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We design, install, and maintain solar energy systems so that you may utilize electricity without restriction and have more money available for the things that really important to you.

Westhaven Power overview

We design, install, and maintain solar energy systems so that you may utilize electricity without restriction and have more money available for the things that really important to you.

What Westhaven Power has to say about itself

We are aware of your desire to advance yourself financially and take actions that will help you achieve this. You need a trustworthy solar firm to do this. The issue is that you are spending money that you don't have to when there is unnecessarily confusing noise and non-experts. You also know there is a better method. You probably believe that you can't trust anybody as a result. You shouldn't have to cope with this, it's a truth. Your future is important to us, and we think you should have access to dependable electricity at a price you can afford from a supplier that will back up its quality. We get that you can feel betrayed and that you sense that something has to be done but are unclear of how to proceed. Because of this, we have a three-step strategy that has been successful for more than 7000 families. This is how it goes: Get an immediate quotation right now to view your findings without being under any pressure to purchase. Then just make an appointment so we can start working on finishing your system so you can start using your power. There is no better moment to make this choice than right now, so take action. Stop paying for power that is already available to you and all around you by spending money that you don't have to. Get an immediate quotation to get started on your better lifestyle.

Westhaven Power Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websitewesthavenpower.com
Service AreasCA, TX
Service TypesProject development, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation and maintenance, energy assessment, system design, financing options, incentive programs
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid
CertificationsBBB, SEIA

Westhaven Power website review

Westhaven Power sells batteries, solar panels, inverters, and charge controllers on its website. Simple and clean website design. A simple navigation menu at the top of the page lets visitors effortlessly navigate the site. The site has a huge banner picture of the company's items and a section on its product categories. The firm and its purpose are also explained. The website's product descriptions and specs are extensive. Customer feedback on product websites may aid buyers. The website appears well-designed, informative, and simple to explore.

Westhaven Power price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsChecks, money orders, debit and credit cards and PayPal, financing options
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who choose full prepayment, as well as customers participating in certain incentive programs

Westhaven Power online reputation

The quality of the services and goods offered by Westhaven Power is fairly variable, according to client comments. Customers who have appreciated the professionalism of the company's sales representatives, installation teams, and customer support professionals have expressed their satisfaction with the business. They also like the company's top-notch installation and prompt customer service. On the other side, a number of consumers have complained about Westhaven Power and had really bad experiences. These clients complained about poor customer service, lack of response to their requests, and functional problems with the goods and services as reasons for their unhappiness. Inaccurate advertising, subcontracting, and inadequate financing choices have all been reported. It is difficult to make a solid impression about the level of service offered by Westhaven Power given the conflicting feedback. However, it's crucial for prospective customers to take into account both good and bad evaluations while making a choice.
"Two years after entering into a contract with West Haven, I still don't have a functional system. It has never, ever, and still doesn't function properly. The office's customer service is very unhelpful and often outright unpleasant. Even if the system were completely functional, it cannot and would not carry out the tasks for which it was bought. The tedious effort and dangerous surroundings of construction were horrifying. I am quite dissatisfied with the business, the service, and this product. For over $100,000, you may expect to receive what you paid for." - Lisa Garibay
"This system still doesn't function after five months. Service inquiries are not answered by WestHaven. I made deals to get a new roof, a new solar array, and two batteries. Since September 2021, the roof hasn't been completed, the solar system only generates half as much energy as my previous system generated at this time of year, and the batteries only appear to draw electricity from PGE. My PGE costs have increased by almost double since WestHaven. Although the gutters are not done, the roof itself is rather good. The problem is that WestHaven subcontracted the work to another business, not themselves. After my old roof was removed, the price was increased by $4000 by the contractor. Go someplace else if you want sunlight. When you can get a hold of them, they are terrific at rhetoric but terrible at providing customer service. Go someplace else, I say." - Paul A
"The Tesla battery cost 20,000 (pending refund), yet it can't even power the home for more than a minute during a power loss; a generator would have been preferable." - Annette Davis
"The installation was successful, on schedule, and without incident. Use of Westhaven's funding, particularly All In Credit Union, is NOT RECOMMENDED. I am so stupid; I didn't read the fine print. Even though I invested $5,000 on this endeavor, they lean my house. Watch out!" - Not Totally Satisfied
"They're snakes, these men. The sales staff is laughably unorganized; one hand doesn't communicate with the other. You will be pestered by five separate individuals nonstop, and none of them have any idea what they're talking about. Avoid!" - Mat B.
"The choice to have a solar system installed by Westhaven in 2019 was the finest one we've ever made. They completed an outstanding installation. Since then, we have had problems with our Solar Edge inverter. Westhaven has done a fantastic job of helping us with our inverter problems. The installation was not the cause of the problems. Although these were Solar Edge manufacturing or equipment problems, Westhave upheld their guarantee and saw to it that our problems were fixed. Tracy is an excellent customer service agent that communicates clearly and with professionalism. Knowing that we can rely on Westhaven to take care of our solar system makes us feel good. Wonderful work, Tracy!" - Lynne
"My sales representative, Tim Root, was the most competent. Very patiently went over every aspect of my project, from beginning to end. Bud, Bryan, and Marty installed the system, and they did a great job being kind, professional, and effective. The day after I had my project inspected, even the City of Fortuna had nothing but positive things to say about Westhaven Solar. This week, I should be able to connect to PG&E, so I leave. I'm delighted that I went with Westhaven Solar. Regards, Westhaven" - Low Mountain
"I'm speechless when it comes to Westhaven Solar! They were all incredibly wonderful, from my salesperson to the office personnel and installation crew. I found them thanks to a recommendation from one of my neighbors, and I love my new solar system. In about a month, I had my system installed, and now my PG&E costs are just a few dollars. One of my better choices, without a doubt." - Theresa P.
"Compared solar options and spoke with five different businesses. Westhaven pulled the trigger. Although Westhaven wasn't the cheapest or the most costly option, my two friends who used them liked them. Adam and I worked together, and he was great. Very accommodating and supportive throughout the whole process. The installation of the system only took around 8 hours! Not a third party, although Westhaven employees installed the system. Installing the system was done cleanly and professionally by Jason and the crew. Very pleased with the procedure so far! I heartily endorse them. Come along, Adam! He's the one!" - Fue T.
"My connection to Matt, their service technician, was made via Ronnie and Bill. Matt was really professional, kind, and informed. A better candidate for the position has never been!" - Nick W.

Westhaven Power Social media

Successful company Westhaven Power has a sizable following on Facebook. The page is often updated with statements that showcase the initiatives, inspiration, and purpose of the business. They often share information about forthcoming events and deals with their Facebook fans. The website has a variety of material, including postings with client testimonials, case studies, corporate milestones, and details on market trends. Customer interaction is welcomed and encouraged, and many comments are addressed quickly. Well-written and aesthetically pleasing content contributes to an engaging user experience. Westhaven Power is kept in the forefront by the page's regular updating of new technological and renewable energy breakthroughs. Overall, the Westhaven Power page is a solid illustration of how a company can use Facebook to successfully pique interest and produce leads.
A detailed and insightful overview of the business and its operations may be found on the Olson Westhaven Power LinkedIn profile. The page is well-structured and includes many images, videos, and corporate updates. Visitors may learn more about the company's goals, as well as its goods, services, and innovations. Additionally, the team members and company's key principles are included on the website, fostering a trustworthy authorial voice and increasing client loyalty. The website also includes interviews and remarks from members of Olson Westhaven Power's executive team. Visitors will have a better grasp of the business and its future goals as a result. Overall, Olson Westhaven Power's LinkedIn profile is an excellent illustration of how to use the network to its fullest extent in order to educate and engage new clients.
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Westhaven Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1563.9


Westhaven Power Pros & Cons

  • Flexible services and support tailored to the needs of the client
  • Quality solar panels and other equipment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Limited geographic coverage
  • Possible high initial costs
  • Projects can take a long time to develop and build

Westhaven Power Final Conclusions

In conclusion, Westhaven Power offers a comprehensive selection of services for projects including solar, wind, and energy storage. These services include the provision of high-quality equipment as well as experienced guidance. They provide pricing that is comparable to those of their competitors, as well as a range of payment methods, discounts for up-front purchases, and other incentive schemes. Westhaven Power is an excellent option for companies, organizations, and governments who are trying to lower their energy expenses and enhance their use of renewable energy sources because of the knowledge and expertise that they possess.

Westhaven Power locations

Main Address800 Northgate Drive, Yuba City, CA 95991, United States.
Phone Number877-701-6402

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