Best Solar Companies in Louisiana

Best Solar Companies in Louisiana

How To Pick a Solar Company in Louisiana and Save Money?

1. Cost-savings is the name of the game in solar. In Louisiana, homeowners save average of $1,500 annually on energy bills post solar panels installation.

2. Review state-specific incentives - Louisiana’s strong net metering policies allow for 1:1 credits on solar power.

3. Performance guarantees are crucial. In Louisiana’s humid subtropical climate, solar panels' efficiency can vary.

4. Crunch the numbers - solar panels reduce traditionally hefty energy bills during Louisiana's warm summer months.

5. Understand the long-term payoff - Louisiana solar owners break even in about 9-10 years, according to National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

6. Fully vet your solar company. Check reviews, years of service, and successful installations data.

7. Consider the installation process. Louisiana law requires only licensed contractors can install solar panels.

8. Louisiana’s solar tax credits - up to 50% of the cost.

9. Financing options are vital. Louisiana solar companies often offer incentives or financing arrangements.

10. Payback period fluctuates - Louisiana’s rate is 9 years, substantially less than the 20-year national average.

Opting for solar energy in Louisiana is a smart, long-term investment with significant cost savings potential due to the state’s climate, laws, and solar-friendly policies.

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In Louisiana?

Harnessing solar power in Louisiana is a bright idea! On average, a 6-kilowatt solar panel system produces around 8,500 kWh annually in Louisiana. Thanks to about 5 hours of peak sunlight per day, your solar capture is optimized. Remember, your solar production will fluctuate based on season. Expect your panels to generate around 1,214 kWh in summertime, while winter's shorter days might result in 823 kWh. Yet, year-round, Louisiana's solar output tops national averages - a whopping 0.43 kWh per day per 1 kW of panels, compared to the average U.S rate of 0.36 kWh. It's important to note, Louisiana law doesn't cap system size, meaning the potential for high-harvest is unlimited. Enjoy superior solar performance by leveraging Louisiana's climatic conditions and favorable regulations.

Solar Statistics in Louisiana

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Average Cost of Solar Installation in Louisiana by System Size

System SizeCash Purchase (After tax credit)Financed Purchase (After tax credit)

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. Law Compliance: Per state law, solar installers must be licensed by the Louisiana State Licensing Board.
2. Tax Incentives: Louisiana legislation offers lucrative tax credits for residential solar power system installations.
3. Environment Compatibility: Our sunny climate allows for high solar panel efficiency, resulting in significant energy saving.
4. Installers' Expertise: With 300+ solar companies, expertise and experience prevail. Choose only certified professionals.
5. Service Portfolio: Some companies provide specific services, such as solar storage or smart home integration.
6. Financial Alternatives: Louisiana residents have access to a range of financing options, harnessing attractive rebate programs.
7. Equipment Quality: It's crucial to choose quality equipment, as cheap panelling may not withstand local weather conditions.
8. Installation Cost: As per SEIA, the average cost of solar panel installation in Louisiana ranges from $11,915 to $16,135.
9. Customer Feedback: Reviewing local testimonials provides insights into the installer’s reputation.
10. Post-Installation Services: Regular maintenance influences the efficiency and longevity of the solar system.
11. Potential Savings: Annually, a typical house can save approximately $1,464, making solar systems a wise investment.
12. Environmental Impact: Louisiana residents choosing solar energy can reduce their carbon output by 3.4 tons annually.
13. Battery Storage: Considering our state's vulnerability to power outages, choosing a system with battery storage is a prudent move.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar in Louisiana?

Investing in solar power in Louisiana is worth considering. Statistics from the Louisiana Public Service Commission show a rising trend toward solar energy use. Their 2018 data indicated approximately 30,000 residential solar installations. This reflects a growing local interest in sustainable energy.

Louisiana's climate also makes it a prime candidate for solar investment. Ample sunshine gives the state a high solar potential. Indeed, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory reported that Louisiana derives 4.9 kWh/m2/day.

Market-wise, the state provides enticing incentives promoting solar energy adoption, such as tax credits. Previously, up to 50% of solar system's cost could be offset via tax credits in Louisiana. This was, in fact, one of the most generous policies in the US.

However, as of 2018, these credits aren't available for new installations. But, federal tax credits, covering 26% of installation costs, still stand. This, combined with falling prices of solar panels, enhances investment feasibility.

Regulatory-wise, Louisiana observes net metering. It requires utilities to purchase surplus solar power from households at retail rates. This is a key element of solar's ROI.

In essence, Louisiana’s climate, regulations, and financial incentives make solar investments worthwhile.

How Solar-Friendly Is Louisiana?

Louisiana ranks 31st for solar-friendly states. It possesses only 107.21 MW solar potential. Louisiana's solar adoption rate is a meager 0.32%. Sunshine isn't lacking; Louisiana benefits from 212 sunny days annually.

Regulation-wise, Louisiana was more solar-friendly in 2015. Solar tax credits were significantly higher then. However, today, tax credits cap at $10,000. This puts financial strain on homeowners seeking solar installments.

Louisiana does benefit from the National Solar Rights Act. Residents can fight homeowners associations (HOAs) prohibiting solar panel installations. It provides homeowners the leverage. A federal legislation, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), attracts businesses and homeowners. It offers whopping 26 percent tax credit on installation costs.

Hurricane frequency is a drawback for solar in Louisiana. These extreme climatic conditions affect panel durability. In Louisiana’s humid climate, solar panels' efficiency might drop to 80.6%. Try bifacial panels; they resist harsh weather and increase energy generation by 25%.

Despite these challenges, Louisiana still possesses potential for solar growth. The state's heavy fossil fuel reliance demands shifting towards cleaner and sustainable solar energy. Its extensive coastline can harness offshore solar power, proving an untapped asset.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Consider first the Solar Electric Power Potential in your area. Crunch the numbers on solar panel cost vs. return. Assess the roof condition. Check Louisiana's Net Metering Policy. Evaluate Federal Tax Credits and State Solar Tax Exemptions. Get a quote from trusted solar installers. Remember, location plays a key role. Lastly, consider the aesthetics. Go green, save green in Louisiana!

  • Start with extensive online research. Compare rates of numerous solar installation companies. Understand the price versus quality paradigm. Check customer reviews for real insights. Pay attention to companies' warranties offered. Avoid falling for the cheapest price trap. Consider local companies as they understand local regulations better. Look for installers offering finance options. Fiscal incentives can also reduce costs. Remember, due diligence should always precede decision-making. Make sure your chosen installer is certified. Long-term savings should be a priority over upfront costs. Making an informed choice can guarantee affordable and quality solar installation. Be a smart solar consumer!

  • We've curated our Louisiana solar installers list with extreme rigor. Not all companies make the cut. Our ranking represents stellar solar squadrons, chiefly those outshining others with performance and customer satisfaction. Certain solar installer groups didn't meet our cherry-picked standards. Our data-driven metrics, including installation quality and customer feedback, were unsatisfied. Play it cool! Just because they're excluded, doesn't mean they don't offer sun-soaked opportunities! We reckon they have potential to sky-rocket. Remember, we're your solar advocates, illuminating your pathway to sustainable empowerment. We aim to ensure you hook up with slick solar vibes. We serve sunshine, not clouds!



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