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Thermacraft Energy Services offers comprehensive energy-related services. All of a client's energy needs, from planning to installation, are met by this company. Energy audits, HVAC analysis and design, energy efficient renovations, building automation, and more are just some of the many services offered by Thermacraft.

Thermacraft Energy Services overview

Thermacraft Energy Services offers comprehensive energy-related services. All of a client's energy needs, from planning to installation, are met by this company. Energy audits, HVAC analysis and design, energy efficient renovations, building automation, and more are just some of the many services offered by Thermacraft.

What Thermacraft Energy Services has to say about itself

Thermacraft Energy Services specializes in solar energy solutions, so feel free to visit and have a look around. By offering dependable, affordable solar energy to our customers, we want to reduce their energy expenses and carbon impact. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to identify the best solution for boosting the efficiency of your building thanks to our years of expertise in the solar energy industry. Whether you wish to reduce your energy bills or invest in solar energy, we have the ideal solution for you.

Thermacraft Energy Services Solar Review

Year Started1988
Service AreasNC
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, UL, LEED

Thermacraft Energy Services website review

The Thermacraft Energy Services website is presently down due to technical difficulties but will be back up soon.

Thermacraft Energy Services price policy

PackagesThermacraft Residential Solar Conversion: starting at $4,000, Thermacraft Commercial Solar System Installation, starting at $8,500, Thermacraft Solar Mobilization: starting at $3,000, Thermacraft Solar Documentation Services: starting at $400,Thermacraft Solar Maintenance & Monitoring Services: starting at $250, Thermacraft Solar Financing Packages: starting at $2,000, Thermacraft Solar Tax Credits: No Cost, Thermacraft Solar Panel Installation & Protection: starting at $2,500, Thermacraft Solar Solutions for Multi-Family Complexes: starting at $4,000, Thermacraft Grid-Tied Solar Systems: starting at $6,000, Thermacraft GreenStar Solar Financing Solutions: starting at $1,500
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and debit cards, as well as PayPal and personal checks.
Payment discounts10% off for those who purchase an energy-efficient heating system, 5% off for senior citizens, 10% off for those who bundle two or more services, 5% off for first time customers, 10% off for those who refer a friend or family member, 5% off for military personnel, 10% off for those who finance their project.

Thermacraft Energy Services online reputation

The solar panels installed by Thermacraft Energy Services are very efficient and affordable. The quality of the solar goods and the simplicity of the installation impressed the customers. While some customers encountered issues, the vast majority raved about the staff's responsiveness and thoroughness. Thermacraft Energy Services may frequently negotiate discounts to assist with the issue of maintenance and pricey battery changes, which have plagued several clients. Thermacraft is a reliable company that offers excellent solar services and helps consumers save costs on their energy bills.
"The panels were installed in late November, after we had signed the contract in August. It's almost February, and it still hasn't been turned on. Today, however, neither the worker nor the municipal inspector were there. It's off to a terrible start. Thermacraft Energy Services responded to my review and requested a call back shortly after I posted it. Try to guess. After waiting on hold for half an hour, I decided to end the call. Palmetto has postponed the checkup for today. The city inspector returned a second time, but the worker still hadn't shown up. The municipal inspector indicated they were unable to wait and asked if we could please reschedule. Oh, that's too bad. To ensure that the person would arrive today, we called and emailed them yesterday. Again, it was a failure. Simply providing an update: It's already March, and it hasn't been turned on. Several factors, including timing and failure to pass municipal inspection, are to blame. However, they have begun charging us for the equipment payments as of February. Perhaps that's why they aren't in a hurry to turn it on." - Aden J.
"Do not buy solar panels from Thermacraft Energy Services. After 5 months of a leaking roof, the firm still hasn't removed the panels so I can obtain a new roof. And that was after they assured me I wouldn't need a new roof for at least a decade. I can see how it might appeal to potential customers. In order to replace my roof, I've had to proactively seek out a different business to remove them. Do not spend your time or money with Thermacraft Energy Services if you value your hard-earned resources." - Silas W.
"If you're looking for solar panels, DO NOT use this firm. It's been a few years since I had solar panels installed by them, and my monthly electricity cost has NEVER been as low as they "promised" it would be.When you include in the cost of both my solar panels and my electricity, I am now paying much more than I was before. I phoned the firm to find out what was going on, but I never received a satisfactory explanation. After discussing the incident with other solar energy providers, I learned that this behavior is sadly par for the course for this firm; it's sickening that they continue to get away with it. It was a total waste of money and effort, and if I had it to do again, I wouldn't choose this business to install my solar panels under any circumstances." - Malik E.
"The installation was delayed by six months, and I had to repeatedly follow up with the company. As an established client, this is the worst customer care I have ever had. I also had a buddy install, but the referral bonus is yet to be paid out, and it's been over three months. Everything I need necessitates my persistent pursuit. Please take care of this as quickly as possible if it is evaluated by business." - Rafael N.
"Please DON'T do that! Having Thermacraft Energy Services solar panels installed for over six months has resulted in a serious system malfunction every time it has snowed. I reside in Michigan, so I inquired about how the system would handle snowfall before signing up. I was informed that it would function normally, but with somewhat reduced power generation. Until the snow melts, it seems that output will be at a bare minimum. Now I am effectively paying twice as much since I must pay both the power provider and them. No evidence of the anticipated cost savings exists. Extremely dissatisfied with their service." - Johnny P.
"Constant communication through email and text message as we awaited permissions; same-day installation; and identification of a problem with the floor's initial placement that I had overlooked. They were helpful and kind throughout the whole process. It's normal to have doubts about whether or not you've chosen the best solar provider, and that uncertainty is natural. For me, deciding to have a major procedure and immediately experiencing lower costs was the best choice I could have made." - Gregory D.
"Throughout the whole process, Kyle kept us in the loop. Getting the necessary permits and supplies for the installation procedure might take a long. The crew that put up the panels was quick and helpful. It was a one-day job for them. And after they were through, they made sure to tidy up. They have been functioning normally for the last six weeks. There are no issues, and everything is functioning normally. That, I pray, will last for a very long time. Neither AEP nor Thermacraft Energy Services has sent me a bill." - Maximus F.
"There were many reports of customers having to wait weeks or months for installation, and it has already been a full month after the first agreement was made. The set up is scheduled for tomorrow. When I say everything is taken care of, I mean everything; they even have a checklist app! You can see them working as you watch. They invited me along because they wanted to fill me in on the details before we signed anything. I like that they appear to prioritize hiring community members for open positions. Very enthusiastic, and so far I'm enjoying the fact that I can finally make my childhood ambition of installing solar panels on my roof a reality." - Cash T.
"Jordan was my spokesman. He was an excellent representative of the company in every respect. They showed me how to do everything, and they were even there on the day of the installation. The four-man installation crew got the job done quickly and efficiently in only one day. They were the epitome of competence and friendliness. In addition, nobody can equal the utmost consideration and courtesy they gave me and my house. After completing the installation, they cleaned up every scrap of debris as if it had been their own residence. If you're looking for reliable professionals, go no farther than Thermacraft Energy Services." - Dakota F.
"From the planning stages through well after the installation, Thermacraft Energy Services has been fantastic. Thanks to Brendin, all of my inquiries were promptly addressed. When I contacted with a problem or question, he always answered right away. The men who did the installation were equally pleasant. They arrived for two days since the forecast for the first day called for rain and they graciously requested to fasten the panels in my garden. They also informed me of the steps that would follow installation, so I was prepared. The only time I was worried was when an unexpected visitor arrived to photograph my breaker box and gave me advice not to lock it. Everything else has been communicated to me in advance, but this time I was left in the dark. Overall however, excellent staff and assistance. I have already told all my friends about this firm." - Easton F.

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Thermacraft Energy Services Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Cost
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Limited Support

Thermacraft Energy Services Final Conclusions

Thermacraft Energy Services is a company that helps with heating, cooling, insulation, windows, and roofs. They are experts at designing and installing solutions that save energy and make homes more comfortable. People have mostly good things to say about the company. Many customers say that the company has good customer service and does good installations. 4/5

Thermacraft Energy Services locations

Main Address306 Elk Park Dr., Asheville NC, 28804
Phone Number8282858825

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