Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air review

A firm called Affordable Solar, Roof & Air offers both residential and commercial customers solar, roofing, and air conditioning building services.

Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air overview

A firm called Affordable Solar, Roof & Air offers both residential and commercial customers solar, roofing, and air conditioning building services.

What Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air has to say about itself

Installing the greatest solar panels on your house is one of the wisest choices you can make as a homeowner to reduce your monthly energy costs. The firm most suited to assist homes in the Sunbelt in achieving this objective is Solar Roof Air.

Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasFL, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline and thin-film
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsSEIA, The American Solar Energy Society

Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air website review discusses choosing Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air due to attractive installation prices and solar payback. The website provides information about solar products, services and solutions. In order to help customers understand the benefits of solar energy and how this technology works, the site contains all the necessary information. The site has a modern design with photo examples of the company's work. Unfortunately, there is no information on the site about the cost of solar installations, which is extremely inconvenient for visitors.

Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air online reputation

According to client testimonials, the business has received accolades for its expertise, professionalism, and price. Many clients of Affordable Solar, Roof & Air have praised the company's offerings. They said that the business utilizes premium materials and hires knowledgeable staff that are up to date on the most recent developments in technology and the industry.
"To make sure we hired a trustworthy organization, we performed our research and checked on BBB and websites like to this. Affordable gave us a very competent and professional salesperson, and he was successful in closing the deal. Though I'd say they employ BOTS to compose their ratings based on what we know today and our interactions with Affordable Solar. In April 2022, we ordered a backup generator and solar panels. I was informed that it would only take 40 days to finish the solar, and the generator would be finished in two weeks. A crew placed several of our panels in July, but they never returned. We have contacted often but have received little to no information, feedback, or customer remedies from sales or customer support. Unless we call, Affordable doesn't communicate with us. Get a promise that they'll call, which they never do. Nobody ever calls to ask about status or updates. I must admit that a young woman at the Interconnection Department who looks to be quite knowledgeable is our savior. She helped us gather some information and was really helpful and patient. Out of the five or six connections we have, there is just one decent employee. The majority of people don't even pick up the phone or call back after leaving many voicemails. As of today, October 14th, the installation of our system is still not finished, the solar panels and generator are not in operation, Affordable has not been contacted, and we are now paying both the solar payment and the energy bill. Avoid making the same error that we made. I wouldn't advise anybody to use this firm, so look elsewhere. We have now reported their business practices to the Better Business Bureau." - Justin
"I'm genuinely pleased with the solar system, but installation and setup took 4 months. In addition, I'm still waiting for a generator, which, according to what I've been informed, will arrive in at least a month. I bought the solar/generator package based on the salesman's assurance that it would take about two months for the system to be finished. Now, almost five months later, I'm still paying for an incomplete system because I still don't have a generator, and it's been extremely difficult to get any information from Affordable Solar Roof and Airs customer service during that time. If you phone and are repeatedly transferred, you may end up speaking with or leaving a message for someone and never receiving a call back. You would think someone would call and at least explain what is going on after 4 months and now making payments on an unfinished system, but that is not the case with them. It seems that after you sign, nobody really cares whether the system is ever finished. A system that I was promised would be finished in no more than two months would now, with any hope, take six months. And once again, Affordable Solar has not called to discuss how long the project is taking. When one of their representatives came out to teach me how the app worked a week ago, I chatted with him and explained everything to him. I have yet to get a call or email from anybody despite the fact that he allegedly wrote many emails to the company's top executives." - Scott
"Yes! To write its evaluations, Affordable Solar Roof and Air employs a bot. After meeting with Lee Smith, a skilled but dishonest salesperson, I did my research and looked up evaluations of the business. He identified himself as the organization's "area manager," saying he was responsible for over 20 salesmen. He calculated that I used 19000 kilowatts of power between June 21 and June 22 based on my billing history. With solar panels and open cell spray foam insulation, he claimed to offset my power use by 102%. Being unfamiliar with spray foam, I was a little hesitant to use it. Lee informed me that fresh insulation is necessary for every new projects. On July 2, 2022, I signed the agreement. Regarding the spray foam insulation, I've been phoning Lee, but he never picks up the phone or answers his email. The people who work at the front desk do their hardest to put me in touch with Alex, the true sales manager, but he appears to be no different than Lee in that he never answers my call. DJ, the lead crew, and the team that arrived for the installation performed a terrific job. He quickly and clearly described what he was going to do. As promised by the DJ, installation took about 7 hours. Lee said someone will get back to me to get me set up with an app to track power output, but nobody has been in touch with me to make that happen. Affordable Solar Roof and Air overpromises while falling short. This firm has really let me down." - Stenio Martines
"On our roof, Affordable Solar Roof and Air installed their system. They just departed after they were finished. I felt unwell when I went to view the installation. The solar panels do not rest flat due of the conduit that runs along the roof. No one ever replied to our repeated attempts to contact them, and ultimately a worker informed us that the matter would not be resolved. Due to our roof, our HOA was furious, and they amended their rules on solar installation. The solar system we have developed has the worst appearance. They ignore our objections and are unfit to put solar panels on anyone's house. Poor administration, service, and installation were a shame. It costs too much money to be handled in this manner. Don't work with this company." - Randall V.
"Working with Affordable Solar has been a pleasure since they are kind and knowledgeable. I'm happy I went with a local solar provider since it's convenient for them to come out here for any servicing." - George M
"Brandon The very finest salesperson I ever had was mine. Met with several representatives from the opposition, but Affordable stood out and was a pleasure to deal with. Crew's installation barely took a day. Enphase app is amazing since it allows you to see each individual production on the array; I'm pleased to have that capacity so I can stop worrying about whether they're functioning or not." - Sal R
"Excellent business to work with! The installation went well and was finished in a single day. Look no farther than Affordable Solar if you're seeking for solar. They made everything trouble-free and really simple to deal with. From our perspective, the installation procedure was swift and rather easy. I heartily endorse this business!" - emil sanders
"Yohann, my salesperson, outperformed every quotation I received in terms of both pricing and the importance of customer service. I'm pleased with my experience since everything was installed on time. I purchased a roof and solar panels from ASRA and will advise my friends to do the same." - Augusto Espinoza
"We were amazed by how soon Affordable arrived here and acquainted us with all panel maintenance requirements. Despite the fact that we discovered a few nails in the yard, the installation staff did an excellent job overall. However, they might have given the home a once-over to make sure everything was cleaned up." - Stefani D

Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air Social media
The Affordable Solar Roof & Air Facebook page is well-liked and interesting overall. He has more than 400 likes and more than 250 posts over the past year. Customer reviews, pictures of completed projects, and informative posts on various forms of solar energy may all be found on the page. The community as a whole enjoys the blogs, and many people leave supportive comments. The website also includes a variety of calls to action, including specials, news about new services, and forthcoming event reminders. This promotes involvement and communication among Facebook users. Followers should anticipate being informed about the latest solar roof and air availability as the page appears to be updated at least weekly and possibly more frequently. It is clear that the business takes the time and care to make it interesting and instructive. Overall, the Affordable Solar Roof & Air page is a strong online representation of the business and ought to be expanded and pushed in order to increase its exposure. account not registered
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Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews7484.9


Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air Pros & Cons

  • Simple and effective consultations
  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Quality assurance
  • Not suitable for all types of roofs
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Might not be aesthetically pleasing for some homeowners

Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air Final Conclusions

A solar installation business called Affordable Solar, Roof & Air focuses on offering affordable solar options for both residential and commercial buildings. According to client testimonials, the business has received accolades for its professionalism, superior craftsmanship, and top-notch customer service. Many customers remarked on how fast and easy the installation procedure was, and how helpful and educated the crew was at every stage. Customers also commended the company's services' accessibility and the substantial energy bill reductions they saw after converting to solar power. According to customer testimonials, Affordable Solar, Roof & Air seems to be a dependable and trustworthy solar installation business that offers top-notch client care and affordable solutions for its clients.

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Main Address4914 Creekside Dr, Clearwater, FL 33760
Phone Number(800) 515-1254

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