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In the United States, Beyond Solar offers complete alternative energy solutions for both domestic and business use. Beyond SOLAR creates, finances, and installs solar energy projects for both homes and businesses. Our objective is to assist our customers in lowering their power costs and using more renewable energy sources.

Beyond SOLAR overview

In the United States, Beyond Solar offers complete alternative energy solutions for both domestic and business use. Beyond SOLAR creates, finances, and installs solar energy projects for both homes and businesses. Our objective is to assist our customers in lowering their power costs and using more renewable energy sources.

What Beyond SOLAR has to say about itself

Beyond Solar was founded with the goal of advancing renewable energy in the United States by offering alternative energy options for both domestic and industrial uses. By offering our clients complete solar solutions, including design, financing, and installation, we want to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. We take pleasure in offering high-efficiency solar solutions with secure construction and extensive warranties. In order to make clean energy available to everyone, we guarantee devoted customer service at every stage of solar power projects. We provide unique DIY solar kits so that consumers may install their own kits. We adhere to industry best standards and provide guided help throughout installation by a NABCEP certified installer.

Beyond SOLAR Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasFL, GA, NC, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing
Types PanelsSolar photovoltaic (PV) panels, Monocrystalline panels, Polycrystalline panels, Thin film panels, BIPV panels, hybrid panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsSEIA, BBB, NABCEP

Beyond SOLAR website review

According to their website, Beyond SOLAR (, they provide solar energy solutions. Banners featuring the company's services and a call to action button are prominently displayed on the site. Information about the company's solar energy solutions, which may be used in a variety of settings, from homes to businesses to farms, can be found on the website. The advantages, features, and implementation method of solar energy solutions are described in depth throughout many pages, one for each service type. There is also a blog area where you can read up on the latest developments in the solar energy business as well as other topics linked to sustainability. Customer endorsements posted on the website provide legitimacy to the company's offerings. On the homepage, site visitors will see a contact form they can use to get in touch with the business with any questions or comments they may have. Users may easily interact with Beyond SOLAR across networks thanks to the easily accessible social media sharing buttons. Visitors won't have to wait long for the page to load, making for a pleasant experience overall. Google Maps integration allows site visitors to easily locate the business and get instructions there. Overall, Beyond SOLAR's website does a good job of showcasing the company's solar solutions, providing useful information, and providing a pleasant user experience.

Beyond SOLAR price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $40,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsCash discount, Financing discount, Referral discount, Seasonal or promotional discounts

Beyond SOLAR online reputation

From user comments, Beyond SOLAR receives mixed ratings. Some consumers are happy, while others have complained. Based on responses, let's conclude: Customers like Beyond SOLAR's qualities. They excel in customer service, responding to enquiries and offering customization and assistance. Some consumers like the installation procedure since the workers were prompt, friendly, and thorough. Several evaluations have lauded the company's solar lighting products and solar system performance. During power outages and surpluses, several customers are pleased with their solar water heaters and solar panel storage systems. Beyond SOLAR has additional issues. Solar panel and inverter failures have raised concerns about product dependability. Some consumers have complained about support personnel delays and inability to resolve product problems. Newcomers to solar installations who choose Beyond SOLAR received good service, suggesting that the firm is suited for them. Beyond SOLAR has pros and cons. Their excellent items, quick installation, and rapid customer service have pleased some consumers, but product dependability and customer support need improvement. Before partnering with Beyond SOLAR, potential customers should carefully examine their demands and undertake complete research.
"Incorrect amounts of solar panels were mounted." - Alberta
"The Beyond SOLAR solar water heater that I put not too long ago has been performing well. It fulfills its job of heating water, although the temperature isn't always reliably maintained. There are moments when it's too cold to be comfortable, and other times when it's too hot. In future versions, I really hope they fix this." - Harry
"It's been a hit or miss for me so far with the Beyond SOLAR solar battery storage system. On the one hand, it is able to effectively store energy surpluses, which comes in handy during blackouts. However, I was disappointed to find that the battery's capacity wasn't as great as I had hoped, and that it ran out of juice much sooner than I had calculated. It's a nice bonus to have, but it might need some enhancements to speed things up a little." - Johnson
"Unfortunately, the Beyond SOLAR inverter has not lived up to my expectations. It only lasted a few months before it began failing, disrupting my solar power system on a regular basis. I've tried getting in touch with customer service many times, but thus far, no luck. Awful product longevity and unreliable customer service make this an expensive mistake." - Eric
"The solar panels from Beyond SOLAR have been nothing but a hassle. From the beginning, they were unable to produce the expected quantity of power. Despite repeated requests for help, the firm did not respond in a timely manner. The product's ineffectiveness and the subpar customer support have left me very frustrated." - James
"Although we had studied the topic for over a year and performed several calculations, we were solar novices who had never seen a solar panel in person. Before settling on Beyond Solar, we undertook extensive investigation. They sent a quotation, along with 6 others we received. Despite extensive research and price quotations, we were still unsure. Nonetheless, we felt most at ease with them after asking them several questions and receiving satisfactory responses. I spoke with one of their customers before making a final decision, and he had a positive experience overall. They weren't the cheapest option, but they weren't the most expensive either. However, they provided enough flexibility, customization, and support for us to feel at ease working with them. To assist us, we considered cost, expertise, and enthusiasm. The installation team was punctual, friendly, and thorough; they even cleaned up after themselves. During the required downtime, they provided a gas-powered power generator to keep our refrigerator, freezer, and other appliances running. We are extremely satisfied with their work and enthusiastically endorse them for any solar panel installation needs." - Peter
"As a general contractor, I have dealt with scores of subcontractors over the years, and this group was by far the most competent, considerate, and well-organized of the lot. If I could rate them higher than 5, I would. Beyond Solar was the lowest bidder out of the four installers we contacted. Our personal residence and an investment property each have their own system that we installed. They rock in my book." - Scot
"The products are high quality and simple to set up. There are a wide variety of household and commercial solar choices and lighting fixtures to choose from. Beyond will take care of your whole solar installation from beginning to end." - Andrew
"Beyond Solar provides us with some great solar lighting fixtures, and we use them in our business. The All in one pro series are outstanding in their quality! We will certainly make more purchases!" - Kim
"I CAN'T STAND THE DARK!!! The flag, which is 35 feet in height, is visible from twilight till morning thanks to the light, which glows at its base. Absolutely fantastic. In a major way, I was struggling. My first light bulb burned out after around 45 days. When I contacted, the customer service reps were really helpful. They switched providers and reported receiving many similar calls. They replaced my old system and including a label for its return. That's the best there is, period. My brand-new system has already outperformed my previous one, therefore I have high hopes for its future performance. If not, I have no doubt that this is a first-rate firm that will treat me fairly." - Willian

Beyond SOLAR Social media
The Beyond SOLAR Facebook page features a polished and eye-catching design. Their logo and tagline are visible on the cover shot, giving them a powerful brand presence. Since their profile image and logo are identical, brand awareness is provided. With more than 1100 likes and 1200 follows, the page has a respectable number of fans. The Beyond SOLAR content strategy seeks to promote sustainable living, environmental awareness, and solar energy alternatives. They disseminate educational texts, movies, and photos on solar power. Different posts acquire different numbers of likes, comments, and shares, suggesting varied degrees of audience interaction. Responding to comments and starting discussions with followers, though, may increase engagement. Customer reviews are included in their own part of Beyond SOLAR, which is advantageous. The majority of the reviews are favorable, demonstrating how happy customers are with their goods and services. There are times of frequent updating and sporadic breaks in posting frequency. Overall, the Beyond SOLAR Facebook page efficiently promotes their solar products, somewhat interacts with their audience, and highlights happy clientele. There is still space for growth in terms of regular posting, more involvement, and responsiveness to posts and comments.
The company's history, offerings, and expertise in the field are all detailed on the Beyond SOLAR LinkedIn profile. The business is devoted to provide affordable, sustainable solar energy solutions to consumers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The Beyond SOLAR profile on LinkedIn indicates the size of the business and the range of 11 to 50 people. The "US" in their LinkedIn URL denotes that the business is headquartered in the United States. Beyond SOLAR places a strong emphasis on their skills in solar project management, solar energy system design, and solar panel installation. A variety of solar energy goods and services are offered by Beyond SOLAR, according to its LinkedIn profile. Solar energy, emerging innovations in renewable energy, and business news are often covered on the LinkedIn profile. They sometimes provide project updates, displaying their expertise and effective installations. The data shows that Beyond SOLAR's LinkedIn profile has a limited number of followers, suggesting a less significant internet presence. Building relationships with business experts, prospective customers, and collaborators seems to be the page's main goal. In general, the Beyond SOLAR LinkedIn profile offers information on the company's background in the solar energy sector. Although the page's subscriber number and interaction may be increased, it successfully conveys their dedication to sustainable energy solutions and a variety of solar energy goods and services.
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Beyond SOLAR average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews43.8


Beyond SOLAR Pros & Cons

  • Flexible and customized solutions
  • High quality products
  • Backup Power Solutions
  • Product reliability issues
  • Intermittent work
  • Limited battery capacity

Beyond SOLAR Final Conclusions

Solar energy solutions are the focus of the renewable energy firm Beyond SOLAR. The business is devoted to provide affordable, sustainable solar energy solutions to consumers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. They make a point of emphasizing their dedication to minimizing their carbon impact and encouraging sustainable alternative energy sources. Based on endorsements and consumer feedback, the firm has a mediocre reputation. There have been major problems that have harmed their reputation generally, despite the fact that they have shown certain excellent features of their work. Overall, Beyond SOLAR has a mixed record in terms of performance and repute. Although they provide certain items of great quality and are excellent at communicating with customers and being flexible, problems with product dependability, performance volatility, and customer service have hurt their image as a whole. Before hiring Beyond SOLAR to install solar panels, prospective clients are recommended to carefully evaluate these considerations.

Beyond SOLAR locations

Main Address1939 Parker Ct Suite C, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Phone Number8003164716

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