SunPower by PGT Solar review

The designers of solar energy systems for homes at SunPower by PGT Solar have more than ten years of expertise in the field. PGT Solar has the experience to help you create a better future and enjoy instant savings—often with no down payment—and has more than 1,000 happy clients.

SunPower by PGT Solar overview

The designers of solar energy systems for homes at SunPower by PGT Solar have more than ten years of expertise in the field. PGT Solar has the experience to help you create a better future and enjoy instant savings—often with no down payment—and has more than 1,000 happy clients.

What SunPower by PGT Solar has to say about itself

PGT Solar makes solar energy less complex and unpredictable. In addition to providing you with information and designing an efficient system, PGT Solar will consider financing and rental alternatives. It will work with SunPower to install and manage your home solar system. Why should someone else install your SunPower solar panels? Working with PGT Solar's SunPower involves purchasing directly from the manufacturer, who also installs and maintains your home solar system.

SunPower by PGT Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Solar Financing, Solar System Maintenance, Solar System Repair, Solar System Upgrades, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Solar System Monitoring, Solar System Consultation
Types PanelsSunPower solar panels
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall backup batteries
CertificationsSEI, NABCEP,

SunPower by PGT Solar website review

The PGT Solar Solutions website ( is an online resource that offers details on the business's solar energy solutions, goods, and services. The website features a simple, contemporary layout. Thanks to the thoughtful layout organization, it's simple to explore and discover the information you need. The website describes the various services offered by PGT Solar Solutions, including the installation, upkeep, and financing choices for solar panels. Additionally, it highlights the items they sell by detailing the technology they employ and the advantages of each one. High-quality pictures and videos of solar installations and the benefits of solar energy may be seen on the website. Contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and a contact form, are displayed on the website. This makes it simple for visitors to contact queries or make a consultation request. The website's testimonials increase the trustworthiness of PGT Solar Solutions services from pleased clients. In general, the PGT Solar Solutions website offers consumers an excellent resource for learning more about the solar solutions provided by the business.

SunPower by PGT Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash,Check, Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Financing
Payment discountsFinancing discounts, Bulk purchase discounts

SunPower by PGT Solar online reputation

PGT Solar Solutions has received positive client feedback, praising their sales process and Darryl's assistance. The company has been praised for its ability to explain options, support customers, and manage planning and authorization. PGT Solar's status as SunPower's top dealer satisfied customers. The company has been lauded for its high-quality desert-specific solar systems. However, SunPower panels' functioning and after-installation support have been criticized. Clients have complained about maintenance, post-installation, and system size, which has increased costs and delays. SunPower's technology is reliable. However, their warranty and support services have been questioned. As SunPower's main dealer and sales approach, PGT Solar Solutions has a great reputation. System size and post-installation support should be considered when choosing solar panels. Like any major purchase, you must study and understand the terms, conditions, and warranties before choosing.
"The worst thing that could ever happen! In 2020, just a year after completing extensive home renovations, I had a SunPower system installed. At first, they constructed a system that was too small; it doesn't even come close to covering my power expenditures (at least not completely). Despite SunPower's assurances that my roof wouldn't need maintenance or replacement for at least another five years, I've just learned it does. Okay, I take full responsibility; I should have researched the condition of my roof more thoroughly before asking a solar business to install panels. My roof was rebuilt last month, and it has taken me over three months of back-and-forth with SunPower to finally have my solar panels taken down and put back up. Once the roof was rebuilt, it took them another three weeks of continual contact to arrange the reinstallation of the panels. Even though I got an SMS on 6/20 saying that the reinstallation personnel will be here today, no one has shown up as of yet. SunPower informed me that your work had been canceled, and the earliest date/time they can accommodate a new appointment is 7/7. What an ABSURDITY!! I'm selling my property, but the solar installation has already caused me to postpone the closing twice due to the excessive expenditures involved (additional mortgage payments, maintenance fees, and power without solar). TERRIBLE TO THE MAX! In addition, I've spent around $10,000 on removal and reinstallation thus far. Take care! The 25-year SunPower guarantee isn't as comprehensive as the company claims. The guarantee is meaningless if this is the level of service they provide." - Amy.
"Where do I even begin? This might be the start. There appears to be a drop in the level of service follow-up once the papers are signed, despite the salesman's understanding of the product and initial politeness. Be exceedingly cautious about deals, as well. We were promised that when we financed our package, we wouldn't have to worry about making payments for 15 months so that we could submit our taxes and use the tax credit money to reduce the principal on our loan. Instead, the initial payment is required two months after the solar panel installation is finished. The biggest issue was when they would provide you with a "panel design" for your roof and ask you to approve its appearance and location before installing the panels. And you do. Then, two months later, they knock on your door and say they need to mount a pair of meter boxes four feet up your front wall. And then they'll tell you that you authorized it. The panel arrangement plan can be reexamined at this point. They point out the two black dots on the front of your house blueprints and tell you those are the boxes, but they don't explain what the dots symbolize. They tell you they can't go around the back of your house because your electric company, APS, needs access to the meter all day and night. Assuming your gate is less than four feet from the street, you'll need to spend upwards of $600-$1200 to move it back four to five feet (assuming your HOA permits this). If you are among the fortunate few to have SRP, you are exempt from this regulation. Worse, the firm that originally sold you the equipment doesn't give a hoot because you've already agreed to the terms. Last, it is only right to be forthright, notwithstanding my dissatisfaction with some developments following the transaction. The person in charge of making appointments for the work did a fantastic job. The young man who did the installation job at my residence was terrific. He could have "done his job" and spared me the two metal crates in front of my house, but I wouldn't be happy there. So, once again, I appreciate your warning me before you begin drilling. The firm would be better if everyone there were as competent as these two." - John.
"People I had never encountered who were that impolite." - Chris
"Going solar was a fantastic decision since it has helped us save money and is better for the environment. Our projected time to profitability is eight years. Despite a 25-year warranty on a system that had been in use for less than 30 days, the company gave us a hard time and wanted to charge us $300 for repairs after two of our cells stopped working for more than six months without warning. It took a lot of time and calls to have the repairs done. The technology seems reliable, but the support is iffy." - Jordan.
"A quality item. The output numbers they provide during the sale are slightly deceptive, as they fail to account for the fact that less energy will be produced during the winter months due to the sun's angle being different (if I multiply my daily production now out, it comes out to about half of my annual predicted amount). They put in a two-way meter, but the software doesn't let you know how much power you use. They also sent the loan firm inaccurate information, which led to the rejection of my first payment and a fee. However, a live person can generally be reached without too much trouble, and they are helpful." - Doug.
"The sales procedure was a breeze thanks to PGT Solar. Darryl, our sales representative, explained all of our options and guided us through the buying process. Even though APS had some back-and-forth over the final system design before they would accept it, the planning and permitting phases went off without a hitch, largely thanks to Darryl's involvement. Even though PGT has provided what they promised, they have still stepped in to help get things straightened out and ensure we have the system we needed while we work through a post-installation issue with SunPower." - Brian.
"We talked to a wide variety of SunPower solar panel retailers. We saw a wide variety of system quotations. In the end, we decided to work with PGT Solar. PGT Solar has achieved SunPower's highest dealer certification, Master Dealer. PGT Solar has received two recommendations from satisfied customers whose neighbors have installed SunPower systems. Don't waste time looking for a better SunPower dealer than PGT Solar." - Aleya.
"To learn more about the company, please go to the "About the Business" section. All you need to know is that. If that's an issue, PGT is the clear pick. In Phoenix, you may find a plethora of solar energy providers. PGT, however, has been around for quite some time. The quality of their desert-specific wares is unparalleled. We did extensive research for such a substantial financial commitment, including watching movies on YouTube and reading publications. Sunpower panels are consistently ranked as one of the market's best (and most costly). We discovered that estimates were uniformly within a given range (price fixing? ), with the only distinction in the strength of their guarantee." - Crystal.
"SunPower can. Real. Honest. Informative. Responsible and dependable. This is SunPower's second time installing our solar panel system. The salesperson, Greg Field, was so much more than that. He and Annalise stayed with us until the task was done. It was completed on time, within budget, and almost exactly on the anticipated date. With SunPower generating over 100 kWh every day, we still make money after using our air conditioner. That is awesome, right!! And yet, they have enough left over to charge an electric car in this day of skyrocketing petrol costs. Wow, that's scorching. And the inverters are covered by a 25-year warranty, too! Is that for real? SunPower only employs friendly, knowledgeable, and professional people as installers; they never use outsiders or inexperienced workers. Need it completed? Do it properly. It will remain for a very, very long period. We are happy with our purchase and our choice. TWICE. Congratulations, SunPower Group!" - Kelly
"My home's temperature control was over the place, and I also needed to insulate the attic. After commissioning an energy assessment, I solicited quotes from several service providers. The Green Team put out the most practical and economical plan. They were the most informed and didn't try to upsell me on pricey, useless products like the others. The crew arrived on time, worked quickly and well, and cleaned up after themselves." - Nicholas.

SunPower by PGT Solar Social media
The PGT Solar Solutions Facebook page is a company page that aims to promote and spread knowledge about solar energy solutions. The page mainly publishes articles, infographics, videos, promotional information about solar panels, and educational and promotional messages. The papers cover a wide range of topics, including the benefits of solar energy, installation tips, customer recommendations, and business project updates. The information is generally interesting and relevant for those interested in solar energy. The audience actively interacts with the page. The aesthetic design of the page is consistent and professional. The company logo is displayed on the profile picture, which helps to increase brand awareness. In general, the images convey the brand image correctly and are visually appealing.
PGT Solar Solutions' corporate LinkedIn profile for SunPower by PGT Solar is devoted to promoting the company's services and raising awareness of solar energy solutions. Basic facts about PGT Solar Solutions are provided on this page, including its industry, size, and location of its corporate offices. The purpose of PGT Solar Solutions and its advantages for clients are succinctly and plainly laid forth in the "About Us" section. The page's content ranges from articles to business and industry news. The data is useful and pertinent to the solar energy industry. You may boost the frequency of material uploads to keep your subscribers interested and to highlight your company's position as a leader in the industry. Users may more easily identify the brand thanks to the page's usage of the corporate logo as a profile image. The page lists the current staff members connected to the business's LinkedIn page. The page frequently posts news regarding the company's endeavors, partnerships, and accomplishments. Overall, PGT Solar Solutions' LinkedIn profile demonstrates its competence in the solar energy industry and provides helpful information about the company's services. Updated material and regular content publishing can help a page's potential to forge connections and draw users even more.
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SunPower by PGT Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews784.7


SunPower by PGT Solar Pros & Cons

  • SunPower Master Dealer
  • Smooth Planning and Permitting
  • Quality Solar Solutions
  • Post-Installation Support
  • SunPower Panel Performance
  • Communication and Coordination

SunPower by PGT Solar Final Conclusions

PGT Solar Solutions' work and reputation appear to be mixed based on the information and customer reviews that are currently accessible. On the one hand, the business is lauded for having competent sales personnel offering top-notch assistance during purchasing. Additionally, PGT Solar's position as SunPower's top dealer strengthens its standing as a provider of premium solar solutions, particularly for arid regions. Customers have, however, voiced complaints about a few things. Support and aftercare following installation are issues of worry for some people. SunPower panel performance and system size difficulties for some clients have caused delays, extra expenses, and annoyance. PGT Solar Solutions has established a solid reputation as a top SunPower dealer, which denotes a certain degree of expertise and dependability. However, prospective customers should exercise caution and perform careful research to assess the company's efficacy in post-installation assistance and handle any possible concerns. This research could include asking for references from prior clients.

SunPower by PGT Solar locations

Main Address2 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone Number4802106051

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