BTA Solar review

For residential, commercial, and industrial customers, BTA Solar develops and produces solar energy systems. For residences, companies, farms, and other sizable buildings, they specialize in offering solar energy solutions. Additionally, they provide installation and system maintenance services as well as guidance on the best ways to maximize the production of solar energy.

BTA Solar overview

For residential, commercial, and industrial customers, BTA Solar develops and produces solar energy systems. For residences, companies, farms, and other sizable buildings, they specialize in offering solar energy solutions. Additionally, they provide installation and system maintenance services as well as guidance on the best ways to maximize the production of solar energy.

What BTA Solar has to say about itself

BTA Solar is a passionate group of individuals committed to providing dependable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solutions to companies all around the globe. Advanced energy storage technology and large-scale solar energy systems are our areas of expertise. We also design, build, and maintain these systems. Our goal is to capture solar energy and utilize it in a manner that benefits both you and your company. Invest in sustainable energy now to begin enjoying solar energy's advantages for years to come.

BTA Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, IREC, UL, SEIA

BTA Solar website review

The official BTA Solar website is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. The website provides current details on their offerings. Video guides and tutorials detailing their solutions and contact details for the company's support staff are also included. There is a safe shopping cart and many payment options available on the website. The website is reliable and gives visitors all the data they need to make educated purchases.

BTA Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panels: Starting at $2.20/watt, BTA Inverter: Starting at $1,500, BTA Battery Storage: Starting at $5,000, BTA Installation: Starting at $2,500, BTA Maintenance Packages: Starting at $200/year, BTA Monitoring Services: Starting at $150/year, BTA Solar Design Services: Starting at $1,500
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, checks, and direct bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% off for military and veterans, 5% off for contractors, 5% off for purchasing more than 20 panels, 10% off for referrals, 5% off for local school purchases

BTA Solar online reputation

The majority of BTA Solar's happy customers have recommended the company to others. Customers have appreciated the company's expert staff, high-quality offerings, and fair pricing. It has been pointed out, however, that customer service might be enhanced in several ways. BTA Solar's solar installations have won accolades, and the company has a solid reputation for providing a positive experience for its clients. It is dedicated to serving its customers with superior goods and support.
DO NOT RELY ON BTA SOLAR! Customers are being taken advantage of. I worked out a deal with their sales rep to install solar panels on my roof and three batteries for backup and storage. My solar panels were finally installed after numerous setbacks, but they 'forgot' to provide batteries. Over the last six months, I have been assured repeatedly that I would eventually get my batteries. But the last time I talked to them, they claimed that since I signed a contract without batteries, it is not their responsibility to provide me with the batteries that I agreed to and PAID for. Horrible. Get out of here! - Frank O.
What a terrible nightmare this has been. The solar power wasn't being transferred after installation since the Microinverters weren't sending status updates. My living room ceiling leaked badly in November, only two months after the installation, and they still haven't fixed it. My living room ceiling has sprung another leak. Unbelievable. Don't bother calling later in the day; they'll be asleep. I wish I could take it back and just say no. - Adan R.
Holy crap I don't agree with them. But after reading the testimonials, I can't sign with them now. There are just too many individuals complaining about the same item on the one-star reviews page. If you stopped baiting and switching, people would rush to adopt solar. The reality is, we all know it’s a lie, but we have no idea when it will be revealed. I plan to phone them today to decline their offer since I have no interest in working for a firm with so many unhappy clients. - Corey F.
I have no desire to ever use BTA Solar again. When I asked for an installation date and was informed there would be none, I canceled my contract with them. Also, she had made her fifth installment payment on the system. It took longer than I anticipated to have solar panels installed and operational. But I was hoping to avoid spending any more than necessary. As a result, I canceled and sent a refund request to the creditor. A reimbursement case has been filed against BTA Solar. It's a shame they operate this way. - Taylor T.
This is a terrible business. They have had nearly a whole year to fulfill their obligations under the contract, and they still haven't. In January, I signed the contract because I was promised a home generator. Panels weren't available to me until April. It's already the month of December, and nothing has been settled. In addition, my power bill continued growing. Because of the company's lack of honesty, I instructed them to come take the panels away. If you need help taking out and refinishing cash, I know someone who can help. They are bogus. Please do not employ this firm. - Brock G.
Brennan was a fantastic salesman! I'm now putting solar panels on my just-purchased home. Brennan and his colleague answered all of my questions in great detail. The procedure was made simple for both of us by Lukas, a hardworking man with extensive training and expertise, and the site survey technician. want to influence the globe and get cheaper electricity. BTA Solar can help you install solar panels on your home right away. - Dominick T.
Cash is an excellent salesman who kept his promise and saw the job through to completion. Within a day or two of my calling or texting him, he always got back to me. Always put the consumer first, and they still do. He persisted through some rough patches with our homeowner's association and helped smooth things out. The company's employees have always been helpful and kind. There is still a slight problem with the roof, but I do not doubt that it will be remedied soon. - Malik G.
My time with BTA Solar has only just begun. We went to the location today. A gentleman named Johnny contacted the residence in advance to confirm the scheduled appointment time and to inform the inhabitants that he was on his way. It was rare for him to welcome me at the door and introduce himself pleasantly. When Johnny arrived at my residence, he put me at ease by thoroughly detailing his plan of action. I took him on a tour of the home, pointing him to the electric panel and the hatch to the attic. From then on, he carried on as usual. While he was in my basement inspecting the electrical panels, we struck up a conversation, and I learned what a great person he is. Everything should go swimmingly from here on out if the rest of BTA Solar's staff is as kind as he is. - Simon J.
From the first consultation to the final installation, BTA Solar was fantastic to work with. Scott's knowledge of Solor panels was extensive, and he patiently answered all of our questions. The support staff was kind and accommodating, answering all of my inquiries and providing all the aid I need. Great Work, Guys! - Axel D.
This is an incredible business that makes an effort to get to know you on a personal and professional level and then thoroughly covers all the bases. Pedro is the kindest guy we have ever met they took the time to meet with us and explain a chance to improve our family's financial situation. He was extremely thorough, personable, and knowledgeable about the service he was selling. The difference in the amount of money we would save over up to 25 years is staggering, as he demonstrated. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful Pedro and his colleague were with us; they were the nicest representatives I've ever dealt with. We hope this is only the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership with your organization, for which we are grateful. You won't regret giving solar power a try, so everyone should start thinking about making the switch. - Luca P.

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BTA Solar average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews23.5


BTA Solar Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Cost efficiency
  • Lack of Diversity
  • Limited Technical Support
  • Limited Distribution

BTA Solar Final Conclusions

The online energy retailer BTA Solar specializes in solar energy solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential uses. They provide their clients with tailored solutions in addition to other services like monitoring and upkeep. Customers have overwhelmingly praised the business for its dependable service and prompt customer care replies. BTA Solar gets a 4 out of 5.

BTA Solar locations

Main AddressStockton, CA 95215
Phone Number2094832991

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