Novi Energy review

NOVI Energy is a family-run business that develops renewable energy solutions for utility, government, industrial, institutional, and commercial clients worldwide. The organization is aware that energy projects are complicated and need technical expertise, financial acumen, and the capacity to collaborate with and for communities. They provide the cleanest energy solutions that boost earnings, reduce emissions, and maximize benefits to sustainable communities since they are specialists in energy technology, development, and negotiating.

Novi Energy overview

NOVI Energy is a family-run business that develops renewable energy solutions for utility, government, industrial, institutional, and commercial clients worldwide. The organization is aware that energy projects are complicated and need technical expertise, financial acumen, and the capacity to collaborate with and for communities. They provide the cleanest energy solutions that boost earnings, reduce emissions, and maximize benefits to sustainable communities since they are specialists in energy technology, development, and negotiating.

What Novi Energy has to say about itself

The company provides energy management and infrastructure development services to government, industrial, institutional, commercial, and utility customers worldwide. Because NOVI has created many energy projects, they know what it takes to take an energy project from idea to commercial operation. NOVI stays competitive by being independent of technology and suppliers and by staying current with technology and its potential applications for our customers. The company validates its results. Based in Southeast Michigan, NOVI Energy offers high-quality services at a fair price and ongoing support. NOVI is committed to seeing a project through to completion and creating a long-term bond with clients.

Novi Energy Review

Year Started2002
Service AreasMI
Service TypesDesign & engineering, turn-key installations, monitoring systems, and ongoing maintenance programs.
Types PanelsPolycrystalline and monocrystalline panels.
Backup BatteryLiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), AGM (Lead Acid)

Novi Energy website review

The official website of Novi Energy looks professional and trustworthy. Modern and attractive design and convenient navigation allow visitors to quickly orient themselves and get access to the most interesting materials. The site has sections dedicated to the company, its activities, portfolio, news and upcoming events, contact information, etc. Separately, I would like to emphasize the section with projects, which has filters by type of work. That is, you can select Solar and see what projects the company participated in with a detailed description and address. The only thing that could be added here is live photos from these projects. In general, the site fully reflects the professionalism and quality of the company's services.

Novi Energy price policy

PackagesBasic System Package starts at $6,400, Standard System Package at $8,400, Premium System Package at $10,400, Ultimate System Package at $12,400
Payment optionsCredit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, bank transfer, and wire transfer.
Payment discountsFamilies: 2-3% depending on location; military members and veterans: 5-10%; Senior citizens: 5-10%; education and government employees: 5-10%; new customers: Up to 10% off their energy bill; referral bonuses: Up to $50 off; low-income households: up to 20% discount

Novi Energy online reputation

The majority of NOVI Energy's clients report both good and negative outcomes from their interactions with the company. Customers consider NOVI Energy's services to be dependable and timely in general, praising the company's pleasant rates and helpful information. Customer service, according to some consumers, might be better since there sometimes isn't clear communication. Numerous clients believed that buying from NOVI Energy was generally favorable, with room for improvement.
"However, I've learned that their services are really rather expensive and are not worth the money needed to pay for them. I had been led to believe that NOVI Energy would be a cost-effective answer. They provide very erratic services, and their customer care representatives are completely unreliable. I would never suggest this service to anybody searching for trustworthy and reasonably priced energy sources; in fact, I wouldn't even suggest it to myself." - Fredro S.
"Although I'm certain the product is probably great, I suspect there are other businesses that are more open and effective communicators. We took over a year to install and get up and running before being dumped like a hot potato. No longer respond to their queries. After selling you their stuff, it seems as if they don't give a damn. Equally poor was the internal communication inside the business. Nobody ever seemed to understand why you were informed what they did by another department. It was an awful situation. In the clear anticipation that the electric company would bargain or make a concession on their standards, our electric company also informed us that no one was passing their inspections because they were disregarding the requirements." - Mark L.
"We had a positive experience with NOVI until our system was installed and paid for, but we are now unable to receive a response to our attempts to resolve our issues. Our vendor, Julian, is completely deceived about the capabilities of our solar panels. We purchased our solar system, but once it was operational, it did not perform as promised. We have sought out the company multiple times and have been assured that a manager will contact us to rectify the issue, but we have yet to hear back. The customer service representative went so far as to say, "I'm sorry your salesman lied, but sometimes they do that to get the sale, and there's nothing we can do about it." Absolutely avoid working with this company." - Brooke D.
"I would not advise anyone to use Novi. They offer bargains such as the first 18 months gratis but never transmit the payment. They install the system and then inform you that they neglected to insert the card, so it's producing, but no one can determine how much. Since installation, I've received two electric invoices; the first was understandable, but the second was significantly higher. Now, I am paying for solar in addition to my regular electric bill. Had to acquaintances who joined, and no referral compensation was issued. I believe solar could be a fantastic resource, but not with NOVI Energy. " - Demetrius R.
"I have no issues with the solar panels themselves or the installation. I have an issue with both the salesperson and the customer service. The friendly salesperson who came to our home told us many things that were never true. He began by informing us that we would get our tax credit in one lump payment along with our 2021 tax return. It turned out to be a complete falsehood. He then proceeded to assure us that the loan would not have a negative impact on our credit. He informed us that it would basically seem like a utility bill. Again, incorrect. When I went to have my credit checked, my solar panel debt appeared out of nowhere and started to hurt my credit score. NOVI informed me they are not responsible for what their salesperson said to consumers when I contacted them to discuss their salesman's misrepresentation. I think that represents poor customer service. I'll never, ever, ever suggest this business to anybody. Please investigate solar energy firms." - Emilee T.
"In addition to suggesting components for my application, NOVI Energy also provided an explanation of what we may anticipate from those components based on a thorough study of our solar location and the previously installed components. They provide premium parts at affordable prices, and they did a great job installing them. Thankfully, Gary dissuaded me from purchasing the panels on my own at a slightly lower cost when one of the installed solar panels failed to provide the anticipated power. They returned, examined the panel, and immediately replaced it at no extra cost. Gary followed up on the installation to make sure everything was working properly and to address any issues I had. The system is performing better than expected. I heartily endorse NOVI Energy." - George H.
"In December, we made the decision to install a solar array. Because we learned that our local energy cooperative will be altering its net metering policy on January 1, it had to be finished before the end of the year. The unfortunate Novi installation team members were on our roof clearing 5 inches of snow in 15 mph winds. They finished everything in time for us to make the deadline, and everything immediately passed inspection. I give the sales team, the project manager, and the installers high marks. The Jule bill we just received was for -$27!" - Susan G.
"I was astounded by the degree of professionalism shown throughout the whole process. Eric Due, my salesman, went above and beyond to answer all of my many questions and turn what I had imagined to be a tedious process into something that was really delightful! Very, very many thanks! Furthermore, the installers performed a fantastic job. Prompt and kind, and they acted with great professionalism. This company has my highest recommendation." - Justice V.
"Novi Energy is a fantastic firm that provides an excellent alternative to the conventional energy providers found in the area. Instead of "renting" the energy, they provide you the option to own it completely. They operate using an energy source that does not deplete the earth's resources, and they have streamlined the whole process. Dakota gave off the impression of being very informed and friendly. He was able to explain how the process works as well as the advantages that come from using solar energy for everyone. It was obvious that Dakota had a strong work ethic because of his desire and his attention in making sure that every one of my inquiries and concerns were answered." - Dave C.
"Since this organization has such extensive information about solar panels, working with them is an enjoyable experience. The administrative staff is kind and well-informed, and it seems that they make use of an efficient communication system, which helps them to get things done in a timely way. It is reasonable to state that this company is one of the very few that is still functioning in its sector in today's day and age, and it is also one of the very few that places a substantial lot of weight on providing amazing service to its clients." - Pat O.

Novi Energy Social media
Solar energy provider NOVI Energy's Facebook profile lacks a contemporary and polished appeal. The page currently has 86 subscribers. A block of firm information is included on the page. The block includes contact details for the business, including its phone number, address, email address, and website link. Although there are publications in the stream, they date from 2022. However, they fail to arouse trust since no images of completed work exist.
The NOVI Energy LinkedIn profile seems to get a lot of attention, as seen by the volume of information that can be found there. More than 400 people are presently following this page as a page they follow. This website provides a thorough introduction that covers the advantages and disadvantages of working with the company as well as contact information. The existence of publications in the stream proves that the business is active and has been doing so for some time.
YouTube channel not registered

Novi Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews
AVGNo way to count


Novi Energy Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Experienced Team
  • Seasonal Revenue Fluctuations
  • Lack of Brand Recognition
  • Limited Geographic Reach

Novi Energy Final Conclusions

NOVI Energy provides dependable electricity at affordable prices and a range of options. Customers compliment the company's environmental and sustainable development efforts and the simplicity of switching suppliers. The company's services and assistance generally satisfy clients. Some consumers had difficulty reaching customer support professionals. The firm has no reviews and ratings on prominent sites; thus, Novi Energy gets a 3.5-star rating.

Novi Energy locations

Main Address23955 Novi Rd, Novi, MI 48375
Phone Number2487356684

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