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Turnkey solar energy supplier ProVision Solar, Inc. focuses on commercial rooftop and utility-scale solar energy project design, engineering, and installation. From small companies to large-scale solar farms, the firm offers a comprehensive energy solution that consists of the provision of photovoltaic (PV) modules, power inverters, mounting solutions, and a variety of services.

ProVision Solar, Inc. overview

Turnkey solar energy supplier ProVision Solar, Inc. focuses on commercial rooftop and utility-scale solar energy project design, engineering, and installation. From small companies to large-scale solar farms, the firm offers a comprehensive energy solution that consists of the provision of photovoltaic (PV) modules, power inverters, mounting solutions, and a variety of services.

What ProVision Solar, Inc. has to say about itself

Offering clean and economical solar energy choices to commercial and residential consumers is ProVision Solar, Inc.'s area of expertise. We are a quickly expanding business with the goal of lowering the cost of solar energy technology and assisting our clients in lowering their environmental impact. With the assistance of our distinguished team of engineers, technicians, and consultants, ProVision Solar, Inc. is prepared to assist you in making the switch to solar energy and starting your path toward a more environmentally friendly future.

ProVision Solar, Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2000
Service AreasHI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, ICC, UL, SRCC, NFPA

ProVision Solar, Inc. website review

The ProVision Solar, Inc. homepage, found at, is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Services such as home automation, security systems, energy management, and more are detailed on the site. Links to their social media profiles may be found on the website, where more details and feedback from customers can be found. The site's wealth of information and sleek design provide the impression that the organization can be trusted.

ProVision Solar, Inc. price policy

PackagesEvaluation and Design Package - Starts at $499, Ground Mount System Package - Starts at $1,999, Roof Mount System Package - Starts at $2,499, Grid Tied/Net Metering System Package - Starts at $3,499, Off Grid System Package - Starts at $5,499, Pool Heating System Package - Starts at $4,999, Service and Maintenance Package - Starts at $349
Payment optionsCash, PayPal, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), as well as direct bank transfers.
Payment discounts15% Military Discount, 10% Referral Discount, 5% Multi Unit Discount, 5% Returning Customer Discount, 10% Senior Discount, 10% Low Income Discount

ProVision Solar, Inc. online reputation

Customers of ProVision Solar, Inc. are typically happy with the services they have gotten in general. Many people have praised the business for its excellent customer service, expertise, and helpful guidance on their path to becoming solar. On the other side, some clients have complained about the company's responsiveness and communication. However, because of how tiny these problems are, consumers are often really happy.
"Due to ineffective communication, I can only give a two star rating at this time. After finishing the task, I will provide an update. When I phoned, a salesperson answered immediately away. After deliberating for a few days, we made up our minds to go forward. We submitted the necessary forms and the $1,500 down payment. After that, silence ensued. I wanted to check if they needed anything from me, so I phoned a month later. The telephone operator inquired as to whether or not I had submitted the necessary papers, after which he informed me that he would forward my inquiry to our sales representative. I got a call later in the day and they are available to do an inspection on your property immediately. We're frustrated by the silence so far, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that things will get better." - Aidan F.
"Bad service to customers Even on day one, when I needed a replacement component and asked for a copy of my contract (which they can't locate! ), the owner swore at me in an email that was accidentally sent to me. What a nightmare it has been dealing with these amateurs; I requested the replacement of a basic component in June and it is now the middle of September. Get out of there as quickly as you can." - Ian P.
"Terrible!!!!! Don't do business with this firm. On Wednesday, I requested an estimate for a solar energy system, and Adam came to my house the next day. We agreed on a price in the evening, but didn't sign the contract until Friday. On Friday, when Adam arrived at the house to adjust the price, he said he had to increase it by $2,500. We toured the property on Wednesday, and he knew about the combination panel before he offered us the price, so I argued with him, and he agreed to the original amount after getting a phone agreement from one of the owners. There is a contract that we signed. Adam contacted us today and said he was canceling the project and would not honor the terms of the contract. The business seems sloppy and he is trying to swindle us out of another $2,500, so we decided to walk away. Consumers should exercise caution." - Diego J.
"Like others, I was approached by a salesperson, persuaded to book an appointment, and then contacted to check my address before realizing that no one was home when the salesperson called to reschedule. I spent the whole day in the front yard, like I said. I asked her for the address, and she gave me the address of my next-door neighbor. Also, nobody went there. In my opinion, she blatantly lied. awful." - Anna O.
"A high-pressure door-to-door salesperson who understood next to nothing about how a solar system worked but acted like his sister was in danger if he didn't make a sale was not enjoyable to have show up. I was curious about the cost and consented to the meeting unwillingly in order to get an estimate. As if I were lying about the exact home we were in front of, we were forced to wait for half an hour while the extremely concerned man patiently wrote out my contact details to someone on the phone and the "office" checked up everything for confirmation. As if I were unable to make my own choice, they insisted that my SO accompany me throughout the inspection and estimate. I believe that the SO is necessary as a kind of pressure selling. After then, they began probing with inquiries regarding the property's legal status and other private matters. The aftertaste is very terrible. She called back half an hour later to cancel the appointment, claiming, "My SO will not be there and we're heading out of town." After receiving the first of what I'm sure will be many telemarketing calls from them, I immediately put a block on their number." - Dasha K.
"Our current solar PV system has been upgraded lately. Because of their stellar reputation, we decided to hire Provision. They lived up to expectations. The office staff had plenty of details on the task and the project's progress, including key dates for things like permits, approvals, and inspections. The installation personnel showed there on time and handled themselves professionally. The original PV system was built on a building with a relatively flat roof; the new addition, on the other hand, required a roof with many separate groups of panels. Provision was able to complete the installation, despite the job's complexity, without leaving conduits strewn over the roof. Importantly, the work was completed in a very skilled and precise manner. It's advised that you make preparations." - Jason V.
"ProVision Solar has just installed our solar power system and can attest that their reputation for professionalism and excellent work is well deserved. Everyone I spoke with, from the sales representative to the installers, was kind and responsive. The installation crew was focused on doing a fantastic job, and they demonstrated this by being knowledgeable, kind, and hardworking despite the incessant rain. Working with the ProVision Solar Team was a pleasure from start to finish, and I have no hesitation in recommending their skilled services to anyone." - Xavier S.
"In 2016 I invested in solar panels from ProVision; this year I upgraded to additional panels and installed a TESLA wall (solar backup power system). From the first contact with the vendor to the final installation, everyone I came in contact with demonstrated the utmost professionalism and sincere interest in seeing the project through to completion. They spent a considerable amount of time eliminating technological difficulties that made the old system unable to interface with the new system. Both the first product and the ongoing support I received from ProVision exceeded my expectations. And, naturally, the president of the company is a leading expert in the field of solar energy. Anyone thinking about making the switch to solar power should turn to ProVision." - Luis D.
"When I'm working as an architect, I have to coordinate with a wide variety of contractors and consultants. Some of the project consultants and contractors I've worked with have been excellent, some have been okay, and yet others are the kind of people you'll want to steer clear of in the future. Provison Solar is one of the best companies because they are knowledgeable, competent, and a pleasure to work with. My house has a fantastic solar electric system with net metering, and it provides all of our energy requirements every day and every month. Strongly recommended." - Sebastian R.
"Our new solar array went live today, and it was a pleasure working with ProVision throughout the entire process. Everyone we dealt with, from the salesperson to the office manager to the installers and the rest of their team, was knowledgeable, kind and attentive. Every step of the way, we knew exactly what was going to happen and when to expect it. HELCO checked on the work and asked who had done it. Once we found out it was ProVision's doing, they said, "Oh yeah, they're great. I wish all my business dealings were as enjoyable as this." - Henry T.

ProVision Solar, Inc. Social media
The solar energy goods and services offered by Provision Solar are presented in an educational and visually beautiful manner on the company's Facebook page. The website features images, videos, and links to blog entries and articles that are updated often to keep fans informed. Over 450 followers and many likes and comments on postings are indicative of the page's popularity and the reliability of the information it provides. The site as a whole is polished and appealing, with a wealth of high-quality product photography and illustrations. Customers may easily get in touch with you and obtain the information they want thanks to the site's user-friendly design and comprehensive contact page.
If you're interested in learning more about renewable energy or just want to chat, head on over to the Provision Solar Linkedin profile. The site presents itself in a professional manner and has a portfolio with several examples of its work. Customers often ask questions and provide feedback, making it a very lively community. In addition, they are easy to get in touch with and quick to answer. Furthermore, the company's dedication to offering excellent goods and services is evident in the positive feedback they consistently get from consumers. Provision Solar's Linkedin profile is reliable, thus you can rely on them as a consumer.
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ProVision Solar, Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Experienced
  • Low Cost
  • Limited Locations
  • Lack of Efficiency
  • Maintenance

ProVision Solar, Inc. Final Conclusions

Scalable renewable energy solutions are what ProVision Solar, Inc. specializes in creating and distributing. They provide services for microgrids, batteries, and distributed energy projects. Many customers have said that their goods are outstanding and that they get excellent support from the company.

ProVision Solar, Inc. locations

Main Address69 Railroad Avenue A-7, Hilo, Hi 96720
Phone Number8089693281

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