Trinity Solar review

Trinity Solar is an American solar energy company that designs, installs, and maintains solar energy systems for residential, commercial, and government customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

Trinity Solar overview

Trinity Solar offers solar energy solutions for businesses, corporations, and homes. They provide renewable energy storage options, continuous maintenance services, and specialized solar panel installations with a staff of skilled experts. Setting them unique in the business is their dedication to sustainability and client happiness. Faithful to its mission, Trinity Solar uses clean, sustainable solar energy to assist homes and businesses in reducing their carbon footprints and energy expenses.

What Trinity Solar has to say about itself

Trinity is regarded as the biggest privately held residential solar installation company in the United States. Serving customers with outstanding service has always been the company's top goal. They have the expertise and know-how to meet any energy demands, thanks to their talented personnel. Trinity is a family-run firm, so clients can rely on them to provide them with individual attention and care.

Trinity Solar Review

Year Started1994
Service AreasCA, CT, DE, MD, MA, NJ, NY, PA, RI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid battery systems.

Trinity Solar website review

Trinity Solar's website,, has all the information you need to find solar energy options for your home, business, or government facility. The comprehensive web catalog of the firm offers information on solar panel systems, installation equipment, and financing methods, among other things. Along with user evaluations, the website has a knowledge library, including answers to often-asked issues. The website seems dependable, expert, and simple to use. Along with serving as a secure online retailer, the business also offers solar power supplies and equipment for sale. Consumers may be sure they will get the best service possible and that the company will protect their financial information.

Trinity Solar price policy

PackagesPremium Solar System: Starting at $9,995, Economy Solar System: Starting at $7,995, Solar System Financing: 0% Interest for up to 18 months.
Payment optionsCredit card, check, and PayPal
Payment discounts0% financing for up to 24 months (for residential projects), 5% discount for cash/check payments, 10% discount for Veterans, 10% discount for seniors, 10% discount for military personnel, 10% discount for municipal employees, 10% discount for civil servants, 10% discount for first responders, 10% discount for non-profit organizations, 10% discount for educators, 10% discount for state employees, 10% discount for churches, 10% discount for religious institutions, 5% discount for solar lease payments

Trinity Solar online reputation

Both good and bad consumer feedback has been received by Trinity Solar. Others have had a simple and happy experience with the firm, while others have had problems with automated payments and poor customer support. Customers have expressed mixed feelings about the installers' efficacy and efficiency; some have complained about damage to their property and difficulties throughout the installation procedure. When it comes to customer service and communication, Trinity Solar seems to have room for improvement overall, yet many of its customers have had positive experiences.
"I thought I was signing up for automatic payments with Trinity Solar. My bad, I forgot to include Sunnova's fees. They have been making automatic withdrawals for almost a year and a half. Then, for four months, they didn't stealthily deduct my money. (My other auto-pay accounts like my insurance SMS me when they remove money). All of a sudden, I got a letter saying they're cutting off my service and maybe even taking the system away from me, and I have to pay for it. They weren't taking my payments out of my account, and I had no clue. It took more than an hour on the phone to get things sorted out. My money should be automatically deducted again at this point. That was a terrible time here." - Fernando P.
"It's hard to pinpoint a single negative aspect of our time with Trinity Solar. Poor treatment of customers, intimidation, bias towards women, and overt sexual harassment all come to mind. Our brand new home's deck, which was just a year ago, had damage from Trinity Solar totaling $12,000. A customer support staff finally got in touch with us about the damage, but it took weeks. She made light of the $12,000 in deck damage we had incurred, saying, "I don't see why your so unhappy." The deck's aesthetics were damaged further during an attempted repair. Trinity has as far refuted any notion of blame. We climbed the corporate ladder and had a meeting with the Regional VP and other high-ranking officials. During the course of numerous talks, Russell and his coworkers yelled at me and refuted the damage allegations. Trinity was the target of weeks of harassment and discrimination because of their gender until they finally opted to talk solely to an attorney. So, we had to file suit in an effort to get our deck repaired. This firm is a fraud. They have displayed no moral compass and accept no accountability for the actions of their staff." - Damon L.
"Nobody works at this firm. No one will respond to your calls about fixing the broken screens or replacing them. You're stuck paying Trinity Solar, yet you still don't have all you need. No longer functioning as of 2020 October. Inaccessible for repair scheduling purposes. We were promised a date, but no one showed up and nobody called or emailed. You must leave a message whenever you call. Nobody ever returns my calls. THINK TWICE BEFORE HIRING OR SOLDERING WITH TRINIty! You will come to deeply regret it, as we do." - Brad S.
"Trinity Solar built my system in 2016, but they messed up my 20-year-old roof with three layers of shingles. The system ceased functioning in June 2020, and it still hasn't been fixed as of May 13, 2022. For years, I've argued with Trinity over who is responsible for the repairs. Eventually, I just quit. Trinity Solar has a work permit available with the Town of North Hempstead, and I received a call from them not too long ago informing me of this. Since then, I've been attempting to get in touch with Trinity again, but they keep avoiding my calls. I'm at a loss for what to do. If you want to use them, proceed with extreme caution. The worst customer service and business ever. I have no intention of recommending them to anybody. Once Trinity has the money, they could care less about the consumer." - Scott O.
"The team of installers just left my home. They installed a new ground with the top above grade, so my mower will catch on it, and they left dirt and fiberglass insulation everywhere they walked. They also made a mess in the bathroom, ran conduits through the middle of the attic, and crushed down the insulation in the attic where they were working. This is clearly the work of an inexperienced installer, and not that of a professional business." - Alex F.
"Our solar panels were just installed by Trinity Solar. We were anxious about the shift, as are most individuals and relationships, but we came to terms with the fact that it was for the best. The situation was rectified by our resident electrical whiz. He was not only very talented but also easy to get along with because of his candid nature. The efficiency and effectiveness of his efforts defied common sense. We were informed that a 12-hour power outage was possible due to the intricacy of the installation. Throughout the three-day installation, we were without power for a total of three hours. What Lou can do in that time frame is quite remarkable. We would hire him without hesitation if only he were more accessible." - Tom M.
"When our solar panels were installed in September 2021, we could not be happier. With Eversource, I just pay for the connection, so I never have to worry about my arrangement. During the installation process and, more recently, a year and a half after being a live person, I had an excellent experience with Trinity Support. Anyone should try it, in my opinion!" - Mason B.
"My family and I decided to install a Trinity solar system in my home. The sales agent and his partner were extremely friendly and helpful, talking about the many alternatives and costs as well as calculating the monthly savings. It was our decision between renting the panels or buying the entire system. After considering the options, we came to the conclusion that buying was in our best interest. Our agent then checked in with us and was present when the installers arrived. He made sure the system looked good and that the workers were competent. I have already recommended Trinity Solar to many other people. I am pleased with my choice and look forward to the future financial benefits." - Jordan A.
"The overall quality of the appointment far exceeded my expectations. After buying the house, I immediately called the seller I already knew. He initiated the process and accompanied me throughout. There are not enough excellent words to describe how wonderful my experience with them was. During the installation, Kyle discovered that the panel needed to be replaced because a faulty switch had been installed when the HVAC system was rebuilt. After Kyle finished the replacement, a drywall crew arrived to repair the damage. Previously I had spent two months waiting for permission to start work, this time it took me less than five weeks, and that included replacing the panel and having it inspected. Since replacing the panel, my daily consumption has dropped by about 17 kWh, and there have been no significant fluctuations. The efficiency of my system has soared beyond my wildest dreams." A maximum rating of 5 stars is clearly not enough. I appreciate everyone's help." - Mario T.
"In 2017, when I purchased solar panels, the service was poor. Until lately, I had no problems with the panels. To my further good fortune, I learned that they had a Customer Experience division headed by a lady called Sophia. She restored my trust in the service industry as a whole! She has been accessible, forthcoming with information, kind, and helpful beyond measure, diligent in her pursuit of the essential details, and instrumental in helping me feel valued and appreciated. Sophia's hard work and concern allowed us to fix the issue I was having with my panels. Right now, I couldn't be happier with my employer. After Sales Support only received four stars from me since I had awful service five years ago. In this updated form, I rate it a perfect 5/5." - Nick J.

Trinity Solar Social media
Trinity Solar is a leading provider of solar energy services in the United States. You may find a wealth of information on their Facebook page on the range of services they provide and what they do. It's a clean, often updated portal that provides a helpful look inside the company. Through this page, the firm may reach a substantial audience of customers. Information on Trinity Solar's everyday activities may be found on the website via a number of pictures, videos, and links. Often updated and well-researched, the updates ensure friends and followers are informed of the latest developments. The evaluations and comments on the website demonstrate the quality of the company's products and may provide customers with helpful insights. Even further evidence that the website is not meant to encourage sales is the lack of adverts. In general, material from Trinity Solar's social media pages may be trusted.
A prominent provider of solar energy, Trinity Solar has more than 9500 followers and several "likes" on its LinkedIn profile. Their website has a professional, blue-hued design. If you want to learn more about the solar energy firm, you may engage with this website since it has a customer case study as well as employment and internship ads. The account is active; Trinity Solar often updates followers on their successes, increasing engagement. You may look through pictures of the projects they've worked on in the past and present to get a glimpse of the excellent solar installations they provide. It is clear that the website is quite popular and that the brand is well-known. Additionally, you can be sure that the relationships and information shared are accurate since it has been confirmed by LinkedIn.
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499 Subscribers

Trinity Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews7054.3


Trinity Solar Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Cost Savings
  • Lack of financing options
  • Limited customer service
  • High installation costs

Trinity Solar Final Conclusions

With several favorable evaluations complimenting their offerings, Trinity Solar is among the top-rated suppliers of solar energy. Clients appreciate their staff's expertise and capability, as well as their dedication to sustainability and client happiness. Even so, many evaluations express unfavorable encounters with the organization about customer support and the installation procedure. Despite having a sizable consumer base, the business maintains a strong social media presence. Trinity Solar is a trustworthy and dependable choice for anybody considering going solar.

Trinity Solar locations

Main Address2211 Allenwood Road Wall, NJ 07719
Phone Number8777867283

20 local offices

New Jersey – Wall 2211 Allenwood Road, Wall NJ, 07719
New Jersey – Mt Laurel Township 133 Gaither Dr, Mt Laurel Township NJ, 08054
New Jersey – Wall Township 2211 Allenwood Rd, Wall Township NJ, 07719
Massachusetts – West Wareham 20 Patterson Brook Road Unit #10, West Wareham MA, 02576
Massachusetts – Holyoke 4 Open Square Way, Holyoke MA, 01040
Massachusetts – Wareham 20 Patterson Brook Rd, Wareham MA, 02576
Connecticut – Cheshire 7 McKee Place, Cheshire, Cheshire CT, 06410
Connecticut – Cheshire 7 McKee Pl, Cheshire CT, 06410
New York – Ronkonkoma 2180 5th Avenue Unit #1, Ronkonkoma NY, 11779
New York – Chester 62 Leone Lane Chester Industrial Park, Chester NY, 10918
New York – Chester 62 Leone Ln, Chester NY, 10918
New York – Ronkonkoma 2180 5th Ave, Ronkonkoma NY, 11779
Maryland – Hanover 7455 New Ridge Road Suite E, Hanover MD, 21076
Maryland – Hanover 7455 New Ridge Rd, Hanover MD, 21076
– Harrisburg 6380 Flank Dr, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, 17112
Pennsylvania – Reading 170 Corporate Drive Building 1, Suite 170, Reading PA, 19605
Pennsylvania – Reading 170 Corporate Dr, Reading PA, 19605
Pennsylvania – Imperial 20 S Campus Dr, Imperial PA, 15126
Rhode Island – Warwick 21 College Hill Rd, Warwick RI, 02886
Florida – Orlando 7575 Kingspointe Pkwy, Orlando FL, 34761

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