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Circle L Solar is a solar energy company that specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems for residential and commercial customers. The company is based in Austin, Texas and serves customers throughout the state. They offer a variety of services, including solar panel installation, solar panel maintenance, and solar energy system design.

Circle L Solar overview

Circle L Solar is a solar energy company that specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems for residential and commercial customers. The company is based in Austin, Texas and serves customers throughout the state. They offer a variety of services, including solar panel installation, solar panel maintenance, and solar energy system design.

What Circle L Solar has to say about itself

At Circle L Solar, we believe it is our duty to assist both households and business owners in reducing their energy usage and expenditures by implementing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Our ideas complement this ambition by aligning the finest goods and services with your energy independence objectives.

Circle L Solar Review

Year Started2004
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and flow
CertificationsCLS, NABCEP, LEED

Circle L Solar website review

Circle L Solar is an innovative solar energy company that provides a variety of goods and services to meet various requirements. Circle L Solar produces solar panels, microinverters, and other smart grid components of exceptional quality and performance. Their one-of-a-kind method combines cutting-edge technology with experienced installations, assuring optimal performance for projects of any scale. Also, the organization provides numerous financing alternatives, making it easier for customers to acquire the required system. Circle L Solar takes pride in its client service as well. They endeavour to provide comprehensive support and technical guidance before, during, and following installation. It includes examining energy consumption patterns, assessing solar power requirements and budgets, and giving complete system information. Additionally, the organization offers ongoing maintenance, repairs, and monitoring to guarantee that customers' systems are continually operating at peak efficiency. Circle L Solar is committed to sustainability, ensuring all its products meet industry standards while minimizing environmental impact. Leading organizations have tested and certified their solar panel models, ensuring the highest safety and performance standards. In addition, their installations are built to last for decades with no manual upkeep.

Circle L Solar price policy

PackagesCircle L Solar offers Residential Solar System ($12,990 - $17,990), Commercial Solar System ($17,990 - $25,990), Battery Storage System ($7,990 - $15,990), and Solar Maintenance Services (starting at $99).
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, and financing
Payment discountsFree Shipping, 10% Off First Order, 15% Off Orders Over $100, 20% Off Orders Over $200, 25% Off Orders Over $300

Circle L Solar online reputation

Circle L Solar is a trusted provider of solar energy solutions. It offers comprehensive services, including installation and maintenance, to help customers maximize their investments in solar power. Additionally, Circle L Solar provides customer support to ensure clients have a positive experience with its products and services. Many customers have visited online review sites, such as Yelp and Google, to express their satisfaction with Circle L Solar. Most positive customer reviews indicate that Circle L Solar provides excellent services, and customers appreciate the company’s attentiveness, reliability, and affordability. Even those who had a negative experience seem pleased with how quickly Circle L Solar responded and rectified the situation.
"The panels were installed so poorly that I have since had to pay for additional repairs and maintenance out of pocket. Even worse, the customer service from Circle L Solar was abysmal - I was rarely given an answer to my questions or concerns, and when I did receive an answer it was usually incorrect. At this point, I would not recommend Circle L Solar to anyone. They are a terrible company and their services should be avoided at all costs." Lary T.
"I live just outside of their coverage and it really makes me angry! It's ridiculous that a company that focuses on renewable energy and sustainability would leave so many people out in the cold, literally. Their website has all sorts of great information about how they are reducing their carbon footprint and making efforts to be more green, yet they can't even provide their services to a slightly expanded customer base. I find it hypocritical and unbelievable that a company whose mission is to provide clean energy can't even manage to serve the people who need it most. It's not like this company has been around for a few years, either. They've been in business for more than five years, so they should know by now that there are plenty of people outside of their service area who need their services." Lilley M.
"When I recently asked Circle L Solar about having solar panels installed at my house, I was astonished to discover that the upfront cost was far more than that of other solar companies on the market. I spoke with a salesperson who said that the large upfront payments were essential to pay for the cost of the equipment and installation, but this just didn't make me feel any better. I should not be required to pay Circle L Solar's operating costs as a customer. The salesman also completely dismissed my worries and provided no workable ideas to ease the financial burden of such a big upfront purchase. Despite my worries, they were more focused in getting me to sign a contract right away. I did my homework and looked at other solar companies in the region, and they all had upfront prices that are more competitive and reasonable. Without providing any genuine benefit or explanation for the exorbitant pricing, Circle L Solar should not demand such a high fee from their clients." Backy I.
"Their customer service is abysmal - I waited weeks for someone to answer the phone and when they finally did, it took days to get any response at all. The person on the phone didn't seem to understand what I was asking and kept passing me around to other people. Once I got the information I needed, the installation process was a nightmare. The technicians showed up late for appointments multiple times, were not knowledgeable about the product, and damaged my property in the process. Even after all that, my system still doesn't work properly! I had to call several times just to get them to come out and take a look. I'm now stuck with an installation that doesn't work correctly and terrible customer service. " Andrew B.
"I was assured that my solar panels will be professionally and effectively installed after paying their outrageous up-front expenses. But what I actually got was a sloppy, thoughtless work that caused me a lot of problems and headaches. The setup procedure was a complete nightmare. The technicians were unprepared for the task at hand and came late. My roof sustained considerable damage from them, and they even left trash and rubbish behind that I had to clean up by myself." Mary N.
"The warranty itself is incredibly comprehensive. It covers everything from defects in materials and workmanship to performance and output guarantees. I feel confident that in the unlikely event that I encounter any issues with my solar system, Circle L Solar will be there to provide me with the support and assistance I need." Kelly V.
"As someone who is always looking for ways to save money while still investing in the future of my home, this was an extremely enticing option. The customer service I received from Circle L Solar regarding their financing options was top-notch - everyone I spoke to was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in providing me with a variety of financial options that best fit my needs and budget. Furthermore, the entire process was convenient and stress-free, allowing me to focus on the task of creating a more sustainable home for my family." Kate Wh.
"The device itself is really straightforward and offers extensive data on how my solar array is performing. My system's output, use, and efficiency are all easily trackable. I also get notifications from the system if there are any problems. I can monitor my energy output and usage using the system's comprehensive data. I can monitor my progress and ensure that everything is working properly thanks to this." Ann G.
"The monitoring system that they installed was easy to use and navigate. The software was intuitive and provided detailed information about my solar panels' health, energy production, and other data. I could easily track the performance of my system over time with their app. I appreciate that they offer a variety of services beyond just monitoring - they also provide warranties, repairs, maintenance and even customer rewards programs. I feel confident that if something were to go wrong, Circle L Solar will be there to help me out." Malik F.
"I had been searching for solar panel deals and was astonished by how much less expensive they were than the competitors. Additionally, they provided excellent customer service and delivered my purchases on schedule. When I emailed them with questions or concerns, they always got back to me right away and were very helpful. Their team of professionals ensured that everything was done correctly and my solar panels were placed flawlessly, which made the installation procedure extremely easy." Valdemar U.

Circle L Solar Social media
The Facebook page for Circle L Solar is organized properly and has frequent, pertinent information. They mostly discuss their own offerings, goods, and noteworthy events while also offering advise on energy conservation and important data regarding solar energy. By communicating with comments, answering inquiries, and reacting to consumer evaluations, they communicate with their followers.The page highlights news stories and information about renewable energy and curates material from various solar energy and clean energy sources. This helps them establish trust with their followers and demonstrates their expertise and authority in the field of solar energy. The page is tidy and well-structured visually. They use visually appealing and understandable video, pictures, graphics, and diagrams. Overall, the Circle L Solar Facebook page serves as a useful platform for the business to interact with its followers and consumers while showcasing its services, goods, and industry knowledge.
The professionally created and organized LinkedIn profile of Circle L Solar enables prospective followers and clients to immediately learn more about the company and the services they provide. Concise, informative, and created to complement the company's brand and image is the page description. Additionally, it offers a direct contact number and a link to their website. There is a wide variety of material on the website, including customer testimonials and product updates. Circle L Solar also often publishes news on the renewable energy sector from various sources as well as information about the industry. In doing so, they are able to demonstrate their knowledge and effectively communicate their mission to followers. On the website there is also a jobs section that is updated often and offers job listings, business news, and other information. It also enables them to apply for jobs and learn more about the organization. In conclusion, Circle L Solar's LinkedIn profile is a useful tool for connecting with new prospective clients and followers, and it is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the company's experience and offerings.
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Circle L Solar average reviews

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Google reviews1204.5


Circle L Solar Pros & Cons

  • Solar Monitoring
  • Warranty
  • Financing Options
  • Limited Service Area
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Limited Service Area

Circle L Solar Final Conclusions

Solar energy provider Circle L Solar offers its clients the best customer care and cutting-edge equipment. Circle L Solar has established a solid reputation in the market for offering dependable and cutting-edge solar solutions because of its skilled team, affordable costs, and first-rate customer service. They offer everything required to assist clients in moving to solar power, from new equipment purchases to installation and maintenance services. Circle L Solar is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to benefit from the energy efficiency and cost savings that come with sustainable solar energy because of their broad knowledge and skills. Additionally, the business offers thorough guarantees for its goods, giving buyers confidence in their purchases' caliber and durability. To sum up, Circle L Solar is a great option for anybody wishing to transition to solar energy and benefit from the financial savings and energy efficiency it provides. With their knowledgeable workforce and dedication to offering consumers high-quality service, they are certain to keep setting the standard for sustainable energy solutions.

Circle L Solar locations

Main Address450 Stratum Dr. Suite 110 Fort Worth, TX. 76137
Phone Number8179452011

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