we got. When it came time for the installation, King Solar went above and above to ensure that the system was installed to help us achieve our objectives. The team was prompt in their arrival and made sure to specify what they required access to and when they would be there. Everyone we spoke with at King Solar was kind and professional. From beginning to end, King Solar surpassed our expectations." - Dan
"King Solar has a fantastic staff and a fantastic product. They handled all the formalities and commotion involved in setting up a system with the neighborhood utility. The system was installed in a morning's work, and King Solar also took care of all inspection clearances. After completing the papers, I stepped outside, rejoicing as I saw the system ascend onto my roof. Both King Solar employees and I have access to internet monitoring tools for the system, so any communication issues will be quickly resolved. I will start to truly benefit as the summer months approach, and I am quite happy with this upwardly mobile business." - Paulette Harp
"It was a pleasure to work with King Solar. I compared four solar businesses before deciding on King, and I'm glad I did. I'm happy to have teamed up with a nearby business that has long provided service to the Wichita region. King provided the most comprehensive system for the lowest cost, and I am certain that they will always be available if I ever need them. Regards, King. My home with solar panels is a dream come true." - Johnny
"The staff at King Solar gave us great guidance on our solar choices and even dissuaded us from installing more solar panels than we could use. Our repeated inquiries received prompt answers from them. We are thrilled that they found cost-effective, high-quality solar panels manufactured in the USA. They labored through the wind, snow, and extreme cold because they were so dedicated! We like the fact that King Solar is a locally owned business that we can rely on to continue operating for many years to come." - Corey Swertfager

King Solar Social media
In the Lone Star State, King Solar offers solar energy to both residential and commercial users. On Facebook, King Solar Inc. has 256 followers and more than 200 likes. The website lists a number of the company's goods and services, such as solar installations, energy storage systems, and solar hot water systems. Regular updates on King Solar promotions and events are also provided. Additionally, the page includes client endorsements and images of finished products. The page also has a form that users can utilize to get in touch with assistance. In addition, a link to the King Solar website is included in the page bio. Overall, King Solar's Facebook page is a useful tool for businesses to connect with potential clients and update current clients on new goods and services. Customers have the chance to submit feedback on the page as well, which can aid the business in improving its offerings.
On the King Solar Inc. page. LinkedIn has 182 followers. The page provides information about the company and its mission, as well as news about the latest projects and services offered. The page also has several customer testimonials and photos of completed projects. In addition, the page bio has a link to the King Solar website. All in all, King Solar's LinkedIn page is an effective way for a company to showcase its products and services and reach potential customers. The page provides customers with the opportunity to learn more about the company and provide feedback and feedback that can help the company improve its services.
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King Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews365


King Solar Pros & Cons

  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Competitive pricing
  • Limited service area
  • No BBB accreditation

King Solar Final Conclusions

A firm called King Solar specializes in installing solar panels on both residential and commercial structures. King Solar is well-known for providing great service and doing work of the highest quality, according to client testimonials. They were happy with the outcome and were not disappointed by their decision since the installation procedure proceeded without a hitch. King Solar has made a name for itself as a reputable solar installation service provider with a focus on quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction. The business is in a good position to increase its operations and transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy in the future as the demand for renewable energy keeps rising.

King Solar locations

Main Address9845 S Yoder Rd, Haven, KS 67543
Phone Number(316) 265-8568

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