Bison Roofing and Solar review

Bison Roofing and Solar is a comprehensive roofing and solar power provider. They provide roofing for homes and businesses, as well as solar panel installation, replacement, and maintenance. Homeowners and companies alike may take advantage of their many options in renewable energy materials and services.

Bison Roofing and Solar overview

Bison Roofing and Solar is a comprehensive roofing and solar power provider. They provide roofing for homes and businesses, as well as solar panel installation, replacement, and maintenance. Homeowners and companies alike may take advantage of their many options in renewable energy materials and services.

What Bison Roofing and Solar has to say about itself

Bison Roofing and Solar is a local business specializing in roofing and solar energy solutions for residential and commercial settings. Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing top-notch customer service and quality workmanship. We are passionate about helping our customers optimize their homes and businesses to best take advantage of the sun's energy. Equipped with the latest technologies, we strive to create a brighter, more sustainable future.

Bison Roofing and Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair, Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-Ion, and Lead-Acid batteries.

Bison Roofing and Solar website review is the primary hub for all things related to Bison Roofing and Solar. It provides a wealth of information about the business, its history, and the products and services it provides. Customer testimonials and contact details for servicing are also provided on the site. The website has a pleasant design and is simple to navigate. The text, images, and activities are all easy to understand. It's aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use, making it a valuable and alluring tool for prospective customers. The website gives off an air of reliability and professionalism due to the abundance of content about the company's history and operations. Links to various social media profiles and contact information (including phone and email) may be found on the website. The result is a more welcoming and reliable website.

Bison Roofing and Solar price policy

PackagesBonfire Rooftop Solar Package - $24,950, Hercules Ground Solar Package - $22,495, Blaze Home Solar Package - $18,495, Fandango Commercial Solar Package - $33,450, Breeze Business Solar Package - $43,225, SolarEdge Inverter System - $1,795, Solar Battery Backup System - $2,795, Solar Citizen Package - $16,495, Solar Education Package - $20,995
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, checks, and direct bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount on solar panel installation, 5% discount on all accessories, 5% discount for referrals, 10% discount on labor costs, 10% discount for senior citizens, 5% military discount

Bison Roofing and Solar online reputation

Bison Roofing and Solar has mostly received favorable feedback from its satisfied clients. The high quality of the materials used and the attentiveness of the staff have both been lauded by satisfied customers. In addition, reviewers often praised the team's rapid turnaround and thoroughness. The entire cost of the project was considerable, and several people felt that communication should have been better. Whatever the circumstance may be, nobody ever leaves Bison unhappy.
"A business that won't guarantee its products and services. This firm installed solar panels for us quite some time ago. Since then, there have been other leaks in the home, including a major one that has been dripping directly into my bed from the ceiling above. I've tried emailing them many times with no answer, and after calling three or four times, I finally got through to someone who said they'd fix the problem. Well over a month has passed after those first calls were placed, and yet no one has shown up or followed up. Don't waste your money here unless you like being rained on at 3 a.m. as well. The drips have ruined my ceiling fan and left splotches all over the ceiling." - Grayson W.
"Bad service to customers When I first asked for a copy of my contract (which they can't locate!) and required a replacement component, the owner really cursed me out in an email that was accidentally shared with me. What a nightmare it has been dealing with these amateurs; I requested the replacement of a basic component in June and it is now the middle of September. Get out of there as quickly as you can." - Shane J.
"A little over 3 years ago on my house, a new roof was installed. The plywood and drywall in the garage was damaged when the new roof developed a leak. When I called Bison, I was told that their 2-year warranty on the work was "below industry standards." I called and asked if they could do an inspection, but they said the warranty was over and they no longer service Orlando. No one ever responded to my text message asking me to recommend a local contractor. The other contractor I hired to fix the problem said that the roof never had to flash where it abutted the wall, which led to the "pooling" effect and subsequent leaks. You can see that the boarding behind the shingles was completely exposed. The repair cost $3,2100, and yet the roof is only 3 years old. Unfortunately, I was left unsatisfied after the fantastic roof installation experience." - Francisco S.
"Bison Roofing rebuilt my roof in 2019. There's been a leak in my garage for some time now. I tried to get in touch with them many times, but they never returned my calls. And I did try e-mail. The customer service rep's first line was, "You only have 2 years warranty." REALLY??? What's the treatment your consumers get from you? As of today, I have yet to get a response from them. Know that you are on your own if there is an issue with the installation. This week, a separate firm will come out to address the leak. Bison Roofing, you're appreciated:( Wow, your roof replacement only has a 3-year warranty? That's very disheartening." - Alexis P.
"The salesman's lack of professionalism was evident when he showed up to my home before our scheduled meeting. His laptop needed charging, so he needed to come inside. Then he gave me a quotation for a new roof and asked whether I was serious about getting solar. I am, but this conversation is not with Bison. I had to say goodbye to him." - Javier T.
"If you need solar roofing, don't hesitate to use this firm. The installation of the new solar system was not without a few hiccups, most of which were due to communication failures. When I spoke with the representative, he seemed very kind and focused on the needs of his customers. This summer was a great test for the solar system I purchased in conjunction with FPL Net Metering. With FPL Real Time Energy Report, I can monitor the performance of my solar system every 15 minutes, and when it produces more than I need, I get credits. The system has been running for the past three months, but I've been putting off finding out how much it costs because I wanted to wait until summer. This month it was less than $10. If you don't read the fine print, how often do you actually get what is advertised in the brochure?" - Derek B.
"Bison Solar and Roofing installed our roof and solar panels. Excellent help throughout the entire process. We didn't know what to expect, especially with the solar panels, but they took the time to explain everything to us. There was no problem with the roof and the solar panels have already paid for themselves. The team provided excellent service and we are very grateful to them." - Jaiden F.
"Bison Roofing and Solar not only restored the flat roof over the patio but also the main roof, which now has three functional roof drains. The former roof had serious water problems, such as puddles and bubbling. Now that we have a new roof, we never have to worry about leaks or ponding. Solar panels that look great and are contemporary were also put on the main roof so that the home and pool could be powered by the sun. After installing solar panels, my monthly FPL cost dropped from $400 to $30-$50. As an added bonus, propane gas for heating the pools is unnecessary. The hot tub and pool are excellent amenities. A huge debt of gratitude is due to Bison Roofing and Solar." - Andres E.
"Through the hygiene program, Bison Roofing rebuilt my old roof. Braxton was terrific, and he kept me apprised of developments on a regular basis. When the workday ended, the employees always did a thorough job of clearing the area. I have zero issues with them and only praise to offer." - Jaylen M.
"Bison Roofing Solar installed my solar panels today. I couldn't wait to start making a difference for renewable energy. The installation went well, and the technicians performed a good job. My sales salesperson, kept me updated with photos of the renovation work. Travis was also very helpful and kind in responding to my many queries. Bison Roofing Solar performed a fantastic job on both my roof and solar panels. Well, Done!" - Fernando N.

Bison Roofing and Solar Social media
The Facebook profile for Bison Roofing & Solar has a clean and expert appearance. It is jam-packed with excellent client endorsements and images of their great work. The page is well-maintained and has 5.1K followers, which conveys the credibility of the business. Additionally, there are connections to their website, news articles, and instructional videos. This website is a fantastic resource for learning more about the services provided by this business and the high-caliber work they have completed for their clients. Given the number of active followers, it is reasonable to assume that this business may be relied upon.
A reputable solar energy business with headquarters in the US is Bison Roofing & Solar. Their LinkedIn profile is attractive and seems to be highly professional. The site has a large user base and is well-liked for its logical layout and wealth of information. It provides a useful glimpse into what the business has to offer and, as a result, has drawn a diverse range of clients. Additionally, the page has a very high user trust rating, which sets it apart from its rivals. It is also highly well-liked by those searching for sources of renewable energy. Additionally, it is growing in popularity among those who want to play a role in fostering a more sustainable world.
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Bison Roofing and Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1914.6


Bison Roofing and Solar Pros & Cons

  • Responsive
  • Expertise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Limited Geographical Reach
  • Potentially High Costs
  • Limited Service Options

Bison Roofing and Solar Final Conclusions

Bison Roofing and Solar specializes in both residential roofing and solar panel installation. They tailor their services to each client, perform quality installations, and set fair prices. Their overall rating is 4.5 stars due to positive customer reviews about their fast service, high-quality results, and affordable prices.

Bison Roofing and Solar locations

Main Address4750 N Dixie Hwy #8-9 Oakland Park, FL 33334
Phone Number9545415197

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