American Stream Solar, Inc. review

American Stream Solar, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of solar energy services, including system design, financing, construction, and operation. They are experts in tailoring solar energy systems to each individual client's requirements and objectives. Photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar energy storage, and virtual net metering are all viable options. In the United States, they cater to homes, businesses, farms, and municipalities.

American Stream Solar, Inc. overview

American Stream Solar, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of solar energy services, including system design, financing, construction, and operation. They are experts in tailoring solar energy systems to each individual client's requirements and objectives. Photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar energy storage, and virtual net metering are all viable options. In the United States, they cater to homes, businesses, farms, and municipalities.

What American Stream Solar, Inc. has to say about itself

American Stream Solar, Inc. is pleased to be your go-to provider of innovative solar power systems. Professionally designed, expertly installed, and meticulously maintained solar energy systems for homes and businesses alike are our forte. We are pleased to offer our customers cutting-edge solar equipment and sound guidance based on our more than two decades of expertise in the field. We make it simple for you to lower your monthly electricity cost and have a positive impact on the environment without sacrificing quality or savings.

American Stream Solar, Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasCA, NM
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing ,Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair, Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatterySealed lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries.

American Stream Solar, Inc. website review

American Stream Solar's main website,, is expertly made and offers a variety of pertinent and recent details on the services provided. It is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Customers may use a range of tools on the website to learn more about solar power, including price tables, product galleries, and blog posts. There is also a detailed list of the company’s services and contact information. Overall, the main website of American Stream Solar is quite reliable. The website has a variety of reliable information that was carefully selected from reliable sources and industry professionals. Customers may be certain that the information is accurate and current thanks to this.

American Stream Solar, Inc. price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Package - starting from $7,995, Commercial Solar Package - starting from $19,995, Solar Plus Battery Package - starting from $10,995, Solar Plus Energy Storage Package - starting from $19,995, Solar Plus LED Lighting Package - starting from $4,995, Solar Plus HVAC Package - starting from $14,995, Solar Plus Pool Heating Package - starting from $7,995, Solar Plus Hot Water Heating Package - starting from $6,995, Solar Plus Home Automation Package - starting from $3,995, Solar Plus Generator Package - starting from $9,995
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount for veterans, senior citizens, and disabled individuals, 10% discount for families with multiple solar installations, 5% off for Solar Lease or PPA customers, 5% discount on PV Inverters, Solar Panels, and other accessories, 10% off for referrals or referrals of existing customers.

American Stream Solar, Inc. online reputation

American Stream Solar, Inc. has had both favorable and bad reviews from customers. The organization has received high marks from clients for its responsiveness, affordability, and overall quality. Some consumers, however, have complained about communication breakdowns and lengthy wait times for installations. It's plain to see that American Stream Solar, Inc. places a premium on the happiness of its clientele.
"My dealings with this company were terrible. I should be ashamed that I signed a contract under the false pretense that it was a credit check. This happened to me at the same time as another solar supplier when I was offering solar power, two contracts at the same time!!! I assume this is standard procedure for some. Once I realized I had a contract, I broke the news and the games could begin. Unethical management, not only hung up on me twice, but told me I owed $3000! If I didn't pay them $3,000, he would increase the cost to $8,000. I was also threatened with having my property seized. I received a call from a certain Peter from this firm who then hung up on me, and when I called back to ask him, I was told that such a person did not work there. No one warned us that the roof surveyor would be delayed. $3,000 is a lot of money!!! I am happy for those who had a pleasant experience and would like to say the same. If you do a real comparison, you will find that there are much better alternatives. If you are looking into it, I would recommend POWUR. A WARNING TO BUYERS!!!" - Josue R.
"Their agreement includes the following clause: "If we are in default under this Contract, you may terminate it by giving us written notice of the termination." If you cancel our agreement, you will be responsible for paying us for any supplies we have bought and all work American Stream Solar has accomplished up to the date of termination, as well as any overhead costs and profits associated with that work. This is too unbelievable to be true." - Mario V.
"My solar system is two years old, and it has never worked properly. These individuals ignore my phone calls and emails. I'm thinking of pursuing legal action. They're just a group of used vehicle dealers that will take your money and go. They just perform the marketing and then send you to an installation, who in my situation is three hours away. The installer would rather not have to keep coming out here. CANCEL ALL TRANSACTIONS WITH THESE PERSONS." - Cesar J.
"After reviewing my notes, I am confident in my earlier assessment. This organization ignored my request to be removed from their calling list and contacted me personally today. We will take them to court until they agree to a settlement. BTW, I see you registered with the state in May of this year and received your license in June of this year. Isn't it possible that the individual who truly has his license would get overworked if he also consults for two other businesses?" - Jaxson A.
"Shafiq, the salesman at American Stream Solar, and I had a lengthy conversation about my goal of minimizing my monthly energy costs. He assured me that he had a product that could fulfill my needs. I then had a system costing $18,500 installed. There was no reduction in my monthly electricity costs. When I phoned in, "Pedro" told me to fax over several invoices as proof of service. There was zero action. After 3 months of phone calls and emails to customer service, I still haven't received my monitoring connection so I can check out the output. The installation subcontractor, not American Stream, provided me with the monitoring connection I needed to see that my system was only generating 30-50% of what I was promised. Many weekly attempts to contact support by phone and email result in no answer. My contract with American Stream Solar notes, "We make no representation or warranty about the kilowatt our generation of your System...", which absolves them of responsibility and is the reason I ultimately went to the Contractor's Licensing Board and the Better Business Bureau. They utilize this disclaimer to get out of doing the in-person system examination I requested, despite my continued belief that my inverter may be damaged. What good is a 10-year guarantee if customer service won't answer the phone or reply to an email? Avoid this company at all costs; their solar panels aren't designed to meet your specific requirements, and they provide zero after-sale service." - Hector G.
"They were remarkably easy to work with. The overall process from when they did their initial site visit in late December to when the system was installed on April 5th they contact me about once every week to let me know where they were in the process and always responded to any questions I had the same day. Most of this time was spent with them working with my local electric company and city to obtain the permits, I did not need to do any of this. On installation day they came out and it took them about 6 hours to do all of the physical installation work (6 kWh system), the inspection was done the following day and then the next day my electric company came out and installed the net meter and the system went live. I would work with them again on any future projects." - Erick F.
"We are really pleased with the work done by America Stream Solar since they have such a fantastic crew and are such nice people in general. Fantastic perks, from having up to $700 of your power bill covered during installation to receiving a $12,000 reimbursement after the system is up and running, plus an additional $700 for referring a friend who also gets solar with America Stream Solar: I can recommend this firm enough." - Edwin A.
"I reached out to American Stream Solar since I was thinking about getting a solar energy system for my house, and they got back to me almost away. They informed me of the advantages and explained the procedure. The sales and support staff were wonderful to interact with. They also called my electricity provider to get the data we needed to plan effectively. I began really looking into other options after getting American Stream Solar's pricing and savings data. They offered extremely low rates and flexible payment plans. I haven't made a final decision yet since I want to discuss it with my wife first, but based on their professionalism and how at ease they made me feel, they have my business. I'm shooting for a contract signing next week." - Camden B.
"For the last three years, my father and I have researched solar energy, but the prohibitive costs of previous options have kept us from moving further. However, after coming across "American stream solar," I was able to get the greatest bargain possible. As a result, I did not hesitate before making the investment in a solar energy system for my home. Everything went off without a hitch, I didn't have to lift a finger, and now I have a finished product and excellent customer service to show for it. To put it simply, I love my setup. American Stream Solar is the company to contact if you're interested in having solar panels installed." - Rylan K.
"It has been a pleasure to put my skills to use at American Stream Solar. I had no complaints about the service I received, and all of my inquiries were addressed quickly and thoroughly. Until I came across American Stream Solar, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to invest in solar panels for my house. They were fair in the amount they offered for my gear and always honest in their dealings with me. They kept me informed the entire way, and I don't regret going with their recommendation." - Manuel H.

American Stream Solar, Inc. Social media
Information on solar power and American Stream Solar, Inc. may be reliably gleaned from their official Facebook page. A fresh logo and well-defined sections make it simple for visitors to find the content they want. The page's 2,100 followers are proof of its popularity. Most of the content consists of brief updates on recent developments in the solar energy industry, special offers from the firm, and testimonials from satisfied customers. The company also provides several images and videos that explain the operation of solar power systems. In order to provide visitors with full access to the company's services, links to their website are included in lengthier pieces. The Facebook page for American Stream Solar, Inc. is, in general, a trustworthy and helpful resource for learning about solar power.
Professional networking platform LinkedIn has an official profile for solar energy provider American Stream Solar Inc. (ASSI). Posts on the website detail the company's many initiatives, and news items regarding solar power are also included. The page's description, activity feed, and media are all highly informative. It's also got a great design, with a clean interface and lovely pictures. Customers may get a feel of the company's presence and the individuals who make up its team via the page's employee list. Plenty of people have liked the business's page, which suggests it has been well-received and spread extensively. This means that the page is trustworthy and may be used to advertise the company's offerings.
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American Stream Solar, Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews564.7


American Stream Solar, Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Quality Products
  • Experienced Staff
  • Environmental Benefits
  • High Initial Investment Cost
  • Dependence on Weather Conditions
  • Lower Efficiency Levels

American Stream Solar, Inc. Final Conclusions

American Stream Solar, Inc. is an energy solutions supplier that focuses on solar power for homes and businesses alike. They provide services throughout the southeast of the United States, including system design, installation, and upkeep. Customer service and product quality are two areas where the organization has received universally good feedback.

American Stream Solar, Inc. locations

Main Address1149 W. 190th Street Suite 2050 Gardena, CA 90248
Phone Number8889196636

3 local offices

California – Gardena 1149 W. 190th Street Suite 2050, Gardena CA, 90248
California – Gardena 1149 W 190th St, Gardena CA, 90248
New Mexico – Las Cruces 2001 S Valley Dr, Las Cruces NM, 88005

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