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Use the sun's energy to save your annual energy costs by thousands of dollars. To demonstrate the savings you may expect to realize by working with Clear Solar, we will present you with a free, no-obligation proposal detailing the terms of our volume-based price negotiation for your house.

Clear Solar overview

Use the sun's energy to save your annual energy costs by thousands of dollars. To demonstrate the savings you may expect to realize by working with Clear Solar, we will present you with a free, no-obligation proposal detailing the terms of our volume-based price negotiation for your house.

What Clear Solar has to say about itself

We’re experts at helping families reduce power costs with ultra-competitive pricing, complete transparency, and total peace of mind.

Clear Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasAZ, CA, NV, OR, TX, UT
Service TypesInstallation , maintenance , solar energy system design and solar energy financing
Types PanelsPolycrystalline, monocrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall and LG Chem batteries

Clear Solar website review

A big call to action button on the website's contemporary, straightforward layout invites users to get a quotation. The company's services, including information on installing solar panels, financing alternatives, and the advantages of solar energy, are not described in length on the website. On the website, there are no case studies or client reviews that may explain the value that Clear Solar offers to prospective consumers. The website seems unorganized and uninformative in general.

Clear Solar price policy

Packages$3 to $5 per watt
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, debit cards, echecks, and digital wallets
Payment discountsFinancing options without down payment and 0% per annum

Clear Solar online reputation

Customers' opinions of Clear Solar are conflicting. Some customers have expressed satisfaction with the business; one customer commended the salesperson for setting clear deadlines and resolving issues. However, a number of other clients complained about the company's services. One customer complained about contract delays and errors, and it took more than a month to get the system up and running. Additionally, they found out that the contractors had turned off the power to their air conditioner, costing them money in unnecessary service calls. Overall, Clear Solar seems to struggle with customer service, communication, and fulfilling its word. Although some clients have had good experiences, others have faced significant difficulties. Before choosing to work with Clear Solar, potential customers may wish to think about other solar providers and do their own research.
"I registered for the solar system installation. Six contracts that I was asked to sign were all inaccurate. It was resolved after much time, and we installed the system. My installation was finished, but it took them more than a month to turn it on because they failed to submit the paperwork to Rocky Mountain Power. When we tried to switch on the AC this summer, we discovered that it was broken. We discovered that the solar contractors had off the electricity to the AC after spending over $200 on repair calls. The promised thermostats and light bulbs took a few extra months to arrive, and now, nine months later, I need servicing and have been waiting two weeks for an appointment, but they won't even pick up the phone to speak with me. I am worried that my 25-year warranty is useless. They paid, thus I'm no longer able to give service." - Scott
"From the beginning to, well, it hasn't even ended yet (4+ months). On the finance, loans, and tax benefits, the sales representative misled us. Installers made decisions without asking for my input and performed poorly. Old meter was left hanging on the house because I had to install a new one in its place, and the utility company wanted to charge me to remove it. Wattage is far below what they had promised, thus I continue to pay both the electricity bill AND the panels. The office never understood what the situation was on-site, and the customer service was the worst I had ever encountered. In my conversations with other Clear Solar customers, I have found that they are all equally dissatisfied. DO NOT fall for the gimmicks put on by this firm; you can get the same panels, warranty, and pricing from businesses who really care about their clients rather than how many projects they can do in a given month." - Xander
"I briefly worked at this firm before deciding to leave. They didn't treat me properly as an employee, but I'm still posting a review for their existing and potential future clients. THIS COMPANY IS DISLOYAL. As a member of the sales team, we provided a competitive product, and I was eager to begin. At first, everything were going well, but then the set up began, and clients weren't receiving what the business had promised. Worst of all, I was being misled about what we provided as an employee, which meant that I was misrepresenting it to our clients. It became a nightmare because we kept making outrageous promises about installation dates, warranties, system capabilities, invoicing, and customer service. Please avoid working with or purchasing from this firm. I apologize to every consumer I helped this firm sell to. I was ignorant." - JJ
"I've been pursuing solar for four months now. Since the beginning, Clear Solar has been incredibly unresponsive to my calls. After I signed the contract, they tried to impose cost changes on me. I requested battery backup, but they didn't provide it and didn't respond my calls, so I couldn't decide on the best course of action. The municipal and the electricity provider have installed and authorized my system. A month has passed since Clear Solar failed to activate the system. Once again, they ignored my calls. I might appear elsewhere if you were thinking about going solar. Find a business that respects you and sees you as a valuable customer. I only encountered polite people at the Company while I worked with Alex. He assisted with the sales procedure. Also, do your research because there are less expensive systems that are just as quiet as or even quieter than the systems offered by clear solar. If you decide to press ahead with clear sunlight, proceed with care." - allen
"I joined up for the service, and although things initially went smoothly, they eventually fell apart, and I now have to pay for the fencing as well as the $571.00 energy bill. The salesperson mistyped the start date, and the foolish payments started immediately away. I phone him, and he tells me that he gave me a check for $160.00. I have provided him copies, but the money has not yet arrived. Benson is his name, and he has not returned any of my phone calls." - margaret
"Clear Solar has been great. Before installing solar panels, I got three quotations, including Clear Solar. The salesperson was competent and answered all my concerns, so I chose Clear Solar to install my panels. I asked him about procedure time. He explained the application procedure and set a clear timeline for my launch. He informed me that Rocky Mountain will link up the net meter when the municipal inspected the system. Dealing with all the entities took longer than I desired, but I was informed to expect that. The installer made a choice without consulting me that I didn't like. A supervisor phoned back the following day after I left a message. After a week, they corrected the issue, which was difficult. (I have high ceilings and a little crawl area to run the wire; the previous installer could not have done what I needed!) Every setup is different, but I think a good firm addresses difficulties well. I'm thrilled my system works." - Chris Trinnaman
"Great company, ClearSolar. Alex devised our perfect plan. The municipal and electricity utility issued permissions.In bigger towns with numerous applications, approvals may take months due to municipal and electricity provider delays. Due to my small city, they were removed within weeks. They installed panels fast. We needed a new roof when they arrived. Clear Solar bundled our panels and roof at a great price. Billing options exist. Customer service is offered for the lifetime of your panels. Buddy referrals are great. 20-year warranty. Love our solar panels. Because of the big disparity in our electricity bill, you must stay connected. Our solar join up price is $7–10, whereas the power provider rate is $5–20 depending on use. Even with the AC on, your solar bill stays the same." - Sally
"I've been attempting to switch to solar energy for a long. In order to go solar, I spoke with a lot of firms, but I was unable to get approved. With Clear sunlight, I gave it one final go. I was not required to make any up-front payments, and they managed to negotiate a cheaper pricing for me. I wish I had known about this business earlier. Anyone looking for solar at a good price should contact this business, in my opinion." - Brittney
"Service that is both quick and well prepared. Installers worked quickly, and the only holdup was the prolonged period of time spent waiting for the city to provide its approval of the project." - Daniel
"Avoid Aerosharp inverters at all costs. Transisters are burned, according to the clear Solar sparky. Canada's Xantrax was our top pick. My next-door neighbor also bought the same exact setup. He has high standards but is satisfied with the setup and operation. Installers are independent contractors rather than Clear Solar staff, and the firm promises to get everything up and running in only four weeks. They were the experts since they had installed over 2000 systems. I'm absolutely overjoyed." - Pat

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Clear Solar Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of brands and models of solar panels
  • Flexible financing options
  • High quality components
  • Higher upfront costs
  • Longer installation process
  • Restricted Service Areas

Clear Solar Final Conclusions

Solar panel installation for both residential and commercial buildings is the area of expertise of Clear Solar. Client feedback was mostly divided, with many applauding their professionalism, communication, and job quality. Other customers complained about the quality of the company's service. In order to enable a larger spectrum of clients obtain solar energy, Clear Solar also gives a 25-year guarantee on its solar panel installations and offers a number of financing alternatives. In any event, prospective customers should investigate Clear Solar further to get their own opinions.

Clear Solar locations

Main Address2102 Business Center Drive, Suite 130 Irvine, CA 92612
Phone Number(866) 346-9554

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