How We Rate Solar Installers

In our rating approach, we rely on open-source data about reviews, company experience, products, warranties, financing options, and more. We created our methodology to accurately measure things that you care about the most when looking for a solar company you can trust, and ignore things that don’t make a difference.

We rate solar installers using a 5-star system. 5 stars means they are the best of the best and totally rock! These companies give amazing service, are super reliable, and always perform at the top of their game. On the other hand, 1 star means they’re not so great and we don’t recommend them. We look at everything when rating these companies, from how long they’ve been in business to the quality of their stuff and warranties. This way we give you a fair review and help you pick the best solar installers for your needs.

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We use a simple 5-star rating system to evaluate solar installers. When you see a 5-star – the company is exceptional or high-level in every or almost any aspect, from installation services to customer support, and goes above and beyond the industry standards. We recommend them as trusted installers for their excellent service, reliability, and customer reviews.

A 1-star rating means the company is not recommended at all, and putting ourselves in customers’ shoes we would try not to deal with such an installer for various reasons (poor installation quality, bad customer reviews, not meeting the deadlines, bad products and equipment quality, etc.)

Years in Business

In the solar industry, experience is key. We give priority to companies that have been in business for over five years because their longevity generally indicates stability, reliability, and a track record of successful installations. Being on the market long enough shows the company’s dedication to the industry and its ability to get through its complexities, which gives customers peace of mind. Solar panels can last for up to three decades, but they do need some maintenance and repair along the way. That’s why it’s important to find a company that’s been in the business for a while. They’ll have a pricing model that includes long-term support, so you won’t be left in the lurch after installation.

Local Companies over National Players

We usually (but not always) rate higher local solar companies instead of big, national corporations. Local companies are better at giving personal attention to customers and knowing more about the solar needs and regulations in their area. Customers seem to be happier with local companies and less satisfied with national ones. Solar energy is a local thing, and it’s tough for big companies to provide good customer service from a central location to different regions.


Beyond years in operation, the hands-on experience of the team is vital. A company with a wealth of projects under its belt is more likely to deliver installations that are efficient, timely, and tailored to specific customer needs. Experience also means a company has encountered and overcome various challenges, equipping them with the expertise to handle unforeseen issues during installation.

In-House Installation Crews

When companies handle their own installations instead of outsourcing to subcontractors, they ensure a higher caliber of work. These teams know the ins and outs of their craft and take pride in their work, knowing that they are accountable for any necessary fixes. This approach nurtures a culture of excellence and accountability in service, which stands in contrast to outsourcing to outside parties who may not prioritize the customer’s ultimate satisfaction.

Local Reputation and Reviews

If the company has a good reputation track in the local area, it’s most likely a sign they’re reliable and will give you good service. We thoroughly check reviews on sites like SolarReviews, BBB, Google Maps, Yelp, and others to see what people have to say about their experiences. Seeing positive reviews is great, but we also take into account how companies handle negative feedback.

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Local Knowledge

Understanding local regulations, climate conditions, and solar incentives requires in-depth local knowledge. Installers with this expertise can navigate permits more efficiently and design systems that maximize energy production specific to the area’s environmental conditions.

Licenses, Insurance, and Certifications

Professional credentials are non-negotiable. We ensure that companies are licensed, insured, and hold relevant certifications, such as NABCEP certification. These qualifications are a testament to the company’s professionalism and commitment to adhering to industry standards and safety regulations.

Assistance with Incentives

Navigating solar incentives and rebates can be complex. Companies that actively assist customers in understanding and applying for these benefits demonstrate a commitment to making solar more accessible and affordable.

Services and Products Offered

We aim to select companies that offer a wide selection of high-quality solar panels and related products. This allows them to create custom solutions that match every customer’s unique needs and preferences.

The difference in quality among the top solar equipment manufacturers is relatively minor, with each offering reliable products at varying price points. Brands like SunPower, LG, Panasonic, Trina, Jinko, Canadian Solar, and Mission Solar are among those that consistently deliver high quality. We advise selecting an installer who works with reputable brands and can offer options that fit within your budget, ensuring you receive the best value and performance from your solar investment.

Financing Options

It’s important to have flexible financing options when it comes to making solar power accessible to more people. We assess companies based on their ability to provide solar loans, leases, or power purchase agreements that can work for different financial situations.


A trustworthy installer is known for offering a comprehensive warranty. We suggest choosing companies that provide substantial workmanship warranties and system performance guarantees. This ensures that customers are confident in their investment and have the necessary protection.

We’ve devised an evaluation procedure that goes beyond mere industry benchmarks to identify solar installers who excel in their services. By meticulously scrutinizing each criterion, we ensure that our customers receive nothing less than the best quality service, top-notch installations, and optimal returns on their solar investments.