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Engineers at Unique Solar focus exclusively on developing clean power systems. Solar thermal and photovoltaic system design, installation, and maintenance services are provided for homes, businesses, and factories. Additionally, they provide energy audits, HVAC installations, insulation, and LED lighting improvements to assist their clients save money and energy.

Unique Solar overview

Engineers at Unique Solar focus exclusively on developing clean power systems. Solar thermal and photovoltaic system design, installation, and maintenance services are provided for homes, businesses, and factories. Additionally, they provide energy audits, HVAC installations, insulation, and LED lighting improvements to assist their clients save money and energy.

What Unique Solar has to say about itself

An innovative energy provider, Unique Solar offers solar energy options for homes, offices, schools, and governmental institutions. We provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality solar energy systems and services that are personalized to match the unique demands of each client thanks to our professional team of engineers, designers, and installers. Our objective is to provide our customers with the tools they need to become energy independent and to build a better, cleaner future for the globe.

Unique Solar Review

Year Started2013
Company Websiteuniquesolar.net
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, NECA, SCA, NFPA

Unique Solar website review

The company's main website, renergyr.com, has an interface that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to use, giving the impression that it is a more recent and contemporary website. Along with contact data and other crucial business information, the website also seems to provide in-depth information on the company's goods and services. This shows that the website is well-managed and updated often. As a result, the website may be regarded as trustworthy and credible.

Unique Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation Package: Starting at $2,499, Solar energy System Package: Starting at $5,999, Solar Battery Storage Package: Starting at $3,499, Solar Hot Water Heater Package: Starting at $2,999, Solar Garden Light Package: Starting at $1,499, Solar Carport/Canopy Package: Starting at $7,999, Solar Pool Pump Package: Starting at $3,999, Solar PV Roof System Package: Starting at $9,999, Solar Generator Package: Starting at $4,499, Solar Water Pumping System Package: Starting at $3,299
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard), PayPal, and financing options.
Payment discounts10% discount for seniors, 10% discount for veterans, 10% off referral discounts for referred customers, 10% off loyalty discounts for repeat customers, 5% off for early payment, 10% off bundle discounts for purchasing multiple solar products, 5% off bulk order discounts for large orders, 10% off current customer referral discounts when referring friends.

Unique Solar online reputation

Customers typically have great things to say about Unique Solar's services. Customers laud the high caliber of service, the affordable costs, the knowledgeable team, and the effectiveness of the solar installation procedure. However, some consumers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the lack of customer service, the timeliness of certain services, and the want for improved communication. In the renewable energy sector, Unique Solar has generally shown to be a dependable and trustworthy choice for many consumers.
"It's unreasonable to have to wait three weeks for a technician to visit and inspect the panel. Very unprofessional that they haven't responded to my calls or emails. I'm sure I'm not the only family dealing with this. I tried to get in touch with John, and he responded soon quickly. However, when I provided my approval, he disappeared. It seems that they are shifting blame on anybody on their side to avoid taking responsibility for the problem. If you need repairs, I suggest looking elsewhere." - Gabriel T.
"The quality of Intermountain Unique Solar is low. Their customer service, appointment scheduling, and general communication left a lot to be desired. They seem to be experiencing some personnel turnover recently. When the panels were finally put, I had to ask them to come back and clean up the mess they had made. Still, the finished product seems to be functioning properly after installation, so that's something in their favor. However, until the issues are ironed out, I wouldn't suggest them (for house installation)." - Samuel C.
"They are made for easy installation. You can't get anybody to do anything now that it broke after 3 years and while it was still under warranty. broke July 5th. Continue to hear "no parts from supplier" contacted the supplier, and on October 6th at 12:23 A.M., components were delivered to Unique Solar. Last Thursday, I called them and was promised someone will contact me. Today I called because no one phoned. First, the caller said they had been attempting to reach us but had been unsuccessful (they were unable to explain their attempts to do so; they had been using the same mobile phone number for 25 years). then claimed that they were out of the part. He then promised to call us back, however they are now once again closed. No callback. unable to get in touch with any management members. Our solar system is still not rectified as of November 21 and there is no indication of when it will be. 47 days ago, they agreed to take the role. What do you call customer service, huh? I'm hoping the owner receives this. You have my contact information, and I'm certain Chris and the woman who answers the phone will be able to identify me right away." - Tyler I.
"When we bought our system, we were promised that if our roof ever needed to be replaced, they would do it for $800. A new roof is necessary since our current one is five years old. The current estimate from them is $5,000.00. I find that to be quite immoral. If I were you, I would think twice before committing to dealing with this firm." - Dylan J.
"What I didn't appreciate about their phone service was that the salesperson they put me in touch with was so uninformed. Although I do consider myself quite knowledgeable about solar panels and inverters, I would still want to see someone with as much expertise as Unique Solar train their sales team to properly explain answers to my basic queries. I wouldn't spend my time scheduling a solar appointment with them because of his lack of understanding. Zero approval rating." - Jonathan W.
"As my landholdings have grown, I have hired them three times. Amazing as Ulf is. A leak had developed in my roof close to where the new panels had been placed, so I gave them a call around a month ago. It turned out that the leak wasn't caused by their panels at all, but by something else entirely. They were so kind as to repair the leak free of charge. I have three electric vehicles and a monthly credit of more than $150. I would confidently suggest this firm." - Elijah H.
"The first solar firm I contacted gave me an estimate that included tearing up my freshly manicured backyard at my expense. To lay lines. They also recommended that I hire a contractor to relocate the vents in my roof, at my expense. Of course, I didn't do that and instead contacted Unique Solar to get a price quotation. Excellent work! All of the solar panels were installed without the need to hire a roofer to reposition them. They were able to install additional solar panels on the roof without having to relocate any of the vents, unlike the other business. Unique Solar devised a cutting-edge method of burying the cables so that they wouldn't have to destroy my freshly manicured yard. They were punctual, efficient, and professional throughout, and they fulfilled every deadline they gave us. All of my inquiries and concerns were addressed quickly and thoroughly in response to my emails. I would hire them again without any reservations. Outstanding group!" - Christian M.
"Before a knowledgeable family friend suggested Unique, we looked into numerous other firms and were on the fence about which one to go with. All of the workers on the project site, including the management team, have impeccable honesty and work ethic. Their electrician, was great in explaining everything he was going to do, educating us on what to look out for and reiterating how the system was going to work, and our point of contact with them, was very patient with us as he walked us through the entire process and kept us informed of the schedule.We've joined the ranks of our neighbors who have installed solar panels—hooray! They have their own in-house contractors, including electricians, installers, roofers, and the like, so they're a one-stop shop. If anybody wants solar panels, Unique Solar has my full endorsement." - Nathan J.
"Unique Solar provided me with excellent service. I decided to incorporate solar panels in my home's renovation project because Ulf and Jeff were patient with me as I moved slowly through the process of installing them and applying for the associated tax credits this summer. My solar system was installed quickly after I stated, "Let's do this," since Ulf immediately began working on obtaining the necessary permits. In addition, I got quotes from four other solar firms, and Unique was by far the most affordable. Since the renovation of my home was so expensive, that was also crucial to me." - Jackson K.
"Again, I want to tell you about a fantastic team. Unfortunately, I sold the house with the previous system they built before I moved in and the new house has no solar panels. Purchasing solar panels for my new home from Unique Solar was a no-brainer. Unlike firms that take a "one size fits all" approach, they are willing to modify their designs to accommodate your installation. Second, Unique often uses small but important touches, such as tile-to-socket adapters without drilling. The third interesting feature of this work of art is that the entire conduit was painted. Fourth, I couldn't find a competitor offering a more affordable alternative to his method. On my second attempt, I just gave up. If you haven't decided on a solar installation company yet, you should call Unique Solar. Tell him the attic is where you want the conduit installed. The whole procedure and result will exceed your expectations." - John F.

Unique Solar Social media

The Facebook page for the solar energy provider Unique Solar is busy and packed with features. The portal looks particularly enticing thanks to images and videos of the company's satisfied clients, modern equipment, recently installed installations, and maintenance staff in operation. It also includes motivational quotations, educational connections and resources, as well as a dynamic question and answer part. The page's rising popularity is a result of its useful solar energy advice and the quality of its articles. The business is forward-thinking with its solutions and helpful resources, so clients and visitors may put their faith in it. Its appealing design contributes to highlighting the company's assortment of services and the caliber of its goods. More significantly, the website includes queries and responses to assist users in making knowledgeable choices. Overall, a reliable and active Facebook page.
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Unique Solar Pros & Cons

  • Proven track record
  • Customer-focused
  • Innovative solutions
  • Limited Capacity
  • Expensive Installation
  • Limited Access to Technology

Unique Solar Final Conclusions

Services for planning and installing solar panels are available online from Unique Solar. They put a premium on client satisfaction and consistently obtain positive reviews. The quality of the installation and the friendliness of the workers are praised in their five-star customer ratings.

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Main Address822 Archer St San Diego, CA 92109
Phone Number8589267244

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