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The Clean Energy Collective is an industry-leading development and asset management firm for solar energy facilities with decentralized power production. Clean Energy Collective provides full turnkey services for solar systems, beginning with engineering and design and continuing through installation, monitoring, and financing. They collaborate with utilities to design and oversee solar garden communities.

Clean Energy Collective overview

The Clean Energy Collective is an industry-leading development and asset management firm for solar energy facilities with decentralized power production. Clean Energy Collective provides full turnkey services for solar systems, beginning with engineering and design and continuing through installation, monitoring, and financing. They collaborate with utilities to design and oversee solar garden communities.

What Clean Energy Collective has to say about itself

The Clean Energy Collective (CEC) provides energy options that open the door for communities to reap the rewards of solar energy and shared ownership. Our clients come from cities, counties, and villages all across the United States because of our meticulous attention to detail and outstanding customer service. CEC has the appropriate energy solutions to assist you achieve your objectives, whether they be to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your monthly energy bills, or both.

Clean Energy Collective Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film modules.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsSER, UL, NEC, IEC, ISTA, ETL, NERC, EPA

Clean Energy Collective website review

Community solar project developer, owner, and operator Clean Energy Collective maintains a webpage at The website is straightforward and full of useful information, such as a how-to guide for purchasing community solar energy and a gallery of their completed projects. The website has a way to get in touch with the business, which is a good sign that it is authentic. The reliability of the business is further confirmed by the widespread availability of favorable testimonials from clients, financiers, and business associates.

Clean Energy Collective price policy

PackagesSolar System Bundle: Starting at $5,000, Shade Protection Package: Starting at $2,300, Enphase Microinverter Upgrade: Starting at $1,650, Panel Installation: Starting at $2,500, Roof Repair Package: Starting at $3,500, Batteries: Starting at $2,300, Monitoring Package: Starting at $900, Maintenance Plan: Starting at $1,200, Battery Monitoring Package: Starting at $800, Solarplus Battery Storage Package: Starting at $6,500
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and personal checks.
Payment discountsGroup Discount - 5-10%, Annual Subscription Discount - 5-10%, Employee Discount - 10%, Senior Citizen Discount - 10%, Veteran Discount - 15%, Low-income Household Discount - 20%

Clean Energy Collective online reputation

Positive comments from customers have been consistently reported for Clean Energy Collective. Most users are delighted with their Clean Energy Collective experience and its advantages. There was a lack of contact and, according to several consumers, the signup procedure was lengthy and difficult. sustainable Energy Collective has received mixed reviews from its consumers, although many have praised the company for providing sustainable energy and substantial cost savings.
"In 2019, we put roughly $25,000 towards Clean Energy Collective's community solar project so that we could reduce our power costs via Xcel's bill offset program. During the thirteen months we've been involved, their solar panels have either a) failed to provide data or b) been entirely down, resulting in NO offset to our cost. They claim it would be "financially prohibitive" to upgrade their system because the hardware they support is obsolete (the inverters aren't up to industry standards, aren't stocked, and the technicians aren't in Colorado), even though the figure the representative quoted was $200,000 to $300,000, which is a nominal amount for a company of their size. They could either keep up with the system as it is or wait for the outmoded components to be specially manufactured and installed. After a high-pressure sales pitch ("I'll come to your house for a check!"), we lost our initial investment and the discount on our monthly payment until the arrival of a freshly made but antiquated item, which will only keep the system running until something else fails. We weren't the only ones who were copied on emails meant for irate consumers." - Ethan R.
"I would rate it 0 stars if it was an option. Not being able to use them to keep tabs on my system since it was installed in December of 2022. My installer just shrugged and said "Oh well, that's too bad" when I told him the software wouldn't run on the system. Even Clean Energy Collective was unable to assist. Do not utilize this provider, instead, look elsewhere. I have a Clean Energy Collective system, but I have no idea how efficient it is or which panels are functioning. It's all a game of conjecture. How can Clean Energy Collective market a product that has no way of knowing whether it is generating electricity? My next action is to file a complaint with the state attorney general, after which I will engage an attorney and begin the protracted legal struggle that will hopefully result in their removal and a refund. You should go elsewhere for your solar power demands." - Michael D.
"Since having Clean Energy Collective installed, I've been plagued with issues. My computer has been acting up since February 2022. One panel is entirely dead, another is indicating low output, and the system is giving me an error. There has been no customer assistance at all. Everyone in my district, including my fellow stallers, has left the firm. When I called the office before, someone would respond, but now I never receive a response. I've waited far too long for this (it's now November) to be resolved. I can think of no other way to deal with this situation other than to resort to a higher or lower. In a nutshell: AVOID THIS BUSINESS AT ALL COSTS!" - Joshua F.
"Installation of Clean Energy Collective solar panels, 2016. One by one, they began failing and had to be replaced under warranty, at my expense due to the labor involved. Ridiculous. I count eight changed panels out of a possible sixteen. The business has now demanded that I pay to be upgraded to the newest version. You want me to think that your new product is superior because you say so?" - Matthew S.
"Pleasant to talk to over the phone. They walked all over the roof and smashed several tiles, then simply left them there. During the city's inspection is when I learned. They were nasty and unconcerned about making repairs to the harm. A box had been swinging against my home during the first week. It lacked proper protection. A hole was somewhat cut out, but it was never properly sealed. Things began to unravel rapidly. Miniature converters are the norm. To come out and rectify the shoddy job they performed in the first place, they demand $300. Pleasant company, but terrible morals." - Andrew L.
"I've had solar through Clean Energy Collective (CEC) for about three years. My experience with CEC has been very trustworthy. CEC designed my system to my needs and the solar system has worked great! The Sunpower panels work like CEC said they would. The installation is magnificent. They were able to run all wiring through the attic, hardware was mounted to the wall, (next to the meter), nice and square to the floor; done right. My whole solar experience has been free of letdowns. I recommend CEC." - Daniel E.
"I chose to switch to solar energy. I researched my options by making several phone calls and inquiring with others about their prior experiences with other businesses. I gave Clean Energy Collective a chance after giving it a lot of thought, and I'm glad I did. I know people who spent far more money with such firms only to come to regret their decision. No one can be reached by them. They experienced problems with the installers, too. Clean Energy Collective was very quick to react to my inquiries and address my problems. I held off writing this review until I received my bill, and now that I see they owe me money, I have to say that they impress me. Thrilled with the decisions made thus far. You may rely on their care." - William K.
"We could be happier with the performance of our Clean Energy Collective system. The whole process was well handled, from my first contact with Joseph, the sales guy (who was not pushy in any way) through the installation of the solar panels. All of the daily cleaning was done to our satisfaction. The malfunctioning monitoring system is the only factor preventing me from giving this product 5 stars. As far as I know, they are working on it and will have it resolved soon. Thankfully, this won't have any impact on the ability to harvest power." - Anthony O.
"The things I leave behind as a dad matter a lot! I want to leave things in a better state for him than they were in for me. The impact I want to have with my legacy extends well beyond the realms of academia and society at large. In my opinion, leaving a lasting impression also involves caring for the planet. Participating in RooflessSolar is a little but meaningful way that I can do my bit, and I hope it will inspire others to do the same. And because of my participation, I am saving money on energy, which is allowing me to pay down my debt at a reduced rate compared to what I would normally pay the utility company. Now I am making a difference and not spending as much money doing it." - Jacob L.
"I can't contain my elation; less than four months from the contract day, my solar panels are now operational. I was advised, however, that the process may take up to six months. Everyone on the crew is very competent and fantastic, too. Isabella, one of their top salespeople, is an expert on the company's cutting-edge products and took the time to explain them to each client thoroughly before they made a purchase. The project manager contacted me shortly after my first inquiry and kept me apprised of the project's development at regular intervals. And all of our inquiries were satisfactorily addressed throughout the way. The installation crew was also remarkable, by the way." - Christopher T.

Clean Energy Collective Social media
The Clean Energy Collective seems to keep its Facebook page active, with over 107K followers and 108K likes. Since it was written by an established authority on the subject, you may trust the information it contains on renewable energy. Promotional materials and information on corporate events, initiatives, and general news are routinely posted. Exciting inventions and landmark milestones in the company's history are shown in movies and photographs included on the website. Additionally, additional resources are linked for further reading on the fascinating topic of renewable energy. If you're interested in alternative energy and want to learn more or work together with others, this website is a gold mine of information.
The solar energy firm Clean Energy Collective (CEC) has amassed an astonishing 7 thousand followers on LinkedIn. Everything on this website screams authoritative, from the structure to the content to the sheer amount of links it has. There is a positive, aspirational tone throughout the page's promotion of energy services, initiatives, ideas, partnerships, and more; the goal is to get consumers to embrace renewable energy as the future. The website design is so pleasant to look at that readers will want to stick around and learn more. The firm has an admirable mission of "Empowering Everyone to Manage Their Energy," and it seems to have a stable customer base in the renewable energy sector. There is reason to believe that Clean Energy Collective is an honest solar energy business, as shown by their impressive LinkedIn profile.
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Google reviews73.1


Clean Energy Collective Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Global Impact
  • Customer-Centric
  • High Start-up Costs
  • Complex Network Challenges
  • Regulatory Uncertainty

Clean Energy Collective Final Conclusions

The mission of Clean Energy Collective (CEC), a community energy services provider, is to provide solar energy and storage solutions for residential and commercial customers. For more than a decade, CEC's dependable organization and expert staff have supplied the world's markets with sustainable energy options. CEC gets top marks for its helpful customer service representatives and innovative renewable energy options.

Clean Energy Collective locations

Main Address361 Centennial Pkwy #300 Louisville, CO 80027
Phone Number8442327253

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