TriSMART Solar review

Once you make the switch to solar energy, you will experience a profound sense of independence. TriSMART Solar is assisting families all around Texas in their transition to solar power with no initial financial investment required. The state of Texas is encouraging households to install solar energy systems by providing generous tax incentives. Before it's too late, you should make the most of these opportunities presented by the government and seize the moment.

TriSMART Solar overview

Once you make the switch to solar energy, you will experience a profound sense of independence. TriSMART Solar is assisting families all around Texas in their transition to solar power with no initial financial investment required. The state of Texas is encouraging households to install solar energy systems by providing generous tax incentives. Before it's too late, you should make the most of these opportunities presented by the government and seize the moment.

What TriSMART Solar has to say about itself

Looking for a reputable, neighborhood solar provider in Texas? You're in the correct spot! Residents of San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and the neighboring areas in Texas have access to inexpensive solar power solution alternatives because to us. Our goal is to provide Texans the most cost-effective solar energy choice while also offering a full solar installation and top-notch customer support. We are headquartered in The Lone Star State with pride!

TriSMART Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasAZ, TX, UT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film photovoltaic panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP

TriSMART Solar website review

The website provides information about their services, products and experiences in the solar energy field. The website has a modern design with a predominantly blue and white color scheme that conveys a sense of professionalism and reliability. The navigation menu is well organized and easy to use, with links to various pages such as Home, About Us, Services , Projects, Blog, and Contact Us. Overall, Trismart Solar's website appears to be well-designed, informative and user-friendly, providing visitors with a clear view of the company's solar experience and services.

TriSMART Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $3,000 to $15,000
Payment optionsCredit card, PayPal, ACH, Stripe, Apple Pay, check.
Payment discountsMilitary discount, referral discount and cash discount

TriSMART Solar online reputation

Overall, customers are very satisfied with TriSMART Solar's wide range of solar panels, battery storage options and payment methods. The company also offers competitive pricing and various discounts, making it an attractive option for customers looking to install a solar system. Unfortunately, some customers were dissatisfied with high electricity bills after installing solar systems, and also had problems with customer support.
"Yes, they completed the installation of my panels on schedule, and I had a chance to communicate with them before the panels were put in. I stopped hearing from them once I began enquiring about the whereabouts of the promised money. I'm hoping that nothing bad happens to the panels since I don't think they'll ever fulfill their pledge to support me during the whole process." - Daphne
"Before summer 2021, a TriSmart representative visited and spoke with us. Solar panels worth more than $50,000 that we bought weren't installed until October. Our panels are still doing nothing except collecting dust and pigeon poop as of right now (February 8, 2022). They assert that the work was "complete" on January 3, however the Glendale, Arizona, inspector, who was recently here, found that they had not followed the drawings and failed the job (again). Their "customer service" phone is unanswered, and the representative in Arizona doesn't know anything about the account. Lucky for us, we also get to pay for the turd catchers on our brand-new roof in addition to the full amount for our electricity. Choose a different business that respects you and keeps you up to date." - M. SWEDENHJELM
"We had an appointment with an electrician on 12/21/20, but they never showed up. We rescheduled, and on January 21 they came up. The panels needed to be installed the next time. We heard nothing more after they were placed. The installation team accidentally left a hole saw drill bit in my yard, and the mower, which required a new blade, ran over it. Concerning the next move, I spoke with them. We had an inspection scheduled for, I believe, 3/12/21. They didn't show. The inspection then happened on March 15, 21 without giving my spouse or I a heads-up. Today, March 23, 21, I am still awaiting the CPS commission. What used to take six to eight weeks has grown to eight to twelve. Even though I have already paid the first loan payment, my system is not yet operational." - tnickfla
"The installation of solar panels went quite well. Upkeep has so far been a frustrating and unpleasant process. Nobody responds to the messages that are sent through email and the phone center." - Lonnie Tubbs
"Since my panels were placed, I've had nothing but problems. Although the sales representatives are excellent and will sell you a fantasy of customer service and happiness, you will be sorely let down once you begin interacting with any of the other departments. They and I have been bickering for months about whether I should complete the job at my home or they should take their merchandise back. If you are reading this, perhaps you should save your time and look for another business since you will be sorely let down!" - Disgruntled Customer
"Ryan is incredible! I regret not using his firm to go solar. He is here to assist you and is a really sincere guy. I want to share my story since I chose a different solar business and have had issues with them from the beginning. Ryan made the effort to visit my home and discuss everything with me in order to assist me learn about all of my concerns and questions. He not only came over without charging me, but he also assisted in resolving all of my queries and issues! Ryan should have been chosen right away!" - Levon homer
"Excellent customer service; they kept us informed at every stage of the procedure. We are happy with our TriSMART system and more happier with our new power bill. I'm grateful." - Ryan Munoz
"Mohammed was a coworker of ours. He was of great assistance! Really impressive abilities in communicating, and very instructive! We are extremely relieved to have made the transition to solar energy!" - S. Abdul
"The installation procedure was greatly simplified by Trismart. Every single one of their customer service representatives and service specialists is well-informed, kind, and helpful, and they always get back to you in a timely manner." - Tyler Brown
"Excellent client service and hassle-free financing alternatives. My spouse and I got assistance from Charlie Heaton. He helped us through every step of the procedure, including gathering the paperwork required for HOA approval. If the situation arose again, I would buy from TriSMART Solar. Electricity prices are no longer a worry for household finances." - Vafa

TriSMART Solar Social media
The Facebook page for TriSMART Solar provides a thorough description of their services. The logo and color scheme on the page are both cohesive and well-designed. Along with brief, educational videos about the company's services, they offer appealing photographs of their solar projects. Additionally, their postings include interesting information regarding solar energy and its advantages. They often publish updates on their ongoing projects, industry news, and publications. In general, prospective clients can find useful information on the TriSMART Solar Facebook page. Fun information about the company's services is provided on the page, along with helpful links for those who might desire to switch to solar power. The website also exhorts visitors to take part in polls and surveys and to reply to messages and comments in a polite and timely manner.
The LinkedIn profile for TriSMART Solar is a thorough source that offers a detailed examination of the business's offerings and accomplishments. The company's logo, mission statement, and graphics pertaining to the sector are all prominently displayed on the page. They also feature recent posts regarding the company's projects and the sector as a whole, client testimonials, and job openings. By providing educational posts, letting clients ask questions, and sharing updates on ongoing and completed projects, TriSMART Solar's LinkedIn profile helps followers stay active. Additionally, they provide contact information for customer support as well as useful resources like solar calculators. The page offers a thorough look into the business and its offerings and is overall well-designed and informative.
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479 Subscribers

TriSMART Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3364.7


TriSMART Solar Pros & Cons

  • Variety of solar panel types and battery storage options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Payment methods and financing options
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Support issues after installation

TriSMART Solar Final Conclusions

A firm called Trismart Solar is committed to offering solar solutions to consumers in both the home and commercial sectors. They provide continuing maintenance, financing alternatives, and solar panel installation. TriSMART Solar is dedicated to informing its clients about the advantages and possible downsides of solar energy and trying to assist them in making wise choices about their energy requirements. Customers are generally happy with the company's work.

TriSMART Solar locations

Main Address15200 E. Hardy Rd., Houston TX, 77032
Phone Number(888) 520-0073

15 local offices

Texas – Houston 15200 E. Hardy Rd., Houston TX, 77032
Texas – San Antonio 2502 Freedom Dr Suite 120, San Antonio TX, 78217
Texas – Grand Prairie 1555 Avenue South Suite 100, Grand Prairie TX, 75050
Texas – Amarillo 3800 Business Park Dr., Amarillo TX, 79110
Texas – El Paso 522 W San Francisco Ave, El Paso TX, 79901
Texas – Houston 600 Northpark Central Dr, Houston TX, 77073
Texas – Grand Prairie 1555 Avenue S, Grand Prairie TX, 75050
Texas – Austin 2217 W Howard Ln, Austin TX, 78728
Texas – Midland 5, Midland TX, 79707
Texas – San Antonio 2463 Freedom Dr, San Antonio TX, 78217
Texas – Round Rock 1611 Chisholm Trail Rd, Round Rock TX, 78681
Arizona – Tempe 1320 S Priest Dr Suite 105, Tempe AZ, 85281
– Austin 7801 N Lamar Blvd, Austin Texas, 78752
– Laredo 5810 McPherson Rd, Laredo Texas, 78041
– Salt Lake City 222 S Main St, Salt Lake City Utah, 84101

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