Whidbey Sun & Wind review

For What Reason Should You Pick WSW? In a nutshell, we're a trustworthy local business with plenty of relevant knowledge and a strong dedication to providing excellent service to our neighbors. Always, we do our very best for our patrons. Because of them, we get to do this every day, and we couldn't be more grateful. Indeed, we appreciate it.

Whidbey Sun & Wind overview

For What Reason Should You Pick WSW? In a nutshell, we're a trustworthy local business with plenty of relevant knowledge and a strong dedication to providing excellent service to our neighbors. Always, we do our very best for our patrons. Because of them, we get to do this every day, and we couldn't be more grateful. Indeed, we appreciate it.

What Whidbey Sun & Wind has to say about itself

Whidbey Sun & Wind is a leading renewable energy provider in Washington and Oregon. The people in the northern Puget Sound area may count on us for a wide variety of services related to renewable energy systems. Our exclusive focus is on the renewable energy sector. There are three PV Installation Professionals on staff at Whidbey Sun & Wind who have earned their NABCEP certifications. Professional installers in the area of renewable energy may take advantage of NABCEP's (The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certification and certificate programs, which are recognized throughout the continent.

Whidbey Sun & Wind Solar Review

Year Started2000
Company Websitewhidbeysunwind.com
Service AreasWA
Service TypesElectrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Whidbey Sun & Wind website review

A renewable energy firm with its headquarters in Washington State has an official website at http://www.whidbeysunwind.com. The website has a current, trustworthy appearance thanks to its basic blue and white color scheme and clean, professional design. The design is well-organized, making it simple for visitors to move between the many areas. aids in promoting the company's goods and services.The company's competence in renewable energy is highlighted in a short introduction on the main page. The company's offerings, including solar, wind, and energy storage options, are thoroughly described on the website. Each service has an own page with thorough details about the advantages, setup procedure, and cost savings connected with each solution. The website also offers a blog area with articles on sustainable living, renewable energy, and business news. This promotes the business as a competent and reliable information provider. The website is mobile-friendly and responsive for easy device switching. Visitors will have no trouble finding the information they want because to the menu's simplicity and ease of use. Every page prominently displays your contact details, including a phone number and email address, making it simple for prospective clients to get in touch with you. Visitors to the website may send questions or seek quotes using a contact form on the page. In order to establish an online presence and interact with consumers, social media icons and links to corporate accounts on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn are provided. The Whidbey Sun & Wind website successfully conveys the business's proficiency in renewable energy solutions because to its skilled design, educational content, and user-friendly functionality. It offers a satisfying user experience and effectively conveys the company's offerings and beliefs.

Whidbey Sun & Wind price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Online Payment
Payment discountsCash or Upfront Discount, Financing or Credit Discounts, Referral Discounts

Whidbey Sun & Wind online reputation

It is clear from the evaluations of clients that Whidbey Sun & Wind has mostly gotten favorable comments. The majority of evaluations mention how happy they were with the solar panels' general performance, the installation crew, and the sales procedure. Customers like the staff's expertise and friendliness as well as the installation team's professionalism and quickness. The business's capacity to customize solutions to specific needs and aid in finding advantageous financing choices has also been lauded. A small number of clients had unfavorable experiences, which is a drawback. Some customers complained about excessive prices compared to other businesses, while others griped about poor customer service, installation delays, and poor quality work. Additionally, there have been incidents of roof damage and poor system operation. It's crucial to remember that, despite the bad evaluations, there are more good ones than negative ones. With their solar panels matching expectations and providing excellent outcomes, Whidbey Sun & Wind looks to have satisfied the majority of consumers. To make an educated choice based on their unique requirements and preferences, it is advised for prospective consumers to take into account both good and negative evaluations.
"This is just my second ever review of a business, so please bear with me. The first job, replacing siding, was completed by a fantastic contractor, whereas this one was the polar reverse. We expect to wrap up our work in October of 2022, and we signed the contract in early June of that year. Not until May of 2023 did the project finally wrap up. I've never seen so much blaming and justification before. I was informed that the batteries required for my position had been swapped out for those of another job. At this point, I decided to cancel and was informed that I would be held financially accountable for all incurred costs to this point. They have you over a barrel since you have to pay more than half the price of the work up advance. They didn't have the suitable electrical panel, so I had to make do with one that's three times as big as necessary and now takes up valuable space in my bedroom. Oh, check your agreement; I'm sorry to break it to you, but drywall damage is not covered. They came in and out of the house carelessly, dragging muck over the carpet each time. They must have "trouble shot" numerous while keeping me without power all day since my brand new inverter was defective. The dates we were told we needed to be in town for inspections and the like were often changed without warning, with PSE being held responsible in certain cases. Then, when they required access, I had to provide it even though I wasn't there, and they apparently thought it was OK to grant access to outsiders like inspectors even though they hadn't asked for my permission or been present. A badly managed business that cares nothing about its clientele. My objections were met with the most condescending, disrespectful, and arrogant comments imaginable; I honestly don't see how a firm ran like this can survive. Buyer beware; this is our second solar system with them, and we picked them despite their higher price because of inflated claims of superior quality." - Elizabeth
"This revision was motivated by Kelly K.'s response to my first evaluation. Kelly left out key details of the story. September 2017 saw the deployment of a land-based array. When I called WSW, a warranty modification was swiftly taken care of by a staff member. On 9/26/19, I saw yet another problem. A broken module. Since I saw no evidence of a foreign object impact, I concluded that the module was broken. WSW employee the next day stated there was no change. After a week, on 10/7/19, Kelly had another worker take pictures of the broken module. The second worker saw no change. I sent the photos to John F., the owner of Itek, so he could review my request for a warranty repair for a broken module. On 10/11/2019, WSW informed me through SMS that my warranty had been accepted. John Flanagan mailed me a module through email since the previous one had no impact. On 10/22/19, the faulty Itek module was finally swapped out. On November 5th, over two weeks later, Kelly emailed me to say that he had "evidence of impact" on the faulty module and would be billing me for the replacement's time and materials. In a rage, I called the Better Business Bureau and the Washington state attorney general's office. They wanted to know how Kelly would justify charging me for something that had been replaced under warranty. Kelly wouldn't allow me shop around for a replacement module under warranty, so she had me buy a new one instead. Violations of consumer rights and extortion. For 13 days, Kelly kept the new module before finding "evidence of an impact." Two staff at WSW did not check the photos of the module in my array before the manufacturer validated the warranty and dispatched the replacement. When I stood up for myself, Kelly backed down. Kelly said WSW would cover the cost of the replacement and offered no explanations.Kelly said that the poor service was understandable given the lengthy repair process (one month). His tepid apologies for his lackluster service was okay with me. After the event concluded, I was prepared to provide a positive evaluation. Kelly, on the other hand, came back weeks after my warranty was approved to try to bill me for a module, and now he wants to make me seem bad in his review response. It's a buyer beware world out there." - Harry
"I bought a solar panel set from Whidbey Sun & Wind not too long ago. The sales process went smoothly, and the staff members who answered my questions were informed and helpful. Professional work was done on the installation, and the system is working as intended. But I thought the total price was a bit higher than what other companies were charging. It would have been great if their prices were lower than other places." - Nicholas
"I'm not happy with what Whidbey Sun & Wind did for me. The salespeople were pushy and said too much about what their solar panel systems could do for you. I felt like I had to buy something even though I didn't have all my questions answered. Also, the activation process was delayed more than once, which caused a lot of trouble. During fitting, the work was also not very good, with loose wires and panels that weren't fixed well. Overall, my experience didn't live up to my hopes, and I wouldn't suggest them." - Nelly
"I wish I hadn't gone with Whidbey Sun & Wind to put my solar panels. From the beginning, there were problems with how people talked to each other, and it was hard to get an answer from their customer service team. The workers didn't have the right skills or respect, so the installation process was a mess. In the process, they broke my roof and left a mess. Even worse, the system hasn't been very good, and it hasn't been able to produce energy consistently. Dealing with this company has been difficult, and I would advise people who need solar to look elsewhere." - Julie
"My every anticipation was surpassed by every stage of the process. Paul was very well-informed and helpful in developing a solution tailored to our requirements. Not so little that we wouldn't get enough energy out of it, and not too huge that we'd be overcharged. Billing department employee Patricia made it easy to apply for and get a loan for energy efficiency. While working on our roof, Kyle and the rest of the installation team were careful, conscientious, and neat. Our solar panels have made me very pleased." - Veronika
"We had 9.5 KW installed on our custom house, and Whidbey Sun & Wind (WSW) performed a fantastic job. They worked with us to ensure that the roofers we hired had access to all the necessary panel posts in advance since our roof was over 20 years old. We were able to secure great rates on the solar installation and a portion of the roof that was shaded by the panels thanks to their assistance in connecting us with Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union (PSCCU). This will result in a tax refund for us this year. I also got a quotation from a Seattle company that actively advertises, and they were much more expensive, and they insisted on a lease in which they retained the tax credits; I'm relieved to have dealt with WSW." - Jim
"Working with Whidbey Sun and Wind was a pleasure. We have fully operational solar panels and a backup battery. When they saw that one of the panels wasn't performing up to par, they sent someone to swap it out immediately. We have excellent people, excellent results, and excellent goods! They showed up when they said they would and performed a fantastic job." - john
"As a former employee of an electric company, I realized the importance of having qualified experts install my solar panels. Whidbey Sun and Wind (WSW) was one of three local solar firms that provided me with quotes. Two of our close friends had just had solar panels placed on their houses, so we decided to give WSW a try. Our estimate was supplied by WSW's Paul Dickerson, and he patiently answered my numerous questions concerning system size, battery storage, and blackout-triggered automated transfer to the battery. In comparison to the other estimators, Paul had the most comprehensive understanding of the systems and machinery involved. Golda Moore, Kyle Collins, Adam Wundrow, and Josh Robinson did a fantastic job as the installation crew. It was clear that they were seasoned installers who had put in a lot of time working together to get the job done well. Golda is an incredible certified electrician who took extra precautions to ensure the wiring was future-proof and simple to maintain. The WSW crew is incredible, and I just can't praise them enough." - Jake
"Despite the unusual difficulty of the installation, Whidbey Sun and Wind worked well and was a pleasure to deal with. Throughout the planning and assembly process, my project manager was informed and kept me in the loop at all times. If he didn't know the answer to a question I asked, he was prepared to go and get out. The installation crew was pleasant and competent, and they were all prepared to work beyond hours to accommodate the tight timeline and the unpredictable weather patterns of the Pacific Northwest. Inclement weather caused a power interruption at the time when the system checks were to be executed. After the power was restored, the crew resumed commissioning the system, only to spend several hours tracing the problem to a faulty component during production. Whidbey Sun and Wind handled all communication with the OEM on my behalf to get the faulty part replaced at no cost to me. Both the functionality and aesthetics of the system are superb. Despite adding what must have been 16+ hours of extra effort, the final billing matched the stated project price perfectly. Whidbey Sun and Wind is an excellent choice." - Matthew

Whidbey Sun & Wind Social media

The Facebook page for Whidbey Sun & Wind is committed to promoting and disseminating information about renewable energy options. The website has a polished and eye-catching cover image of a wind turbine against a blue sky, in keeping with their emphasis on sustainable energy. The Whidbey Sun & Wind logo used as the profile photo aids in raising brand recognition. The page has a respectable number of followers, which is an indication of the degree of interest in renewable energy in the neighborhood. On a regular basis, the page publishes articles, recommendations, and project news about solar and wind energy. The postings are well-written, interesting, and often include attention-grabbing photos or videos to draw readers in. The information is primarily educational and instructive and attempts to spread knowledge of the advantages of renewable energy sources and promote their use. To show their dedication to provide an in-depth look at renewable energy sources, they sometimes publish pieces from other pertinent organizations or news sources.The page engages with its followers directly and immediately answers comments and messages. Periodically, the page posts client success stories or testimonials, which contributes to its trustworthiness.The Whidbey Sun & Wind Facebook page is effectively run and focused on giving its followers useful material. The website actively interacts with the community and successfully promotes renewable energy sources. The website is a recognized information source and a trusted supplier of renewable energy solutions in the Whidbey Island region thanks to a mix of informative postings, client testimonials, and sporadic promotions.
Solar and wind energy are the main emphasis of Whidbey Sun & Wind's sustainable energy solutions business. Information regarding their services, projects, and industry news may be found on their LinkedIn profile. Their initiatives, accomplishments, and industry news are regularly updated on the website. These updates show their knowledge of and dedication to renewable energy sources. Additionally, it aids members in staying current with industry advancements. On their LinkedIn profile, Whidbey Sun & Wind lists the services they provide. Among these are the installation of solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage devices, and infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. Potential customers might use this information to better comprehend the variety of services the business offers. Their finished work are shown in postings on the website. In order to provide readers a better understanding of how the units operate, these messages often include images and descriptions of the devices. This establishes their credibility and proves their knowledge of the renewable energy sector. The renewable energy industry is covered in articles, news, and thoughts on the Whidbey Sun & Wind LinkedIn profile. This establishes their expertise and establishes them as thought leaders in the industry. The newest trends and advancements in renewable energy are also kept up to date for members. The website includes articles that showcase the company's personnel, as well as their successes, achievements, and milestones. It showcases the expertise and commitment of its team members while also humanizing the brand.The page periodically includes client testimonials from happy clients who describe their interactions with Whidbey Sun & Wind services. Overall, the experience, projects, and industry engagement of Whidbey Sun & Wind are successfully highlighted on their LinkedIn profile. It exhibits their innovative ideas, offers insightful information to prospective customers, and emphasizes their dedication to green energy solutions.
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Whidbey Sun & Wind average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews124.9


Whidbey Sun & Wind Pros & Cons

  • Energy Independence
  • Various payment options and discounts
  • Energy saving equipment
  • Limited service areas
  • Not available in all states
  • Weather Dependence

Whidbey Sun & Wind Final Conclusions

Whidbey Island, Washington-based Whidbey Sun & Wind produces sustainable energy. This study summarizes a renewable energy company's performance and reputation. Company reputation depends on customer happiness. Whidbey Sun & Wind's customer service is renowned. Customers get personalized service from the company's devoted workforce. Customer testimonials show the company's dedication to excellent goods and services, which builds customer loyalty. Whidbey Sun & Wind is known for high-quality goods and services. The firm sells solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage. These goods are durable, efficient, and eco-friendly. Whidbey Sun & Wind is known for its high-quality renewable energy solutions and devotion to cutting-edge technology and top manufacturers. Whidbey Sun & Wind is well-known in sustainable energy. The firm has won various accolades and certifications for its sustainable energy solutions. These accolades boost the company's image and show its dedication to quality and innovation. Whidbey Sun & Wind is a respected and efficient renewable energy company. Its excellent financial performance, customer happiness, product quality, industry recognition, and community participation boost its reputation. Whidbey Sun & Wind leads the renewable energy sector with its sustainability and innovation.

Whidbey Sun & Wind locations

Main Address651 Pilchuck Drive Greenbank, WA 98253
Phone Number3606787131

2 local offices

Washington – Greenbank 651 Pilchuck Drive, Greenbank WA, 98253
Washington – Greenbank 651 Pilchuck Rd, Greenbank WA, 98253

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