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RxSun provides comprehensive residential solar services to clients in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Florida, and Wisconsin. All the way from planning to installation to cost savings, our NABCEP-certified experts are ready to help.

RxSun overview

RxSun provides comprehensive residential solar services to clients in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Florida, and Wisconsin. All the way from planning to installation to cost savings, our NABCEP-certified experts are ready to help.

What RxSun has to say about itself

All of our solar panel installers and electricians have passed the National Association of Boards of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) exams. With a focus on education, environmental sustainability, and economics, we use a low-key approach to closing deals. Better pricing, more efficient communication, and a more satisfying overall experience are all benefits of our installation crew. Not only does RxSun provide the industry's finest solar installations, but its reps, directors, sales, and employees are among the most knowledgeable, skilled, and professional you'll find anywhere.

RxSun Solar Review

Year Started2012
Company Websiterxsun.com
Service AreasIL, MI , WI, FL
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Residential solar, Commercial solar, Energy monitoring, Sales and installations
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar modules
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

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RxSun website review

The website for RxSun portrays the business' solar energy services in a polished and professional manner. Promotion of solar energy and education of the public about the company's goods and services are its obvious goals. A large banner promoting "zero money down solar financing" is prominently displayed on the site, along with a newsletter sign-up form. An "About Us," "Financing Solutions," "Projects," "Contact Us," and a "Couple Page" are included in the website's main menu that follows. The company's goal, services, and team members are all described on the about us page, which highlights the business's experience and professionalism. A section on home solar power purchase agreements is among the financing options available to clients on the finance solutions website. The successful projects completed by the business are documented on the projects page with images and details. Last but not least, a straightforward contact form and their address are included on the contact us page. Customers may get all the data they want on the RxSun website to decide wisely about purchasing solar energy, in general.

RxSun price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, PayPal, financing (with approved credit), checks, cash, and money orders.
Payment discounts25% discount on new installations for military and veterans, 10% discount on additional solar installations and 5% discount for regular customers, tax credits or cash incentives

RxSun online reputation

Customers of the solar energy supplier RxSun seemed to have a range of opinions, based on the reviews. Numerous customer reviews have commended RxSun for their high-quality panels, professional installations, and knowledgeable sales team. The 30-year parts and labor guarantee offered by the business as well as the adaptable payment options have been favorably received by customers. Excellent customer service and a strong relationship with its customers have earned RxSun significant praise. The organization's willingness to assist customers with issues unrelated to their service left customers thrilled.But there are also unfavorable reports that cast doubt on the business' moral standards. Customers have voiced complaints about the ineffectiveness of solar panels, the duration of installation processes, and the uncooperative employees. Salespeople allegedly presenting false information and making false claims has been documented. Additionally, a number of consumers felt that the company was uninterested in their problems or failed to address them in a sufficient way.Both positive and negative feedback from clients seems to have been sent to the RxSun solar company. Before buying, potential customers should consider these reviews carefully and conduct their research.
"I had a terrible time dealing with this firm. I was determined to go solar and signed an installation contract with RxSun, but then they began charging me extra for things that other businesses don't. Unfortunately, I had to scrap the plan and am now solar-less." - NM
"Recently, I had the pleasure of working with RxSun solar firm to get solar panels. The salesperson was very informative, and they clarified the advantages of solar power for me. The experts were skilled and the installation went off without a hitch. However, there was a tiny problem due to a delay in the delivery of the panels that I saw. Nonetheless, the panels' performance has met my expectations, and I have no complaints." - Kara
"RxSun solar firm provided an average experience for me. I learned a lot during the free consultation, and the sales staff gave me a comprehensive estimate for the cost of installing solar panels. While I had no major problems with the installation's timeliness, I did have a few with the quality of the job. The problems were quickly addressed and fixed by the helpful support staff. The solar panels are producing the desired quantity of electricity, but I feel that I could have had better service in general." - Jon C
"The service I received from RxSun solar was subpar. The solar panels have not lived up to the efficiency and performance claims made by the salesperson. The installation took a very long time and was quite disorganized. Furthermore, the customer support crew was unreachable and did not properly handle my issues. If I could do it again, I wouldn't choose RxSun as my solar supplier." - Matthew
"The solar firm RxSun left me with a very negative impression. In addition to being too aggressive, the salesperson lied to us about solar energy's price and potential savings. Due to inexperience, the installation crew made many errors that extended the project timeline and increased costs. The solar panels have also been underperforming, and despite several complaints, the corporation has not taken any practical steps to rectify the situation. After my terrible experience with RxSun, I strongly suggest that you stay far away from them." - Tracey
"We appreciate the high quality of the panels and the professional installation by RX Sun and Noah. Before a friend recommended RX Sun, I shopped around and obtained quotations from five different providers. I was going to choose one of the five firms, but when a buddy recommended RX Sun, I decided to see what they might offer me. With a 30 year guarantee on parts and labor and REC panels, Noah's offer was too good to pass up. You'll have to ask him about the unbelievable zero-percent financing offer he made to me. Noah was very well-informed and did not waste my time with nonsense like the other five businesses I contacted. He had a better understanding of the Illinois State credits than anybody else. It was difficult to know who to believe when I asked people for their estimates of IL credits since everyone offered me various numbers. Everything went according to plan during the installation. In December of 2022, they spent just two days installing my 17 REC panels. Throughout the application for permits and subsequent ComEd inspection, the business kept me informed of developments. Upon completion of the installation, they assisted me in submitting the necessary documentation for IL State credits. At the time of this assessment, my panels had been operational for three months throughout the Winter, and their performance had already beyond my expectations, despite the Winter sun and fewer days. I can't wait for a full Summer to pass so that I may earn enough "credits" with ComEd to cancel my future ComEd energy bills. Being a Construction Manager, I found the company's professionalism to be a welcome change. I give RX Sun and Noah Rothschild in particular a perfect score of 10 and would recommend them to anybody." - Jessica
"I was kept in the know from the very beginning of the process. The status of the project was communicated to me through email. Thanks to the flexibility of the schedule, I was able to accommodate the site survey, installation, and all necessary inspections without missing work. Hanna informed me of any problems and the steps we might take to fix them. I have nothing but praise for the electricians who handled all of the wiring. They checked to see whether all of the conduit could be routed via my attic, which made for a neater overall installation. Currently, the only thing connecting the soffit to the En phase panel is a pipe. The guy who conducted the site survey and set up the system was terrific, but I don't remember his name." - Dennis
"Prompt, polite, knowledgeable, and able to get favorable financing rounded out a very professional experience. When I had any questions or concerns, Hannah, the project manager, responded quickly. On a Sunday, she answered my email. Every step of the way, I was updated on what was happening. Four firms were examined via the Energysage website, five solar firms were questioned at my house, and one firm was spoken with by phone. I put in a lot of time and effort to make sure I was working with the best possible business. Within a day and a half, the installation was completed. The installers were punctual, organized, and pleasant; I had a lot of questions, and they patiently answered them. My solatube sprang a leak shortly after the solar system was put, and even though it wasn't their fault (a golf ball had struck it! ), they still went out of their way to fix the problem and make me happy. I phoned the installers thinking they had caused the leak, not realizing it was coming from a solatube. They showed up the next day and spent a few hours doing a water test on the panels, but they turned out dry. The panels' damaged concrete seal on the solatube was then found on the other side of the roof. They patched it up and sealed up a second solatube at the same time. And they didn't even make me pay for it! Moreover, I tipped them with a hundred dollar check. No one ever cashed it in. You may learn a lot about the company's culture from the CEO's linkedin profile. Obviously, I'm pleased that the project succeeded. Strongly suggest using Rxsun." - Cody O
"After 12 years of using a modest setup, we decided it was time for an expansion. I researched extensively and spoke with many solar firms before deciding that RxSun provided the most honest and reasonable deal. Chris and his crew's outstanding level of service was a major factor in my decision to hire them. They fixed it so I hardly had to lift a finger. I am thrilled with the money I am saving and the environmental impact I am making since installing them a month ago. Strongly suggest using RxSun." - Erin
"A buddy recommended Rx Sun to me, and I'm glad she did. I researched many solar energy providers before settling on Rx Sun since they offered the most advantageous combination of features, expertise, cost, and design for our needs. Rx Sun handled everything for us, from acquiring the necessary licenses to assisting us in claiming our reimbursements when the installation was finished. I appreciate Sevi and Jeremy in particular for keeping me informed at all times. The panels are beautiful, and I'm already hooked on tracking our output in anticipation of drastically reduced electrical costs." - Larry

RxSun Social media

The RxSun Facebook page has up-to-date information on the company's offerings, as well as frequent updates. It's a place to connect with clients and business associates. Recent updates include images and write-ups of completed projects, feedback from satisfied customers, and offers of special pricing and discounts. In addition, prospective clients may find complete contact details, including a website link, on this page. A "Call Now" button on the website makes it easy for visitors to get in contact with a customer service agent right away. The RxSun Facebook page serves as a valuable platform for customer service and marketing.
RxSun's Linkedin profile is a showcase of the company's extensive professional history and knowledge. In-depth accounts of the company's origins, its current goals, and its staff members may all be found on this page. Images of completed projects, testimonials from satisfied clients, and exclusive discounts are also included. In addition, it provides a detailed listing of all vacant positions at RxSun right now, making it simpler for job-seekers to apply for work there. Last but not least, there is a current contact information section with email and phone number. Overall, the RxSun Linkedin profile serves as a fantastic platform for the firm to advertise its successes and network with prospective clients and workers.
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RxSun average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews254.4


RxSun Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of products
  • Competitive prices
  • Strong distribution network
  • Limited global presence
  • Dependence on regulatory approvals
  • Competition

RxSun Final Conclusions

The RxSun solar panel firm has built a solid name in the market for its outstanding performance and premium goods. Customers looking for sustainable energy options may trust the firm since it constantly provides dependable and effective solar panels. RxSun's dedication to innovation and technology breakthroughs is one of its main advantages. The business continually makes research and development investments in order to increase the performance and robustness of its solar panels. Due to its commitment to innovation, RxSun has been able to keep one step ahead of the competition and provide clients with cutting-edge solutions that cater to their changing demands. RxSun has received accolades from customers for the superior performance of their solar panels. Even in adverse weather, the panels have been shown to provide a considerable quantity of power. Because of its dependability, RxSun is a popular option for domestic, business, and industrial applications. Regarding reputation, RxSun has been known for its dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. The firm produces its solar panels using low-impact materials and methods to reduce their carbon footprint. RxSun has received praise for their commitment to sustainability from both clients and environmental groups. In general, the RxSun solar panel business has established itself as a pioneer in the solar energy sector. Its image as a dependable and trustworthy supplier of high-quality solar panels has been cemented by its remarkable performance, devotion to innovation, and commitment to customer happiness.

RxSun locations

Main Address2211 NORTH ELSTON AVE. SUITE 208 CHICAGO, IL, 60614
Phone Number8006079786

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