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Solar is the only way to go. Redefining your connection with energy is Day & Night Solar. Control your energy expenses right away! Our goal is to provide customers a turnkey solar solution that entirely satisfies their requirements and goals by using our knowledge, experience, and connections throughout the world to make the switch to renewable energy beneficial for both them and the environment.

Day & Night Solar overview

Solar is the only way to go. Redefining your connection with energy is Day & Night Solar. Control your energy expenses right away! Our goal is to provide customers a turnkey solar solution that entirely satisfies their requirements and goals by using our knowledge, experience, and connections throughout the world to make the switch to renewable energy beneficial for both them and the environment.

What Day & Night Solar has to say about itself

All of the services required to design, construct, finance, and maintain sustainable solar energy systems are provided by Day & Night Solar. As the solar business has grown rapidly since Day & Night Solar first opened its doors in early 2009, the company has reacted by leaving its origins in Southern Illinois and working with customers all over the country. Our quick expansion is a direct consequence of paying attention to our clients' requirements and offering them with full, turn-key PV system solutions, which include financing, acquiring the best incentives, installing the systems, and providing excellent follow-up. Integrity is the cornerstone of our company, from our highly skilled installers and support personnel to our premium solar products and first-rate customer service.

Day & Night Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasOH
Service TypesSolar panel installation, battery storage solutions, solar panel maintenance and energy efficiency audit
Types PanelsMonocrystalline Panels, Polycrystalline Panels, Thin-Film Panels, Bifacial Panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, Manufacturer Certifications

Day & Night Solar website review

The website's main page offers a simple, contemporary layout with easy-to-use navigation choices. An summary of the business, its goals, and the advantages of solar energy are provided. The portal also includes a slideshow of prior projects completed by the business. The website gives comprehensive details about the services that Day & Night Solar offers. Installation of solar panels, battery storage options, solar panel maintenance, and energy efficiency audits are all offered as services. The advantages and advantages for both individual and business clients are highlighted in the detailed descriptions of each service. Day & Night Solar's prior solar installations are shown on the website's project portfolio page. Each project has pictures, a succinct explanation, and important information like the size of the plant and its effects on the ecosystem. Customers may share their experiences with Day & Night Solar on the website's testimonials page. Social evidence of the business's expertise, professionalism, and client happiness is offered by these testimonials. Day & Night Solar's website offers consumers a variety of options to get in touch with them, including a contact form, phone number, and physical location. This enables getting in touch with them to learn more about their services simple for prospective customers. The Day & Night Solar website is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly overall.

Day & Night Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsNo payment options specified
Payment discountsFinancing discounts, providing affordable incentives

Day & Night Solar online reputation

The general assessment of Day & Night Solar is largely favorable, with a few issues to be cautious of, based on the customer feedback that has been supplied. Customers give Day & Night Solar high marks for their professionalism, expertise, and superior service. A range of installation and maintenance requirements may be handled by the firm, which looks to be knowledgeable about the solar sector. Positive feedback about Day & Night Solar's outstanding customer service. We valued their quick response to messages and readiness to assist with requests. As a local option to more well-known national brands, many customers heartily endorse Day & Night Solar. This reveals the degree of contentment and faith that customers have in the firm's offerings. The business has earned praise for effectively assisting customers with the selection of solar systems that meet their requirements and with installation processes. The customer complained of an ineffective solar system and cable problems, which necessitated significant installations and panel remapping. Dissatisfaction in this scenario was brought on by the solar panel supplier's lack of a warranty and assistance. The consumer said that Day & Night Solar wasted their time and lied about their readiness to sell certain components, which left them disappointed with the company's customer service strategy. Day & Night Solar has a solid reputation for high-quality solar installations and top-notch customer support. When evaluating the company's services, one should, however, take into consideration certain clients' worries regarding ineffective systems and support troubles. To guarantee a pleasant experience, clear communication about your unique requirements and expectations is crucial if you're thinking about working with Day & Night Solar.
"I made the investment in an Enphase solar system in 2014. More than $42,000, including a request for system expansion. The system's underperformance was compounded by the fact that the cabling connecting my 100-amp panel was only rated for 60-amps. All of the panels will need to be removed and remapped since the primary ground for the whole home was left unsecured and the mapping of the micro-inverters is so off. when a year, I was informed I was on my own when the solar panel provider went out of business. NO GUARANTEE! I'd suggest them to my worst enemy!" - Adam
"They wasted an hour of my time and were dishonest about not wanting to sell me a charge control unit when they should have simply been upfront and said, "We don't sell just parts." - Talullah
"Regarding Day & Night Solar, I couldn't be happier. They handled everything with professionalism and competence and answered to most messages within a few hours. They come highly recommended as a local alternative to the big national chains." - Eddy
"Working with Day & Night Solar has been a pleasure. I wanted to find more about having a system installed in a new construction house in Georgia, so I called out. The service personnel were excellent in every way. They did a wonderful job of directing us through the steps of determining what size system would best serve our requirements and ensuring that we had enough room for it. Additionally, they were invaluable in directing our electrical contractor through the installation procedure. Day & Night Solar is a company that I strongly endorse." - Ali
"When it came to managing our latest service request for our home solar system that is 5 years old, the Day and Night crew went above and beyond our expectations. Many thanks to them for their competence and their dedication to their work." - Oswald
"Excellent communication as well as excellent service!! I couldn't have been more pleased with how this job turned out!" - Alfred
"Superior associates. They helped me with my first ever Design Build PV installation. In the future, Day & Night Solar will have my whole attention. Successful for both the customer and my business as the general contractor. Success for everybody involved." - Edgar

Day & Night Solar Social media account not registered
Day & Night Solar's LinkedIn profile seems to be well-designed and well presented. An extensive summary of Day & Night Solar is given on the page. The company's goal, values, and services are all briefly described. The profile demonstrates their dedication to sustainable development and their knowledge of solar energy. Day & Night Solar often posts updates displaying different projects, accomplishments, and business news. Subscribers learn about the company's operations via these updates, which also show off the company's expertise and reliability. The page includes the jobs, backgrounds, and skill sets of a number of workers. Due to this, prospective customers or business partners may assess the team members' professionalism and expertise. Numerous clients and business partners have given the organization their suggestions and support. The credibility of their expertise and the quality of their services is attested to by these favorable evaluations. Day & Night Solar interacts with its users by posting pertinent material, taking part in debates, and replying to messages and comments. The website provides enlightening articles, blog entries, and videos on solar power and sustainability. On occasion, Day & Night Solar may add career openings and employment to its LinkedIn profile. This indicates that the business is aggressively expanding and seeking for outstanding individuals to join its team. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for Day & Night Solar offers a thorough summary of their expertise, highlights their successes and projects, and interacts with their audience. Due to this, they are positioned to successfully compete in the solar sector as a competent and reputable business.
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Day & Night Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews124.3


Day & Night Solar Pros & Cons

  • Professionalism and Competence
  • Customer Recommendations
  • Guiding Customers
  • Underperforming Systems
  • Lack of Support
  • Dishonesty and Miscommunication

Day & Night Solar Final Conclusions

In conclusion, the business presents itself in the solar energy sector as respectable and competent. They have a significant online presence on LinkedIn where they highlight their interactions with their audience, projects, and past experiences. On their website, they provide thorough details on their offerings, completed projects, and materials for instructing solar clients. Customer reviews generally indicate that Day & Night Solar has performed its task with professionalism, competency, and excellent communication. clients have complimented the firm for its expertise in the solar sector, its successful installations, and its capacity to help clients make the best solar system choices. Additionally, their communication skills benefit from prompt responses to inquiries and messages. However, there are some unfavorable evaluations that draw attention to a subpar solar array and cable issues. This implies that there can be situations when a company's performance doesn't live up to expectations. In these situations, questions may be raised about the completeness of the system design, installation techniques, and component selection. Day & Night Solar has a generally favorable reputation, with many clients praising the business. Day & Night Solar has gained the confidence and happiness of some of its consumers, as shown by the favorable evaluations and reputation as a regional alternative to bigger national corporations. To guarantee a pleasant experience, clear communication about your unique requirements and expectations is crucial if you're thinking about working with Day & Night Solar.

Day & Night Solar locations

Main Address1605 Eastport Plaza Drive, Suite 135, Collinsville, IL 62234
Phone Number6183444001

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