1st Light Energy review

The environmental benefits of switching to solar power are long-term, and at 1st Light, we're committed to easing the financial and logistical burdens of making that switch.

1st Light Energy overview

The environmental benefits of switching to solar power are long-term, and at 1st Light, we're committed to easing the financial and logistical burdens of making that switch.

What 1st Light Energy has to say about itself

A solar energy system is only as reliable as the company that put it in place. 1st Light Energy is still there when other solar companies have come and gone. From the time of installation and beyond, we are committed to resolving any and all customer concerns, from consultation to warranty. Put your faith in the solar power company that won't disappear anytime soon.

1st Light Energy Review

Year Started2004
Company Website1stle.com
Service AreasCA, CT, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, SC, UT
Service TypesSolar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion, and nickel-cadmium batteries

1st Light Energy website review

1stle.com showcases 1st Light Energy's expertise, services, and dedication to renewable energy. The site's sleek design represents the company's creative approach to sustainable energy.The website's user-friendly layout lets users explore the many parts and get the information they need. The top navigation bar links to Home, About, Services, Projects, News, and Contacts. About Us covers 1st Light Energy's history, ideals, and achievements. Visitors may learn about the company's sustainability efforts, specialists, and collaborations with industry leaders. Services details 1st Light Energy's renewable energy options. The firm serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients with solar, wind, and energy storage solutions. 1st Light Energy's Projects page showcases successful installations and projects. Case studies and photographs show how these initiatives reduce carbon emissions and clean the environment. The News section makes renewable energy news simple to follow. Visitors may read articles, news releases, and industry updates regarding sustainable energy technology, policy, and the company's achievements here. The Contact Us page offers a contact form, email address, phone number, and physical location for inquiries. Questions, cooperation possibilities, and consultations are welcome. The 1st Light Energy website provides complete sustainable energy solutions for people, companies, and organizations. The website shows 1st Light Energy's dedication to changing energy production and use with attractive design, educational information, and a greener future.

1st Light Energy price policy

PackagesThe average cost of a home solar panel system ranges from $4,500 to $7,500, while a commercial system can range from $20,000 to $200,000.
Payment optionsCredit and debit card, cash, direct deposit, and PayPal
Payment discountsDiscounts for regular customers, discounts for referrals and discounts for multiple purchases, seasonal promotions and special discounts for bulk orders

1st Light Energy online reputation

1st Light Energy's 10-year craftsmanship guarantee was not met by one client, according to reports. Installation errors caused exterior and interior harm to the consumer, which the corporation denied. The homeowner's insurance company denied the claim, stating the solar firm's warranty should cover it. Noncompliance and bad service. Another customer complained about the company's broken promises. The system had been broken for five years, and when they contacted for servicing, they were charged without compensation. The consumer thought 1st Light Energy did not back his claims or guarantee satisfaction. Poor installation, leaks, fixes. One client reported installation and maintenance concerns. The pigeon problem was caused by leaks, delays in fixing faults, and inadequate panel fencing. Leaks prompted expensive repairs, and removing and reinstalling the new roof panels cost the client. Smooth Installation and Financial Benefits: One client liked 1st Light Energy. The vendor was trustworthy and knowledgable. The installation went successfully and the client started saving money with solar energy within a few months. Long-term happiness and cost savings: Another client liked installing 1st Light Energy. After three years, the panels saved them money on energy costs. Excellent service and professionalism: The customer was delighted with the system's power output and the 1st Light Energy team's professionalism, speed, and communication. 1st Light Energy and Dvinci Energy replaced a client's roof after previous firms failed. The company's assistance was appreciated. These customer reviews may not reflect 1st Light Energy's overall performance. Consider other opinions and do further study before making a conclusion.
"1st Light WILL NOT uphold its 10-year guarantee. - Used 1st Light Energy in Manteca, California, to get solar panels and do the installation. We signed a contract with a 10-year guarantee for craftsmanship, but the company is refusing to pay for the external and interior damage that is plainly attributable to their installation, despite the fact that the leaks were caused by their negligence. Their installation was flawed, and they know it, yet they still won't pay for it. Our homeowner's insurance company also denied our claim for damages on the grounds that "damage is due to the solar company's poor workmanship and should be covered under their warranty!" Since March 2022, when 1st Light finally arrived to remove them, our solar panels have been stored in the garage. They refused to put them back up after we paid for roof repairs ourselves. So now we are also losing even more of our limited energy supply. Avoid working with them at all costs! I have informed the Better Business Bureau, the state of California, and the licensing division of the state of California about them. My fingers are crossed that they will do the right thing by their clients once the inquiry is complete." - Susan
"The first issue is that a salesman or woman will come to your table and tell you about a "call home" option that will alert someone if your solar power system ever fails. But that's not true; when it stops functioning and I notice it a few months later, I bring it up and they say, "It's your responsibility to monitor." Second, I bought a $40,000 system that failed after less than 5 years, and now I have to spend $250 just to have them come out and figure out what's wrong. When they tell me it's a hardware issue, I ask whether I can get my service cost back. Unfortunately, the warranty replacement does not compensate them for their efforts. But you should certainly back up what you're selling; I spent $40,000 on a system that won't last even five years. In short, you should keep looking. They don't back up their claims or guarantee satisfaction. Three extremely pricey months of solar coverage and another $250 to have it fixed. There are just too many competitors in this industry for this to continue." - Bishop
"They assured me that the size of the system I purchased would more than cover my monthly electricity costs. I was surprised to learn that the little system they installed did not reduce my costs in any way. When I contact, they assure me that the system is functioning as intended despite its very modest size. I have generated hardly any power at all. Now I have a solAr electricity bill in addition to the regular one. My once-a-month electric bill of $300 is now over $600. They've been useless and have no ideas for improvement. The very worst bet ever. South Carolina locality." - Ernie
"My interactions with this firm have been nothing short of a disaster. They do not guarantee their job, are unhelpful when contacted, and clearly do not value their clientele. My solar panels have been giving me nothing but trouble, and getting 1st Lite to fix them has been an exercise in futility. They sent a repairman to fix a hole in the roof who, among other things, 1) didn't have a ladder and, more importantly, 2) didn't have any tools. After attempting to schedule an appointment for weeks, he finally got one, but he was eight hours late. The pigeon problem started because they neglected to install panel guards. Calls to remedy this issue lasted many months. Four times their installation caused leaks that destroyed my inside walls and ceilings, necessitating expensive repairs to the sheet rock and paint. Now that the system has started leaking again to the point that a new roof is necessary, they want to charge me $3,500 to remove the panels and re-install them before a roofer can replace the leaking roof. Don't do business with this outfit!" - Steven
"I was promised a $12,000 federal rebate check and a $4,000 state rebate check, both payable in one lump amount, to be used on the principal on my loan. This turned out to be an enormous fabrication. The government funds are not a cash payment, but rather a tax credit. The state makes payments directly to the contractor rather than in a single lump amount, although the solar firm must ask for this in advance. They failed to comply, and the state is not providing any compensation. I have started legal proceedings to get what was promised to me. Falsehoods galore! Get informed before putting your name on anything. To get you to sign, they will say anything." - WT
"I had serious doubts about solar energy. I know of two people who have gone solar. I met with two separate businesspeople. Rightfully so, I got the impression that neither was very trustworthy. Both of them had issues with the business. A mutual acquaintance of mine who had previously collaborated with Penili put me in touch with 1st light. He was knowledgeable and forthcoming in answering my many concerns, and he was not at all aggressive like representatives from other businesses. Everything worked just as he said it would, and his explanations were quite clear. The organization has been fantastic. Just a few short months after installing my panels, I am already reaping the financial benefits. Like Coned said I would, I am still carrying a nominal base charge. Well done to him and the business! Strongly suggest them to anybody thinking about switching to solar power." - Carol
"Since they were installed, I haven't had a single issue, and I must say that I'm very pleased. Three years later, they are still providing plenty power for my house. There was no pressure to buy, and the salesman was great. The installation took longer than planned, but that was because of delays in approval from the city's permitting office and our area's electrical irrigation department. The amount I was charged was accurate, and I have no qualms about making the change. While I am still making payments on the loan for the panels, I am saving about $2,000 per year compared to my previous power bills. Very helpful, First Light." - Rogelio
"There is no better team than that of 1st Light Energy. Jennifer, I appreciate you taking the time to outline the steps I'd be taking. The installation was completed much more quickly than I had anticipated. The installers were punctual, efficient, and kind. I was anticipating a lengthy wait for the local licenses and the SCE Permission to Operate. My assumption was incorrect. More power is being produced by me than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you, Weston, and the rest of the 1st Light Energy crew. Excellent work!" - Mike
"In July of 2015, my family and I bought a 2-story, 2,200-square-foot house in the Central Valley of California. Our power bill reached an all-time high of $550 a month because of the extreme heat. After I called 1st Light Energy, we had a centralized generator installed immediately. 1st Light Energy has supplied my family with excellent service, professionalism, and cost savings, and we couldn't be happier. For both financial and ecological reasons, switching to solar was a brilliant move on our part." - Sergio
"When other companies informed me they couldn't replace my roof, a representative from Dvinci Energy came knocking on my door and assured me they could. It turned out that 1st light energy is a partner of Dvinci's installations, and they were really helpful throughout the whole thing. They were able to respond to all of my inquiries. The installation was completed in a single day by a skilled and efficient workforce. What a relief, first light!" - Marsha

1st Light Energy Social media

A solar energy firm with its headquarters in the United Kingdom maintains an official presence on Facebook under the name 1st Light Energy. has more than twenty followers and over one thousand posts. The page is often updated, and fresh content are added on a daily basis. The solar energy solutions offered by the firm, such as solar panels, solar energy storage, and solar energy systems, are the primary topic of discussion for the whole of the communications. In addition, there are entries on the website that discuss ways to save energy and alternative sources of power. In addition, there is a link on this page that will take you to the website of the firm, where you may get further information about the company and the services it offers. Overall, the Facebook page for 1st Light Energy is an excellent resource for anybody who has an interest in learning more about solar power and other forms of renewable energy.
The page on LinkedIn that represents 1st Light Energy serves as a dynamic representation of the company's corporate profile. The page now has about 1,800 followers and has been operational since 2016. This page includes a goal statement for the firm, a list of the services and goods offered by the business, and a link to the website for the business. Additionally, postings on industry news, client tales, and job openings may be found on this page. In addition to that, there are links on this page that will take you to the company's Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages. In general, the front page of Light Energy's profile on LinkedIn offers prospective customers a wonderful opportunity to get further information on the company and the services it offers, as well as to interact with the firm in a manner that is appropriate for business.
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9 Subscribers

1st Light Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews373.8


1st Light Energy Pros & Cons

  • Variety of solar panel types and mounting systems
  • Range of energy storage solutions
  • Offers financing options
  • Not available in all states
  • Higher initial cost than other providers
  • Possible delays due to weather conditions

1st Light Energy Final Conclusions

According to the customer testimonials offered, opinions on 1st Light Energy are conflicting. While some clients have praised the company's installation work, professionalism, and cost savings, others have complained about warranty problems, poor client support, subpar system performance, and installation and maintenance concerns. Negative reviews draw attention to issues including the company's disregard for its craftsmanship warranty, carelessness in correcting damage brought on by installation flaws, and failing to support claims or ensure client satisfaction. These problems suggest a lack of response and responsibility, which may be upsetting for customers who have paid for their services. On the plus side, the consumers praised the efficient communication throughout the procedure, the successful installation, and the financial advantages of the solar panels. These testimonials demonstrate that 1st Light Energy can provide respectable outcomes and, in certain situations, satisfy clients' expectations. Given the conflicting opinions, it's crucial to approach 1st Light Energy cautiously and do extensive study before employing their services. It is advised that you enquire about their warranty policy, get counsel, and carefully study any contracts to ensure that you are aware of all the conditions. Making an educated choice may also benefit from research into various solar energy providers and comparison of their services, client feedback, and reputation. Getting a better understanding of 1st Light Energy's general performance and reputation may be accomplished by reading reviews from various sources and seeking for suggestions from reliable sources.

1st Light Energy locations

Main Address5 Dickerson Rd, Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844, United States
Phone Number2098245500

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