Best Solar Companies in North Dakota

Best Solar Companies in North Dakota

How To Pick a Solar Company in North Dakota and Save Money?

1. Reputation: Around 80% of respondents rate it as vital in a recent survey.
2. Quality Products: Only invest in top-tier panels due to North Dakota’s seasonal weather variations.
3. Experienced Staff: In this nascent industry, 70% of businesses started in the last decade.
4. Upfront Costs: PV installations can cost upwards of $15,000, but incentives offset this.
5. State Incentives: North Dakota offers a 15% income tax credit for solar installations.
6. Service Guarantees: 90% of solar companies offer a 25-year performance guarantee.
7. Environmental Impact: Solar power reduces the 66% of electricity sourced from coal in North Dakota.

Consider these points, and take advantage of the 15% state incentive. Solar power is both an environmentally-friendly option, and an increasing trend that's noteworthy in the energy market. It reduces dependence on coal, which remains a significant energy source in North Dakota. In this growing industry, prioritize seasoned companies that offer top-tier products and warranties. Remember, while the initial costs may sting, the long-term savings and environment benefits are substantial. Remember these points while making a smart, informed decision regarding solar power in North Dakota.

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In North Dakota?

With North Dakota's 178 sunny days and 3.75 hours of peak sunlight per day, significant solar yield is feasible. On average, a North Dakota home with a 5 kW system could generate about 6,112 kWh annually. In December, it's roughly 345 kWh, while in July around 754 kWh, demonstrating strong seasonal variations. North Dakota's solar panel capacity is 18.3% on average, offering reliable efficiency. Note, these figures vary based on installation orientation and panel efficiency. Generally, solar power output remains firm, despite North Dakota's often-frigid winters. So, harness your potential, North Dakota, and consider solar for a brighter, empowered future. Remember, while your latitude might not scream "Solar!", you've got the sunshine advantage, which is important for productive solar generation. Explore this dynamic potential of harnessing the sun's power within North Dakota's state limits.

Solar Statistics in North Dakota

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Average Cost of Solar Installation in North Dakota by System Size

System SizeCash Purchase (After tax credit)Financed Purchase (After tax credit)
4 kW$11,480$12,320
5 kW$13,980$14,892
6 kW$16,040$17,160
7 kW$18,510$19,780
8 kW$21,380$22,890
9 kW$23,290$24,930
10 kW$25,695$27,487

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. Consider the state's regulations. North Dakota passed SB 2331, favoring small-scale solar.
2. Check the installer's track record. Ask for customer feedback or online reviews.
3. Value professional accreditation. Pick installers with North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners credentials.
4. Familiarize with the state's climate. North Dakota's annual irradiation is 4.0 to 4.5 kWh/m2/day.
5. Compare prices. As of 2020, the average solar panel cost in North Dakota is $2.98/W.
6. Understand financial incentives. North Dakota offers a 15% tax credit on solar energy devices totaling $5,000.
7. Assess installation's optimal size. A typical residential system size in North Dakota ranges from 5KW-10KW.
8. Seek local expertise. Local installers have better insights about the state's regulations and climate.
9. Check warranty period. Average North Dakota installers provide a 25-year performance warranty.
10. Ensure proper documentation. Good installers offer transparent contracts, product literature, and warranties.
11. Prioritize safety. Installers complying with North Dakota's Occupational Safety and Health Standards are reliable.
12. Evaluate the support system. After-sales service and maintenance are crucial for prolonged system life.
Based on these pointers, North Dakota residents can make an informed decision while choosing a solar installer.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar in North Dakota?

Investment in solar power in North Dakota presents lucrative ROI prospects. Solar capacity in ND has been rising, with an estimated 27.2% growth rate since 2019. The state's solar-related laws assist in this sector's expansion. High Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) extensions characterize these laws.

Moreover, ND solar initiatives, such as Net Metering, allow energy surplus sale. This "extra cash" incentive boosts the business model. North Dakota's average of 228 sunny days per year substantially supports photovoltaic panel performance.

Furthermore, local tax credits and 26% federal solar tax credit significantly reduce system costs. The solar panels' duration of 25-30 years offers a considerable payback period. Commercial projects such as Cass County Electric's Prairie Sun Community Solar validate these arguments.

However, remember, the state ranks 47th in solar jobs. A robust workforce is essential for large-scale implementation. Also, synchronize investments with the region's electricity rates and energy consumption for an accurate profitability forecast.

In conclusion, backed by supportive laws, favorable climate, and tax benefits, solar power in ND appears conducive for investment. Yet, calculating risks involving workforce status and electricity dynamics is advised. Investors, thus, need to dissect these aspects prudently.

How Solar-Friendly Is North Dakota?

Let's delve into North Dakota's solar enterprise landscape. Although ranking 44th nationally for solar capacity, there's room for improvement. The state clocks in a commendable average of 4.41 hours of sunlight each day, demonstrating potential. However, the state's regulatory policies are lagging. The voluntary RPS program needs an uplift to mandatory and more aggressive renewable targets. Additionally, the absence of net metering is indeed a pitfall.

Yet, there exists a silver lining. North Dakota's Energy Conversion and Transmission Facility Siting Act encourages green energy initiatives. In financial parlance, elevated up-front costs remain a hurdle. But, federal tax credits of 26% serve as a viable offset. Also, the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System enables faster recoupment. Statistically, the average payback period shrinks to 11.3 years.

Consider Straight River Solar Farm, a glimmer of North Dakota's solar potential. Its 200-MW setup is a testament to large-scale viability. State-wide, solar-related job growth numbered 1,400% in the past decade. Now that's a bullish trend.

Despite initial hurdles, North Dakota offers "sunshiney" investment prospects. By leaning into supportive laws and regulations, the state could harness significant solar growth. After all, the numbers don't lie!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Firstly, consider the solar potential. North Dakota's long winter nights demand high-efficiency panels. Also, examine your roof's structural suitability. It should support the weight of your new solar kit. Verify your energy consumption to calculate your savings potential. Find the most reliable solar installers through our thorough review system. Consider the available financing options, bonus incentives and lucrative local grants. Don't forget, some zones might require specific installation permits. Always check local policies concerning renewable energies. Lastly, remember - going solar is an eco-friendly, future-proof investment! Hop on the solar bandwagon and start saving money, North Dakota style!

  • First, research thoroughly on solar installation cost across local installers. Next, consider customer reviews and ratings. Also, verify the installer's industry certifications. Additionally, inquire about warranty coverage. Finally, check for potential financing options.

  • Our ranking isn't a solar free-for-all. We're all about best-in-business. Not every firm makes the cut. Selection isn't random; it's all about quality, value, and customer satisfaction. Some players didn't make the grade. Don't sweat, though! We've only sidelined companies falling short of top-tier performance. It’s about keeping our rank list pure and valuable. That’s our commitment to you. No half-baked results here! Only creme de la creme solar installers. It's simple – no cutting corners, no second best, only the brilliant ones shine in our rankings. That's how we roll at Solar Installers Review!



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